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KARDINAL OFFISHALL lyrics - Quest For Fire: Firestarter Vol. 1


Original and similar lyrics
[Kardinal Offishall] Yo, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yo, yeoooow! Yeah huh Wake up! Are we awake, are we wake, are we wake Take it low, low low low low Take it low take it low, take it low Yo! I said yo, I said yo, I said yo Yeah Kardinal is walkin' (yo) just how we be talking (Yo) Fakes get they face palmed, and thrown to the floor Shout out to the ghetto, girl's in they stilettos With their tongue rings, doing tricks, sippn' on Ameretto Fire pon a fosse-man a bad man truss me Not a homophobic, just a man who loves pssss Come here let me see you, and throw a little game You can either fall in love with the hood or with the name Explicit lyriciasm (yo) nuff narcissism Is invading hip-hop, replacing escapism My vision is an ism (yo) smoke it till you're high Unattainable goals blank to your third eye (yo) Maneuvering high skies to low tone flows Straight to the five mic sight is where the flow goes Killing 'em with knowledge - the mind is the key Just sign on the dotted line and check who you be [CHORUS: Jully Black (Kardinal)] You (you), me (me), powerful (so powerful) We're fighting for this goal and we ain't gonna stop (We ain't never gonna stop y'all) I said you {you}, me (me), is wonderful {so wonderful) We'll be makin' babies til our army's on top ('Til we standing on the top y'all) [Kardinal Offishall] The funk is in the air (yo) you might suffocate If you don't strap on your mack on and watch I articulate We don't shake hands with cops (yo) we don't participate Light up an informer and make his mouth menstrate (yo) Black is for Black, they can't understand that So they call it "reverse racism" and try to pin it back (yo) But if we ain't for us, who for us? them? - nah! If it was up to them they would have us ridin' in the back of the bus In handcuffs and other shackles (yo) check Mr. Bush Plant cocaine on me and call it operation push Our Prime Minister is actually second in command Bending over to the star spangled-politically strangled So we have to move (yo) through the underground Encode the funk mode and claim back the sound (yo) 'Cause what's mine is gonna stay mine, word to line for line Off the top and all that Peace to magnificent rap [CHORUS] [Tara Chase] Look out Cameras are watching you, they watching you from birth And they be killing us softly by biologically attacking us first Don't think that you're immune 'Cause your acquired system is soon to be consumed Flesh eating disorder, false claims of water I rip through the lies so I can bare sons and daughters, and soldiers Build my camp up like an army over Giza, running suicide missions You can't disarm me [CHORUS: no Kardinal] [Jully Black ad-libs] [Jully Black] Making babies 'til our army's on top yeah, yeah Oh yeah [Kardinal Offishall] Wake up! Take it low, low low low low low [OUTRO: Kardinal Offishall] Dear Lord, I really, I don't even know how to ax this You know, I can't, this this this is not an act I must, from the bottom of my heart, ask forgiveness for my sins But you know what I ask that you give me the strength to be able to reach all of those peoples, on every street corner, every block, every ghetto All of those people, that we sometimes think are not worthy of blessings, they're worthy to me And I think that as a man given the blessings you have given me The opportunity to speak, that I need to speak the language of those people, and I need to reach them You know, beacuse there's are a lot of good people on this Earth, but there still some people that need a talking to And I ask you to give me the strength to reach out to those people You know because I believe everybody is worthy of your blessings So I ask that you give, you give me, my family, my crew, F.O.S, the circle All of us, all the babies that are being born You give us the strength to be able to deal with it how you see fit Beacuse you give all of us the power, as much as some people might not believe it You give us the strength to reach out and touch a lot people So Lord I ask you give me the strength to go out in the world and start the fire You know, start your fire, you understand I'm saying Lord, just please be with me, be with me and give me the strength and let me do this Come to you as humble man, Kardinal Offishall Quest For Fire

