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KARDINAL OFFISHALL lyrics - Fire And Glory


Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Estelle] Some men were born to be heroes Bet everything comin' up with zeroes Some think they God - but you know how that goes Que sera sera [Kardinal Offishall] (Yeah, uh huh, Jake you stupid for this one son, y'know) Aiyyo, actions speak louder than words My middle finger speaks louder than yours I'm in the hood, feet poundin' the curb Jealous of nothin' - mine is bigger than yours Standin' still, y'all runnin' with herbs I stole the soul motherfucker, I ain't bringin' it back Whack niggaz like Jamsport, holdin' me back And I don't care if you're friends with Jay Or Dre, or Kay Slay, you're still garbage Learn to parlay, before you look this way I'm heinous with mine, Kardinal made this I don't pay to get on any playlist Niggaz in the street was waitin' for someone to say this I ain't suckin' dick for y'all DJ's to play this (let 'em know) My records spin like rims on an Avis Look at me wrong, and say what's up to Sammy Davis I'm heavy nigga, the biggest libra couldn't weigh this Before you kiss your TV, you should kiss my whole anus [Hook: Estelle] Some men were born to be heroes Bet everything comin' up with zeroes Some think they God - but you know how that goes Que sera sera Some men still drivin' in the highway Do you - just do it out of my way At all costs I'm doin' it the fly way So I never say que sera sera [Kardinal Offishall] I got the most superior mainframe in the game Flows like a fifty-paper, ain't a damn thing changed On the mic I'm deranged, off the mic I'm just crazy Spit-shine my letter combos - that's what pays me In other words it's the nouns and the verbs That buys the X5's and the cribs on the lakesides I run this shit, I don't take sides What you see is what you get - most of these rappers are in disguise With no persona, so they diss guys You want to lose your profession? I suggest you test this guy The best buy in any Best Buy I'll straight burn the place down like a throwback Left Eye Ahead of the class - nobody ever left I I'm so right, I can't even open my left eye You're dead wrong, tryin' to correct I I'm like the dead in one way: no choice but to respect I, yeah! [Hook: Estelle] [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, everything I do is strong when I rap I don't bust no verses, I talk in thunder claps Give black hands daps, and X marks the map Dot city on my chest, show the world where I'm at Lift you higher than a three hundred dollar weed pack And a G4 smuggled in my jacket in the back Yeah, some question my heart and dedication Why? I'm into the pulse like a palpitation Some man dem dat I know hold down the +Big Macs+ And they come and watch you air the beef out (Blak, blak) That ain't me though, I'm regal like a pharaoh and them Leave the squabbles to the kids, I bring dollars by the pen, y'know [Hook x2: Estelle] [Kardinal Offishall] It's Estelle, let 'em know! Black Jays!

Left & Right

D'ANGELO "Voodoo"
(feat. Method Man/Redman) [Redman] Yo, yo Yeah, come on [D'Angelo] I see you dancing right now I don't need to tell you that you know how Baby you do, oh I say you belong And if you dream, you'd be free I can take you there Just follow me Baby I won't, I won't steer you wrong And it seems like to me You want someone to treat you like their queen Babe I do So what'cha want Smack your ass, pull your hair And I even kiss you way down there You know I will Think I won't [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Keep it moving Up and down How we do it babe Left and right Uh keep it moving Up and down Uh so what'cha doing Left and right I love it went you do it Up and down Love it went you do it Left and right Keep doing it babe, yeah [1] - [D'Angelo] Left and right And up and down [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Method Man] Yo D how we do it [Redman] Hey yo D how we do it [Method Man] Hey yo how we do it All day how we do it [D'Angelo] Yeah I hear you calling my world Make you feel like a pearl I'll rub your back and fulfill your needs, yeah So I would suggest you get undressed Fingertips touching and you'll come back As I want Why don't you give it to me I will have you believe There's no reason for you to leave Stay right here (stay right here) In my arms (in my arms) Bring you fears stay secure Here with me you can be sure There's no faking you turn me on [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Oh Up and down You keep it moving Left and right Yeah she's moving Up and down Oh yeah Left and right Love it when you do it Up and down Don't stop Left and right Just keep doing it baby, oh [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Redman] He yo D how we do it [Method Man] Yo D how we do it Funk Doc how we do it [Redman] Yo Stallion [Method Man] This is how we do it [D'Angelo] Why don't you know The sexy little things you do (The sexy little things you do) Oh, oh why don't you know The sexy little things you do, ooh [Redman] Yo, yo My flows remarkable Doc walk like Kane from Kung Fu round the globe Throw obstacles I'll hurdle them Herb and whack MC's, drum racks To the rims to the caps Yo Meth, Tical, and D I'm ASAP, I'm crack a don chicken hunting at KFC In '83 I was that scrub TLC talking 'bout Now I rock the house Chalk 'em out [Method Man] Yeah no doubt who gots the biggest ass in the house Young miss fillet-a-fish Salt water trout, pretty young thing Got a tongue ring and dirty mouth And she whispering them sweet nothings I hear it out Baby you got me like Joni had Cha Chi Until she got high and went and fucked Potsi Lady Godiva From day one a dick rider Liar, liar set your pussy on fire [Redman] [(Method Man)] Yo Doc be off the wall We keep a Marly cheap Pulling a Harley deep with a jar of grease Come 1-5-1, straight endo, the spot I fuck brown sugar behind the fiber glass window Its Doc not guns don't sling weight The only thing I sling is condoms for spring break (Fuck 'em) How we do it (Leave 'em) How we do it (Get the money) The pussy (The weed) Now do it [Method Man] [(Redman)] Now take your coat off and stay a while Now honey child if you're gon' be acting funny style Then I don't need ya It's Saturday, this night fever Shit is popping, Acheeva my mouth cotton Tis the season for draws dropping And heavy breathing You ain't skeezin' you dick teasin' I'm leavin' Acting rotten, I got no time for games I'm no joke Drop that ass when I'm finished And watch it smoke (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Paradise Lost

