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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

Da Magnoila

Original and similar lyrics
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one [Juvenile] Welcome to tha section where it's hotter than a bitch Niggas breakin' up bricks.. niggas tryin' ta be rich Dope ounce, get hit.. armed 'rilla and six Somebody wig get split for ten g's of chips It's where the Feds'll dip through Enemies get you Catch you at tha second line, niggas'll flip you Kids get outta school, they swingin' they fists, too Jump one of them children and they bringin' they clique, too L.V. buckin' 'cause T.C. killin' ain't nothin' Them blues try ta hit ya, and your head'll get druggin' On New Year's tha lights get shot out at six o'clock Four or five o'clock in tha mornin' you gon' be gettin' shot Niggas gettin' chopped, gettin' shot in tha cro'(tch), bruh Drug deal gone bad, one of them cats is sour Motherfuckers gettin' chopped up and they holla (?) beam aimed at your dome... for some powder I'ma do like your boy and hop in tha Eddie Bauer Get all seventeen and, nigga, I'ma holla [Chorus - Mannie Fresh] Da... Magnolia Home... of tha soldiers Da... Magnolia Home... of tha soldiers Now where you from, motherfucker, where you from Where you from, motherfucker, where you from Where you from, motherfucker, where you from Where you from, motherfucker, where you from [Juvenile] Is ya ready for it? Better be over-prepared When ya enter ya see a sign, say, "SOLDIERS BEWARE" They be ragged up, twenty-five dollars bagged up Old nickel tucked in tha back of his 'Baud cuffs Well aware on the route that he's gonna duck If somebody thinkin' 'bout jammin' him up If a bitch with him, she better be smart, or tough luck 'Cause he gon' break and bust, she gon' be fucked up Mind your business is a code, too, I never told Ever since a nigga was a million years old Bein' a baller.. shot caller.. is tha goal I'll hospitalize anybody... in the ward Ta make it there, you talk crazy, we take it there You'll be like a steak, nigga, you medium-rare All these niggas wanna be (?) or tha man in charge With tha AK-47 it'll change you boys [Chorus:] [Juvenile] Click up.. load up.. pistols.. mask Ride through.. slow down.. jump out.. blast Put about.. fifty.. in your.. ass Second.. linin'.. family.. scared (?) scope.. lock it.. chop it.. serve it Got a.. deal for.. fifty.. ta work it Mission.. bitches.. hittin'.. switches Twenty.. inches.. plenty.. bitches All day.. hustle.. beaucoup.. scuffle Niggas.. huddle.. AK.. muffled Blood in.. puddles.. people.. scatter Flying.. pieces.. of human.. matter Police.. don't know.. probly.. won't know Unless.

Once Upon A Time In The Projects

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
Once upon a time in the projects, yo I damn near had to wreck a ho I knocked on the door - 'Who is it' It's Ice Cube, come to pay a little visit to ya And what's up with the niggers in the parking lot She said fuck em, cause they get sparked alot I sat on the couch but it wasn't stable and then I put my Nikes on the coffee table Her brother walked in he's into gangbangin cause he walked up and said 'what set you claimin' I don't bang I write the good rhymes The whole scenery reminded me of Good Times I hate to feel bad but I'm in a rut by a young nigga that needs to pull his pants up Her mother came in with a joint in her mouth and fired up the sess it was sess no doubt She said please excuse my house and all that I said yeah cause I was buzzed from the contact Lookin at a fucked up black and white her mom's bitchin cause the county check wasn't right She had another brother that was three years old and had a bad case of the runny nose He asked me who I was then I had to pause It smelled like he took a shit in his little drawers I saw her sister that needs get her ass kicked only thirteen and already pregnant I grabbed the forty out the bag and took a swig cause I was getting overwhelmed by BeBe Kids They were runnin and playin and cursin and yellin and tellin and look at this young punk bailin I heard a knock on the door without the password and her mom's got the 12 guage Mossberg The nigga said 'yo, what's for sale' and the bitch came out with a bag of ya-yo She made the drop and got the 20 dollars from a smoked out fool with ring around the collar The girl I was waiting for came out I said BITCH I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A CRACK HOUSE I got my coat and SUDDENLY ... (police breaking into house annoucing themselves) The cop busted in and had a Mac-10 pointed to my dome and I said to myself once again it's on He threw me on the carpet no slap jumped back stomped on my head and put his knee in my back First he tried to wrap me up, slap me up, rough me up They couldn't do it so they cuffed me up I said FUCK how much abuse can a nigga take Hey yo officer you're making a big mistake Since I had on a shirt that said I was dope He thought I was selling base and couldn't hear my case He said get out my face I musta had a grudge His reply tell that bullshit to the judge The girl I was with wasn't sayin nothin I said AIYYO BITCH you better tell em SOMETHIN She started draggin and all of a sudden we all got tossed in the patty wagon Now I beat the rap but that ain't the point I had a warrant so I spent 2 weeks in the joint Now the story you heard has one little object DON'T FUCK WITH A BITCH FROM THE PROJECTS!

