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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

Tha Man

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] I'ma stay thuggin, how I came is how I leave When I say somethin, best believe that's how it be Motherfuckers, too - yeah I said it, nigga, I mean it Bitch was dressed in gangsta and switch, wodie, I seen it One of these Juvie-fuckin' hoes gon' get you caught up Me, I wear ReeBoks and Girbauds, and play it smarter If them boys in tha ben, they go bluckahda on tha block I'ma be gettin' somewhere, your ass gonna get shot You paid 1500... I paid 5999 Got diamonds and Rolexes that shine at tha same time I ain't scared... but I ain't dumb, and I ain't stupid I know how ta survive in tha project and how ta do shit If I hit a hustle I ain't tellin' tha biz 'Cause tha witness will tell them people who tha murderer is Your main man'll put four or five to your wig Take tha Coke can and throw you off the side of the bridge Gotta be able to think, gotta know when to move out Gotta read through the lines, gotta know what these hoes 'bout Gotta separate your business from your family and friends Gotta bust a nigga head if he plottin to do you in I done did dirt, so I know what's tha consequences Let my shit burst, tryin' ta knock out a nigga denchures Always keep cool to see through these fools Cause we do the shit that people see on the news So, follow me now into a world of stress Where wodie tryin' ta get it all 'cause he don't settle for less Ain't satisfied 'til all of his beef is put to rest Slangin' that iron... with a soldier rag on his neck And credit for they people in case they wanna connect He ain't hidin'.. he still ridin'.. in the 'jects He gotta be willin' to play tha game 'til his death Nigga bangin'.. hit you in your brain, now who next I be cool at all times and acknowledge.. when I'm wrong Shit I went through when tha Feds got my game real small I'm not tha smartest motherfucker walkin But I can tell a fake motherfucker when he talkin My daddy always told me, 'Boy, don't be a follower You got a lot of pride, but some you need to swallow up You keep that attitude, you won't see tomorrow, bruh' I soak it up, and got better as a hustler [Lil' Turk] I'm a head buster, a straight up Nolia nigga Young thugger Fuck up, I show ya, nigga, that I don't play Keep a K for protection With fifty... never run without my weapon I stand out here, tie ducked with bandanas I show no fear, what'chu 'bout we can handle I'm real as they came, a untamed guerrilla 'Bout bustin' your brains, whoever be wit'cha I have no pics, I split your shit Whoever you with, I'ma split they shit Ya steal or get stole, wet or get wet Bust or get bust on, move a chest or lose a chest Try not to miss when you cock back and shoot You shoot and miss, then it's all on you Ain't no game, it's real dog, live or ya die Real in tha field, dog, ya live or ya die Even though I'm a lil' bitty nigga Look, I got big nuts and they hang low, nigga I ain't scared ta bust Want beef, let me know.. and look, we can tear this bitch up You or me.. me or you.. gon' bite tha dust Wuz up, nigga Wuz up, nigga You afraid, go ta church, I ain't scared at all Lose your head, fuck with Turk, 'cause I'm knockin' it off I'ma keep my hands clean, ride for some change Niggas gon' ride for me, niggas that's untamed Niggas who bang that heroin, or snort that cocaine Niggas out that project don't mind sprayin' thangs Fools who that slang that iron for me (When tha beef start) When tha beef start, ride for me You ready to ride for me