SWOLLEN MEMBERS "Monsters In The Closet"
(feat. Brady, Tony Da Skitzo) [Brady] scared i'm gonna trip my fingers these fingers stuck in your third eye as i gotcha paralyzed your heart venture bad tidings residing in liberal until nightfall i might crawl outta the shadows in your sleep cuz my wristbone's connected to the hand bone's connected to the jizz nasty i can never let it walk on by why do i feel so high when it strikes mid-knight in shining armor cybernetic snake charmer all you can get your sweat glands and pores in your skin release spores from within leviathan can't hang unless you swing by the neck untempered instrumentals got you smooth as thinking continental cruise your core bruise until your spine and press rewind too many times and catch several shurikens to your mind and soul as i swallow it whole i see you grippin on cybertron optimist call me crypticon synchro on quartz tryin to thwart the uppending doom croonin like coyotes at the moon when its almost high noon niggaz swoon like ninjas unite west coast avengers drift fine swollen member [Madchild] sparkling crackling tackling stacked assailants medievel magicians practice under heavy surveillance the ultimate quartet indestructable unpredictable symbolic sorcerers collaborate with one trick to pull the trick is to focus make millions from swollen billions seek the weak and destroy soldiers controlling civilians deploy the daredevil dimension competition cringes they couldn't get open if they came equipped with hinges addicted to dope injected by swollen syringes this flame thrower singes and burns you to a crisp of ashes i'm ill suffer from constant hot flashes bad rock annihlates violator retaliates vertibreaker will mutilate ghost causing sirens hands of hostility strangling evil tyrants who worship the power plant i've seen many strange things protect the sacred circle and beware of the changelings [Tony Da Skitzo] move the masses changing your acetone mono we're high tech phonos slash labyrinth spreading chaotic activity wide open door frivolling away like cumulus clouds your a black rose lost in my black flag motel strange corridors with the only sensor receptacles receiving technical difficulties mics philiac no gimmicks a patch over your left eye while the venomous serum leaks in your heart print indent a paragraph and the message is sent transparent sentiments that are radioactive and leave a fritz like apocalypse leaving the former attempt your consciousness like triplets back to back to back like in a foreign country we still excavate doves isolate you to a torture merchants in my village remains of no life just cold breezes and past souls mistaking fake saviors blessed in his own castle now its just relics left back and the color is tinted [Prevail] enter the uncensored sensor of lord magenta a member of mensa doctor mind bender middle earth fabric tearer like my crushed velvet cape drags through the quicksand and long last and scribe masters with poisonous penmanship summer equinoxes and winter solstices shift liquid land i lift my crooked hands and orchestrate the blatent containment of force so florescent youre surely asking for your melting pot to be a meeting spot for contaminate contestants even nostradamus couldn't predict these Nosferatus with advanced sharpened lance and pierce you

