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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

Catch Your Cut

Original and similar lyrics
[B.G.] Uh-come on Juvie Are you ready [Juvenile] Uh-huh [B.G.] These hoes.. know.. I act.. bad They say.. gone.. with your dog.. ass I slang.. dick.. I lay.. pipe All fuckin'.. day.. goin' through tha.. night I fuck.. cousins.. I fuck.. friends Juvie drive.. Jag.. Geezy ride.. Benz I'll put that dick on tha ho, look, I'll bust four nuts Then I open ta see if she can back.. that ass up Bitch, my dick.. wanna.. feel your.. lips Don't do it.. right.. go get some.. tips Come back.. later.. try once.. more Fuck up a-.. -gain.. bitch, ya gotta.. go I'm.. gonna.. keep.. doin' my thang Hot.. Boy B.G. don't play games Either.. way.. ho, I'll get mine I'll jack off lookin' you dead in your eyes So, [Chorus2x [B.G. + Juvenile]] Bitch, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut Lil' B.G. done caught his.. nut Bitch go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut Juve-.. -nile.. done caught his.. nut [Juvenile] Spread your.. legs.. touch your.. toes Soon as.. I.. come out these.. 'Bauds I'm J-U-.. -V.. a H-O-.. -T B-O-.. -Y.. from that.. three Bitch, I'm.. hot.. sweaty, gettin'.. moist Tha girl want me.. ta show her my.. choice Ya know what I.. mean.. I wanna.. push Dick in your.. ass like it's a.. dousch Ya gotta be.. clean.. wash it.. good Before I.. come.. and lay this.. wood Eat this.. meat.. please, no.. teeth Every.. day.. and all through tha.. week I know whatcha.. need.. liquor and.. weed A hour and a.. half.. I'll plant this.. seed You do it for that.. I'll do it for.. game Both of us.. straight.. ya can't com-.. -plain [Chorus2x] [Juvenile] Look at that.. there.. she big.. find She could be.. yours.. or she could be.. mine [B.G.] It ain't no.. thang.. bring her on a.. trip Get her in tha.. room.. and she'll get it.. flipped [Juvenile] She'll do what she.. do.. and do it.. well And me and.. you.. could make it.. swell [B.G.] I'm your.. nigga.. you my.. dog We fuck.. cuts.. and there's no.. walls [Juvenile] It ain't no.. beef.. you could go.. first Or both of us.. could go.. and hit that.. skirt [B.G.] Once it's.. over.. still don't.. stop Find us a-.. -nother, and open up shop, nigga [Juvenile] I'm with.. that.. man, let's.. go Out right.. now.. to smash some.. hoes [B.G.] We play.. that.. just like.. g's Nigga, I'm.. straight.. 'cause I done bust three So, [chorus 2x] Bitch, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut B. At-.. -rice.. done caught his.. nut Bitch, go, 'head.. catch your.. cut Sugar.. Slim.. done bust his.. nut Bitch, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut Mannie.. Fresh.. done bust his.. nut Bitch, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cu


TRICK DADDY "Based On A True Story"
I feel like I'm too hard to die man, I feel like I can't see faded, you know? I feel like can't no nigga fade me. I feel like I'm the hardest nigga to walk the earth and shit, you know what I'm saying? Blaaah! Steady comin got you runnin for your damn life I'm busting shots with this glock, nigga act right You crossed this nigga how you playin I'm a naughty head The last bitch got 4 shots to the head I squeezed off and watched his brain hit the concrete Last breath, last motherfucking heartbeat. There was no motive for the murder on the straight tip And all you can seen was blood and brains every damn where So I refuse to shoot a nigga in his stomach or his face or his forehead (killa!) Kill-a-head and the body dead (2x) Buddy Roe Come down, your best bet is to sport a vest nevertheless I'm leaving a mess Nigga, fuck your chest Hollow points leaving brains on the front seat Fuck with me and I'mma set you free nigga Pop my trunk check out my funk Nothing but pumps, Leave that ass smelling like raw conch You coochie niggas playing with it you gon get shitted Metro wants to know who did it Now aint nobody rapping to the fucking cops And if they do we coming back for 'lick them blood clots We killing bitches not to mention snitches everyday The 9 glock triple platinum in the MIA Kill-a-head and the body dead (4x) The graveyeard is my home Tombstones and bones Murder weapons is the case now don't hearse my bone Headhunting is my hobby who the victim be And who's next on my everyday headless spree My gravedigger got a fade with a nappy top Now I'm a fool and a freak for them dreadlocks Quick to pull a trigger cuz that's all I know Robbing creeps raping hoez and just slanging dope I got my masters in disaster I'm like Andrew kick in your door at your hoe mad, your dawg too I'm new in town your aint heard man Jason Lee Satisfied to his ass I had him begging please I went to hell now I'm back and I'm hellafied Took over down there made the devil cry I'm a bad motherfucker with a bad rep I got a trophy in my mouth for every bitch I killed I killed my wife and my kids, my parents too I killed my posse and my friends, I'm after you I crash your party kill your bed smoke some killer man What the fuck, I'm deaf fucking up, and I'm 'on Kill again Kill-a-head and the body dead 4x Buddy Roe I'm paranoid 'cause I'm hearing thangs Time served only out a few months, associated with birds They wanna plot, but I got bad nerves Peep, milli 14 on the front seat You want to be there for your kids, nigga play with it It's grounds missing who did it? I'mma deal with it So 'fuck I care about your shawty? Nigga you been naughty You skipped town with two pounds of my doo-doo brown Naw nigga how you playing I done counted that You wanted work, all you had to do is fucking ask My cuban friend want his ends Instead of you flipping the dividends straight to me and him you cop a benz Silly rabbit you dont started stabbing, now I got to let you have it Rapid-fire from my automatic You left me stuck so now you out of luck 'Cause you done fucked my credit up (Trick Daddy) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Coochie nigga what fuck another minute you won't get to spend it I'm licking shots like a dread, bitch, Kill-a-head Kill-a-head and the body dead 4x

