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Kataklysm lyrics

Mould In A Breed

Original and similar lyrics
(Chapter 1 - Bestial Propagation) Beneath the dark earth... Under the black seas... Underworld reign in ground below! In a promised realm lies a race? Gargoyle beings roam within... The fertile valley of...existence. Their colonizing approach assault the sources... The valley torn by the masterful beasts! The wilderness life potential retrieved from their vitality. For aeons...the force has been drained. Misused selfishness of the center's resources! Mightiest thoughts?...wish an ultimate control. They developed this new energy. That occurs to be a malformation... Among them spreads...the winged gargoyles. I KNOW of them said! * I VEST TAS... * He speaks for it's kind. The unawaken part of the race, Followed the winged ones... Downward their disastered fear... The valley has been marked with death, in it's existence. The foul stench of steel, rusted the nature's life... The domain's virtues loosing their colors, fading from fear... Their fungus sets in the valley of purity... By bruising the clouds above...deep below the world! Underneath! A hopeless mass obscured by thousand shadows... Crushed by the ruling winged masters... They...who simultaneously banish themselves! To raze their everlasting underworld... The essence of the existence wasted to immortal destruction... The exploitation of the infinite well of resources? ...Dying, but closing itself upon the gargoyles... Sealing their proper earth... Over earthworld! The claim of the valley...the claim? Life. DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! Dead. You'll stay like a being... You'll suffer among yourselves... With your new replenished energy! You'll decompose all power in reign... Reversed effect on my soul... Your bright plunged world of doom! ...Doom! Gargoyles falling winged ones, flying for the clouds.... Above...below, smash retreat deep in their well of ills... ...Gargoyles lying small ones, dying on the ground... Below...rise, above the clouds, the valley feels... * - { Vest - tas = Quest , taken from the Gargish language...} - *

Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow

Search for my subconscious Lead me into myself A need to discover the dark A will to enter these gates Oh, this temptation to end this empty life In my dreams I saw my real side A journey through forever my vision's oh so bright Watching eternity open as I turn out life's light Oh, this temptation to leave this earthly shell Deep inside, the toll of death's bell In the cold winds of nowhere With a sigh I pass away Falling, into harmonic sleep Then I'll find my prophecies wasn't lies Falling, into the abyss I come... I... I am dying... Death... Does heal me... In the cold winds of nowhere

God Is Dead

Carnivore "Carnivore"
God looked down from heaven shook his head and wept his flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep you tried to save man once by sending down a son but the bastards nailed him up and laughed at what they'd done You gang raped mother nature I love a virgins cry blood poured from the earth she suffered and she died rusty scissors still in hand you castrated father time feed his balls to the hounds that drink his cum like wine God Is Dead You've taken all my precious gifts I gave unto you life from by breath you a product of my love your gratitude shown in my death Chorus The devil has taken your spirit keeps it chained up in the night tells you that evil is good but you will never see the light Chorus Eat his body drink his blood then we'll sing our song of love Now you come crawling on your hands and knees you beg for forgiveness suck me till I bleed and for your transgressions heretical blasphemy the punishment is damnation you'll burn interminably Look what you've done to nature and what you 've done to time there's no more room in hell your sinners you steal what is mine Chorus Now the dead walk the earth there's nowhere to hide the devil and his disciples rejoice my suicide Chorus Bustin' heads breaking legs smashin' faces spreading hate screaming out this can't be real broken bottles chains and knifes bats and pipes to end your life crush you beneath my wheels And of course no regret give me freedom or give me death you're flirting with disaster riding wild running free no one's gonna govern me

Blurred (Part 2)

A man walks through the rubble of this cold and mindless Land with a chip on his shoulder and a pistol in his hand No emotions he has immortal thoughts No friends or peers for a thousand years in a place where he's been dropped Just a threat and a waste of a deaf, blind soul His tricks and cons are carried on while the ignorant enroll You won't be the first, you'll be the very last to know When you're face to face with a man called Death and life's the pending toll So if you want to turn out like this bold and fearless man Then keep living your life in a reckless abandon Thrown the dice, this gamble you have lost Realize what you must sacrifice to pay the growing costs Caught in a cage you slowly fill with rage In a world where hate's like a never ending plague You won't be the first, you'll be the very last to know When you're face to face with a man called Death and life's the pending toll

Bleed For Me

Bitter bloodstained tears Filling my sadened eyes From personal fears And all once told lies The anger inside Waiting for tomorrow Sinful suicide Wrapped in the cause of sorrow At the fiery gates With hate I resign Though I'll be forever more Even the dead can die Marching on and on Experience the dismal fate Through the hellish scorn Gather beyond the gates Reality now slips away Death is the only way The moonlight is my blanket And my bed is a grave Life ends so sadly With tears pain and grief All my loved ones gone And I'm rotting with belief And so is life At it's end Never to be More again Entered at all With belief A life I never lived I end my life I kill myself Accept this death With open arms A piercin' pain When I cut it all From life to death I breathe my last breath

Hand Of Doom

What you gonna do Time's caught up with you Now you wait your turn, you know there's no return Take your written rules, you join the other fools Turn to something new, now it's killing you First it was the bomb, Vietnam napalm Disillusioning, you push the needle in From life you escape, reality's that way Colours in your mind satisfy your time Oh you, you know you must be blind To do something like this To take the sleep that you don't know You're giving Death a kiss, Oh, little fool now Your mind is full of pleasure Your body's looking ill To you it's shallow leisure So drop the acid pill, don't stop to think now You're having a good time baby But that won't last Your mind's all full of things You're living too fast go out enjoy yourself Don't bottle it in You need someone to help you To stick the needle in, yeah Now you know the scene, your skin starts turning green Your eyes no longer seeing life's reality Push the needle in, face death's sickly grin Holes are in your skin, caused by deadly pin Head starts spinning 'round, you fall down to the ground Feel your body heave, Death's hands starts to weave It's too late to turn, you don't want to learn Price of life you cry, now you're gonna die!

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