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JUVENILE lyrics - Tha G-Code

A Million And One Things

Original and similar lyrics
[Lil' Wayne] What This.. this here's real, nigga It's real, nigga Too real Pay attention even though I'm young, nigga Look, look This one here's on tha up, dog For all my people with bad luck, dog Strugglin', tryin' ta make a buck, dog For all tha peeps who ain't with us, dog For all my niggas in Angola, stay tough, dog See, this from shorty on tha real I'm tired of seein' my niggas gettin' killed They hustlin' for a mil, nigga, hustle for your bills If ya think ya need help, holla at me, wodie, I'm trill If I got it ta spend, then I got it ta kill But listen, man.. I know ya see tha ice glistenin', man I know it make you wanna go get it bad But ya gotta think 'fore ya move, partna 'Cause it'll make your ship sink and you will lose, partna I know you hate ta take it from a young nigga like me But I betcha can't name one nigga like me That's why I'm tryin' ta preach, my nigga And teach, my nigga If ya don't work ya don't eat, my nigga [Chorus 2x [Juvenile]] They got a million and one things that you could be doin' Than hangin' around this motherfucker talkin' to your children Get off your ass, lil' daddy, and go and get it It's starin' at ya right in your face, you ain't wit it [Juvenile] Look at ya, you're fuckin' up and I can tell it too What is ya smokin' Everything a nigga sellin' you! I know you could do better than that, and deserve more Ya use to be tight with your game back in '84 All tha hoes use ta jock ya Niggas use ta knock ya Stay a big shot, motherfucker couldn't stop ya Then ya went ta runnin' 'round tha project with them junkies Holes in your shoes, and your body all funky Lips all ashy, eyes popped out Spendin' your children check, takin' food out they mouth And you get mad with me 'cause I don't wanna give you ten I don't support your habit, nigga, y'all grown men I got kids ta feed, I got bills ta pay I got people comin' askin' for shit everyday I can't please everybody, but I love my folks If I give ya everything, baby, I'ma be broke [Chorus 2x] [Turk] Look... look.. look Where I stay, times is hard for a lot of my peeps Some of my rounds doin' bad.. can't even much eat Everytime I pass through, beggin' me for a dollar Thinkin' I owe them somethin', don't even wanna holla Nigga who use ta be ballin' ain't ballin' no mo' I can see they life fadin' away slowly for sure Niggas who I come up with get me full of that dope Use ta care about theyself, ain't care no mo' Niggas want me ta help 'em.. ain't helpin' theyself You must be out your mind if you ain't helpin' yourself Ain't no love loss... I just gotta stay my distance Gotta keep my mind straight.. before I come up missin' Gotta do my rap thing, and make my paper, mister Ain't gon' let nobody stop me from gettin' my six figures Gettin' my shine on, bling-blingin' everyday If you're not for tha right, stay tha fuck out my way, nigga [Chorus 2x] [B.G.] Everytime I hit tha block, it look like it get worse Make me wonder if V.L. and Magnolia got a curse My niggas still my niggas... got love for 'em all I hate to see that market ride they back and make 'em fall Somebody tell me, if I didn't have change and I was broke Would I get tha same attention when I'm in tha next four-door No, I don't think so, I'll be a equal nigga On the set, smokin' jo's, beggin' people for scrilla On the reala... if I could do it, then you could Lay your hustle down and make your way out the hood Ain't nobody gon' give no hand-outs, I swear Ain't nobody gon' pay tha bills in your house, I swear They don't care, ya gotta stand on your own, my nigga You ain't no child, look in tha mirror, you're grown, my nigga Do yourself a favor: leave tha heroin alone, my nigga And get your hustle on, nigga, get it on, my nigga [Chorus 4x] [Juvenile talking] Man, you could be out here tryin' ta do somethin', man I mean everytime we come through, man, I do somethin' for my people, man I give tha little kids a dollar or so, ya know what I'm sayin' I try ta do things for tha football team Try ta take care of my people Try ta show them how ta help theyself 'Cause they got a lot of problems