3 Rings

Is this on? Gather round my wealthy friends And endure the horrifying sights Only your worst nightmares can produce Actual human beings of a deformed nature Come at once And come and enduldge yourself In our own twisted amusement of Another's misfortune Yes, ladies and gentlemen Enter our three ring show of freaks [Violent J] Ring one, a dung a dung dung My name's Violent J and I staple my tongue To the desk in school then I run down the hall Scaring the shit out of all y'all bitches Which is why you don't invite mine to your parties Just cause I don't look like everybody I guess they're bunch of richboys, bitchboys Scary, bula! And what's the big deal about my neck Just because now and then I like to let it stretch Up a couple feet to get a better sight Is that any reason to scream and run in fright No, so, now how ya gonna act? So what if I got another arm growing out of my back I guess I'm just another freak show thing And now they got me in the three ri-ii-ii-ing [Chorus (2x)] Three ring a ding a ding ding People love to point and stare Three ring a ding a ding ding It's the same as everywhere [Shaggy 2 Dope] Ring two, how do you do? I'm Shaggy 2 Dope, chicken-faced bitch, who? You don't try to front ho Try to play me out just cause I'm running with the sideshow Or maybe it's the leg growing out my neck But don't jet baby, heh, not yet I'm popping in like a pound of lead Black n blue, his next roll and drop me on my head Oh shit, I knew I had to fuck up my circuits Cuz when I was two my momma left me at the circus Abandoned at the carnival with the freak shows Like bad boys, hermaphrodites and old man crow But then I escaped to the ghetto zone Started a crew of my own, motherfucker, I'm not alone So don't be stickin your finger in my face stank Or your stomach might receive a shank from the... [Chorus (2x)] I certainly hope your enjoy yourselves Here at our three ring exhibit But to be honest I really don't see What's so fucking funny about it These fucking people are real! [Violent J] Ring three, the ICP Look if you want but I wouldn't lay a hand on me That's how you get fucked up We'll squeeze your windpipe shut Yo, I'm a nerd word, I drink from the bird Have Snake woman kick my love to the curb She busted into my tent, now I'm fucked Had the fat bearded lady in the buck, uh Fuck that, bitch, suck that I was born with a wang but I never had a nut sac Just two balls hanging with no protection so I move real careful and slow You can call me a weirdo, call me a freak Call me Don Knots cuz I'm getting on it every week, uh So come see the carnival and threw me your change, bitch I chill with the three rings [Chorus(2x)] Well, that's it I hope you're satisfied I hope you had a good time You fucking heartless bastards You saw what you wanted So grab your fucking kids And that fat flop of shit wife of yours And get the fuck out of our circus tent You cold-hearted sons of bitches You think they look fucked up Just wait till I kick your Fucking lips in a couple times You'll be sittin up here like a bitch And we'll laughing at your folded ass They'll call you lumpy After I done put knots All over your fuckin forehead Yeah, hey, hey little boy, come here How'd you like it if I tied your neck in a knot You fucking little bitch Come here, I'll shove that Fucking corn dog up your ass Get the fuck out of here Show's fucking over Get the fuck out of here You fucking heartless bastards