Free Mumia

Knowledge, where the people at Free Mumia! Channel Live! (KRS-One, come and represent) (The wisdom) Hah hah hah hah hah hahaha! Free Mumia! Everywhere I look there's another house negro Talkin about they people and how they should be equal They talkin but the conversation ain't goin nowhere You can't diss hip-hop, so don't you even go there C. Delores Tucker, you wanna quote the scripture Everytime you hear nigga, listen up sista Verse One: Hakim, KRS, Tuffy I met up with this girl named Delores, a prankster I said I MC, she said, You're a gangster But she was caught up, she hit the floor like a breakdance Wrapped her up like the arms in a b-boy stance Recognize moms I'm one of your sons I'm hip-hop in the form of Channel Live and KRS-One Representin MC's across America She said, You're the one who be causin all that mass hysteria Wisdom shall come out of the mouths of babes and sucklings But you blinded by cultural ignorance and steady judging But judge not, lest ye may be judged For the judgment ye judge ye shall surely be judged, you gets no love She said, I like it, that's why I jock it Then I said, You only on my back because I fill brother's pockets Got em drivin Benzes Jeeps and Rolls Royces Attackin me will leave youth with no voices The choice is yours not mine hang with me I'll have you freestyle and bombin graffiti We can cut it up like like wax Claimin I cause violence but America was violent before rap, FACT Chorus: KRS-One Warner, Elektra, Atlantic equals WEA Instead of fighting them why don't you go free Mumia (repeat 2X) Verse Two: Tuffy, KRS, Hakim Wild recital, I kicks the vital, like the _Final Call_ as I watch, Babylon fall I had to Rush Limbaugh, get that pig with an axe Tuffy dips to the side, buckin cannons that's phat Because he censors the uses of the metaphor You can get the dick bum up Because it's you that brings the, real horrorcore Expenditures forgettin, gut from the poor Why sure! Back before we were born they sold us out Yeah Dade Jackson we know what you about Youse a Slave Mason, not a Free Mason Before long the Goddess Tiamat through hip-hop you'll be facin Don't start me, cause I be the, lyricist At the nineteen ninety-nine millenium party held at Giza Sayin he's a, fraud, oh my Goddess Never in your life should you disrespect an artist Instead, focus your attention on astronomy And the up and coming, shift in the economy If you can't do that, then heed the final call To free Mumia, Abu-Jamal Hate to be so rough, it could be the White Owls House niggaz are full of crap, like my Colin Powell Kickin vowels, is how we relieve the tension Until we start to bounce white people like suspension (revolution) You paint the pictures, the black man on the corner But tell me, who blew up Oklahoma The City, ain't no pity, for the beast It's Hakim that voice from the East Chorus Verse Three: KRS, Hakim, Tuffy Buck buck! Buck buck buck! It sound like gunshots but it could be the plot of a chicken, definition, is what you're missin and listen to your children instead of dissin em Senator Dole doesn't understand the young people Like they be sayin want to, but we be sayin wanna They gettin dumber every summer as they walk the rope Maybe because they cannot understand the quotes Word, in actuality, this Norman Bates mentality always seems to represent, minus three-sixty percent For degrees full circle, dead from the purple rays of the sun I gots melanin so check it Bag your nuts quick or get sick from being naked Suspect it, was it a means for the end For just a few to drive the Benz while you eat the pigskins Turned you into mannequins, cause the trick of technology A revelation, revalations Sensation gives me inspiration of revolution That's my solution, there will be no sequels I'm audi hundred forty four thousand with my people From Caligula to Hitler, now it's Schwartzeneggar A lust for the violence is the science of their behavior Who enslaved ya (it's the Devil) but the God of virtuosity And of the world created, could it be mental sodomy Got my mind twisted like the blades of fonta leaf I sit in disbelief as he crawls underneath the rock cock back the glock, cause I don't trust the Devil I rebel until Babylon is dust Chorus


