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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

Something Got 2 Shake

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile:] I put my trust in myself and my 9 first Y'all niggaz second, third, and fourth because I'm first Can't you tell I never had nothin' Down to my last 5 dollars, ready to snatch somethin' If them people catch me I'm goin' to jail fo' sho' My old lady ain't gon' be sendin' me no mail no mo' While I be askin' my lawyers, 'When they gon' let me go' He be tellin' me, 'Just be cool until you go to court' Get out, back to the bricks, it's the same old shit Niggaz got 2.50 a piece goin' half on a nick Back and forth to keys, but the Lil Weezy handle purchase Popeye's for the ballers, the ghetto eatin' Church's Shop always open 'cause nobody never closes Some of 'em like that needle, some play with they noses I ain't nothin' like a candle light dinner, wine and roses Niggaz tryin' to run throught they packets to get some mo' shit [Chorus: [Manny Fresh (4x)]] Somethin' gotta shke nigga I'ma bake a cake nigga Run with all the reall niggaz Jack all of the fake niggaz [Juvenile:] My hallways full of piss Nigga say he gon' break me off, he full of shit That's why I got that chopper in the back full of clips About to go and hit a whole stash full of bricks All my niggaz gone, I'm the last in the click I gotta get my hands on some cash and a whip I gotta do somethin', look Cause this ain't gonna last long, gotta get my cash on Come upon a superfire lick and get my ass home Ain't thinkin' about jumpin' out Lex's and Benzes With the TV's, and the CD's, and 20 inch 'renzes Look here, my situation ain't the best in the world I'm a snake like the rest of you niggaz, full of that Guerl Wodie, c'mon and get your skull cracked, tryin' to erase me I got iron ready to warbat, and it's all for safety Muthafucka might come, but he better come correct Cause I ain't aimin' at nothin' else but you' head and yo' chest [Chorus: (4x)] [Baby:] Put a hit on a bitch, ain't got no time for no bullshit Nigga outta line, we kill'd the bitch Now, in my city, they burn, baby burn 4 found dead, and they burn, baby burn I don't have no question, we all must learn To tote a .45, keep your eyes on the churn I got that work nigga, all y'all know the rules I don't play, I'm a mastermind, it's a Big Tymer, fool Pay up when you been fronted work, that's the rule Rolls parked, I play this game with no law Red Beam, hot ones pointed straight to your jaw A nigga must pay, I'm tryin' to see a better day Went to Miami bought that Azora anyway Three time loser totin' tools, nigga that's the rules Just the chance I gotta take on these streets fool Flippin' chickens, corner spitin', hardtimes a fool [Chorus: (6x)] Manny Fresh: Somethin' gotta shake nigga I'ma bake a cake nigga Run with all the real niggaz Click-Clack all of the fake niggaz Lay it down 2G You know me