I Smell Pussy

G-UNIT "Beg For Mercy"
[Intro] *Sniff Sniff* You smell that? What's that? I smell pussy! (Is that you Irv?) I smell pussy! (Is that you Ja?) I smell pussy! (Is that you Black?) I smell pussy! (Is that you Tah?) [Verse One] Y'all niggas is pussy!!!!! I'm falling out nigga now watch me (watch me) Ain't nothing you can do to stop me (stop me) Y'all niggas get so emotional (emotional) You remind me of my bitch...HaHa It's not of my nature to make a commitment so let me breathe What she doesn't understand catch attitudes when I leave her Quite of probation just make it harder for me to accept her as my own She tries to tie up my phone and I'm not at home she's thinking I'm not alone Probably out tryin' to bone anything in the street I let her know she can leave I ain't tryin' to tie her up But see it's hard to fuck wit somebody after she touches me Mami I'm not your regular nigga I know the game But I don't play by the rules I'm focusing on my moves That way I will never lose See I can tell by your shoes if you attracted to Benz's with 22's You say I confuse you play little trick with your head Been catching feelings ever since the first time I slept in your bed I'm not here to tease you mislead you with so your dreams I can't say I love you I don't know what that means I'M A PIMP!!!! [Chorus (twice)] Girl you know I like when you climb on top Love muscle feel tighter than a headlock And you know I love the way you make the bed rock Take me to Ecstasy with out takin Ecstasy Girl you know I like when you climb on top Love muscle feel tighter than a headlock And you know I love the way you make the bed rock Take me to Ecstasy with out takin Ecstasy [Verse Two] When I first met her, I did anything to get her Paid all her bills and filled her frigerator Reminiscing on late nights when I tried to lay up But couldn't get off 'cause your baby would stay up She even crashed the whip tryin' to switch in the third lane That's when I realized this bitch was a bird brain A pigeon writing her baby pops in the box in prison Sing-Sing is where he been in She in the Gucci tights and Fendi high heels Baby wipes and cans of Enfamil Motor Bikes and grams of fish scale So 9 to 5 niggas was no frill Turning young niggas with principals to old men with debts And all the prank calls was death threats That bitch got the best sex all across the globe And the bitch head game was out of control [Chorus (twice)] [Verse Three] I wonder when I'm gone if you miss me Or do you miss that Don Perignon and that Christy I'm fuckin wit you I'm feeling your shape I'm feeling your eyes later on I'm feeling your ass and feeling your thighs Sweetheart you book smart and street-smart I knew you was my type from the very, very start I'm in to tongue kissing 4 play all day Mamma ain't home so the noise is okay ODB you know he like it the raw way Latex, safe sex ,no hickeys on the neck Now your learning The lords blesses make me wiser as the worlds turning My tongue touch the right spot I'll have your toes curling Whether we just kicking it or we sexing I'm a pro baby girl I spit game to perfection So when niggas make mistakes I correct 'em and When niggas get out of line I check the man [Chorus] (50 Cent talking) Yeah........ don't think I forgot about your fat ass though Irv You wanna run around takin pictures like you Puff Daddy and the Family motherfucker With that bitch Charli Baltimore... Bitch look like she died last week pale as fuck Paint her hair red... Think she gon' sell records tryin' to impersonate Pink and shit! Bitch... punk-ass motherfuckers All you motherfuckers get rolled on nigga Ain't no motherfucking, 'leave her alone 'cause she a bitch' FUCK that nigga!! Fuck all of it!! But not you Ashanti baby You know how I feel about you baby Come on... come here girl... c'mon gimme some love girl Fuck Irv Gotti... you know how me and you do baby You know... they say I'm sexy now... HaHaHa Aye Irv your momma got a thing for me!!!!

