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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

Solja Rag (Radio Version)

Original and similar lyrics
[helicopter sound] You 'bout dat paper You on top You handlin' business You doin' swell Down with yo' partners to da finish Are you willin' To hit da streetz up and make a killin' Are you a villain Pushin' a Bentley makin' millions Do you do your time Without rattin' on your partners Do you kill your beef With a pistol or a chopper Is you da man Do you pay all of your bills Did you make a plan And won't stop 'till it's fulfilled Can you handle coke Can you handle dope Ain't afraid to go Even though you know Ya daddy, look ya Do you take care of yo' kids Is it clean in yo' crib Can't you stand to eat some ribs Ain't it scandalous how we live You ball with Cash Money Do you like Manny Fresh Ain't it jive how I rap Puttin' New Orleans on the map You brush ya teeth You on dem hoes You got dem Ree's on ya feet With them Girbauds [Chorus x4:] Then you a solja partner, put up a solja rag!!! Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Now what's happenin' wit' you You knockin' them heads off too You do what a playa do You work in the Rochambeau You ain't scared to blast When you got dat iron wit ya Do ya twerk it fast You acts a fool You got ya ski mask And ya solja rag Look... You ready to blow a bag Can you hustle like it's legal Can you avoid da people And hotwire a Regal You 'bout that evil Look... You on a ignorant trip When ya girl get flip Do you deal with her lip You like them Beamers You like them Benz 500s You like thmem Hummers You like them big fine womens You a playa ain't ya None of these cowards out could fade ya The ghetto made ya Dope fiends and junkies raised ya Do you sleep in suites Do you go shopping every week When you hit da streetz You got dem Reeboks on your feet [Chorus] Is you a paper chaser You got your block on fire Remainin' a G Until the moment you expire You know what it is To make nothin' outta somethin' You handle your biz And don't be cryin' And sufferin' Your playaz is wit ya You got your girlfriends wit ya Since you was a kid, You was a instant wig-splitter You twinkle your slug You ain't no coward huh You stompin' ya box in the mud A Hot Boy microwave oven Tatooted up, booted up None of these sissys lovin' Your windows are tinted You got a g and a half and you ready to spend it You don't mess with them Nike tennis? You play with Barettas You got choppers up on the dresser You sleep in the Royal Sonesta You wanna hit Vanessa You believe in GOD But can you handle it when its hard And represent your ward You be stalkin' the boulevard [Chorus] Then you a solja Then you a solja Then you a solja Then you a solja You a solja partner, put up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Now march playa step Put up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Don't be no fag boy! Put up a solja rag Come blow a bag boy! Put up a solja rag Holla at me boy Put up a solja rag