That Bitch Is Bad

MACK 10 "Bang Or Ball"
[Chorus: Mannie Fresh (Mack 10)] x1 All I do Is think about fuckin' you (Yo) Got me gone, Pussy won't let me go home (That bitch is ba ba ba ba bad) Trick and cash, Just so I can hit that ass (Ba ba ba ba bad....Yo) Your the one, Want for you to have my son BITCH YOU BAD [Verse 1: Mack 10] I had this bitch name Katrina, that lived in Pasadena It's like my dick would get hard, every time I seen her She had bold legs, ass, and a big fat clit I gotta admit, I even spoiled this bitch a little bit The homies said I was trickin' and actin all mooshy Yeah but call it what you want, she had some bomb ass pussy Smart as fuck educated pretty little hoe You know the kind a bitch you really didn't mind doin' shit fo' Hell I bought the bitch cars, gucci, and prada Plus it wasn't shit for me to just slide her a few dollars Man one of us caught up, the ass was on stack I used to love to pull up hair when I fucked her from the back I used to spank her ass choke her deep dick and ruff sex She said she like it like that, she was from the projects She used to look back smile and say I love you boo And shit the pussy was so good, I'd say I love you too Fuck It [Chorus: Mannie Fresh (Mack 10)] x1 All I do Is think about fuckin' you Got me gone, pussy won't let me go home (That bitch is ba ba ba ba bad) Trick and cash, just so I can hit that ass Your the one, want for you to have my son BITCH YOU BAD [Verse 2: Mannie Fresh] When the sex is like incredible, nigga you been there before You don't wanna call her a hoe, but you know deep down she is a hoe Gotta her name tatooed up on yo' chest bitch always pushin up nuthin but mess Gotcha keys, (?) , but you ain't push the caine every time you see them breast Parents goin, what a shame, gave that bitch yo last name She came through and scooped you like a serious verious hurracaine She fucked you, sucked you, treat you nice suckd yo' nuts with a lot of ice Make you cum not once but twice then make you some eggs and rice Pussy's like a hustle, she got you you with her muscle No need to fight and tussle, let it go don't russell Big girls swalla, little girls spit if I was in yo shoes I'd be hooked on that shit Playa I been there before, had myself a bad hoe Fuck DMX, that groupNEXT, and even boned that nigga Jewel Stutta..Stutta..Mutha Fucka mouth was the shit Now I know why the whole music industry love that bitch [Chorus: Mannie Fresh] x1 [Verse 3: Mack 10] I been a bread winner and a gold dayton spinner And I like a high class hoe with a little ghetto in her This cah money now and as a matter of fact I think these hoes is scheming cause I signed my contract Had this cute little blood bitch I knew from high school She said, 'You drive a gang porshe, but that new bentley is wooo'. Man this bitch was ghet-to and had a little spanish look Ass was like a basketball her hair was off the hook The tightest little gang bang bitch I ever seen Lift her ratted dress up the bitch would be a fuckin' queen On the low slide the hoe, some sticky green just to kick it Gave her some shopping money she through a hood picknick I ain't never been a nigga to straight romance a hoe But Laniqua had a bombin her thang and 1-O And I could give a fuck about what the next nigga say Cause if money got this pussy, then shit I got to pay ya' heard [Chorus: Mannie Fresh] x2 BITCH YOU BAD.......BITCH YOU BAD.......BITCH YOU BAD