Groundhog Day

Drag-on "Opposite Of H20"
Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day [Verse 1] Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye Hear the folks outside, kids cutting school Grab the remote play the hot shit of course my shit Steam up the bathroom till the mirrors fog Can't wait to ball, with my niggas god Dry off splash on the Izzi Miak Cut up the rock, head for the door oops forgot You know I can't leave my chrome thats my love jones Niggas in front of the building niggas making a killing But when I come through niggas catching they feelings Cuz the fiends follow who cuz my bottles be spilling I can hear em now What'd he get a ship from Brazil? Its gotta be good look at the fiends leaving they children And thats fucked up niggas mad cuz my pockets bucked up With my clique pull the truck up Yo hold up, let me get this dough before it slow up Then we can go see about some ass and go cut some hash This bundle is my last jump in the ride whats that [Dmx] shit go head put it on my shit [Dmx] (from Look Thru my Eyes) Burning in hell, but don't deserve to be Got niggas I don't even know that wanna murder me [Drag]: Every day is the same day Just because they heard of me and they know that The dark is for real, the bark is for real When you see that spark it'll kill [Verse 2] Ayo, go down to the fifth, aight You know where D and them be standing thick Fucking wit them chicks that strip and niggas that claim they spit But all I hear is they want out like I got my gun out Cuz they rhymes run out, running off at the mouth Yo Ralph lets be out, back to the BX Royal blue Chevy followed by the GS Keep the guns heavy just in case some b.s. Cuz niggas like to test me should I say he rest Hop on the celly, yo hit the deacon This nigga say he ain't got my money and I just don't believe him So we gonna give him a little scare Let him know whats love is love but with my slugs its no fair And how the soldiers come out of nowhere for the dollars And how we keep our products I'm a holla, tomorrow Cuz for some reason its always a hater around Then you know me, duffing em out and busting em down Then I drop off my nigga, pick up my chick up Cuz she volunteer dick suck, with a little liquor Just watch out for her mister, now I'm in the crib Twisting out her rib Didn't hear the baby father coming with the kids Now I'm in some shit, and the closets un-roomy Plus to me thats unruly So I played like a robber running out flashing a tooly Got undressed when I got home didn't let nobody in Then I woke up the next morning the same shit happened again Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day (till end)

Walk With It

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
[Jay Electronica:] I'm out that third ward where they bussin heads Movin shakin hustlin scrambling buckin and duckin feds The corner stay hot as sonars with blood rushing (russian) red Down in the dirty we bout it and we ain't fuckin scared I got em shook from the jump cause I'm a solider these niggas is yellow I told you I'm out that magnolia mah nigga fo reala On the grind all the time woaday stackin that scrilla It's the south man we put the fuckin G in guerilla Talk slick and get chyo neck slit quick Cause uptown niggas don't play that shit And if you ready come get me Got a squad that's with me To blow the beef outta control like ja and fifty I'm the king the daddy ya heard the best around Linked up with lil flip man we tear this bitch down You know when them south boys is comin around Cause all you gon' hear is lay it down lay it down Walk walk with it [x4] Rock rock with it [x4] Shake shake with it [x4] Pop pop with it [x4] [Lil' Flip:] A lot of rap cats rap about jewels But that ain't rose gold that's fools Look at the shoes on the whip twenty-twos I still got a deal what about you I got liquor nigga you wanna drink? I go on shopping sprees you want a mink? I'm just kidding I ain't tricking for a hoe This how I'm living I ain't hurting for no dough I push tight whips just like percy I always rock custom jerseys My new shit about to drop on you niggas Just call me hoe, when you not witcha nigga [Jay Electronica:] Now heres a little story I got to tell About a fresh young nigga ya know so well It started way back, in history In that third ward magnolia the U-P-T I was born in seventy six and raised in the eighties Pops left when I was six I was raised by ladies Son of Marilyn brother of Fal I grew up one block over from the cell [?] T-I told me to be easy but I'm hungry as fuck I want a house on the hill and some blow in the truck Now I'm up in the club playa settin it off With a mic in my palm tight lettin it off Shorty, smilin she say I'm spec-tacular She wanna bite on my neck like dracula She said she wanna show me something good after the show Whatever ma, but for now get yo ass on the floor