Rain All Night

[Verse 1] Mr. Big, Mr. Big, Mr. Big Showtime You been gone since 'round fo’, did you forget your time? You acting like you didn’t know, did you forget your mind? And uh, uh… what’s the problem, you forget your line? It’s a shame, it’s a crime, it’s a motherfucking tragedy Pull up to the club like your motherfucking majesty Tipping on them strippers, and I bet them bitches raggedy Somebody had to tell you, so you should just be glad it’s me Spending money happily, but when you’re broke you’re frowning Every dollar that I spend, I gotta hear your mouth And still play it cool when you say you’re going out If you gotta make it rain, then I pray them bitches drowning Man I swear you’re clowning, stunting for these niggas As your pockets getting smaller, is your ego getting bigger? If that’s what it takes for you to stay home and off them strippers Then I hope it fucking rains until these streets turn into rivers and [Hook] Rain all night ‘Cause he be making it rain all night Tipping these strippers and impressing his niggas And when he get home, he done dumped all his figures And can you imagine, how bad that it feels to have to be his wife So here’s hoping it rains all night [Verse 2] ‘cause he got it, girl do he got it The bags is filled with fifties, but the hundreds in his wallet And I know that he’ll throw it at me if I go and pop it But how much do you think he’ll give me if I split and drop it low? Drop it, drop it, drop it low, back that ass up on the flo’ Look him in the eyes while I wrap my legs around the pole Break it down and make it roll, speed it up and take it slow Make him feel like he just fucked me, nah he never touched me though I know that he got a wife, sometimes he say he gotta go Just ‘cause I take your cash don’t mean she gotta know This could really be something, I mean you never know I’ll just give you dances and you just give me dough And even though a dance is something you can get at home I bet your wife can’t make her ass clap or make her booty roll And all your niggas watching so you best put on a show Fuck making it pour, you better make it thunderstorm and [Hook] Rain all night ‘Cause he be making it rain all night Tipping these strippers and impressing his niggas And when he get home, he done dumped all his figures And can you imagine, how bad that it feels to have to be his wife So here’s hoping it rains all night

Walk With It

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
[Jay Electronica:] I'm out that third ward where they bussin heads Movin shakin hustlin scrambling buckin and duckin feds The corner stay hot as sonars with blood rushing (russian) red Down in the dirty we bout it and we ain't fuckin scared I got em shook from the jump cause I'm a solider these niggas is yellow I told you I'm out that magnolia mah nigga fo reala On the grind all the time woaday stackin that scrilla It's the south man we put the fuckin G in guerilla Talk slick and get chyo neck slit quick Cause uptown niggas don't play that shit And if you ready come get me Got a squad that's with me To blow the beef outta control like ja and fifty I'm the king the daddy ya heard the best around Linked up with lil flip man we tear this bitch down You know when them south boys is comin around Cause all you gon' hear is lay it down lay it down Walk walk with it [x4] Rock rock with it [x4] Shake shake with it [x4] Pop pop with it [x4] [Lil' Flip:] A lot of rap cats rap about jewels But that ain't rose gold that's fools Look at the shoes on the whip twenty-twos I still got a deal what about you I got liquor nigga you wanna drink? I go on shopping sprees you want a mink? I'm just kidding I ain't tricking for a hoe This how I'm living I ain't hurting for no dough I push tight whips just like percy I always rock custom jerseys My new shit about to drop on you niggas Just call me hoe, when you not witcha nigga [Jay Electronica:] Now heres a little story I got to tell About a fresh young nigga ya know so well It started way back, in history In that third ward magnolia the U-P-T I was born in seventy six and raised in the eighties Pops left when I was six I was raised by ladies Son of Marilyn brother of Fal I grew up one block over from the cell [?] T-I told me to be easy but I'm hungry as fuck I want a house on the hill and some blow in the truck Now I'm up in the club playa settin it off With a mic in my palm tight lettin it off Shorty, smilin she say I'm spec-tacular She wanna bite on my neck like dracula She said she wanna show me something good after the show Whatever ma, but for now get yo ass on the floor


JA RULE "The Last Temptation"
Yeah. Yo yo yo yo. Holla. Last Temptation. Coming through now niggas. Its a problem. It's a problem. Always has been. (Ja laughing). Yo Buck turn me up a lil bit in my mother fuckin head phones and shit. Cmon Let these niggas know. They don't know. Mother fuckers ya'll want war with the God. Cmon ya'll know better. I'll put holes in your leather reknit your sweater and I'll bet the flows wetter on ocean front property. Better come at me properly, niggas better up off of me. But I believe I'm scared to clap hammers and the fact that I'm unpredictable gives me the advantage. What the fuck am I speaking spanish niggas when I got to tell ya'll in detail how we murder niggas. Handle your business. The Inc is religious. Murders the sacrifce. We throwin M's niggas that means murder for life. And I'm die for that red and black. That house with the chedda stack and the smiles from my kids faces. What could replace this? This lil nigga here that come to grip with death can taste it. My airs thick and filled with hatred. Surprised at the look in my eyes, well don't be I'm just following the foots of the lord that made me. If I go crazy the same, Imma blame it on the world for what I became cuz they gave me all the fame and the money man. Made me an icon, so the world could catch a nigga with his lights on. Thats the pros and cons. You're never quite free. But just give me a lil room so I can breath. And my pain gonna be the death for me. But to be loved is my destiny, my black people. (Ja laughs) Yeah. We out. Holla.