Poet Laureate

CANIBUS "Mic Club: Curriculum"
Yo, Houston to Earth Watch the ripper crucify you with verse My urethra to ya uvula, quenches your thirst Put your flames out with dry desert dirt where leopards lurk Lock your soul down with an esoteric weapon search Strap a bomb to one of your labels record clerks And activate it as soon as they get to work Ring the alarm, red alert, nigga it gets worse Bypass security networks with select words Megahertz make nebulas reverse till your head burst Call the press first and ask them who got the best verse Give me the respect I deserve If you are what you eat, it's obvious I can't eat what I'm worth Yall niggas eat pussy and burp The other half of yall suck dick till your jaws and ya neck hurt When you address me nigga end your sentence with sir Critics went beszerk they aint even heard my best work See I broke into the mind by Quietly goin by their eardrum walls and hotwired they skulls Yeah I earned the name Canibus, but what did it cost? Battle rappers nothing but a serendipitous whore Niggas probably like, what da fuck he dissin him for? Yeah he dissed me first but you was never informed I'm one of the top five nigga, my shit is tight nigga you heard it right nigga, I rock mics nigga But the limelight isn't where I belong The top four don't even look in the mirror no more If they did I'd be in the mirror looking back at em, ready to grab them Kidnap them, and put them on my album I rip jackers, Rip the time space fabric Loop the future with the past tense looking for patterns Eradicate Africans that sold Africans to Saxons and forced black men to pay taxes Attack a wack bitch with counter tactics Split your bullet proof chases in half with a rapid gatling Keep firing at cha till you trapped in Now come back and scramble for helicopter extractions While I'm back and forth back braggin How I tortured them faggots and stabbed them with rip the jacker daggers Slay dragons with old passages from black magic manuscripts I found in the cabinet written in Arabic Translate to characters one by one, like Arafat tarot cards suggest I make terrorist threats through your stereo sets Various anthrax carriers sendin serin to the press At an imaginary address, Cani's the best Untraceable, your pictures unpaintable, canvas thats wet Let me dry you of wit some of this fire I spit 26 years old nigga look how I spit A microphone fiend since I was like fourteen My Cuban uncle used to sell cocaine, OK? I'm reloaded, you fuckin wit the wrong emcee Crudes felt your cold disease to the whole industry Potent as Hennessey that was distilled in Tennessee One shot scrambles your memory indefinitely Nowadays a hundred bars aint impressive to me You stepping to me nigga do it intelligently You wanna battle or you wanna fuckin wrestle wit me You aint better than me, you just got an obsession wit me Canibus hybrid, the cake icing of rhyminingness As I grow older I get colder like the declining Climate of earth's environment, I'm entirely tireless Rhymes come from my higherness of wireless dialect Scientist on cyber speed design my specs Astral project, therein height in secs, chakras connect Doctors inspect what they can't possibly interpret yet That's why they revert to threats They curse and throw fits They like immature earth cadets, looking like Captain Kirk in a dress Lyrically I step on you, rip on you, then I defecate what I just digested on you I'm better than you, I'm better than you, I'm better than you Just to get the checkered flag I'll put the pressure on you Put the extra effort on you Write a motha fuckin letter to you and your editors too, threatin you Detective check your mail and your messenger to You can take this verbal slashin that I left as a clue Execute the type of wickedness the devil approves Which basically means I can do whatever witchu I'm a rap music mutant, wit a cool name Misconstrue fame but I spit butane Blue flames out giant CO2 tanks Demagnetize memory banks, enhanced, advanced One of a kind like modern man's retina scan Quick as a glance and flickers from kerosene lamps What you want me to break first your jaw or your grill? What type of spit you want from me sparkling or steel Study law, yield draw up my own deals So the longer they resist me the stronger I feel Spread the ganglia from Tanzania to the flats of East Anglia Give up, you cant keep up The man eater in a wife beater Spreadin Typhoid Fever through mic receivers with light reverb Type in the right keywords, I might emerge Takes a really nice nigga to excite these nerds Niggas wanna see the gully in me, keep fuckin with me Never under pressure, I keep the pressure under me Bun?? Or weed, drop a freestyle on the internet then watch niggas burn the CD Upload a picture of your mug getting DP'd I'm one size away from 13, believe it she p'd I'm the illest and its gonna be that way for eva Word of mouth is good but a mouth of words is betta nigga No body gets sicker than the ripper!!!!!!!!!

For Money

I need money (money), mo money. Mo money, (ching ching), money, nuthing move but the money. Money, money, look nothing move but the money. Money, money, that's all I want, that's all I want. I want it look. You found me where the papers at, where the capers at I don't ask for a motherfucking thing, I take the scratch Look I, franchise wearing, a franchise wrist I'm franchise look, I need a franchise chick She ain't gotta be tight, she ain't gotta be that rich She just like I tell the other bitches that my nigga's the shit Black on black, step out the house with a suit and a tie soon to die, black on black Scratch a mack, scratch a jack, matter fact nigga I always stay strapped It's the game plan, I gotta win, I can't afford to lose I can't be dressin in them kinda blues can't afford to wear tight shoes You know me, the nigga with the six four frame With a six four cock back and hit your brain You know the CEO nigga, ya'll done seen before nigga See me get dope and don't tell a popo nigga I don't give a fuck, I hate ya'll type Yeah I might know ya but we ain't nothing alike [Chorus] Now nothing move but the money, that's all I want Nothing move but the money nigga, that's all I want Nothing move but the money, that's all I want I'm on top cause I do what ya'll niggas don't, look Catch me playing ball with Shaq, and points from real how to act I did a shootin' range, shoot the mack, when I bust for me to shoot back See I'm nigga put the game that's why I'm on top I can sit eight seasons cold even when it's hot Come on drop the top for my Impala and shit Nigga I'm out to get paper spit some dollars and shit See how many ya'll niggas could follow this shit I got an attitude fuck the whole world, I gotta get rich Ahh, and cap niggas screaming shit, niggas gleaming the wrist You seen the six, seen his wrist, nigga you seen his chick This shit that ya'll spittin', it's meaningless Everything ya'll claim you did, I done it And if I got, man fuck ya'll nigga, I'm a flaunt it And if I don't got it I motherfucking want it Bitch I sold keys, I smoke weed at PE I got blunted Fuck the hatin', I pull off that paper shit Gotta love me or either motherfucking hate me bitch Gotta hate my flow, nigga hate that I got dough And if I spend it all bitch I can make some more [Chorus] Keep it hot, I keep it locked, guns I keep it cocked Runnin' on the shop like I runnin' on the block Keep one up in the top, like one up in the drop Spit till I spit, can't spit no more it don't stop Like I live fast, I'm addicted to cash Ain't a thief but sometimes I just forget to ask I like say what the fuck I feel, nigga do what I want If you don't like it, fuck, fine, nigga we can take it to the trunk And I get the spittin' in your brand new six Spittin' if you even with your motherfucking chick Spittin' if you with you motherfucking click But fuck it I'm just spittin, I'm just spittin the spit Fuck it thick, yeah nigga what Fuck that, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I told yall I don't like to windows shop to see how high it is Walk by and see how fly it is I'm a ghetto superstar like Pras and shit I got my idles so fuck it, I buy that shit You only live once so like I floss my shit Give to the poor, a nigga like floss on a wrist Yeah I got a few dollars but I don't even spend it no more I'm trying to save up, for what, so I can buy the ghetto I'm out to get money nigga Mo money, money, mo money, nothing move but the motherfucking money [Chorus] Gotta get yall money nigga. Nothin move but the money. Everything else is irrelivant. Nigga yall gotta be willing to get what yall want nigga. By any means. No Limit nigga. 9-8, 9-9, 2 G nigga, whatever. I'm out to get mine. Oughta get yours. Silkk The Shocker live in this motherfucker. I'm out.