One More Step

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Jadakiss (Styles P)] Uh-huh, yup, AH-HAH! Cyphers in front of the Apollo as a shorty (Now I got a clip full of hollows in the .40) Louis (Gucci's) every now and then (Maurice) I take too long to come back (send for me) Know how to work it (big things poppin) On the underground circuit (maintain) 'til it surfaced The nerve of these peasants (treat a rap budget) I'm like a bird how I stretch it (think they get the message) Waters (dutchies) lot of herb (in the session) So-called tough guys (herbs with aggression) Put your thoughts all over the curb (with the Wesson) What used to be superb (now is depression) Negative energy - generated from the snakes (and the centipedes, you will) remember me I just get the storm started (Cold-blooded) warm-hearted (Either way) you on target (Move to the side) like a lane merge (The gun's like fried rice) Who want they brain stirred? (Enter the limelight) lemon drop-top (off a crime life) Always see the crew in the hindsight (Yeah, American sedan) Shooters got Berettas in they hands (This is mafia) The veterans are planned (Word to the tape on the brick) This is raw (we in the four-by-four) 8 plus 8 in the clip (Hustlin Harry Potter) shakin the brick (Ice in the bracelet) give the matrix a glitch (And my car's like a spaceship) Got gold in my Nike checks (Jordans got ice in the laces) (Pants got a gun where the waist is) It's basic (Shirts smell like earth smoke, chirp) Yo (Chirp back) let me know (who gettin murked though) Yeah we gettin money nigga (who gettin work though?) And I got the kush nigga (I got the purple) (Move squares) cause we gotta hold down the circle (Kill you) or hurt you (whatever's a virtue) Beat you like your parents when you breakin your curfew [Chorus: Jadakiss (Styles P)] Yeah, homie live life to the death (We gon' make it to the top) Just one more step Vicious money, it don't matter if it's cash or a check (We gon' make it to the top) Just one more step Big houses, cars, and jewels that's wet (We gon' make it to the top) Just one more step 'Til the family, friends, whole life is set (We gon' make it to the top) Just one more step One more step [Jadakiss (Styles P)] Yo, livin my life (what's left of it) Don't try to go to jail but if you do (make the best of it) If you crash into a bullet (then it ain't no estimate) It's a money-back guarantee my nigga (death's a definite) This is audio crack (guess who's chef'in it?) Jadakiss and S.P. (do this effortless) Gunplay make you do whatever (son say) If the Lord send you a flight (the ticket is one-way) Put that work in when you young, you get (power) Money don't match the runnin and get (sour) Still (rep the hood to the death) A promise is only good if it's kept (niggaz'd kill you for less) (Silence is golden) Go 'head, keep dozin The window of opportunity (keeps closin) We gon' see if you really a clutch baller A cell is small (but a casket is much smaller) (Burn out 30 a session) 60 a ki' shit (That street shit) Jada and P shit (Lambo's, hoopties) Shooters and groupies (Monte Claire) D square (Emilio Poochie) Long trips (short trips) makin me nauseous (Courtship) Gave them jewels money for Porsches (Made a couple mil') but it's small shit (We rap and keep raw) so we on some street law (court shit) (Walls still spin) Upgraded the floor flip (Ain't touch it) ain't see it (ain't hear about it) If it's money gone (believe we gon' care about it) Send some niggaz to your crib (take the air up out it) (Leave some blood up in it) Listen fam, the Lamb's the color of toast (seats like butter in it) No hammers in the club (box cutter in it) Long money and big checks (Get popped in the chest, face) wig, neck (trey-pound) sick tec (Play the game) Get a plane if you shipwrecked (Learns from the best) if you ain't learn shit yet (Yeah!) Motherfucker [Chorus]

Son Of A Son Of A Sailor

JIMMY BUFFETT "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor"
As the son of a son of a sailor, I went out on the sea for adventure, Expanding their view of the captain and crew Like a man just released from indenture. As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin' man, I have chalked up many a mile. Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks, And I've learned much from both of their styles. Son of a son, son of a son, son of a son of a sailor. Son of a gun; load the last ton One step ahead of the jailer. Now away in the near future, southeast of disorder, You can shake the hand of the mango man As he greets you at the border. And the lady she hails from Trinidad, Island of the spices. Salt for your meat and cinnamon sweet, And the rum is for all your good vices. Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our Forefathers harnessed before us. Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings. It's a son of a gun of a chorus. Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends. If I knew, I might toss out my anchor. So I'll cruise along always searchin' for songs, Not a lawyer, a thief or a banker. But a son of a son, son of a son, son of a son of a sailor. Son of a gun, load the last ton One step ahead of the jailer I'm just a son of a son, son of a son, son of a son of a sailor The sea's in my veins, my tradition remains. I'm just glad I don't live in a trailer.