Just Begun

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
[Talib Kweli:] Ay, yo, Hi-Tek? Do me a favor, man, speed it up a little bit From the intro you know I'm so influential, 'cause I'm glowin' like a candle The focus is so essential, dawg, what you tryna get into? I steady the flow, ready to blow like snotty tissue They snitchin' like Donnie Brisco and countin' like Monte Cristo The ghetto full of betrayal like Iago and Othello Your fellow neighbor will slay you, they'll smoke you like cigarellos Police, want that info, they'll grill 'em like portabellos I'm murderin' instrumentals 'cause I rap with the conscience Of felons, killers, and monsters, so revealing and honest We're still feelin' the promise, some nights I kill 'em with kindness Hittin' like Muhammad Ali, you more like Tatyana All this is prob'ly karma: You dishonored the father Whether it's God Almighty, or the almighty dollar We follow the prophets like Islamics or the Dalai Lama Your bullet points so hollow they could prolly pierce body armor Look in the scope, my people still a target [Jay Electronica:] Smile on my face, tears of a sad clown Feelin' out of place as I whistle a cab down If I tip extra, can I huff a cig? Blow my smoke out the window, droppin' ashes on the bridge I'm in New York now, like Akeem and Semi was Tryna get the lobby door open from a semi buzz I just wanna go to the slum And throw my money on the floor like the Notorious B.U.M. (Uhh) Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution Free the mind, heal the body, talkin' evolution This that black Elohim Anunnaki rap That Farrakhan Hakeem Olajuwon Khadafi rap I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans Rockin' black and gold stocking caps and fleur-de-lis Shockey hats I'm in the coatroom, screamin' "Who Dat" on the double Servin' gumbo with' a shovel, dawg, I'm on another level Me and Kweli come together like two pieces of metal We magnetizin' the ghetto [J. Cole:] Yeah, now here's the memo I'm a rebel without a cause, a bezel without no flaws And shawty, you straight, but you look way better without no drawers Let's sweat out this alcohol, bet I'm about to ball And never let up, look how I just crept up without applause Fed up with all the frauds and left y'all without a job The center of attention, this is clever, I'm Pau Gasol Really though, I'm LeBron, really don't got my mind On this new school of rappers, I will really go Columbine And throw up the diamond sign, boy you know I'm a shine Flow is in Ramadan 'Cause couple years ago, the game had they pajamas on But now they on my dick, man, I should throw a condom on Ay, 'cause a nigga comin' raw like I ain't got one on And I ain't stoppin' or coppin' no pleas, I just lock and load, squeeze Dawg, I'm on a higher level, I'm on top of nosebleeds Niggas say they sick, but when they write, they don't sneeze Like the nigga on the block wavin' his Glock but won't squeeze Please [Mos Def:] Hold your applause until the ceremony end Yours truly, truly blessed, yet again a noble pla-anted Super magic, abracadabra kid Mysterious master Jim, blacker pen, arrowhead With the long-barrel stem, and his apparel fresh Harbor lights shinin' out the black power grid With the Black Power grip And pure power don't power trip Push the cellar ceiling up and make the tower tip Your Gladwell point, and Babylon polish All about nothin' where it's all about the dollar And mansions on the fault line of a shaky market The devil at the dancehall, thirsty for a partner Get off em There is not a parcel or a portion Or a measure of a fortune more awesome Gorgeous The funky Four Horsemen and one more With Hi-Tek on the score, once more, of course You're welcome, thanks Appreciation for your participation Special dedication Celebration, bitches