Ride Or Die

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
I'm rollin with Roc-a-Fella man Cause they got money man, heh heh [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, uh-huh uh UH, uh-huh, 'Hovah Yeah, Stevie J nigga Y'all ready Yo, yo How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 3X] [Verse One: Jay-Z] Aiyyo fuck y'all, niggaz I crush y'all, rush y'all with the four drawn and I touch y'all, plus y'all little motherfuckers ain't ready for war I seen your team in a Chrysler before, but I forgot The same rules apply, don't try to switch up your style Y'all niggaz is pumpkin pie, and that's plain as I much better than you cat, shocked when I got the news that this nigga ready for war, well where that fool at I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, heh Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew I probably make more money off yo' album, than you You see the respect I get everytime I come through Check your own videos, you'll always be number two Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records but I'm platinum a million times nigga, check the credits S. Carter, ghost writer, and for the right price I can even make YO' shit tighter I roast niggaz like ya, smoke niggaz like ya Take your little jewels and put the toast to niggaz like ya You know what the fuck we do and why we done it How I bring it to niggaz who, probably want it Keep playin, you gon' find me in your lobby blunted And I don't even smoke nigga, ain't no joke Niggaz cat fightin with Jigga, kickin sneaky shit Makin little tapes but keepin it secret Cause I kick that deep shit that divide your peeps shit Now I don't know if you fuckin with Jigga spittin that weak shit y'all How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 2X] Yeah, yeah Niggaz don't want it with Jig, cause somethin got to give I got homes where you hide, I hustle where you live Jigga's the Don, bitches scream 'Jigga dandy, dick is the bomb, about as thick as a arm' Mr. Exxon, gas 'em with the wit and the charm Bitch I'm tryin to tell you like Nichalous Bond I'm a big cat, listen mami, can you dig that Cars, jewelry, homes, I did that Oh's, shootouts, keys, I live that Actresses, models, chickenheads, hit that I get stacks and still I kick back and run up on niggaz with the midac, where the shit at How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 2X] Time to seperate the platinum from the white gold, right from the door The real from the fake, ready rock from the raw The boss from the runners, cats who ride dick from the cats with the numbers, the five from the six I got cop n crash money, pop the dash money Press the button, alluva sudden, glock in the stash money Beef with Jigga, watch yo' ass Money It's El Presidente, top brass money Now I don't flash the steel, I blast for real My motto: you only good as the last nigga you kill I'm here to snatch this meal, nigga that's for real If you rollin with me grab the wheel, let's ride huh How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 4X]

The Wickedest - Dj Mister Cee Featuring Notorious B.i.g.

