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Eyes Closed

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground [Kanye West - Verse 1] I sold my soul to the devil that's a crappy deal Least it came with a few toys like a happy meal This game you could never win Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again Get away from me misery Get away from me loneliness Get away from me fake bitches, I can’t take the phoniness Get away from me wack tracks I can only make only hits I’m an only child lost in the World Where did the lonely kids go when the bell ring its Feeling like hell rings Bringing me back down Checking my background Its ironic whats happening Imagine if I didn’t have the ends I wouldn't have so many imaginary friends I’m spaced out Dog, I be on that Moon talk Wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk I swear to momma wish me and my father talk more I stopped visiting around the time I was a sophomore I guess everything I hate about me I see in him And we ain’t finna change, so we’ll never agree again till then I’ll be pouring out my soul Just a few things I see with my eyes closed [Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground [Kanye West - Verse 2] I sold my soul to the devil, I know its a crappy deal, at least it came with a few toys, like a Happy Meal, I’m spaced out dog, I be on that moontalk, I wonder if God asked Mike how to Moonwalk? You know the entertainment Angels Adriana for Giselle, lets exchange Angels photoshoot at my crib, lets exchange angles rockin nothin but them Tom Benz bangles, I’m so anxious I’m gettin anxiety begging one of these fuckin fashion houses to hire me, they say I’ve been an asshole, I said if you acquire me, I can be a quiet me, call it verbal dieting give me your herbal chai tea I’ll be calm as Tai Chi with a bad white bitch like Ice-T I’m not right dog, I’m slightly off, I’m Paranoid Like bonin’ Raw dog and wakin up with a slight cough yea, that’ll make ya dick quite soft plus my neck hurt too lemme take all this ice off never meant to hurt you, I should’ve had nights off but it cost too much to live and I never took the price off [Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground

Prelude To Joanie

AEROSMITH "Rock In A Hard Place"
At first we three thought 'Twas the biblical cord of life The noticing 'twas connected to his head How strange, not to believed I reached out to feel and the pony's eyes opened The cord got hard, the head looked around And you know who pushed and gushed The waters of life First two hooved feet, then the shine of his fur But at first to my eyes only Feather feathers wings The butterflies flew up in such colors Exploding all around us The rest I did not notice 'til there he stood All eyes in wonder Who me Who you Look

Leave The World

Blut Engel
you lay on your bed this night your eyes stir on the wall there's no one beside you anymore and you feel so alone //: the candle burns in your room rain keeps falling on your past no hope for a better life and you feel paralyzed the black tear falls from your eyes you hold the razor blade in your hand one cut to end it all you want to die tonight :// //: on bloody wings you can fly no one can hold you back anymore you're on your way to eternal silence no one can hurt you there you want to escape from this life you want to hide yourself tonight from the darkness of your dreams you just want to leave the world ://


These jealous eyes, blinding in a light designed to sling the mind? Can't recognize the blessed situations that were visualised. Where there was a man. There are bloody hands. That was one expensive kiss - now I'm closing my eyes. That was one expensive kiss - now I'm paying the price. For that one expensive kiss. This fickle mouth. Formed to taste the bitter things it sings about. Filled with empty words - incriminating sentences that someone heard. Where there was a soul. There's an empty hole. I'm two thirds whole - the other part. The flesh, is set against the soul. And like the sea. A moon attracts the bigger mass and divides me. So there is nothing more. Because the body's all


My Father is the King but I already know this The light of my life, to Him weary eyes focus Hung on the cross for the whole world to see I have the light of the world burnin' insyde of me He let the lame to walk and the blind to see A little fish and some bread, a million people to feed Three days later he arose from the ground You can knock us over, but we won't stay down We're like weebles, but we won't stay down poo You better listen up good, we ain't fooling around We're like weebles, but we won't stay down I once was lost but now am found He's the Miracle Worker, the great I Am Known for many throughout the land He talked to people about what was right To save my soul, His life was sacrificed He saved my soul from a darkened life's end Always with me He defined a true friend He opened his hands and let love run free I stood in the sun and let it pour on me

Eyes Closed So Tight

Eyes Closed So Tight's been so long(oh) I find myself still thinkin' about you. Do you ever think about me?(ever think about me) Check this out girl All those nights that we kissed Are the nights that I miss Holding hands as your man for sure We were young but secure What we had was so pure Innocence ever since we spoke [Hook:] Why do we fall in love When love will only tear us apart Back then the world was ours Everything was so right(yeah) [Chorus:] But we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight So young and feeling so right Never thought that we could do wrong Oh we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight So young and feeling so right I can't believe that those days are gone(Yeah,I miss you baby) So much pride as my girl Thought I showed you the world Memories,you and me,so real(so real) Gave my heart and my soul Made you sunshine from cold All those days,far away from here [Repeat Hook] [Repeat Chorus] I still think about you,hear me out... We danced so close, we held on tight(yeah) I never knew that love could feel so right We danced so slow, we danced all night(aah) Assuming that tomorrow would be bright We kissed goodnight, you walked on by The vision of your shadow caught my eye My life stood still, you went inside I never got to say my last goodbye (say goodbye) Ohhh we were.. [Repeat Chorus x2] I still can't believe it(no no) After all this time(all this time) I'm still missing you Damn, some things will never change...

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