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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

Welcome 2 Tha Section

Original and similar lyrics
[First Verse [B.G.]] Is you bout what I brang nigga Biggety-bang nigga Get it through your head before I let it rang nigga Whoa nigga, you ain't a friend, you a foe, Hoe nigga, I gotta let the pistol go, Show niggas, that I ain't the one to blow on, I told ya nigga with the four four I get it on, I roll with niggas, that tote big chrome, Uptown V.L. off top niggas bustin' domes, Paper chasin', racin', to six figures, The law bitchin', I'm catchin' cases totin' triggers, Smokin' niggas, all theyself Locin' niggas, I'm chokin' off the optimal still ropin' niggas, Scopin' niggas, cuz I'm the same broke nigga, Snort dope but I still maintain sellin' coke, Spin dressin' holder, blunt smoker, Snort a lil' doper, A.K. toter, I'm a spittin' I'm a solja, Take it off your shoulder, Respect nigga I'm a solja, take it off your shoulder, Uptown clown, gettin' so dirty, Respect my fuckin' mind, gotta get my nose dirty, Playa haters wanna kill me, Juvenile I know you feel me, I'm too smart to let em' steal me, Refuse to let 'em steal me, Nigga fuck ya, I'ma pluck ya, Struck ya, wasn't beware of the headbusters [Chorus [Manny Fresh]:] Headbusters, wig splitters, one time, Hot Boys committin' that crime, Welcome to the section of the Hot Boys, Look out for the infrared dot boy [Second Verse [Bullet Proof]:] S.K.'s, choppers, that's how we play, Ride all day, give up your spot for much yay I hear ya got it, shop close, we hit'cha block, Unload the glock, seventeen, we leavin' ya hot, Bodies drop, no more shop, in this spot, I made it hot bustin' with the glock non-stop I'm full of that block, a young G about my cheese, Jackin' for keys, frontin' back to real G's, Tryin' to make my mill, freeze, slip you get killed, The shit's real act a donkey behind a dope house deal, Straight from Uptown, real niggas we in the Wild, Yellow tape style, bound to make the nine growl, Bodies found in the dumpster, by the youngsters, Shouldn't trust a, Uptown head buster [Chorus] [Third Verse [Juvenile]:] Where the villains be, is where I stand, I'm comin' with that tillery, up in my hand Showin' you bitches the reason, that I'm the man, I'm stoppin' you hoes from breathin', you understand Comin' with that A.K., full of that pure, A cold night in February I had that bitch like New Year, You better watch me cuz I be comin', With the drummin', a chopper, or a street sweeper or somethin', Bitch I'ma represent, my .45 pay the rent, You bitch you, you fuck with me it's a must you get'cha issue, I'ma be standin', in the Magnolia with the cannon, And sure to start damage, Watchin' these niggas, cuz they donkeys and fools too, Might look like they spooked, but don't let them niggas fool you, Every breath that I breathe would be beef, so I snorted, Then proceeded to make my enemy's life short, bout that, Pistol play, fuck what a nigga say, Two-twenty three's then breathe fire out the hallway, I found myself up in other niggas beef, Know that them T.C. niggas would die for me, We probably be, In an all-black fist full of that bitch, And a stroller suburban on the blitz, tryin' to get rich If in my way, I'm gone funk ya, Imagine your body deteiorating in a dumpster, What you gone do Ain't no runnin' when the Mafia finds ya, I'ma, UPS your death like the Unibomber, I can't sleep, I got so much beef in the game, Every hotel that I change I use an alias name, Me and B.G. on a hunt, full of that pluck, Two niggas with pistols, tryin' to make a come up, [Chorus]