2 Many Niggaz

Z-RO "The Life Of Joseph V. Mcvey"
(Verse 1: Z-Ro ) When will it ever stop All this hatin' and droppin' salt All I'm tryna do is live lavish with millions in my vault Not from sellin' crack on the corner I'm tryna do it legal But I guess It ain't no pleasin' my people Cause everything I do Feel It be somebody tellin' me I won't succeed But I'm a millionaire and I owe it all to the hatred I recieved Mothafuckas that used to be down ain't down no mo' My true partnas can't be found no mo' Therefore my motto is fuck friends The only dawg I need is Benjamin Franklin Tryna take him a from me you gon' wind up stankin' I got a family to feed (so currency's what I need) But the people I break bread with would rather see me bleed Tryna take all of my fortune, but my fame is forever And S.U.C. I'ma claim it forever And I'm still down with the yellow So fuck all these bitches and bitches ass fellas And fuck a 4 is a P.T. and a glock 50 fo's is jealous nigga (Chorus) 2 many niggas tryna take me off of my game (take me off of my game) A nigga from the hood did a lil somethin' good now they all wanna jock my fame (all wanna jock my fame) So when I'm comin' down in my foriegn and I'm rollin' one-deep that should tell ya 'bout me (S.U.C.) I don't give a damn about none o' you hoes I blast on sight cause I ain't trippin' no mo' (mo') (Verse 2: Z-Ro) As soon as them eyes close It's over and that's that Cause when they murdered my partna he ain't get to blast back Is that the price to pay just to have nice things And is my life in danger because I have ice mayne Its a shame Can't even sport our jewelry like we wanna Cause every time we shine the jackers tryna creep up on us Catchin' pistol case After pistol case, ridin' dirty Mr. Officer I'm not a killer just wanna see thirty Cause the odds be against me when I roll alone The clip full of demon repellants what I'm holdin' on I'm tryna make it wether with this gangsta shit, I ain't gon' fake it Anything a nigga earned, I'll be damned if a nigga take it Now-a-days, the ghetto version of Spundalay A nigga will run up in yo' residence with the undelay, cold-hearted Disrespectin' God's children, bitch you made for a prison (Chorus) (Verse 3: Z-Ro) Too many of you mothafuckas So I'ma hate everybody I can hate And I don't give a fuck about nothin' Fuck a nigga, fuck a bitch Let me get that straight Ain't no love I'm not ya blood or yo' cuz Nigga/Bitch I'ma loner I'm an asshole by nature You can get with that or you can leave it at this, bitch The only company I need is weed And since I'm nervous by nature I'ma make you bleed indeed I trust nothin' If I get a funny feelin' I'm gon' be bustin' Plus if my blood rushin' It'll be mo' than a concusion From my head-shots These red dots, gon' cover yo brain I got problems I can't cope But murder seem to keep me sane 1 love to my nigga Moe and 1 love to my nigga Red And 1 love to my mothafuckin' bread I'ma get that (Chorus)

Want Fuck Wit Me

LIL' WAYNE "The Carter"
verse 1 i move it from a 8th to a slab/from a slab to a quarter/from a quarter to a half/from a half to a hard one/u do the math it's a hard 1/y i be on the ave. gettin off 1/19 for a soft one/bricks i lofft em catch em they high/if i catch without my scratch im scratchin ya eye/if you catch me without da burna burn me/i beg of you/shoot off da leg of you/and kick ya in da ass/im dying to do/i say im sick with cash/these eyes are real see straight through ya liquid ass/you see me straight through the glass house/picnic wagon/you could see it by my bitch face she thick wit ass/get slick/slick/i click click blast on ya bitch ass/squad up shit/click or smash on ya bitch ass/smash on ya bitch ass/now pic the grass up out ya ass/and the caps out ya cap chorus 2x who wanna fuck with me/tell em im waitin for em/who wanna fuck with me/tell em im waitin for em/who wanna fuck with me/i got da blaza for em/who wanna fuck wit me/do you wanna fuck with me. verse 2 hustle boy/sell a nick to ya mom/ill sell a brick out ya house/ill sell a brick to a house/nigga/ill send a clip to ya mouth/back of the gun to ya nose/front of the gun to ya clothes/i let it rip then i bounce/lights off/young teddy pender (teddy pendergrass)is out/mask on/scare da fuck out ya/but ya ass grown/i wasnt born with no silver spoon/but i can heat it in a spoon/and pitch it in a baloon/tunes sittin in ya room/sang for me/but if ya dont give me no tomb/da semi go boom/but if ya dont/hear me/ya fool/da semi go boom/im tryna make moves/but they give me no room/i takes my space/i blaze the haze/take ya ladies face/she give me major face/i sung amazing grace/i was once lost/but now im found/full of them pounds is how im found chorus 2xwho wanna fuck with me/tell em im waitin for em/who wanna fuck with me/tell em im waitin for em/who wanna fuck with me/i got da blaza for em/who wanna fuck with me/do you wanna fuck with me? verse 3 i know how to cook/so i buy it soft/i also sell it soft/dependin the cost/you know thats/shells they toss /defending they boss/ they wife somewhere in the cross/they dentures like floss/ya know i/i/ smell ya talk/and i swear/i know bullshit and pussy and nere afault/yall niggaz/betta gear up for the coming of the boy/from a youngin to a boy/to young boy boy/i dump toys boy/at ya punk boy toys/take a pump out the trunk/take a chunk out a chump/baby what have i done/i created a monster/weezy baby da yungsta/dem no wansta/hell na/i smell yall/didnt know jam master well/but i rocks with my shells on(shell toe adidas)/and the blocks still a hellzone/get a helmet for you and ya gurls dome/i suggest. chorus 2x who wanna fuck with me/tell em im waiting for em/who wanna fuck with me/tell em im waiting for em/who wanna fuck with me i got the blaza for em/who wanna fuck with me/do you wanna fuck with me?

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