Remember The Titans

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
[Fabolous:] These niggas losing their minds you find that theres no reward they say they already home it's really clear they abroad they sound like they boxed in it's not just where they record there's a cost to be the boss they can't clearly afford swear to the Lord, these guns like the audience you put on a show, my 40 clearly applauds sittin' fifth row, I might appear to be bored plotting on a Kanye, but screaming where's my award ballin out of control, never won an ESPY bout to buy a black ghost and call that shit SP flow outta this World, I'm coming for my Moon man you niggas slide back like that walkin on the moon dance no glitter gleam, handgun with a beam have some boys follow you, street fam, twitter team like you could fuck with me oh did it seem, Dr King and Def Jam aint the only ones with a dream I'm a grown ass man, this kid a teen you're a spoof of me like if hip hop did a scream Audi coupe looking good so I went and copped it got that TT poppin' like a trending topic my ride is matt black my pride is that jack it might get ya dog shot, even a cat smacked anyway though, styles don't apply to me Jeff Goldblum couldn't be more fly than me shorty say right after the suck fuck proof you hit it on the head girl, duck duck goose you shoulda got the message that I chuck up deuce break em off and leave it you seen my fucked up tooth it's fucka bitch, there's more fish in the aquarium I rarely hear no, like when niggas ask you to marry them there's no lights in the place you buy your jewelry from funeral fab, I'm just here to bury them [Joe Budden:] Reporting live from the beacon booth tired from the beatin had foreplay all day prepin' the beatin' the mic for a threesome with my vocal's bi-coastal, speakin til their eyes totaled Mr wi-fi, out a franchise go to magic, standby local's watch the track bust once I show my dick size to the pro-tools I teach you how to have models screaming get behind me e-pills and maybach's aint gon matter if your tip is tiny nevermind me, we could get knee deep in the beef seek me with the heat but you'll need more to keep me on a leash here's a cc for the peeps that wanna see me in the streets invest in Rockports and be easy on your feet give a few hammers, a few semi's and a few snubs to a few crips, couple vampire's and true bloods gambling in casino's, have a hundred handing me my c-notes the modern day gambino I'm careful every step I take you the nigga walk up in a shootout with some pepperspray that'd be the last mistake you ever make me I chop his head off from a rooftop and race it downstairs just to see if I can catch his fade like groceries when I'm shooting at fags make sure the breads separated and put the fruits in a bag withstand the hatred dudes is falling off doing all they can to save it but everybodys run stops ask Brandon Jacobs what y'all call swag to me is all faggotry fours want blatt at me that'd equal more casualties Abort the strategy or get attacked with that Duracell they put in your back now thats assault and battery you can keep the bitching to yourself there's beams on every burner these lasers, a petition wouldn't help! what good is having shooters if they the type that miss? where I'm from, better be careful when you drive that whip Niggas put they life at risk for pies that flip in my town Ben Affleck wouldnt try that shit And if he did he'd get turned around burnt down tell 'em new jacks it'll be a while fore they eligible to earn the crown [Lloyd Banks:] Acid out the baggie this is more than dope flawless flow fucking off a sign every horoscope to wore my robes strappin up the corner cold, critical unquestioned, my opponents know I shoot like capono, watch me own the show chromatose, toasted, getting money while I roam the coast stones and boats, mansions, homes, and hopes I deserve 'em both, overdose time to earn my votes, watch me turn the volts voltage through a hater, this electric chair, danger yeah, I see ya now make way fore it turn to diarrhea hear a microphone will give you 3 of everything I wear yeah models by the pair, swear, bottles, private Lear, steer style thats outta here, rare, thousands by the chair, square sleep with me, you came here, war with me is scary get beat silly tryna lamp here, better bring your theory heat I got a drop damp here, niggas try me barely No one breathes, I need an ants ear, precious necessary got my mind on the cheddar kill my haters together bury em in abundance and starve there family's stomach's paper come in my thumbage, brand new fifties and hundreds On point, just like the drum is I'm warning them baby mothers got the hunger of a broke rapper kill you while I'm rollin up then smoke after catch you at your show, snatch ya, empty out the dough faster Bentley off the scene, magnum Mo splasher, four packer southside nigga spittin coke at ya! [Royce Da 5'9":] This is for the fronters and the naysayers I'm about to scare away the drummers and the bass players they say I'm out of my league on this one so when I get done I want you to cut your fuckin ears off, Twitpic 'em! Lord, I want you to leave this vicinity you gon be around here bout long as Justin Bieber's virginity this is Jesus identity, mixed with weed Hennessey, kennedy, king mixed with a kill or be killed, killer regime ill as you seen, switch Y'all write all that hard shit then you fall right off, it's horrible my oracle is all I offer, so before I borrow you won't be here tomorrow flow sorry, I will probably Adios my body with somebody toast this shit just practice sickest rapping Baptist kill your pastor, steal your chapstick after that make you kiss a cactus then, take your hoe, make the hoe give the whole clique fellatio everyone, that wasn't the whole entourage on HBO Then after that, I tell her, I can't do much with you, shawty! I just found out I could fly to Dubai and hire buffy the body! dont call us if the bitches ain't flawless if they are then we can hang like Aretha Franklin bra-less the drunk me can box like the sober you the sober me be more nervous than Waka Flocka in the voting booth we beef like being deep and dumping K's you beef like Lady Gaga and her stylist y'all get together to look good in front of a bunch of gays my feng shui is a pump in the desert you'll come up shorter than an Asian jumping out of a trunk in the desert while my wolfpack looks for strippers and cocaine niggas snitching, it's a shame we call em male tattlers fiends touching they noses more than URL battlers it's hard to spit saliva when you spit fire so I'll just pour sugar in your gas tank put a banana in your tailpipe ah ha, so the car can fit the driver

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