Run For It

JUVENILE "400 Degreez"
[Juvenile] I be comin' up wit da glock toy You can stop boy You ain't heard I'm off tha block boy Chipp-pedy chop boy Off in ya cut is where I'm layin Ready fo' sprayin' Soon as I see yo face and hand I ain't wit dat playin' My daddy showed me how to play it in a situation My daddy tol' me I ain't shit wit outta occupation So I played the game Bust yo head if you said my name I had some of deez niggaz scared I came I kno' some niggaaz out tha (mag)nolia that'll ride fo' me I kno' some niggaz hollin' solja dat a die fo' me T.C., L.T., Magnolia and six Oh you want some of dat fire dope you can score in da bricks You disrespectin' my mind cuz you keep comin' short I might hitcha wit dat iron cuz you need ta be taught You keep showing yo teeth cuz you thank its a joke You mus thank deez bullets ain't real and you ain't gon git smoke [Chorus] Now if ya at dat second line and dem boyz gotta gun You betta run for it, run for it, run And if ya too deep in some beef and dem boyz bout ta come You betta run for it, run for it, run If ya ain't gotta strap but cho enemy got one You betta run for it, run for it, run And if you git into it wit a cash money brotha You betta run for it, run for it, run [Lil Wayne] I be in all black sometimes Sometimes I be jumpin out trees in camouflage Me and Juvenile got two keys we bout ta ride Dem boyz playin wit da U.P.T. well dey gots to die Man its that deep It's a tragedy That you can test me Heard I run in houses don't put it past me Hell look boy you betta tell deez niggaz Fo' I mask up and try ta kill deez niggaz You'ont' want my stress troubles I be back in 2 hummers and 5 lex-bubbles Wa my big brother Juvy Tol' me not to eva letta nigga screw me Tol' me if I eva did he would do me Gave me two guns and sent me round dey shootin' And then they start runnin' Hardest niggaz on tha block started actin like a woman Tha 4-foot stranger in ya area bustin' Load it up and slide it in Cock it back pop it out we ridin I'll run in a busta spot I'll sit on a busta porch I'll sleep on a busta block Apply five and then let go !Bang! Lil' cowards keep playin, get hurt Motha-flirk see I'ont' curse But'll wet up yo shirt Look all my enemy's see me comin All my enemy's peeeeeeeeeuuuunggggggghhhhh be runnin' [Chorus] [Juvenile] You thank I'm playin-a somthin Lil Woo dey' I ain't trippin' Tha beef started last week and dem niggaz still be hittin' Two children got killed and a ol' lady got hit Look I'm bout ta git tha fuck cuz I ain' got no time fo' dis shit Now you can be comin' through And runnin to a gun if you feel That they ain't gon' do you shit cuz ya real I'ont' wanna be witcha when its hapning either I probally be some where ducked off takin a nap wit my people I'd rather see it on T.V. than see it in person Having my fucking' head hurtin' When dem 30's be burstin' Bet if yo beef see ya he ain't gon wait fo' ya dog Our all gon' try to rearrange ja face fo' ya dog 2nd line and round dem clubs ain't no place fo ya dog Dem same niggaz you come up wit playa-hatin ya dog I see em comin wit choppers and I know they gon' bust Lil' Wayne hol' up We kiting out sho' nuff' [Chorus] 2x Run for it Ya betta run for it, run for it Ya betta run for it, run for it Go git cha gun for it Ya betta run for it, run for it, run Run for it, run for it, run, run for it Run for it, run, run for it, run for it, run Get cha gun for it , gun for it, gun Get cha gun for it gun for it

Rockin' With The Best

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] Uhh... ahh, uhh uhh [J-Ro] Uhh, ah one two [Tash] Check it out [J-Ro] Ah one two and ah, ah one two [Tash] It's Tha Liks [J-Ro] Ah yes yes, you're now rockin with the best Yes yes, you're now rockin with the best Uhh, come from the what Yes, you're now rockin with the best [Def'] One two, Defari's in the house [J-Ro] Defari in the house, you're now rockin with the best [J-Ro] Everytime I rhyme I swing mine like wind chimes It's crack a brew, tie your shoe, do a backspin time I quit sellin weed but I stuff dimes in my sack TJ Rolls, Crackerjacks, Mad Lib, Loot Pack I'll make you move and change your number like Shaq to wear you out like slacks like when the button on your back pocket cracks I used to roll with moms, shotgun in the Datsun Rest in peace shouts out to Donnie LaToya Watson A real mother for ya, the Ro will never bore ya I clock mail like Mel be spittin game like a lawyer I rolled it up, spark it, then I blow like Branford got one more Son than Sanford's tryin to send him to Stanford ... and ohh yo like Quasimoto my name rings bells, it's time for Tha Likwit photo Yes... ladies and gentlemen... You are now rockin with the best [Chorus: repeat 2X] Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin You are now rockin with the best [Phil Da Agony] You're now rockin with the best, maximum capacity for MC's that ain't for the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull Pullin words like tug of war from my memory banks core secure, sweat pours through the forces I give em more Who wanna see a Likwit MC without the glass ya laugh, feel the wrath of the blast of the liquor in the flask, so don't ask, or form the question Verbal harassment, to your environment Music element, to your concious, the beat ready rocker Sippin the vodka straight smokin the sess that niggaz hate I got the the grammer for Panorama City, with bills in my socks so they won't break in my pocket on the block Fool I'm bout to go purchase me some Old Gold beer My niggaz gettin wasted on my stairs and under the stairs Liks can cock while I'm twistin my beers You gotta be able to twist at least three, to Phil Da Agony, really My currency stretch, for the stress while I book my matches, askin niggaz who wanna match this Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin You are now rockin with the best [Chorus] [Tash] Niggaz think I'm off my rocker, but big Tash is lifted off that vodka So rappers know it's curtains from the second that I spot ya Cause the top notcher goes the extra length to bring it liver Get me drunk enough and Tash'll crash a party skydivin Cause to danger I'm no stranger, my mic has insurance But just to keep it safe I called E-40 for endurance So it's a everyday occurance for the Alkie fam to slam the Likwid hits that make y'all niggaz say, Yes god damn! So get off your ass and JAYAM, to the sounds of Rum and Coke while I blow my smoke and show you how deep my Likwid soak into your brain, I still got the style they can't explain But my homey wanna bust so tell these niggaz what's your name! [E-Swift] I'm E-Swift, my beats are known to leave speakers blown In any fuckin zone, my style is prone to wet the microphone The hardcore music conductor, the Likwit MC slash beat constructor, rockin this motherfucker That's some stuff niggaz I'm finished, if lyrics need to be replenished I'm sendin bitin MC's to the dentist to get they grill fixed cause they got too addicted Now they feelin the pain that Tha Liks have inflicted I make clubs swing like Tiger Woods on the green I go the whole eighteen, avoiding anything in between Niggaz tune into these flows like Friday night mix shows on the radio, my crew is unfadeable [Chorus]