Letter To My Ex's

ACE HOOD "Blood, Sweat & Tears"
[Intro] Uh, They may not like me for this one Fuck it, I got my pen and pad anyway Mister Hood Dear Mrs. Independent Hoes Lookin' for ya like my lifetime depended on You're a centerfold, every woman's inner goal To meet in a nigga and his money long Hey this a letter to my ex hoes Before I start kiss my ass, X O's Ahem, okay let's talk about a gold digger Met her at a video shoot, go figure Uh, well she was bad than a mothaflicker Seen her lookin' got her number seen what's up wit her Yeah, to make a long story short dawg Couple days I'm sleepin, beatin the inner walls Fell in love with it now we up in every mall Bought her first Louis bag, she was so appalled Not a scout but she love to watch a nigga ball Bought her everything she had if I could recall So couple months I got her moving in That show money got me out of town It got her trippin' when I'm not around She was movin, trying to play a nigga out of bounds Seen pictures of her and niggas I hate to found Sad part was the bitch was trickin' off out of town Uh, and I was too blind to see it sooner Knew this bitch was kinda fishy like some old tuna Took her clothes and threw em in to an old sewer Damn, you shoulda' really seen her face then Uh, she officially on my shit list Uh, She pulled up on some shock shit Uh, I'm talkin bags in the front trick And that words to my common sense See you ain't nothin' but a has been I'm talking ashes to ashes [Hook] Uh, hey here's a letter to my ex's You ain't nothin' but a has been Uh, was only heavy when the cash in, yeah You tried to play me like a band bitch But I ain't trippin' cause you're pussy kinda average Uh, her ego bigger than her ass is Man, I'm so glad you the past tense I used to love you with a passion Sincerely yours, bitches Uh, Dear Mrs. Independent hoes Still searching like my lifetime depended on You're a centerfold, every woman's inner goal To meet a nigga and his money long If you ain't got it then you can carry on I'm talking like a Louis bag homes No matter swagger, you're new cologne I swear my last was a bee like a honeycomb Uh, I thought we really woulda' last long Shit, we were the worst to put your money on Damn, in the beginning it was fairy tales I'm talking make believe love coated in make believe Uh, but that's until I started buying things It was cool, now she started wantin wedding rings Such a drama queen demanded all kinda things Corrupted buy the light, she could only see the green Wanted kids so I can be there by any means Let her tell it we were something like a perfect team Damn, had to cut it, she was out of order Tryin to put me on blast like a bill boarder Yeah, I called her momma tried to transport her "Did you throw out her out dawg" Yeah kinda sorta, she was mad so she filing a restraining order Just to come and get her bags in the trash house Swear the cops made me leave nearly passed out Hey but I end up moving back in Oh my momma, now she preggo with a set of twins Pause, "That's a whole lot to settle in" Uh, I guess the story really never ends Well here's a letter to my ex then I swear she used to be my best friend Now she's a memory from back then I know she prolly misses that fifth Big sprees, and them motherfuckin plane trips And she the last on my ex list Nearly had a nigga stressed Damn [Interlude] Somebody tell me what's love What's your definition of love? Is love buying one another different gifts "Depending on the price tag." Is that love? I mean a nigga just looking for somebody genuine To really ride for him I'm feelin' like "fuck love," They don't give a damn about me anyway Maybe relationships ain't for me I guess that's why I'm writing this Uh, hey here's a letter to my ex's You ain't nothin' but a has been Uh, was only heavy when the cash in, yeah You tried to play me like a band bitch But I ain't trippin' cause you're pussy kinda average Uh, her ego bigger than her ass is Man, I'm so glad you the past tense I used to love you with a passion Sincerely yours, bitches