Lights Out

[Kardinal] Again, again, agian, again, again Yo! This is Kardinal on the past two Yeah, uhh you all know how we go Mastermind tape five 0 T dot O Oh start to the bricks Kardinal and Rah Digga with the shit Yeah, yeah! Ha Yeah You know its gotta be the Circle and Flipmode Squad, damn breaking all odds You know how I mean, watch out Yo, yo its a big solider in this rap shit I'm cappin' bad ass I be motion style and take 2 stripes off you adidas Pass the mic while you got the chance, fast The master of the class That you cant surpass When night come be in the ninetys (You cant last) I'm fresh-ahh, contact you necksta Can when I begin to mash out like M.O.P. Thats what the memo be Retaliate and find hos in your Gu-o-chi Listen to me, I'm the phat track filler Rhyme killer when I combine with Rah Digga (word) The styles mad flashy, the flow is insane Instead of tryin' to fuck with me, try to abstain (uhh) Its a "Trival Pursuit" and I dont play the game I roll dice with you life, you get trude like sugarcane (nigga) I'm ten times better than you will every be You are what you eat and I'm the best emcee, no doubt [Chorus: Kardinal] Now my niggas up north, dirty cats down south Kardinal and Rah Digga will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Flyin by emcees all the wrong bouts Circle and Flipmode will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Talk a lot niggas getting tapped in their mouth Better watch what you say for me [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [Kardinal] Ladies and gentlemen [Rah Digga] (Live from the bricks) Rah Digga uh huh Check it out now Very first to spit, nigga I'm put 2 in You might get lucky like Knicks without Ewing I'm come with the shoe in, bring the 3 hearts and I'm back to the bench, then I hit hI'm with a peace card! Raw diva gonna spit the crazy type Known for spillin' the ill, thats not so lady like +How High+ Bitches going to bounce the ride Pullin' over coppers watch taking pisses outside With her highney, on the parkway haulin' ass Getting pulled over giving cops my autograph Little bity thing weighing buck and change I'm frontin' emcees like they weren’t playin' tame Come on everybody sing along if you heard it Heard it for free now gettin' Gs to reword it Seed and the weed be my pride and joy Holdin down for my thugs screamin' nobody would [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ extra Method Man sample at end] [Kardinal] Ya love, Yo I'm the mic thug +UR Ghetto When+ Rap veteren, paper bag around the over proof birds pedaling Gettin' chedderin', more type chedder type fella If I cant afford sample clearance, rock and acapella [Rah Digga] Uhh, legit mas to hide the mini scandles Cross them semi handles to match my 50s sandles Floss like sicked and a blind AIDs patient O.Dn' off good ass weed and PlayStation [Kardinal] Yo, yo I run with peeps who break in the back door Rush in urbs sellin', smokin' weed off the floor Gun finger in the air, on some hard nigga shit Mastermind Volume 50 thats it, Rah Dig [Rah Digga] Comin' hardcore as I swing in the north And I mostly do the drugs but I say no to pork So when I say Master- You say -mind My God bless the child that write their own rhymes [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ "We big dark rebels with the glocks out"] ["Watch what you say for me" added to the end] [scratched out until end] [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [x6]

Raise Up Off These Nuts

2PAC "Thug Life"
2Pac, Dwanye Wiggins, Silky---Raise Up Off These Nuts from Heat (Compilation album) [Hook:] Raise up off these nuts, a little bit Just a little bit Raise up off these nuts, a little bit [2Pac] I'm smokin these niggas like they endo Breakin em like they windows And still they rip till they get a whiff Of this shit that I kick And if they ever had a notion to stop me Treat your best shot and get dropped With your posse, nigga I got the ?mott? I'm takin em out, a lot I got More than you could pop I'm rockin the spot, so now they jock Dump em and get dropped 2Pac ain't tryin to hear it, Ox Screamin at your box I'm swearin at ya not so uh Static is the last thing you need when you see me Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me Nigga, I'm a whole posse rolled into one shot Takin on your gat while your girl gets hot and rocks the spot Fear funky flavor with the gift that only God gave Hold it to my grave I'd rather die than be a slave Slaves come as dope dealers Some come as addicts Some come to run while the others cause static [Hook] [???] I'm comin up outta the cut Sendin slugs to the guts I'm bustin up outta the page cuz they got me locked up I'm tryin to survive but there's too many playa hatin haters Always want static, like boom holla at ya later Homie this ain't no love in this town that I come from Niggas be wantin funkin then I stomp em, they don't want none Girls be on my jock and they playin me for that But fool I can't help it cuz I was raised up like a mack Jealous because I'm black, Jack wanna jack me And Jill wants to marry me and watch the Klan bury me Got to pack the steel for the personal protection AK, 45's, assault rifles, Smith Wesson I'm no longer stressin Learnin, gotta live long (..?..) thanks God that I'm still strong Get a bag a spliffs for the homies, blaze up all of these But if you wanna flex, get in my Kool Aid punks, raise up offa these [Hook] [Silky] Just back the fuck up of me, cuz you can't get none a these It's that OG female comin straight up out the PP's So step to the side then raise the fuck up off me, brah Cuz if I take it to that level I'ma light this motherfucker up Now it's on you, you better try to lose your shit Cuz if you don't, trust me I got you trick You better try to choose it and lose it Stay outta mine 'fore this shit get way stupid These niggas I fuck with believe in passin gats Can't leave hoe, without my strap Not givin a fuck about nothin Slidin through the spot with my face mask muggin Lookin motherfuckers up and down It ain't a future in your frontin Why these fat niggas floatin around? What happened to them real motherfuckin G's? Fake motherfuckers need to raise up offa these [Hook] X 2

