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Kataklysm lyrics

Whirlwind Of Withered Blossoms

Original and similar lyrics
(Chapter 2 - Forgotten ancestors) Absent are the skies that tend the winds... It overruns the enraged lands... Surpassed beyond the life bonds... Spitting forth it's blizzard of wars... Of wars...of wars...wars... One's belief and effort shall survive this... Search the oldest form of wisdom that has been inscribed... By the Codex life itself... One's bloom will succeed by the whirlpool of the earth... One's bloom will succeed by the whirlpool of the earth... Unique is the way that balances our key, to negate the unliving... Extraction...exclaims the wrath of the valley! The geyser holes expulse their breaths... Cold emptiness of the enchanted source. That turns the ashes, reducing it to dirt... As the underworld winds teleport the plague... Upon the gargoyles supposed creation... Creation...creation...creation... Withered auras are stolen from their centered bodies... An interiorisation blackened gate is born. The arcs fade from their pounding sphere... ...Feelings vanished out of their world, As hate was created onto their land... Onto their land...onto their land...onto their land... Screaming by mouths of the earth... Hurls of bowling are cast from the hollows. That break the sounds in their thoughts... To lose control in themselves... Unbound lividity... Demonized gargoyles art what thou art... To be forever soulless, burning... Then thou are now weak in nature. From the rising dawn, you'll be converted horrors... Of the well known bottoms... Bottoms...bottoms...well known BOTTOMS... One's blossoms revived the whirlwinded vortex... Resurrect from the dryness of the underdepths... But few found this reality... By simply reading one's the heart's valley... In the heart's valley... The creators understood the meaning above their way, Leaving behind the winged carrions... To be forever deminished, burning... Now forgotten forgotten forgotten as... Now forgotten as...the ANCIENT ONES! ..One's ancient thee, as forgotten now... as forgotten now... as forgotten now... as forgotten now... Burning...burning... Now forgotten forgotten forgotten as... Now forgotten as...the ANCIENT ONES...

Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness

Beyond the fields of impurity, across the infernal seas, stand the land of silent obscurity, the land of Ardennes, beyond the black gates of the fagnes infinite kingdom whee the perfect starry sky of night rules. Funeral winds embrace me, their whispers teach me. the mystic rituals of damnation. Follow our way, follow our path. Spiritual brother in dead's land. Where the black gate stand, where hatred spirits were invoked. Be aware of your demonic convention. Beyond my land of hate, beyond the seas of frost. I summon the demons of the pits to deny forever, the Cross of Christ Desecrate the holy spirit for beyond and beyond... Oooohh God! See the dusk of HECATE, the dusk of forgotten souls SATAN! Father of the dark dawn, black angel oppressed by the light, hear our calls!!! The call of the true worsphippers, summoners of the hatred dusk. Dusk of the forgotten darkness, warriors with invincible swords. Hordes of a thousand blades, fighters ofthe divine light. As dusk of the forgotten darkness rise again... (lead NEBIROS)

Body Of Water

Billy Bragg "Don't Try This At Home"
I was a miner I was a docker I was a railway man Between the wars I raised a family In times of austerity With sweat at the foundry Between the wars. I paid the union and as times got harder I looked to the government to help the working man And they brought prosperity down at the armoury We're arming for peace, me boys Between the wars. I kept the faith and I kept voting Not for the iron fist but for the helping hand For theirs is a land with a wall around it And mine is a faith in my fellow man Theirs is a land of hope and glory Mine is the green field and the factory floor Theirs are the skies all dark with bombers And mine is the peace we knew Between the wars. Call up the craftsmen Bring me the draftsmen Build me a path from cradle to grave And I'll give my consent To any government That does not deny a man a living wage. Go find the young men never to fight again Bring up the banners from the days gone by Sweet moderation Heart of this nation Desert us not, we are Between the wars.