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[*glasses/jewelry tinkling*] You my Daddy whore [2X] [*laughing*] [Cappa] Whoever she gonna do anyway But bust it, bust it though baby, bust it Who else, who else is gonna... [Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard] This is dedicated to all you bitches Knew this bitch named Traj, she had a hella fine ass Candy-ass, blew my hole in the past Niggarette gave me gonorrhea Pussy dick to the tippy toe like ballerina Boy you shoulda seen her She had a babyface creamer Purinas Called up talkin Tina I put my dick in a broom She blew my head like a balloon I had her walkin on the moon [Verse Two: Cappadonna] Yo, I seen you at the five and dime wastin your time Oh you shine, I'm lookin at your ass from behind You walked by smellin like watermelon You might make me a felon, my eyeballs swellin My nuts start yellin, excuse my prick Wanna have a talk with you, I'm sick My medicine is can I walk with you, fantasy After that we can cheat, laid on the bed Handcuffed with hard meat, long stroke smackin Smack it then broke, nothin can't stop my continous poke, compound Porno flick music, Daddy came with it when I wrote it [Verse Three: Ol Dirty Bastard] Dirt Dog be bouncin on bitches like fog I pollute the air up like smog, bitch I'm up my jacuzzi, peepin this smoothie My bitch is a floozy, Dirt Dog ain't choosy Pussy move me, pretty black dick up in the booty I like it muddy or swampy By now you find your ass up shitty creeky Don't got no fuckin room me and my momma and my TV Blackberry squeeze Bitch who a tease, titties small, I got used to the squeaks Fuck that shit, I'm through with this bitch Old hen please can't get a bank of these welfare cheese, now to blow fifty G's overseas, I'm doin the breeze, in my 850 [Verse Four: RZA] Suicidal, she been in more hotels than bibles Idle worshippin bitch wasn't the type to make bridle Sprung, on how the bitch maneuvered her tongue >From the top of his dick, to the bottom of his ass split I told the God to jet quick this wicked bitch was a harlot but had him trapped up inside the Charlotte Web She wasn't choosy fucked for movie and a loose leaf cigarette, pussy stay wet and juicy like lemons Big ass in tight denim Had the most faithful niggaz sinnin against their women and enjoyed, to watch relationships get destroyed This unemployed welfare bitch was non-void and shameless, her attitude was blameless Even though she had a hundred dicks on her namelist Her obsession, caused niggaz to get, the ass cheek injection The bitched lied, said she had urinary tract infection I tried to warn em, and bomb em, but she conned em Wanted niggaz to fuck her raw dog without no condom [*woman moans*] oooooh, ahahhh, ohh [Wu-Tang movie samples] You people are all trying to acheive the impossible That's exactly what we've done But you'll fail, and you'll all die If we die, the next generation will fight them too And the one after them, for as long as they must And eventually we shall succeed