More than a man, I been died and rose again, yeah Fast life, slow motion - {These Days} [sample of Jackson Browne's "These Days" (Ab-Soul):] Well I've been out walking I don't do that much talking {These Days} (I gotta stop smokin' cigarettes) {These Daaaaays} (yep) {These Days} I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to doooo, for you (man) And all the times I had the chance to (Yo, how the fuck my new girl got me jealous of other girls?) (I think I live in another world) And I had a lover (fuck!) But it's so hard to risk another {These Days} (These Days) {These Daaaaays} (Ay, he wrote this shit when he was 16 he said) (This is, I'm 27, this is like my whole life) Now if I seem to be afraid (like this second, yeah) To live the life, that I have made in sooooong (You know all I like to do is keep it real - Soulo, hoe) Well it's just that I have been losing, soooooo long (Can I win one time? Yeah, yeah this that pain you was talkin' about) (Can I win one time? Uh, uh) So many pills I should have slipped already (yeah) My lungs the same color as my lips already (yeah) Expensive clothes and sufficient funds Me and my bros switchin' hoes just for fun (yeah) The money and bitches is all we care about Very far from home if you worried about my whereabouts Chasin' the light at the end of the fuckin' tunnel Pray for Sydney, send Tia a text, tell her I love you (I love you) The devil is a lie, never let him persevere God took my angel and left me here, it's Heaven here [sample of Jackson Browne's "These Days" (Ab-Soul):] Well I'll keep on moving, moving on (yeah) Things are bound to be improving {These Days} (it's Longterm, this shit real) I love These Daaaaays (it'll all make sense one day, my nigga) (I've even been on songs with Common, it's crazy) {These Days} I'll sit on corner stones (can't stop me my nigga, yeah) And count the time in quarter tones to teeeen, my friend (uh, yeah) Don't confront me with my failures (can't achieve success without failure, baby!) I have not forgotten them Diggin' for gold in these codeine bottles Trying to picture potential in these Instagram models (like) Information racing around the Internet Before the iPad was invented, I had a pad of writtens Smokin' a cig on the side of the house tryin' to figure it out The axe didn't cut it, moms told me cut it out Clem told me always take pride in my work I clutch the mic with blessed hands at all my concerts Why his name Soulo? How is he so smart? We can see his four footprints in the sand when he walk (Black Lip Bastard) I like to refer to myself in third person from the third person (3's) That's a out-of-body experience of self (yeah) So I can see me for me and no one else Don't need to see a Emmy, award or no jail (Soul) I'm at them like a cell, I just want to be free All this chatter from the chattel nigga, I don't speak sheep (yeah) This TDE and nothin' beyond that (infinite) Told Du-Dog I don't even need to read the contract (hahaha) Yeah, as if some legal documents can stop me Legalize, legal lies, legal eyes so I see I did it while you were sitting wishin', ask my nigga DZA All my verses hearses leavin' {Church's}, not the cheap chicken (yeah!) And I love the beast coast but what about the best one? What's your life without a soul? A dead one (Yeah Mac, you ain't got bars like that Mac!)

Hockey Hair

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
You can't imagine how much fun we're having [Slug] Stop it there without a care to what you've got to fear Keep it all between your beer and your hockey hair A lot of weird people traits and ticks From the strangers to these dangerous faces you kiss You know this town ain't cool as it used to be When the lion, tigers and bears'd stare at your jewelry Truthfully I'm content with how the day moves Stepped up the game, oops, still rock the same shoes And one-time with them flashing things, they still There to turn the drama into action scenes I'm renting me a vehicle to roll me to the finish line Follow if you wanna, we'll return around dinner time Back hurts a little bit more with every cigarette MY mack learned to never ignore the petty gibberish I walk the clay cocky like MR. Know-It-Also Patiently waiting to pop, shake up the soda bottle Horizontal like a mail-order male whore that came forth Just to show you his pale horse Of course the ones that love him hate him most Heard broken ain't nothing man, she look like she ate a ghost Make a toast to the butter knife, fuck it right Wonder when my butterfly is gonna keep her flutter tight I get way lonely when I'm on the j-o-b And every pretty face acting like they know me Same story, take photos and blow me Like sucking on my pony is some type of a fucking trophy Don't know what to say homie, I understand under the notion that mine is at home under another man Don't even give it two minutes of business Rotate the shoulder blades and keep them chipless Built a prison out of conjugal visits Now I rock a fake grimace on my face to catch the kisses A bag of pot luck, a pint of gut rot emcee's is mockduck tofu tough-talk What the blood clot, jumpshot, fadeaway Watch these white kids eat it up like it was mayonnaise Then he's on to the next city following the destiny Fell asleep drooling on your left titty Indeed I play my part and call it high art Keeping my eye on a piece of that pie chart Smarter than solutions to the Rubic's cube Took it apart and then pulled out a tube of superglue Electric boogaloo, instead of trying to look at you I should stay in my house, sit on the couch and read a book or two Maybe then this space alien can uncover ways to coexist With other homosapiens Until that time comes people know my bum steelo Incognito with mosquitoes and dung beetles It's like that, never the wack in actuals fact It's like this, St. Paul Minneapolis jack It's like that take your head out of the vaginal crack Like what the fuck did you expect I rap

