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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

Take Them 5

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile:] I hate to be doin' 5 but 10 even worse I'ma take it before the district attourney strike worse Beside he know what I did and they got evidence And I'm not about to play with them people inteligence Muthafuckaz try to stay, peep me at my residence Chargin' me for homicide, they say it was negligent Fuck it, I'ma accept my lick when it come to me Now let me see how many of these bitches gon' run for me Shit, my breath funky with a migraine headache Big pissed off cause I know I made a mistake But that's what I get fuckin' with pussy ass niggaz And 2 dollar hoes that'll trade you for cash figures They did that. but I got a way to get 'em back Not with the police though Juve ain't no rat Nigga tell me shit I done fallen for the end And you woulda had that dick look when you'd caught that 10 [Chorus:[ Juvenile (2x)]] You gon' take 'em (Five) Are you gon' take that shit to trial And gon' be denied Violate probation when you just got caught, with that ride That alibi ain't gon' work Ain't it some hotter niggaz from out that 3 be doin' that dirt [Juvenile:] All the money in the world can't even move you Your lawyers tryin' to fuck you, the judge tryin' to lose you The district attourney don't give a fuck about y'all Cause he gotta run run for office again in the fall So everything he cross examine he tryin' to fuck over Grudges on his shoulder, tryin' to read his quota You wastin' ya time boy when you wastin' they time Cause they'll start off with a nickel and try and give you a dime You think I'm lyin', go ask my cousin KC You think I'm lyin', go ask my cousin Ducky Both of my niggaz just cam home from doin' a bit Both of my niggaz know what encarceration is Lil Daddy, you fightin' a war you can't win Your guilty as charged soon as them people stand up in So accept ya lick, you got caught with more than a brick And you ain't gon see the streets 'til two-thousand and six [Chorus:[ Juvenile (2x)]] [Juvenile:] It's sharks out here boy, niggaz be rattin' You be up in penitentiary and don't know what happened Law, you're tellin' me you're wanted for murder and kidknappin' Short on they information so they lyin' and scrappin' You don't want to be in jail that ain't you're place When your child graduate you gon' look her in the face Tell her lil wodie out there hustlin' somewhere across the nation All in the projects, take that probation Believe it or not, you be up in the cell block Far away from home where you can't eeven sell rocks Bitches ain't on your side like up in the bricks Cause once you up in the jailhouse they searchin' for that dick Sco' no, cho' no, I'm single My man up in jail, I can still mingle I'm my own woman, fuck who, what, or when My man can't whip me, cause he doin' ten [Chorus:[ Juvenile (4x)]]

Get A Hold

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Beats Rhymes Life"
intro(fading in): Drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting by, totally. Drifting by(just)totally. Drifting by(just)totally Q-Tip: The deadly venom, let me start from the beginning We always hittin, so yo, there'll be no extra innings As I send the mic out the park like Reggie Jackson You be the minor leaguer who sees no action The coming attraction(what!) The main feature And I'ma greet ya, like a rhymin ass creature Lurking all up in the dark, unknown parts The brotha well prepared is the brotha who will start And that's me Akki, as long as the ladies move they bodies We'll have a four-on-two stand Cuz that happens to be the nature of man Sexuality, it is the format baby Ain't no ifs, no buts, no ands, or maybes But I praise Lord in the worlds that's unseen Respect me for that and let me do my thing(just) I said, respect me for that and let me do my thing Chorus: (Drifting by)You know we gotta get a hold (totally) Over the illest drum rolls (totally drifting by just...) Yo, how you doin? Let me give you an intro My name's the Abstract, now let me give you some info Got the diamond in the back, and the sunroof shit That makes the hardcore MCs resort to being bitch And I don't give a shit about being wild rich Just make me comfortable and I'll deal with it Your lust for the riches make a nigga feel sick Down to his zealots, upchuck and then spit Denouncin my beliefs, well then your wig get split Lay your ego on the ground so that you'll benefit You can take these words and relay it to your click Take some time for your mind and get off them head trips The Tribe is the crew that makes your mics get lit Like the Fourth of July on some firework shit My record company be on some true jerk shit But that's i-ight. Now, I'm on some true work shit And I'ma make it happen for my whole outfit Chorus: (Drifting by)You know we got to get control (totally)Over the illest drum rolls (totally drifting by just...)Third verse A-yo, we just gettin started Got to redirect this vision Got the beauty of a flower Plus dimensions like a prism Your minds are locked down like prison Y'all really need to go lay down Cuz positivity has risen We hittin Yo bust how we too strong to be broken Occasional malfunction pressure time We ain't jokin For security we on this run like Logan Kamaal's doin the hustle And you backstage voguin We all got flaws Don't ever try to think that you perfect We all are human beings There's bullshit at the surface Sometimes, I mean we rhyme Damn, we ain't prophets And if you think so, you need to stop it So jump back inside your shell Let your million dollar thoughts propel But next man don't get jel Playa hate that all carries weight That we don't need We slim with disabilities and Thick with possibilities Cuz then you can't move with fertility Navigatin with good visibility We put these tunes out in record shop facilities Let's strive to get this constant money activity We try to stay on the scene like Fidel So if you get enraged with these names it still rebels There ain't no plan B's Yo watch, we movin through with plan A Money market doin things the right way Chorus: (Totally)You know we got to get control (Drifting by, just)Over the illest drum roll (Totally drifting by just...)(x3) (Totally just(x2), Drifting by(x2) in background) Yo bust it out section, section. Section Linden Boulevard Section on Merrick Section the whole Jamaica Section on Flushing Section in Bed-Stiduy

