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Kavana lyrics - Kavana

Release It

Original and similar lyrics
Digging deep inside my mind looking for a clearer view Think I've found the answer now And every one led back to you And I believe with time and chance That everything was meant to be Seems that luck is on my side I know that someone's watching me... A brand new thought occurred to me today It's funny how the truth can light you way And every woman every man It's time for you to understand Can't you see that there's a bigger plan? CHORUS :- I am protected by your love for me, You've given me the strength to be protected, When I'm out there on my own, I am protected every night and day, Protected since you came my way, When you're protected you can't be alone... And I have wandered every land, Sailed and shook a stranger's hand, You told me I should never be frightened of the truth, Satisfied I freed my soul, I've seen my mission turn to gold, When troubles they outnumber you, Your heart will know just what to do... A brand new thought occurred to me today, It's funny how the truth can light you way, And every woman, every man, It's time for you to understand, Can't you see that there's a bigger plan? (repeat chorus twice) Protected every night and day, Protected since you came my way...

The Day You Said Goodnight

Hale "Hale"
take me as you are push me off the road the sadness I need this time to be with you I'm freezing in the sun I'm burning in the rain the silence I'm screaming calling out your name refrain: and I do reside in your light put out the fire with me and find yeah, you lose the side of your circles that's what I'll do if we said goodbye chorus: to be is all I gotta be and all that I see and all that I need this time to me the life you gave me the day you said goodnight the calmness in your face that I see through the night the warmth of your light is pressing unto us you didn't ask me why I never would have known oblivion is falling down (repeat refrain then chorus) bridge: if you could only know me like your prayers at night then everything between you and me will be alright to be is all I gotta be and all that I see and all that I need this time to me the life you gave me the day you aid goodnight she's already taken she's already taken she's already taken me she's already taken she's already taken me the day you said goodnight....


These words are in my face Its over now Its over now This faceless son of a switch Its up and down It jumps around One time that I can't lie Afraid of you And what to do One stops before they try Like you and I Like you and I One dies without a trace Its often now Its often now These worries aren't escapes They loose their town They loosen down No one wants to be faced With who's inside With what is I Lost in the field of grace Your less than I Your less than I [Chorus:] Oh We mean to scratch the surface now Tend to be unreasonable Good time will I never Its never a will to be evil No love in the hall of the steaks Just think of that Ahh speak to that Mine was the fish to a steak The fix all day? The fix all day By loosening a game Brings them on up Is closely but This life in the mirror of shame Is closing down Were closer now No sorrow to build the flame We built you hell Ahh were not so well He walks to his school with a chase We sat him down We turned him round His light was empty space His thought was down His thought was down No thoughts from the light to the shade Have tons of fame We everyday [Chorus] You can't taste someone else's taste That's what we do What were used to Undone with unnecessary Its all around Its up to down We rarely get confused But when we do We really do I like to sing this song Alone and on And on and on [Chorus 2x]

Outside Of This

Jon And Vangelis
Out in the woods we play our songs And travel through the woodlands together In the light of heaven And the silence of the world. Keeping in touch with the sun Keeping it for everyone Latter day dreams that come your way Will gather in the light Everything about today just mellows In the ligght: in your eyes. I think about silent list Drowned this summer, travel light All the deeds and the candlelight But there is no explaining it Let the weary come around-one more time- One more time Let the weary come one more time around. I should have guessed that things Were getting out of hand, the other day When you told me that you'd gone and left Your father's ways behind and you thought that you, couldn't understand him Well, he didn't really answer the dreams That you'd planned So you chased around, all those times, That come between you, yourself and yourself, One more time, one more time, one more time Did you have to think about it, one more time Put yourself under pressure one more time, One more time. Things are looking better now I heard you say the other day that you knew So many times I've tried to understand, We go through Then again it's the morning light That can catch my heart aflame Just the thought of your sweet face Over and over again Over and over again Over and over again Over and over and over and over and over again. -----------------------------------------------------


A Spaceman came traveling on a ship from a far 'Twas light-years of time since his mission did start And over a village he halted his craft And he hung in the sky like a star, Just like a star And he followed a light and came down to a shed Where a mother and child where lying there on a bed A bright light of sliver shone round his head And he had the face on an Angel, And they where afraid Then the stranger spoke and he said do not fear I come from a planet a long way from here And I bring a message for mankind to hear and suddenly the sweetest music filled the air Chorus: and it went Lalalalalalalala, lalalalalalala, lalalalalala peace goodwill to all men and love for a child This Lovely music, went trembling through the ground , and many were wakened, on hearng that sound , and travellers on the road, the village they found , by the light of that ship in the sky, it shone all around , and just before dawn at the paling of the sky the stranger returned and said now i must fly when two thousand years of your time has gone by this song will begin once again, to a baby's cry Repeat chorus This is goodwill to all men, and love for a child OH the whole world is waiting Repeat chorus to end They never hear the song again Their a thousand standing on the edge of the world And a star has woken somewhere, and time is nearly here


I saw her once before; she didn't turn me on. One night she stopped to talk to pass the time. And then I saw her eyes; her softly smiling glow, We sat and talked all night at Byblos. She talked of feelings that I knew were true. She painted me a picture using every shade of blue It was light with laughter, at times it made me cry, And now I'll never know just why I didn't ever try to hold her; to squeeze her; to kiss her all night long, I never tried to please her. Then, soon she had to go; I sat there all alone And thought of things she said The whole day through. And then I realized, I never took the time To find out where she lived Or where to call. I thought that I would see her The next night, Anticipating how I'd set myself right. Then, I went back to Byblos; I sat there and waited, Feeling just a little nervous And a little frustrated. Then, soon, in she came, looking just the same Oo, I could hardly wait to take her far from the game. Then a person came in to the club that I had to speak to I explained the situation to her And I thought she understood But I guess she thought I was jiving her around Cause when I looked for her, this is what I found She was rapping with a real good friend of mine, He was happening, I guess it was his time. I really couldn't blame him, cause he was sad and lonely too. But just talking to her did me so much good, I knew she'd do him good too. Then I went home and I got it on, Sat down to write these words when I was finally alone. And then, about halfway through I wondered if someone knew where she was, so I could give her a call, And I found out that she was right down the hall, Not too far away, But that's ok, I'll just wait for the day when I can see her again And spend some time.

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