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KARI KIMMEL lyrics - Black

Sinners & Saints

Original and similar lyrics
Prayin harder now than I ever did before It's almost over now, I'll be worrying no more Who will save this wreckless soul of mine Who will save me tonight Seconds counting down and I'm holding my last breath My heart's pounding hard, soon I'm gonna be laid to rest Where I'm going I must go alone Who will save my soul Oooh ooooh Sinners take me down while you're laughing in my face Cast your judgement then forget me and walk away Don't look in the mirror you might see You’re so guilty just like me Oooh oooh oooh Only moment's left, my time is running short Don’t know what comes next, so I'm praying out to my Lord Hell's begun or ending guess I'll see Who will come and save me Oooh oooh oooh


JEREMY CAMP "Beyond Measure"
In this time, I know I need to be more broken, Then I find, I feel this passion grow, To face all that's been lost, It's not to late to give control now, I don't know why I wait, You're always calling me [CHORUS] Tonight, I will take my cross, Tonight, I will count this cost, Tonight I realize to take hold of this very moment In this time, You draw me by these words you've spoken, I feel inside, This never ending hope, I've placed all that I trust in knowing one day I will see you, The only thing worth holding onto is holding onto me I will take this moment And I feel that it's closer And I kneel to show you this desperate heart of mine

I Wanna Be There

(Harley Allen/Paul Overstreet) The first night we brought you home, it scared me half to death. I stood right beside your crib and counted every breath. Lookin' at your little face, heaven seemed so close, It felt all right to ask the Lord for what I want the most. I wanna be there when you're one, And you're just learning how to walk. I wanna be there when you're two, An' hear the funny ways you talk. I wanna be there when you're three, An my wall's covered up with chalk. My only prayer: I wanna be there. I'd like to save some money so we could buy a bigger house. Worked harder at my job to make my family proud. A million things I've got in mind that I want to do. God willing, I've got time: that's what I'll give to you. I wanna be there when you're fifteen, And you're havin' your first date. I wanna be there when you're sixteen, And your heart's had it's first break. I wanna be there when you're seventeen, And think that you can't wait. My only prayer: I wanna be there. I wanna be there when my little girl. Was walkin' down the aisle. I wanna be there, fightin' back the tears, An' tryin' hard to smile.. I wanna be there with your Momma, When you're havin' your first child.. My only prayer: I wanna be there. My only prayer: I wanna be there.

Next 5 Minutes

Chapman Steven Curtis "Speechless"
I can reminisce abotu the already I can worry and fret about the not yet But when it all comes down I know it really Really all comes down to the right now So right now... I'm living the next 5 minutes Like these are my last 5 minutes 'Cause I know the next 5 minutes May be all I have And after the next 5 minutes Turn into the last 5 minutes I'm taking the next 5 minutes And starting all over again Starting all over again Every moment God is giving is precious Every heartbeat, every breath I take We'll never have them back once they've left us There will never be another right now So right now.... This is the day, this is the hour This is the moment the Lord has made

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