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Kathy Mattea lyrics

Where Have You Been?

Original and similar lyrics
Claire had all but given up When she and Edwin fell in love She touched his face and shook her head In disbelief she sighed and said In many dreams I've held you near Now at last you're really here Chorus Where have you been? I've looked for you for ever and a day Where have you been? I'm just not myself when you're away He asked her for her hand for life Then she became a salesman's wife He was home each night by 8 But one stormy evening he was late Her frightened tears fell to the floor Until his key turned in the door Chorus They'd never spent a night apart For 60 yrs she heard him snore Now they're in a hospital In seperate beds on different floors Claire soon lost her memory, forgot the names of family She never spoke a word again Then one day they wheeled him in He held her hand and stroked her hair In a fragile voice she said Chorus No, I'm just not myself when you're away

Why Would I Say Goodbye

BROOKS & DUNN "Borderline"
I guess I lost my head last night Kept on 'til I made you cry Walked out with my stubborn pride Wasn't nothing you could do to stop me I hit the road but I didn't get far Just drove around all night in my car Now I'm not sure where to start To tell you that I'm sorry Chorus I just want to hold you I don't want to hurt you I don't want to leave I just want to be with you And after living alone, lost for so long finally found the love of my life Why would I say goodbye I don't know what is is about the edge of a cliff Makes we want to get so close to it I guess this time I finally slipped What a foolish way to end it Maybe that's why I'm back here now got both feet back on the ground Hopin' you won't turn me down when I ask you for forgiveness Repeat chorus

Wishing Well

THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT "The Airborne Toxic Event"
Standing on a bus stop Feeling your head pop Out in the night In the kind of night Where you want to be out On the street, on the street Crawling up the walls Like a cat in heat And the air is thin And it blows through your skin And you feel like something Is about to begin But you don't know what And you don't know when So you tear at your hair And you scratch at your skin You wanna run away, run away Just get on the fucking train and leave today And it doesn't matter where you spend the night You just might end up somewhere in a fight, in a fight Or caught in your room in a concrete shell Fighting all alone, with yourself, with yourself And you just wanna feel like a coin that's been tossed In a wishing well, a wishing well A wishing well, a wishing well Well you're tossed in the air And you fell and you fell Through the dark blue waters Where you cast your spell Like you were just a wish that could turn out well So you stand on the corner Where the angels sit And you think to yourself, "This is it, this is it This is all that I have All I can stand Is this air in my lungs And this coin in my hand That you tossed in the air And I fell, and I fell All the way to the bottom Of the well, of the well." Like those soft little secrets That you tell, that you tell To yourself when you think No one's listening too well And the walls spin And you're paper-thin From the haze of the smoke And the mescaline The sweat of your brow Under unmade sheets In your ear with the noise From the darkened streets Where you ran far and wide You screamed, you cried You thought suicide was an alibi But you were always a mess You were always aloof Yeah, it's awful, I guess But it's the awful truth It was true from the first To the last words that she read And she emerged from the dark Like a ghost in my head She said, "I haven't forgot Any words that you said I just stare at the clocks And I cry in my sleep And I tear up your letters And I burn them in heaps And I gather the ashes In that hole in the ground Where we fell"

I Had Too Much To Dream

Last night your shadow Fell upon my lonely dream There's something in the air I knew it wasn't real The night was filled with love The way it used to be And then your hand reached out To comfort me Came the dawn You were gone You were gone, gone, gone CHORUS I had too much to dream last night Too much to dream I'm not ready to face the light I had too much to dream, last night The room stood still Can feel the words you said And I still see your image Racin' through my head You touched my heart Could feel your tenderness You seemed so real Just when you held out your hand Came the dawn You were gone, gone, gone CHORUS


Friday night it was late, I was walking you home We got down to the gate, I was dreaming of the night Would it turn out right? How to tell you girl, I want to build my world around you Wanna tell you that it's true I wanna make you understand I'm talking about a lifetime plan Well that's the way it began, we were hand-in-hand Glen Miller's band was better than before We yelled and screamed for more And those Porter's tunes made us dance across the room It ended all too soon On the way back home I promised you'd never be alone CHORUS Hurry, don't be late I can't hardly wait I said to myself when we're old We'll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park And reminiscing Friday night it was late, I was walking you home We got down to the gate, I was dreaming of the night Would it turn out right? Now as the years roll on, each time we hear our favourite song The memories come along Older times we're missing, spending the hours reminiscing *repeat chorus*

You Gotta Know

I got a sister out in Charlotte I love her cause she's crazy in her head I got a brother he's a pilot Sometimes I pray I'll just see him again My father told me once he said son Only a fool stays out at night Well it's 4 a.m. and I'm out here on the boulevard I got no money but you know I'm doin' alright CHORUS Yeah, you gotta know There ain't nothin' bout money That's ever gonna save your soul. And the dreams of the young Have never been nothing But the last request of the old. Heaven is a fiddle on a late night radio. You can't find redemption, Brother if ya got no soul. You Gotta Know. Her name was Amy, she was a friend of mine Wanted to be a rich man's wife She fell in love with cars and expensive wine She must have forgot what it means to live her life CHORUS Weathered hands on a steel guitar He plays every evening till they turn them bar lights down You know he's tired of them dammed old cigarettes Now he's saving up his money so he can move on out of town REPEAT CHORUS (2X)

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