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Kavana lyrics - Instinct

Will You Wait For Me

Original and similar lyrics
Thank you thank you thank you baby... du du du du du du du du Thank you thank you thank you love... Everybody's going home It's time to say goodbye And I wanna say thank you for being there... I know the time is getting late And I don't wanna keep you here The time has come for me To show you how much I really care... Friends come and go But we've been through it all together And time goes to show I owe it all to you... CHORUS :- Another year has come around, And I'm so lucky that I ever found you, Thank you, thank you, thank you baby, And everyone that I've every known, Cannot compare to the love that you've shown, Thank you, thank you, thank you, love... Through the hard times, you understood, And without you there, I never could have coped with my problems on my own, The years have gone by so fast, The memories I have will last, Inside my heart forever now... And friends come and go, But people like you are hard to find, And time just goes to show, I wouldn't change a thing... (repeat chorus) I've always known how lucky I am to have you here beside me, so before you go, I wanna say, Thank you, my baby, thank you... Thank you, thank you, thank you, baby... Du du du du du du, yeah... Thank you, thank you, thank you, love... And friends come and go, But we've been through it all together, And time just goes to show I owe it all to you... You... You... (repeat chorus till fade)

All About Me

XSCAPE "Traces Of My Lipstick"
[Intro by JD:] I wanna see which posse can dance the best, It should be easy 'cause the beat is fresh. [Repeat x2] [Verse One (LaTocha):] Every time you leave the thought is left in my head, That you've gotta go home to be with somebody else. Now even though I'm sick and tired of being alone, I still gotta ask myself if what I'm doing is wrong. And what about you, what about you, Don't you think it's time, don't you think it's time, You tell her the truth [Chorus:] Does she know where you go when you leave, That you're always with me, and it's all about me, Does she know it won't be long before she's out the door, I'm in, number one and it's all about me. [Verse Two (LaTocha):] Even if I wanted I can't leave you right now, 'Cause all is fair in love and war and I like how we get down. Although I'm in love with what's going on, ButI still gotta ask myself if what I'm doing is wrong. You can't tell me she ain't seeing the change, She ain't feeling no pain, and she don't wanna know my name. [Repeat Chorus] Traces of my lipstick...


Glass Tiger
I heard about the little rift you had last night I could have told you that that boy was never Mr. Right If it were me I'd have given it to you without a fight 'Cause you've always been the one You say right now you're not lookin' for another guy Since the last one went off and left you high and dry I understand we all need some time to cry I just want to be around When you finally settle down Chorus: If you'll be there someday girl I wouldn't leave (hurt) you for the world Could (Won't) you say you' ll be there someday girl You should know that if I had a say I would never see you treated that way I'd be lovin' I'd be faithful everyday, I would never let you fall I know it hurt to give him back his ring Sometimes love can be a painful thing But I also know the happiness it brings, when you find that special one If you let me I would be the world around your Sun Chorus Could you be there someday girl Would you give the thought a whirl Won't you say you'll be there someday girl I know that maybe now is too soon and you need some time alone But when you're read to talk I'm as close as the phone I know you're tired of bein' tossed around And you don't need someone tryin' to pin you down I just want to say I'll always be around, and I'll never let you down Someday, someway, somehow, I want your love but I'll be happy for now Just to hear you say you'll keep me in mind I'll be waiting for the time When the clouds break and the sun begins to shine again Chorus--(Out)

Don't Worry Baby

Well, it's been building up inside of me for oh, I don't know how long I don't know why but I keep thinking something's bound to go wrong. But she looks in my eyes And makes me realize when she says Chorus: Don't worry baby,Don't worry baby,Don't worry baby Everything will turn out all right Don't worry baby,Don't worry baby,Don'tworry baby OOOoooh I guess I should've kept my mouth shut when I start to brag about my car But I can't back down now because I've pushedthe other guys to far. She makes me come alive And makes me wanna drive when she says Chorus She told me baby when you race today just take my love along with you And if you knew how much I love you baby nothing could go wrong at all. Oh what she does to me When she makes love to me And she says Chorus 2x and fade out

We Can't Be Friends

NEXT "The Next Episode"
(feat. Deborah Cox) [RL] To just act like we never were To come around and not show hurt How dare we greet by shaking hands Just months ago, I was your man, was your man Verbally we'd agreed it was over And we were through I'm trying to compose myself But I just can't get over you, girl We can't be friends (Yeah, no oh) We can't be friends (Deborah, you know I can't go on being just your friend, yeah) We can't be friends Cuz I'm still in love with you [Deborah] I went by mother's, saw your car there To her you're still family And it don't seem fair For everyone to just go on And I've tried and I can't do it Cuz I'm still torn I tried to think of you as just another love In my past that didn't last But it's not that simple, baby We can't be friends (oh no, no, no, no) We can't be friends (If we, if we can't be lovers) We can't be friends Cuz I'm still in love with you [Both] You may see me staring Or catch me in a daze May see me hang my head When you come my way Don't get too close to me And expect me to behave [RL ] I might just steal a kiss [Both] If you come near my face What I'm trying to say Repeat 1 while: [RL ] We can't be friends [Dc ] Can you look me in the eyes and honestly say you dont love me [RL ] Said do you know [Dc ] R.L. I know [Both] I'll never ever find another love like you, oh no [RL ] I love you too much baby [Dc ] I love you too much, oh [Both] We can't be friends, I'm still in love [Dc ] with you [RL ] With you [Dc ] I am [RL ] Still in love [dc ] Still in love [RL ] You didn't have to leave [Both] With you

I'm A Fool

If I sing you one more song, baby would you come along you can tell me what to do If I kiss you one more time, baby would you read my sign you can tell me that we're through I just wanna be with you I just wanna hold you one more time or maybe two I just wanna be with you ‘cause I'm a fool If I pour you one more wine, baby can you read my mind you can play me for a fool If I stay just one more night, baby will you hold me tight you can use me like a tool I just wanna be with you I just wanna hold you one more time or maybe two I just wanna be with you ‘cause I'm a fool If we made love one more time, maybe you would change your mind

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