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk"
[Funkmaster Flex] Hold up, shut this shit down It's goin down baby, Funk Flex We about to black out to fuckin Brooklyn, with my nigga Mister Cee cause you know how the fuck I get down! Big dog, pitbull status nigga! [Notorious B.I.G.] Yeah.. You're now enterin the mode of the notorious Biggie Smalls Junior M.A.F.I.A. click, representin This one goin out to Brooklyn, y'all know what time it is It's goin out to all the gangsters All the pimps and players, hoes and bitches Y'all know what time it is.. so this what I want y'all to do I want y'all to grab y'all Dutch Masters and y'all White Owls and y'all Phillies.. mmm! Get you a fat sack, a pint of Hennessey and lay back Gon' do this one for my man Mister Cee, representin all day, everyday And all you other tape niggaz, and bootleggers, stay in the house Cause Brooklyn got this shit locked down So any time you're ready Mister Cee we gon' get hardcore on these homos Like I said before, Junior M.A.F.I.A. click, hardcore Uhh, representin Biggie Smalls in the house Uhh, check it, huh [The Notorious B.I.G.] Biggie Smalls is the wickedest Niggaz say I'm pussy? I dare you to stick your dick in this If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphillis Herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, gettin rid of ya Got it locked like the penitentiary Niggaz mention me for M.C. execution, who you choosin? The wack MC? Or the black fat MC? Jack Dempsey would start shakin All it's takin, is some marijuana and I'm makin MC's break fast like flapjacks and bacon Backspins to windmill, who's still the gin drinker Ill thinker - explodin when the paper hits the ink, uhh Take your gangsta chronicles, turn to page 666 Holocaust, Big the merciless Niggaz press they luck-and they get a buttfuck-in Straight up the ass, raw dog with the rash and I don't fuck wit the condoms The condoms is a problem from the AIDS gettin sprayed Diseases, Big pleases, MC's across the seas is just the way I clutch my prey, hey I'm crazy and deranged Blowin niggaz out the frame, simple and plain But gettin back, to the black, rhinocerous of rap Big took a loss, how preposterous is that nigga? Recognize.. notorious Biggie Smalls, ninety-four, Ready to Die Y'all niggaz hold y'all heads Mister Cee, set it off baby-pop.. {*Funk Flex scratches the end*}

I Don't Know What Ft Kelis

This is how we do it, when we do it... This is how we do it, when we do it... This is how we do it, when we do it... This is how we do it, when we do it... Doesn't it feel good to see us make money? Feel good like everyday's sunny Feel good see us takin off? Doesn't it feel good to see us ball? And they can't take it from us at all And if you agree that we won't fall sing la da di da da di da di da di da Back at'cha, it's the thug with the most droppin more Thuggish Ruggish on ya Krayzie keepin it flaming, so indeed it's fire for ya Water, don't need none let it burn Let it be known that it's my turn, let 'em turn Be concerned with these words I got Whatever they sayin about the Line, we better kill 'em 'Cause I got up and I got mine don't mean I'm trippin Really left niggaz behind to handle business They don't understand I'm in it to win it Thug out with a crowd full of criminals and killers So pump your fists if ya feel it, hear me We in it to keep it the realest With my remige, Thugline team, coming to kill something Close to 30 million sold and still thuggin, still strugglin Wassup with Bone? Gotta keep it real, so I tell them I don't know Can't think no more excuses when niggaz don't show We came up from poor, and I'm not going back to poor, no! Doesn't it feel good to see us make money? Feel good like everyday's sunny Feel good see us takin off? Doesn't it feel good to see us ball? And they can't take it from us at all And if you agree that we won't fall sing la da di da da di da di da di da For the love of money, I keep it funky Just thuggin back down in the ghetto Sleep in the PJ's they let me so I love 'em back By keepin it real, givin 'em shit that they can feel Like hustlin need more than a mil Like how to make it on these streets and not be killed before you get grown Let a nigga go on cuz he chose to live his life wrong All I know is life is already short And you can bring your non-exsistance closer if you want Trust me, you don't nigga, live on, get'cha thug on (thug on) Make you some cheese, get some weed and go get your buzz on But must of all you gotta stay sucka-free, them bustas out ya mix That go for anything you do and they go all to jail, I don't trip I share a hater to the side, devil ass nigga Always fuckin up my vibe, that's right now, nigga You done meet Krayzie Bone, you ain't meet Leatherface And I don't think you wanna though, no! Doesn't it feel good to see us make money? Feel good like everyday's sunny Feel good see us takin off? Can it feel good to see us ball? And they can't take it from us at all And if you agree that we won't fall sing la da di da da di da di da di da My nigga, cover your ears and fuck what you heard (heard) 'Cause it's about they bullshit they be talkin, why? Niggaz in my business like they my bitches, got me hot (so hot, hot, hot, hot) Run up, touch me, get burned, nigga Said they saw me at the Source out on the floor, dropped (what?) Chickenhead bitch from Miami said we was runnin when the war popped Hoe stop, you don't know none nigga rollin with me What shut you puff? My niggaz hold on the B For most of them niggaz they want peace when we meet Like we ain't be hearin what they be saying on the streets So we gotta bring the heat Speak if you want, but keep it to a mumble Speak louder than a whisper, oh and we gonna get'cha Y'all Don't Know Me, ain't that what I told 'em? Hope they knowin these pistols real's that we toat, jokin Naw nigga, we for real in the field Believe what you want, but you suckas know the deal Doesn't it feel good to see us make money? Feel good like everyday's sunny Feel good see us takin off? Can it feel good to see us ball? And they can't take it from us at all And if you agree that we won't fall sing la da di da da di da di da di da

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