Cross My Heart

Killah Priest "Heavy Mental"
Intro: Child and Killah Priest [Child] One two, one two [Killah Priest] No doubt [Child] The microphones on... [Killah Priest] Cross my heart, hope to die [Child] I've been waiting along time for this [Killah Priest] Here we go Killah Priest, '97, '98.... [Killah Priest] It's the byzantine king, supreme, all kneel kiss the ring into a ilohean, I blow steam from the families of the mackabees smack emcees watch them scream your majesty, make them suffer the capacity of tragedy, hold the crowd down like gravity back the fuck off, stop grabbing me, hands off me, niggas start to bore me I'm getting sleepy, I need some coffee, me and my wu-bandits we carry niggas deep in the canvas, body bandage, like some mummies you fucking dummies, you can't take nothing from me It's the longest waited, the most anticipated, the album hesitated Scream the name out KILLAH PRIEST, I leave the blood spilling in the street I'm from the dark hills of Brownsville, the seven shields on windmills across the killing fields, never forget it, tell them rap critics I speak in arithmics, so they can never get it, I'm too scientific lyrics explicit, I roll with thirsty niggas, theifs and killers tigers, gorillas, faces like godzilla we stomp rappers and smile like a Calm-Della, we got iller cross my heart both hope to die, we multiply, by the hundred Fuckin by the thousand, see me outside your show browsin Beatin up your soundman playa haters and players, we give um' cold stares any last prayers... [Inspectah Deck] Yo, Yo, concrete techniques, bomb beats and cause casualities my facalty, hold it down like gravity, rapidly sweatin' like weapons to adolescence, ghetto residence quick to pass since your present, state of the slum kill 4 play the drums face 1, their course was now, the snake tounge, I'm deep into this I sometimes gasp for air, deadly warfare hot block cop and gold stares, shots clear Like fireworks on July the 4th, weapons get torn, fugitive slidin off my force is combined, new world, 2009 Digital, criminals, we make mills in cyber-crime It's all planned ahead, 2 times I see the chimes through a great mind The heaviest chain could not bind (Chorus, Killah Priest) We stare you eye to eye We tell the truth no lie We cross our heart and hope to die.. hope to die.. [Genius/GZA] High ranked officials and armed tanks with missles, blood drizzle Simple fact, you slept on the issue, that before you started jerkin Joysticks and segas, I was rockin' off 100 watt amps in Cerwin-Vega to fine tune it, ship enough units Emcees ask, who be those rhyme killers in mask No doubt, difficult task, the last in the square, beware Infinite amount of darts is in the air, I'm victorious With no opponents, I blast through components, with microphonics Watch the whole world live the moment, anything in time Became approaching this, are incompable of speech, remains motionless (Chorus 2X) Hope to die..

Both Sides

[Hook: Lil Durk] No niggas want these problems Young real niggas and we balling My poker face, I'm going all in From Chicago back to Harlem These niggas can't fuck with us These niggas can't fuck with us From Chicago back to Harlem These niggas can't fuck with us [Verse 1: Juelz Santana] I be going hard with my Chicago niggas If it's beef, fold 'em up, make 'em a taco nigga Keep that trigger like a motherfucking problem nigga The more I rev it up the quicker bodies dropping nigga My pockets cheesy, lasagna nigga My neck clear, vodka nigga I'm eating good, Benihana nigga Still selling white, Pina Colada nigga My new connect, he got it like he Pablo nigga You gon' rob who? You a liar nigga Fast money, never slowing up These niggas can't fuck with us Bang bang, anyway Ya these niggas know what's up with us [Hook] [Verse 2: Jim Jones] See Cabrini Greens, went and tore 'em down Like 9/11 my 911, the roof fall down On the southside, north troop king Let the birds fly, like two wings I'm a man, all we need in this life man is two things Balls and his word, that's true thing You know 300, like O Block Them my young niggas, them 300 in your whole block Fly nigga, simply, gold watch Summertime, And One's No socks with the holes jock At the top there's a lot of fuck niggas But them niggas know I don't give a fuck nigga [Hook] [Verse 3: Lil Durk] I be going hard for my Harlem niggas Talk to them, that A.K. taking parts of niggas My shooters ain't gon' argue with you I just bought a chopper, it but tardy with you Juelz in the cut, and my nigga Fredo Be cool before your t-shirt turn into a dago My youngin's in the field, shawty they don't play though And I love New York, like my nigga Tello I just spend a chicken on my bridal bitch Bitch I pack a punch, on some Tyson shit And I run my city and I'm liking it Bitch I run my city and I'm liking it [Hook]

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