Keith Murray "Enigma"
Verse One: Erick Sermon Yo Troy, turn me up so I can conductthe disco inferno Oklahoma aroma (uh) I smell the roof on fire without Parliament just Def Squad shit, dig it Rhymes I be like liquid swords You abandon ship, real niggas stay aboard (word) I'm flexin' hittin' you in the mid-section Drop for protection. Cuttin' you clean like a C section I puts it down in my field. I sport a vest no need for a Brooke Shield kneel E, an African boy with charisma A lyrical giant bigger than Lane Bryant Su-per rhymes be twilight zone warp speed true indeed Don't forget boy I'm still hittin' swithes In my Lexus truck, flaggin' down ugly bitches (word up) Verse Two: Busta Rhymes Erick Sermon ya'll yeah, yeah, yeah. Def Squad ya'll yeah, yeah, yeah. Flipmode Squad ya'll yeah, yeah, yeah. Excitement, my lights be shinin' on niggas. Hit with more enlightment (yo). The major difference is in many different instances. you drinkin' too much Guinesses. Now look at all the witnesses (huh). I told you one thing for sure. When I gets down son, I keep it raw. Break the law from here to Arkansas. Focus, I be the mostest, the dopest. Rhyme flow bounce atrocious. Bag of weed, my niggas smoke this. Shit I be stacking in jams. While I be packin' in what's happening. I'm charged with interstate and trafficking. Rhyme calisthetics will make you see the the Medic. Shit will break you down in order for to make M.C.'s like the alphabetics. Yo, yo just go there practice. The fact is you do not listen. You go ahead and get slapped up with a cactus. Ass backwards, fart on mothafuckas just like BDP. I'm fresh for 9-6 you suckas. Keith Murray now. Verse Three: Keith Murray Yeah, yeah, yeah (Word up). Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Busta Rhymes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Now if you know the words then you can surely rap along. Go against the grain and surely get stomped strong. My squad is too high to get over. L.O.D. is too low to go under. I'll rain on your brain and give you visions of thunder. See everybody loves Keith Murray 'cause I'm on the top. But i know ain't nobody fuckin' with me if I ever drop. It's all about the bread. Spread taught to me by E and Red. Fuck them niggas talkin' out the side of their head. Different day same shit. I heard a dope beat but if E didn't do it then you know I can't fuck with it. Here's something you all can understand. Fuck you coming from the fuck you man. Livin' in drama comma. Trauma bubbling like lava. On site bomber to all wack rhymers. And if you ain't tough don't wear my logo. And if you ain't fly you can't play with my yo-yo. Cause who's pockets is fattest matters. I'll serve famous Keith Murray's beef curries. Scattered rappers on platters. For tryin' get at us knowing we the baddest. With major operation, mental observation status. I used to love her then I got some common sense. Now it ain't funny, the bitch better have my money (word up). Verse Four: Jamal Lace the chronic with the bomb-bah. Hash the tye, blaze 'em up 1 time for my partner in crime. Who can I on my hip (why) cause niggas trip. Pull a burner all you know is a murder occured. A curb swerver wana be server/ baller. Got dome call hauled to the mortician for silly ambitious. I'm nice and precise, hard like rock. You shook like dice and pop like glock. Amy shit knock the shelves (yo, yo). Witness this nigga ro, trigga flow, digga ho. Niggas ass out, passout, excessively. Fuckin' with this manic-depressive will be the lesson of your life. Spoiled rotten and plottin' and double shottin'. Packin' always rapping but smacking a lot of action. I am in the house smelling like contra-band. I demand your mic in hand, seriously as a man run it. Verse Five: Redman Ay yo, watch these 5 niggas stand up in triple pod. Circle back to back, scoping all angles. Why does hip-hop circumference start gettin' tangled? They drop 1 by 1 in the dark gettin' strangled. I come fresher than Summer's Eve please. Squeeze your wack-ass amphetamine rhyme drug-related. I'll make sure your loot and your wife and kids are confiscated. The lawnmower Red do damage to circuit breakers. Go ahead and hype them niggas up, let 'em go. Just a blow from the invincible will show 'em I'm original. Freeze, I'm like Baskin and Robbin I'm robbing Haagen-Dazs. And the whole Hit Squad target ain't nobody fuckin' with me. The potency that I blow from my mouth. Will no doubt choke Jeeesus. Travelin' around the world with no Visas or American Express. Just Jamaican excess (ha!). Can I impose on your cipher? Been rippin' shows since your moms was foldin' your diaper. Niggas see me up top dolo daily catch ease 600 V. On the mobile trailin' back to A.T.L. Swell some more heads with that Long Island sound. That be thicker than cornbread (money). Jersey tales from from the hood without Sonnny. And I know niggas want me. That's why my blade keep me company. Slice your neck, stick my arm down your throat. Rip out your artichoke.

Pour Wax

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
[Jim Jones] You're reign on the top, short like Leprechauns I came through in drops, Porches and heavy charms I came from the block, the slums wit ex-con's And we aimin' them glocks of course ready to bomb Now I done seen a Custy' cop four pies of the same gear Also seen a nigga cop four rides in the same year This concrete jungle, no trees to swing from This weed and gettin drunk and heaters gettin dumped Hit the highway nigga ki's up in the trunk Back up in the city with some skeezas in the trunk I aint a player but I do my dirt dog Drop top 'Cedes better move when it merk off It got me swingin to the left lane Plus a nigga caughin 'cause the haze give me chest pain Yes motha fucka the boys is back With my vest and I'm tucked up with my boys in back [Chorus: Jim Jones] You dont want it with them niggaz While you niggaz steady bitching my niggaz gettin' richer You mad 'cause we ballin' Bet you mad 'cause we scorin If he get out of line put his punk ass in a coffin Nigga we a ragime, Byrdgang we the truth Keep a foriegn sedan or swirvin' in the coupe Oakwood in the interior, swade on the roof Now shoot, {Bang, Bang} shoot {Bang, Bang} [Hell Rell] Aw man Hell Rell, he on the same bullshit agiain Same black hoody{Yup}, same fo' fifth again Bithes stopped likin' me but now they on my dick again Seen me in the Ashton with my glistinin' Yea I'm bustin off the chrome Yea I'm 'bout to off your dome Kill the mother and the father, kids go to foster homes Yea I like to floss the chrome, nigga leave the boss alone See my neck and my wrist, I'm rockin' what it costs for homes Homie they dont call me ruger for nothing Back out on theese bitch niggaz get that ruger to dumpin' Dont run up on me nigga you know I stay with it G'd up from the beef and brock's to the Oakland A's fitted That's the bottom to the top, it's in the bottom of the pot I got it white, I got it tan, it's either you copin' or you not Nigga jets is pullin' off and you stuck in the current D.I.P., B.G., fuck what you heard [Chorus] [Jim Jones] We all strapped in the ride, I aint talkin' like the elderly Yac'ed when we drive like a rollin fuckin' felony Trapped to survive, get the bucks, sell them ki's It's hard to get by that's why we puff hell'a'weed But if this high dont come down I feal the world spinnin' like the sky gon' come down I need air top of the ride gon' come down And i swear I stay fly when I jump out Jewled up in ice like what that dude like Spider four thirty with the blue'ish lights Got the coupe bright, still shoot dice For my niggaz on the east side this is true life [Chorus]