Holdin' It Down

BIG L "The Big Picture"
[Big L] Yea yeah, Flamboyant Entertainment (no doubt) Yo, y'all fellas like to stress them chicks Impress them chicks, spend money to dress them chicks I sex them chicks and send them home Corleone is known to be stoned When I bone, I'm rubbered up in case that shit full blown The other night around 8 P.M. Pockets crazy slim, jumped out the gray BM Went to the ATM, took a thou' out then later on I had to wild out In the club, knock some coward and his pal out Then afterwards went to the restroom, pissed Cristal out Now I'm thinkin - which chick number I could dial out Cause it's L, the Harlem pimp baby, for real I got more dimes than that Sprint lady And that's ill, playa haters be givin me harsh looks but I'm tryin to sell records like Garth Brooks So eff 'em all, when it's cold I throw the skelly on Illegal chips keep my celly on Mega-ice is what I'm heavy on If it ain't Cristal boo, I guess it's Perignon If the na-na's too tight, I throw some jelly on Yo try to tax and watch the nine mill burst I've been off the scene over three years and cats is still thirst - to hear Big L drop an ill verse So all you unsigned cats that want to battle; get a deal first - I sport the bulletproof, fitted hat That attitude - you better get rid of that Wherever you floss is where you gon' get it at What I stay strapped, I go to sleep with my steel Makin figures while you broke cats keepin it real L is rap's most livest cat I'm gettin stacks while you askin people, Do you want fries with that I rob bags in the staircase, no mask, bare-faced The one police wouldn't dare chase Keep my gear laced - do I walk around without papes No way pal Wword up - my money longer than the OJ trial Chorus: Miss Jones Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know, do you still got it got it ( It's so amazin'! ) Yeah yeah yeah.. Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know, do you still got it got it ( It's so amazin'! ) [Stan Spit] Stan Spit, yo, uh Yo what the hell y'all can tell Spit Not shit I did a flick and bounced on L's shit Well shit, expect me to go platinum That's the only reason why I'm rappin And since L passed, niggaz expect me to make it happen with no release date, I sell in each state I'm the type to drive to Philly, for a cheesesteak So what I'm a Harlem king, doin my thing My name ring - chains and dames what the fame bring After platinum it's the same thing And niggaz'll never learn til I pull the steel and make they lover burn You don't get another turn, game's over Here's my flamethrower Rearrange your Rover, Harlem soldier Wait til I get older - and we won't stop I thought Mase told ya Nigga Stan he do what he gotta And these haters can't do me nada Be in Nevada, with a lot of enchilada Chorus [A.G.] Yo, yo move the fuck, A bring the heat, when I touch tracks These niggaz beef then wanna chill Fuck that These rap niggaz with the mills, we deduct that I asked all my ghetto cats, where my love at Now where the brews, and the drugs at Corrupt cats kept slug hats Asked the feds where the bugs at Puff with the dread, cause I puff black High, til I die, and you can trust that All I wanna know - is the club packed I see the haters sweatin shorty, but I dug that She put my nutsac, back where her lungs at - little hoe And them niggaz who owe, give up that Huh, it's me and Corle', like Eddie and Nolte Go 'head and provoke me Heard you rap, wanna rhyme Better be dope B Still Diggin , still livin, still givin y'all the ill written, still fuckin like Bill Clinton Chorus 2X [A.G.] Big L..

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