The Lessin

KRS-ONE "The Sneak Attack"
Yeah.. uh-huh.. underground, never stop y'all Underground, K.P. y'all c'mon! [Chorus: April S. Williams] Ain't no stoppin what we done Don't give up this fight is won There's no way they can hold us down Cause with power and strength we gonna take it now Take that stand realize the truth Knowledge intellect bringin minds anew There's no way they can hold us down Cause with power and strength we gonna save you now [KRS-One over Chorus] Uh-huh Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh-huh Tell them again, tell them again! Uhh Get 'em up now, word Just get it up now, uh-huh ALL OF THE MASSIVE! [KRS-One] B, R, O, N, X See these cars, see these checks, intellect See these thugs, ain't no sweat, intellect A thousand miles, how do you do it One step Now check out this flow, they wanna be down, but they cain't Original +Criminal Minded+ flow, they just ain't ready for the real, ready to peel off the paint Your style is fake, the teacher returns to debate You the best That's bull, you questionable Highly flexible, wasn't you sexual Now you hardcore You need to see God more I sit on the faculty; you, you sophomore [Chorus] [KRS-One over Chorus] Uhh, get 'em up Yeah, get 'em up uhh Yeah, uhh, that's right That's right uh-huh, tell 'em again It go.. get 'em up Yeah, that's right, uh-huh Uh-huh Another Kenny Parker exclusive! [KRS-One] Time to get it, now you did it, tryin to spit it You don't fit it, ask the critics, already did it, skipped the gimmicks I don't mimic, metaphysics, you'll admit it, better to live it better to give it, so I spit it every minute so you get it My lyric is wicked an' full of culture y'all Huh Battle, nah - get back in your car Either you never heard of me or you really wanna get with me But as your teacher let me test you for a learning disability You feeling me Cause you can't, get it through your head This is, sui-CIDE!! You're better off dead Let me not amp you up, cause this style you can't do what My stomach can take it and your stomach it'll cramp you up This is, breath control, breath control stylee I get up all in that ass that () heinie Try me, back in the days you woulda had sorrow Try the teacher today, and you won't see tomorrow cause [Chorus] [KRS-One over Chorus] Uhh, we get 'em up Uhh, that's right, get 'em up Yeah, uh-huh, get 'em up Yeah, ONE MORE TIME NOW! Uhh, that's right, get 'em up Uh-huh, uh-huh, get 'em up I HEAR YOU Uh-huh, I HEAR YOU, WORD UP! LOOK AT THIS! [KRS-One] Like a piss on the streets I exist Not the meat but the fish Complete the feat when I'm speakin the heat into this Witness Kris rippin this Don't trip on this, skip ahead if you're ready My show medley is deadly I'm about a hundred million mic years away These players I don't hate, but I'm not here to play I hit it all day, all night, all afternoon Rock all mics from the days of sassoon Where the hell was you On the corner with rats when we was at the LQ, lockin it down and that was that Divine speaker, mind keeper, time teacher, time leader I'll be sittin in the club by the speaker Waitin for you rappers to choke up then I eat ya like some prehistoric winged creature, AHHH! On your neck, like the American eagle facin East and West I be the best, Blastmaster KRS cause [Chorus] [KRS-One over Chorus] We get 'em up Uhh, yo, we get 'em up Like, YEAH, I SEE IT OVER THERE I SEE IT OVER THERE, IT'S.. YEAH IT'S OVER HERE! Uhh! Uhh, one more time we get it up Yeah, yeah, we get it Uhh, uhh, IT'S OVER HERE NOW! IT'S OVER HERE NOW! UHH! [April and KRS-One ad lib] [Chorus] [KRS-One] Attention all true hip-hoppers Let us come together, for the unity of hip-hop culture Every third week in May, is hip-hop appreciation week Celebrate with us Then, join us in November, for hip-hop history month Big up, to the Zulu Nation, PEACE!