Don't Let The Money Make You

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
(feat. King Tee, Soopafly) [Intro: An interview with Xzibit] [I] I want to ask you, what is more important to you guys All the money that you guys are talkin' about Or the artform Or, what is more important The Lyrics Or the leather sized stuff [X] I think, what we tryin' to do is device a way that the artform and the money is like on a equal level. You know what I mean, that, that like he said, is a fine line where gotta pleas the crowd or pleas the artists that are listenin' to you. And pleas the real hip-hop underground people that, that, that is looking for that you know, that real shit. It's only a certain way that that you can go up and doin' it [Verse 1: Xzibit] Xzibit keep it on deck Live, vinyl, CD or cassette Whatever you select I keep you bouncin' like a bad cheque See I should have a trigger tattooed on my neck To represent the heat that I repeat Now you can take the highs out of the beat But never take the rucked out of the rhyme Or tribalize, look into the eyes of the emotional Your whole style is promotional A dead giveaway to me is just another business day Xzibit here to stay My life, a tribute to the A.K, you wanna play A situation only one man can walk away from The same way he came When I spit flame, it spits flames like your middlename So why do I say fuck the fame Because it come and go The industry's a pet without refused to be that gigolo I put the dope in, got fo's and tatoos Niggas make ya money But let the money make you [Hook: King T x2] We make, make money, money Take's money to survive The meanin' of life with statted chips is stay alive Cause it's all about the C-notes Gonna be fuckin' when you're rollin' this too Don't let the money make you [Verse 2: Soopafly] It's Soopafly, comin' with that gangsta shit That shit that only gangstas be gettin' gangsta with The pimps, hustlers and the players know the rank I get Never have to get no money from the bank, I get shit I Stomp down your whole compound Takin' all the shots Device from the few I'm rise Let the others drop I elevate Who drop when a dime never got me straight I'm still goin' for broke I push you to the stroke And one man loc and say high Smokin' to keep an open, mind Focus on military time provokin' The G in me, nigga () when he tried to step the Soopafly AZ you are shit Now gettin' down with the Pound Now who can shake it till it break ground Many motherfuckers are greedy There's only one thing needed like E.D.I, Amin / I mean business When it comes to the cash, I'm movin' quick (Xzibit: Any other nigga eat a dick) Fuck type shit Make ya step back Soopafly, hit like crack Life is a jet Maintainin' the top figures deliver The raw, rugged likwidation that be runnin' the river Now, whether if a nigga step up Be prepared to kick your rap up Try to die in line for you cheque, huh nigga [Hook: King T x2] [Verse 3: Xzibit] So when I die, bury me upside-down So the whole world can kiss my ass Live fast Sippin' from my bottomless glass of Hennessy, straight So I catch you () Xzibit comin' down like a saint So prepare for the judgement day Be careful what the fuck you say Rhyme these parts Amadeus and Mozart, the love for the arts and crash Paragraphs to bust niggas in half That's what I fuck with () time to get my duck sit Miss me if you try to make a buck with I mean a quick buck, only got bad luck Black cash every black trash Never relax, never get attached to anything That's not gonna hand so life I come back like Christ Pacific natural ice With Sharif makin' sure R&B, was well done Might live by the gun, but keep livin' through my livin' son [Hook: King T x4] [Outro:] [King T] We make, make, money, money, make, money, money, money [x4] We take money, take money, take money, money, money [x4] [Soopafly] Don't let this money make you


JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
(feat. DMX) Errrr, here we go again Uh, un-hunh Uh, un-hunh Uh, un-hunh [DMX] Yeah, yo Kiss [Jada] What up dog [DMX] These niggas running around here like they controling this shit [Jada] No doubt [DMX] Let's show these niggas how to take hold of this shit [Jada] That's what I'm talkin about baby [DMX] For real baby [Jada] Let's get it on [DMX] I only gave you the crown so I could shoot it off your fuckin head Yall niggas fuckin dead, you heard what the fuck I said I talk shit cause I walk shit, start shit, New York shit The hawk shit, spark shit, the dark shit And it been that way, fuck how a nigga live it's gon' end that way Niggas is part of a game that I don't play Never catch dog carrying what I don't weigh That's three 45s, one 38, 173 pounds straight out the gate I don't hate, got no beef but knock a nigga off quick And I'm mad like a bitch and a nigga with a soft dick Get off this, fucking with X, but on some other shit Why the fuck you fucking with X You must be fucking with X Go catch a chicken, fucking with me you gon' catch a whippen [Chorus: Jadakiss & DMX] Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again Un-hunh, here we go again [Jadakiss] Look don't try to apologize on your two way Sympathy don't amuse me, go get your uzi And let's make a real movie Play bad guy and good guy til the hood die Toast yall cowards Now I know the reason why Pac ain't really like most yall cowards Im'a show you how to swing the chrome for real Dog this year we gon' bring it home for real What you wanna bet the llama'll squash you I been had a white fan base before the signing of Marshall Boy Kiss is thorough, hit your girl Put it all up her stomach til she earl Yall niggas ain't nice ya lucky So fuck it Im'a sell dope long as the price is lovely And it ain't only the voice it's the bars of death DMX and Jadakiss nigga guard ya chest [Chorus] [DMX] When is they getting off our dicks, them niggas is clowns How many dogs you let go up, still getting down Like 'face said, last of a dying breed For stomach and I feed still trying to eat Lead by greed that's when you fuck up Yall niggas gonna know when we hungry, you get stuck up (What what) What's up Fuck a nigga yelling Y-O motherfucker for real, yo Kiss tell 'em [Jadakiss] Sheet could kill, stomp niggas out boot the grill I'll give you a reason why I'm the truth for real Niggas can't fuck with Kiss, I mean that Had to stop eating red meat cause I ate too many Beanie-Macs I'm not one of them niggas and since you so richeous Don't make me send your ass to Ala quicker Niggas gas you to force your hand Realistically you just a worker and your boss is my man [Chorus - 2X]


FABOLOUS "Real Talk"
My youngins get it fucked up when ya'll talk about the game Like it's designed in their favor Like it ain't outlined for them to waiver Their rights for a lil' bit of fame Get in bullshit fights for a lil' name To get noticed by some niggas that don't give two fucks about you Tell em' you don't do the jives and shucks, and they route you to the shelf See there's no money in good health So they need you to be sick with it, ill content and delivery niggas This nation thrives off misery niggas So if you ain't trying to let your hard times increase your wealth Niggas keep that progressive shit to yourself This is the business of buying souls, and we only tryin' to fuck with those who trying to sell them See, they may see me as an adversary cuz they know I'm tryin' to tell them About the forest of artists who grow only to meet industry axes How they take niggas dreams and write then off in their taxes Contracts is confusing, but don't worry they'll appoint you a lawyer for you whore you Loan you funds to fuck your soul make you pay it back and still maintain control of your stroll Your tracks and your hot ass slow flow They'll keep you looking good and all that, but no dough You see when that get a bitch, they got a bitch And contrary to popular opinion it ain't my sistas that switch It's my brothers We the dumb motherfuckers Hardest niggas in the streets turned industry suckers Cuz we refused to do the knowledge Nigga, you can't learn this music game in the streets or in college So you betta pick up a book or something Or fuck it, FAB will put it in a hook or something Hope that you listen to it Got you pumpin' that poison while they paint them illusionary parades and keep pissin' thru it You pussies don't know the price or the sacrifices that this industry makes real niggas walk

It's On Down Here

PASTOR TROY "We Ready, I Declare War"
It was this nigga with this black Cutlass Named Chris He had shot at Cott but he missed First Error Now he riding in terror Over shoulder ever looking I told him when he came he should Have stayed in Brooklyn Reason Being They knew that he was kin to Pat Reed Pat had lied they believe So they looking for them keys Now can you see where bragging get ya Them niggas ain't shooting for fun They trying to hit ya and And dead for real Now I'm riding with Phil Too drunk to be behind the wheel But packing my steel Just in case they need the thrill Went up to the hill It's FreakNik every weekend The sirs in the car, We need some fucking hoes to get in And that's when (BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM) Ooh wee The mutherfucking sounds was enough to kill me All I see is niggas running, jumping off in the Chevy's Put my finger on my trigger so my nigga I'm ready Is that Teddy Slouched over in that Nova my nigga Indeed, yes it was Guess what, that's Chris cuz Yall know what Man this shit just ain't gone disappear So you better get ya shit Cuz it's on down here! [Chorus:] It's on down here! [Repeat 8x] [Troy:] Yeah, Fuck all yall up North Mutherfuckers, all of them Fuck Wu-Tang, Fuck Puffy, Fuck the law Whoever the hell, fuck em all I knew that Cott was coming back cuz Cott been a fool That nigga had a M-16 up at the school That nigga one of two Mutherfuckers that I know That's gone start some fucking shit Anywhere he fucking go Who the other Cott's brother Kareem He 15 Got the milli 14 with the infa red beam And the candy green Lac With some duals on the back Put some shoes on that bitch And they stole all that Matter fact, him and Mac Every basketball game Other niggas came to hang But they came to bring the pain It's the same out come Out come of the ground We give a damn where you from Mutherfucker lay it down [Chorus]

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