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KAMELOT lyrics - Karma

The Spell

Original and similar lyrics
where has all the magic gone lost behind or lost along a victim of the pulse of our society don't you miss the ancient times the riddles and the subtle signs a relative perspective on reality I get stronger in the splendor of a lucid moon I'm a creature of the night all my demons cast a spell the souls of dusk rising from the ashes so the book of shadows tell the weak will always obey the master heading for the dragons lair another time and a different sphere I leave the nothingness behind and when the sense of logic yields I'll escape the outer shields into the universal mind I get stronger in the splendor of a lucid moon only creatures of the night can heal my wounds

Why Would I Say Goodbye

BROOKS & DUNN "Borderline"
I guess I lost my head last night Kept on 'til I made you cry Walked out with my stubborn pride Wasn't nothing you could do to stop me I hit the road but I didn't get far Just drove around all night in my car Now I'm not sure where to start To tell you that I'm sorry Chorus I just want to hold you I don't want to hurt you I don't want to leave I just want to be with you And after living alone, lost for so long finally found the love of my life Why would I say goodbye I don't know what is is about the edge of a cliff Makes we want to get so close to it I guess this time I finally slipped What a foolish way to end it Maybe that's why I'm back here now got both feet back on the ground Hopin' you won't turn me down when I ask you for forgiveness Repeat chorus

Bob Seger

[Hook] My father's to the left of me Move like the knight My mama's to the right Move the knight Like everyone else, they're pointing But nowhere feels quite right [Verse 1:] I pour a little more whiskey on them ice cubes I’m tryna to get tipsy as a tugboat Most of us gettin' lost in the night moves The rest of us wanna watch from the front row Come and look into the eyes of a landslide Let me know if your recognize blood shot red Not above passin' out in the cab ride Wake me up when its time to unfuck my head Whatchu know about a party Y'all still tryna have some fun Throw your hands up like it’s 2001 You wanna taste the teat, you want a place to sleep But you need somebody else to come change the sheets I hold composure, the snow will melt The hope stays low cause I know myself But I treat it like a test to keep me at my best Rest in peace to Nekst [Hook] [Verse 2:] I ain’t as cool as I used to be, leave me alone I’m kinda blurry from the journey, man, my speakers are blown Truthfully, I'd rather keep it in a zone I could maneuver easily from the comfort of my home, but Don’t ever let the headlights die Stars only fall out of the dead night sky The more I travel, the farther I see The more it seems as if my shadow ain’t following me Now everyone’s impressed with impressions All of y'all dressed up in the finest flesh I’m not tryin' to imply I’m on a different page Similar traits, familiar face I remember the days when I felt like fightin' it Lost in the ways of my own self-righteousness Feels like I’m still tryna find my fix Before this lightning hits [Hook]

La Luna

I remember when I met you All the stars were hanging in mid-air In these moments - nothing mattered But the way you caught me in your stare We were walking - we were talking We were laughing about the state of our lives How our fates brought us together As the moon was rising in your eyes On and on the night was falling Deep down inside us On and on a light was shining right through Ah La Luna La Luna The night that we fell under the spell of the moon Ah La Luna La Luna The light that will bring me back to you The light of La Luna In the hotels, in the cafes All the world was made with romance In the harbor moonlit water All the ships were swaying in a dance Then you held me and you kissed me And I knew I had to be with you You didn't ask me you just took me to the tiny bed in your tiny room On and on the band was playing A song of surrender On and on the sun would soon break thru Now I walk along the streets of Marseilles the winter sky is cold and gray and I don't know why I left you that day And I don't know where you are

Alone In Love

MARIAH CAREY "Mariah Carey"
[Chorus:] Swept me away But now I'm lost in the dark Set me on fire But now I'm left with a spark Alone you got beyond the haze and I'm lost inside the maze I guess I'm all alone in love I look into your eyes You turn the other way And now I realize It's all a game you play I hold you in the night And wake to find you gone You're running out of sight It's so hard holding on All alone in love [Chorus] You haunt me in my dreams I'm calling out your name I watch you fade away Your love is not the same I figured out your style To quickly drift apart You held me for a while Planned it from the start All alone in love [Chorus] Sitting in the dark without you How am I supposed to make it through the night Slowly fall apart without you Cry away the hours 'till the morning light [Chorus]


Clark Anne
Now that all is stilled and silenced that the rushing roaring daylight has lost itself - its hysteria in the all-amassing night - I too gently lose myself beyond the open window where a journey unfolds into the city of rain Music's never made such living sounds absorbing the night's rythem the walls resonate with a thousand tiny drums soft shards of liquid glass dance on metal pipes mixing dust and dirt and grime into a shining lubricating all-consuming oil some drop away barely making contact each bursting on impact into a fountain in the air dribbling off the lips of window ledges splashing silver splinters in the blackness scales of lifted paint turn to almost living flesh smearing - it slides and streams into a opening in the underworld below revealing secret routes where the trappes earth breathes yellow streetlight breaks its beam across the water electric currents hum, steaming in the dampness cascades carry me away wash away the tiredness cool the fetid air I turn to where you're sleeping gently swimming through these hours on to morning - unaware and even though i know all of this rise and disappear with the dawn into the sky tonight everything glistens - like a jewel under the rain tonight the city is silenced - lost under the storm.

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