Character Charisma

Lovely That's when a man meets a woman Deadly As Chemistry without the instructions Sinfully Two souls consumate inwardly Crusifixtion Masses will lay dead In an Apocalpitic world Afraid of true feelings, Doomed to become extinct Like the masses brought on before us (Only stupidity shall be our demise) Shall we try to search for an answer to the bounding questions of our age If only the Government expelled some more funds, We could stop this rage Instead they give to other countries Just to impress And use blantant cut backs for the Homeward catasphophies They should address The Military Spawns on a foreign lawn While people in the city, sleep on the corner Or drink down their liqour, while unzipping their fly So another baby can be born, and will be destined to die Dying of starvation, or a drop on the head In the Land of the free, and the home of the dead Another raining friday night Little Wesley waits at home for his dad Who is late because he lost another job Michael greets his son at the broken door gives his son a belt across the face.... Simply, because he's too damn drunk too love the boy goes in, and rapes in wife three bullets in the chamber takes all there lives In the richest of lands Crime and Chaos trickle down from the meltng pot Politicians couldn't care until their terms are almost up Then with a wink and a false smile You're special and important, with all the meaningful words you said In the land of the free, and the home of the dead

Green Heaven

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Red Hot Chili Peppers"
About this planet, there is something I know There's a very big difference between above and below A friend foe, or bro, leave your body on the floor Let your spirit fly away like the soul of a crow Here, above land, man has laid his plan And yes, it does include the Ku Klux Klan We got a government so twisted and bent Bombs, tanks and guns is how our money is spent We got V.D., heroin, greed and prostitution Tension, aggravation, L. Ron Hubbard solution Not to mention hard-core chemical pollution If you think you're just away, you're in a mental institution And that's a heart felt shame 'Cos everyone's crazy, everyone's the same So, why should only Larry, Curly and Moe be to blame Time now to take you to a different place Where peace lovin' whales flow through liquid outer space A groovin' and a gliddin' as graceful as lace A never losing touch with the ocean's embrace Diviner than the dolphin, that there is none 'Cause dolphins just-a like to have a lot of fun No one tells 'em how their life is run And no one points at them with a gun They have a lot of love for every living creature The smile of a dolphin is a built in feature They be movin' in schools but everyone's the teacher Someday mister dolphin, I know I'm go'n to meet you Back to the land of the police man Where he does whatever he says he can Including hating you because you're a Jew Or beating black ass, that's nothing new Trigger happy cops, they just like to brawl They use guns, clubs, gas, but that's not all They got puke, ridden prisons and sex sick jails Fuck the poor, if you're rich you pay the bail So support your police, support your local wars That's the way to open economic doors Why do we do it 'Cause the president's a whore We assume the position to sell the ammunition What the fuck It's the american tradition Along with going fishin' apple pies in the kitchen Isn't it bitchin' seeing dead men in ditches


LINKIN PARK "Reanimation"
(feat. Alchemist, Chali 2na) From the top to the bottom Bottom to top I stop At the core I've forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my safety The picture's there The memory won't escape me We're stuck in a place so dark You can hardly see The manner of matter that splits with the words I breathe And as the rain drips acidic questions around me I block out the sight and the powers that be And duck away into the darkness Times up I wind up in a rusted world with eyes shut so tight that it blurs into the world of pretend And the eyes ease open And it's dark again From the top to the bottom Bottom to top I stop At the core I've forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my safety The picture's there The memory won't escape me But why should I care In the memory you'll find me Eyes burning up The darkness holding me tightly Until the sun rises up Listen to the sound Dizzy from the ups and downs I'm nauseated by the polluted rock that's all around Watching the wheels of cars that pass I look past to the last of the light and the long shadows it casts A window grows and captures the eye And cries out a yellow light as it passes me by And a young shadowy figure sits in front of a box Inside a building of rock with anntenaes on top, now Nothing can stop in this land of the pain The sane lose not knowing they were part of the game And while the insides change The box stays the same and the figure inside could bear anybody's name The memories I keep are from a time like then I put on my paper so I could come back to them Someday I'm hoping to close my eyes and pretend That this crumpled up paper can be perfect again Yo, from the top to the bottom Bottom to top I stop At the core I've forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my safety The picture's there The memory won't escape me I'm here at this podium talking The ceremonial offerings dedicated to urban dysfunctional offspinrg What's happening City governments are eternally napping Trapped in greedy covenants Causing urban collapse And bullets that scar souls with dark holds Get more than your car stole, for real This society's deprivation depends now on our differences but the separation within No preparation is made Limited age and minimum wage Living in a tenement cage for innocent pay Tragedy within a parade The darkness overspreads like a permenent plague I'm the forgotten In the memory you'll find me Eyes burning up The darkness holding me tightly Until the sun rises up

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