Bringin' It

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment"
(feat. Troy Mitchell) What Yo yo yo yo yo yo Ha ha It ain't over baby It dont stop like dat dat dat datdat dat Wah-kump Dat datdat dat Wah-kump, wah-kump Dat dat dat datdat dat Wah-kump Come on One question: Who be the thug that yall love most Or give a toast to this freestyle drug dose The thug muscle So whistle if you hear clear Gon' get you close and yous a dead man like last year See most fear The marvelous, alias You dare discuss and get yo muthafuckin head crushed These slugs bust the most wanted when they just appointed I stomp dogs and leave em froze because you know you fronted Too many MC's not clearly on this hype tip I'll fuck yo mic and catch you later on some snipe shit extended clips I represent because my thugs trip Easy boy, I'm stompin corners where them drugs flip Ali Baba snakin lakin trustin north shit You catch a grip or leave a don to climb the night hits It's mob official You test I'll leave you knock-knissued Bandaged up like a snitch cuz I ain't fuckin with you Straight up, we bringin' it What y'all, huh huh, V-A Know about this What y'all in Hampton, huh huh Know about this What y'all in p-town Know about this What y'All in Hoviay Know about this Check it out I'm ya p-town hit man I'll make ya shit man Pay my stick man to do my dirt I'm filthy rich man My thugs always hang around the top dog of all dogs Make em pick locks and spit glocks until you shit rocks I told you that I'm project strong You took me wrong and learned that thorough cats don't last long Alias the Don I leave it messy like I'm Joseph Pesci don't fuck around, you ever test me and you'll have to wet me I'm ghetto fabulous the mob crush the Lord just, never be discussed When there's dirt involved, niggas leave the mouth closed to hush I rush club scenes like, 'What' Always carryin the bust The reason why, these niggas that ruck ain't had enough I hate to peel ya cabbage back, or bitch-slap Cuz otherwise you wouldn't quit that, to kidnap So what I'm sayin is, everybody's real within the game Alias be the fame, so you don't know my name, NIGGA WHAT What y'all V-A know about this What y'all in Hampton, what Know about this What y'all in Nomo Know about this What y'll in Chesapeake Know about this Bring it boy See I told y'all motherfuckers that my clique roll deep AK's and street sweeps gunnin down in ya peeps 44's and Calico, Pretty Ricky and Low Thugs know The real on how I let shit go But if it's real, my niggas hold a forty and fill Mass grills, body armor, niggas trained to kill I'm at the point of no return, so I let shells spill Vinny Rush, Crazy JJ and Mush must chill And Killa K and Johnny Hesh steady aimin that steel Shit's for real, my nigga P and Mike might peel They get the gats and crazy stuff my brother love the ghetto tugs and set on top of niggas what let's straight wet the party up ESP was in the cut my rootin black, pull it up Is that enough Y'all niggas still fail to call my bluff And yet I told you, when left back cain't nobody knows you I suppose you Woulda kept your mouth closed like I told you What y'all in V-A Know about this- I told you What y'all in Nomo, what Know about this, what

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