My People

BIG TYMERS "Hood Rich"
[Hook] To all my peoples, to all my peoples To all my peoples, yeeeaaahhh Together we stand and divided we fall If niggas get together then we all can ball Live as one in the project and bump the sound And eat chicken til the motherfuckin sun come down We be lickin to the motherfuckin sun go down Keep stickin to the motherfuckin sun go down Get dough, and never go down Never go down, never go down [Baby (First line overlaps hook)] Look look look I say niggas stroke crosses to knock these bosses We can ball together make money take loses You know the game you gotta pay these cost-es You win some lose some nigga regardless Hang on the corner sell crack with straps Or we can go to the club like pimps and macks Or we can unite for stripes or just say fuck it You get down bad bust raps for life It don't matter to me daddy, you do what you do I'd 'ave took pennitentary transit to get this fool See Im'a flip this money take it to the mall And open up something and get more money Like the beauty shop, keeps macs when Im thuggin Hanging on the block watching for undercovers Clean a little money, then clean a little money The rap game ain't for everybody but try something [Hook 2x] [Mannie Fresh (First line overlaps hook)] See see see, check it out My people need to get it right We can either get together or we can straight up fight We can shake hands or we can go to the gun Divided we fall or we can live as one You can fuck wit' it or you can leave it alone And if you don't want piece bring ya jive ass home And I heard the fake shit that you said in ya song And I still love the nigga eventhough he was wrong See, XXL will let you have the cover If you say some fake shit about ya brother Thats a petty-ass, spagetti-ass, fake-ass niggas You don't know whats going on snake-ass niggas But I'm.. not.. stoppin for y'all Four 15's keep it knockin for y'all If that don't work then nigga move on Get the fuck good luck and I'm glad that you gone [Hook] Go down, go down, go down

Out Of This World

ASAP ROCKY "Live.Love.A$ap"
Get money addict I'm a get "money" tatted Money in the attics Money in the stashes Money in the cabinets Stuffed in the mattress Safe full of guns More money up in that shit Taz Arnold TI$A Jeremy Scott Adidas Maison Martin Margiella Three strap sneakers Riding with a feature Student and a teacher It's money over bitches No room for a skeezer Thinking of a Lambo Bathing Ape camo Play with the money Turn Rocky into Rambo Patience is a virtue Life is a handful Friends, they'll hurt you Learned that from my grandfolks Me under a lamp post While I got my hands closed Haze to my brains Like eggs, got it scrambled Yeah I feel Rihanna And I understand Hov What you think I rap for? To push a fucking Land Rove? Now I'm looking back When you said I shouldn't rap Some slept on me Other niggas took a nap Now I'm in the basement Probably cooking crack Gave you teaspoons full But instead, you took a cap They say Tyga and Diggy But Rocky been Jiggy Currency from The Wiz Ain't enough to get me home Can't really hate When they compare me to Drake Could have been J.Cole If I met J-Hov Who dat? ASAP, But I'm fly like I never left You's a lie, like fly without the letter F If hip hop is dead Fuck it, let it rest Reincarnated through me When she resurrect Long hair, Blue jeans Live on U-Stream High top boots Like Pac in a Juice scene No it ain't a movie Diamonds? gleam Dead tone Cause the redbones is my new thing Nigga, I do things Let the coupe sing Niggas say I'm insane Saddam Hussein Niggas still jokers Me, I'm on my Bruce Wayne Fly kicks, my shit Yeah I'm on that Liu Kang I ain't bragging when I do this My shoes is Bermudas I'm bougie in that Gucci But my nudies is my newest And your foolishness and rumors I give two shits I only hear the money Save the bullshit for the Q-Tips Swag is the coolest My bitch is the rudest My jeweler is Jewish And my wrist is the bluest And I get it poppin on the block Like who kid ASAP standing on the block Like the new kids

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