Bring It On (Remix)

Maestro Fresh Wes "Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!"
[Maestro Fresh Wes] My poetry is black like Jesus You niggas can't see this, my metaphorical thesis, breezes Past all you niggas with your silly shitty poems You're faker than a hoe with titties filled with silicone (uh huh) Well I'm a glock and you're a slingshot When I'm done you'll want to quit, you want to fling rock Well, I'll be cruising by, you'll never see a smoother guy Niggas getting smoked just like the Buddha tye I'm rocking well like Orson, scortching on the porchin' Of course I'm forced to like my man Shawn Morrison Here's a small portion with no distortion But niggas always on my fucking dick like foreskin They want to swallow my gism (yeah) They must be on a mission (uh huh) I need a circumcision on the mic mechanism Maestro's the true boss, you and your crew lost Before you fuck around you better fuck with Blue Cross I'm leaving dumb niggas homeless, domeless I'm proneless, so don't try to clone this Style or procedure, because I ain't even trained(?) yet I bank a check with attitude like Antoinette I'm still smoking whether I open or close the shoews Like Shabba Ranks, I got trailer loads of hoes (ahh yeah) The mega don, everywhere I get it on I fucked every colour, now they call me Benetton Black and the white, red and the bronze, even a Chinese ying All kinds of skins, man I shine like a diamond ring You feel around I'm the man with the meanest song Not a new jack but I got more dope than Nino Brown 'Cause I'm a striver, a hip hop survivor Me and the microphone is like my nuts and your saliva Yeah, Fresh Wes swinging along, Showbiz is on the remix I'm bringing it on CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yes yes y'all ( yes y'all) I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all) I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all) I'm going to bring it on (bring it on) Yes yes y'all (yes y'all) I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all) I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all) I'm going to bring it on (bring it on) [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yo make way Make a, make a, make a, make away Fresh Wes is going to breaka, breaka, break way From the rags to the riches I'm giving bitches Different Strokes like Todd Bridges Mister Maest, they cast me out, how ya like me now You want to raise your eye brow Then you want to bow, 'cause you're awning my phonics Shines like a comet, more dope than hydroponics (ahh yeah) Guys are on it, girls be on my pubics For two licks, I check my pharmacutics (do this) You want to know who's the newest With the blues like Hill Street, or more news than Huey Lewis Like boy blue blew all day, enough of these curds and whey Well this nigga don't play Do yourself a favour and don't fuck with Wesley And save that 'I gotta have it' shit for Pepsi I break like Gretzky, the mic ain't Wayne's World My rhymes guarenteed to kill a nigga and tame girls (ahh yeah) So don't front, just applause it Like Michael J, said 'put that dibby dibby shit in the closet' With a chimpanzee and a rhino If my dick was alcohol all you kids would be winos (ohh yeah) Because you love my condution I don't mind of you suck it, just ease up on the suciton While you're down there, hum on my left one Make my right one jealous, Fresh Wes is the best one But don't be greedy share the rest with the class Like Gangstarr said, 'just take two pulls then pass' Yeah, Fresh Wes is just swinging along Showbiz in on the remix, I'm bringing it on CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] You wack MC's is like a case of clamydia It's one big pain in the ass to get rid of ya When I hit the scene I'm more brutal than Rikers Killing motherfuckers like I'm chilling with strikers Time to let a trend setter, smooth like amaretta With a vendetta and a go getter, with a better metaphor Kick, oh flip, when I flow quick they forfeit They so shit (oh yeah) I make the fatter profits with the badder topics I cant' stop it, what I drop is catastrophic Good grief, why you trying to beef geef Is that your face or does your ass got teeth (oooo) Don't try bombing me, harming the economy 'Cause this nigga is a don like Sean Connery I got the bad bitches want to have sex, uh I gas them like Exxon, then I put the next on Everybody knows Mr. Maest raps steady Before stepping to me get an ice pack ready Yeah, I'm getting sick and tired of the fuckery After this jam, all ya niggas will be sucking me Oh yeah, ot goes down like that Word up, Fresh Wes bringing it on Show B-I-Z on the remix As we flow on 1992-93 and beyond Word up as we kick the flavour I'm out

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