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KAMELOT lyrics - One Cold Winter's Night


Original and similar lyrics
winter's close... and the mountain high i'll start my journey now on this planet we call earth we belong i want to know why did god make me feel there is more to be answered maybe god cannot remedy our souls if he tried i seek peace of mind at least and to know i did my best i will pray for those i have loved i must take my farewell carried by destiny bound to obey i must take your farewell trails of discovery lead me an ocean away no one holds the only truth in his hands so who am i to defy even god in quest for a reason there's no time to waste i'm afraid i must take my farewell carried by destiny bound to obey i must take your farewell trails of discovery lead me an ocean away so far away when the tide is high i won't dwell or wait no longer


Freedom Call
Together we march in time Forever for the kingdom Farewell to everyone Brothers we are wild on the run Riding high the final Race We' ve never done before Challenging our destiny Brothers we are wild on the run We carry on to make our way Make our dreams come true Gliding into another day The world is our home Welcome to the dome of pleasure Welcome to the hall of fame Farewell to everyone Farewell again Fly to survive, right to the sky Believe in the spell of the dawning day Fly to survive, right to the sky High on the wings of insanity Living in our wonderland We never had before We return to fantasy Touch the heavens door

Freewheel Burning

JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith"
Fast and furious We ride the universe To carve a road for us That slices every curve in sight We accelerate, No time to hesitate This load will detonate Whoever would Contend its right Born to lead At breakneck speed With high octane We're spitting flames Freewheel burning On we catapult We're thrusting to the hilt Unearthing every fault Go headlong into any dare We don't accept defeat We never will retreat We blaze with scorching heat Obliterations everywhere Look before you leap Has never been the way we keep Our road is free Charging to the top And never give in never stops The Way to be Hold on to the lead With all your will and concede You'll find there's life With victory on high Freewheel Burning

Rex's Blues

JAMES MCMURTRY "Walk Between The Raindrops"
Ride the blue wind high and free She'll lead you down to misery Leave you low come time to go Alone and low as low can be If I had a nickle I'd find a game If I won a dollar I'd make it rain If it rained an ocean I'd drink it dry And lay me down dissatisfied Tell my sister I said so long Tell my mother I did no wrong Tell my brother to watch his own Tell my friends to mourn me none Legs to walk and thoughts to fly Eyes to laugh and lips to cry A restless tongue to classify All born to grow and grown to die Chained across the face of time Feeling full of foolish rhyme There ain't no dark 'til something shines I'm bound to leave this dark behind Ride the blue wind high and free She'll lead you down to misery Leave you low come time to go Alone and low as low can be

Above My Floor

AER "Aer"
[Chorus - Dave:] I never wanna know ya I think I see him walking Collide with the ghost above my floor High, headed up the corner I think I see him walking Say hi to the ghost I won’t become [Verse 1 - Carter:] He and I could fight all night But he is me, so get this right I’m torn inside but act so bright And who to be i can’t decide So I’ll roll the rest up, rid the pressure Diesel from forty, on top the dresser Inhale the smoke, I’ll clean the mess up Opaque hope, extreme measures Indulge in all types of pleasures Don’t talk to him I can explain it much better Imma medicate myself if I want to Not a level head and will say anything bout you Looking in the mirror finding someone to shout to The answer’s in the haze so I’ll figure it out soon I’m keeping up cuz I’m fast learner Tryna disregard my evil as the worlds turnin The ego in each of us wants to eat through the furnace And then heat up your house and just laugh it off as it’s burning [Chorus - Dave] [Verse 2 - Carter:] I’ve learned to pick quality over quantity When does confident become cocky? What if i told you that’s not me Hiding behind expensive liquor and kawasakis The diamond’s getting bigger I’m in the rough of the rockies Power trippin, tricked into giving the guy who brought me What he deserves, been on my nerves Despite it all i can find the courage I’m high in attic, so close to the angels But he’s in the basement playing games with the devil I’m tryna get out and see the world from all angles He only wants to stay in and polish up all his medals Spun out in the city makes it hard to say I’m stable Ain’t giving up for nothing no homie I won’t settle Crumbs crushed up on the old wooden table High above the problems is me having my head up


JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
[Ja Rule] Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh, uhh, you don't want it You one of them jokers there Split it in half nigga Gimme that vodka water too.. yeah.. World get on one, if you not afraid to fly You need to get on a flight and fly tonight Run up in the hottest clubs so high That tonight for these hoes is nuttin but love I'm feelin extra extraordinary freaky And I know you hoes wanna roll with me I shoot by the bar - place my order Big baller orderin all that damn water I head up to VIP thug-style like WOW; nobody sippin on cristal They all got a Evian or OJ And shorty that I just met name was Candy Said she let this true candy to bring it up I said that's cool with me as ya ass I touch She said rule you scandalous lick the lips Popped another one and grabbed my nuts I said i fuck so fabulous on ex' all night Nothin but sweat and rough sex Now ya know what's next We up to high noonin Schlep Yed and girls its so good [Hook] I don't wanna control ya Just wanna make ya mine And when your life's outta order Just have a good time [Chorus] And ex-ta-sy I wanna fly And bring ya sex-in me I feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm whirrin high When ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm gonna fly And when ya sex-in me i feel right Ex-ta-sy I'm flyin high And when ya sex-in me its so right Yea yea bitch c'mon We fly high baby Just you and I baby Gotta flight that leaves At a quarter to nine Anybody boardin c'mon then We ballin WOW and full of 'ribean Hard to keep my balance So when I'm in mo all of you hoes got the talent High feelin like its all love and no valin Full of sweat, bloodshot eyes, and large pupils, X-men This is some shit that i could get used to I usually blow weed with intentions to OD Drink 'evian' slowly when I'm on E And only those who feel me Are gonna hear me Especially hoes -n- extasy We got the murder man that's the spot to chill Got bitches pop the pill feelin hot for real Take that shirt off take that skirt off Cuz my dick is hard and your ass is soft Now that's a freaky combination And freaky conversations Lead into freaky situations Like me tastin your sexuality Sexy you ever took extasy And have you wildin in a club Smilin at a thug Express your hugs With one fuckin all of us That's right we freakin off for life Pass the OJ we gettin high tonight, On [Chorus] Deutsche Deutsche Before i start the Porsche I keep them pumpin off the Calvin Kleins, Boodo's And the Nike swoosh And party saggin like two loose socks Invest the money in stocks We gettin the orange juice crops We ready to get outta hear Disappear The bitch get like David Copperfield When she pop a pill Wanna do it in the high heels On top of a high hill Cause my nigga ain't tryin to run up then i will Hit it from behind that's how i polly wit mines Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign Yea got smacked up Everytime she backed up Didn't know there was room in the back Of the lack truck I pass her the job then he Passed it back Hope my girl to find a magnum raps You need a shoe shine job The way you polish a knob Backstage panties down eat dick Good-bye Biotch!! [Hook] [Chorus] Yea bitch c'mon!!

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