NBA Allstars

[Introduction] (Let's Go) It's the N.B.A! (YEA) They cheerin for me (Huh it's me) And now (captain of the team) (I love you too) (Alright let's go) Startin at (I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha) Straight from Harlem N.Y.C (Lights out for me) it's Jae Millz Ownin on the's the N.B.A! UHUHH! [Chorus] We up and down the court Back and forth Save the talk for the post-game It's time to ball It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! I'm shootin, I'm dishin I'm dippin, I'm dunkin! Nobody lazy on my team Playa we all runnin It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! [Verse 1] Homie I'm too fast for an instant replay You gotta freeze that, speed back The defender ain't even see that Guardin me is like the ref. tryin to D' Shaq Or seein a citizen tryin to guard T-Mac Don't even reach haters I'm like B. Davis One dribble (LOOK) Now I'm past three playas No matter who you ask (ask) I'm the main topic Roll it better than Gerve Not even Yao can block it When I'm heatin up There's no way to stop it Perform like LeBron Dribble up stop and pop it I'm like Jermaine O'Neal K.B K.G Fresh outta high school Playa don't hate me Get the roc and switch speed fast like Steve Nash And get my Jason Kidd on and dish off a sweet pass And just when you think the lane to the basket is empty I finish it off with an oop like Finely OH! [Chorus] [Verse 2] I'm tough in the zone Can nobody stop me? (Nobody) And I love this game It's not just recreation or a hobby No point-guard But my no-look is swifter than Vlade's And my young energetic defense is like Omarie's So don't drive down my lane Cuz like Artest I won't just lock you up I'll rap you in chains And in offense Who you gon get to get me When I'm movin' through the D swiftly Rainin on 'em like Nowitzki Droppin trips like Stojakovic My shot fierce like Paul Pierce I barely acknowledge picks Put your best man on me Put your whole camp on me I'll leap over your team like Vincanity Or Shawn Marion cause I be jumpin But my game is big Like T.I.M Duncan My heart is huge like Iverson's And if you ever guard me, like Marbury I'm invitin 'em and slicin 'em [Chorus] [Verse 3] I doubt you find anyone as smooth as this I'm a Vet like Erving Whether it's Johnson or Julius The court is where my heart beat You can't guard me I'm a beast on the court Like Lenny B. and Barkley If I want I can glide like Clyde Or drain three's in your eyes Like Byrd from any side I could, lace up my sneaks And leap like Dominique Or I, could give your team flashbacks Of Pistol Pete point blank Gettin the win for my team is the job That's why, on the court I'm the King like Bernard All in above the rim like Daryl Dawkins Or flat our single handedly Disgracing your team like Jordan Either way I'm puttin it down Playa I been had games Since I've checked The Mack-a-Do was around You ain't gotta ask You know how I'm built Drop three digits on your team Alone like Wilt You know what it is YEAA! [Chorus]

I Against I

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
In my historical oracle I blast metaphorical Editorials educating In my territorial get torn Heavenly arm with seventy bombs That'll blast devine like a heavenly song Your men'll be gone If they explore my deepest thought I beat hearts in 2 then ask demons for chalk I'm dreaming a stalk MCees in the dark I walk Blindfolded the mines golded Watch how you talk My styles is an art Recognize lycially purity All hell breaks loose like a mall with no security The dopest vocalist With my third eye I focus with I proceed, flow with the speed of an Indy motorist There's more of this than wasted Shiny chains and braclets I hit tracks my toungue weigh For the brains to blaze in Amazin angelic, tell it to your people [chorus x2] Illedelph is like the sun cause we shine with rhymes Underground is like the moon you only see us at times At times with light skies when the stars recline Jedi Mind, outer space, coincide to combine [Jus Allah:] Raw poems, buried your body in catacombs Rip your soul from your limbs Like brims from Jip Jones In the Twilight Zone we disperse cowards Vampires that stalk earth on reverse hours Nite cause we talk a different song My latitude is God darts out my jaw Leave eternal scars You left breathing out of tubes Straws by the marksman, harnessin Science for the marvelous and the charlatan Raps will make your parallax My domain has power to block synapses I daze War shots fight of by the army type warlock Devil's Plan is to have you drip in the Clorox Beast deceiving us ways devious possessing My peeps who walk streets with stolen heat like Prometheus Elements rushin you back to hell again Illadelphians crush your skeleton into fuckin gelatin [Chorus] [Ikon the Verbal Hologram] Don't ever come to me with war I'm seven scores of orators Rappers fall on all fours like minotaurs With Jedi Mind and the planetary we bombin this We stand one step above you like a pharmacists With all in this detonate the bomb Heads dread hallucinogenics in Vietnam I spit a song create bombs like an Iraqi Swear on the bible and the lines of Ecclesiastes [Planet] Assault and battery [Ikon the Verbal Halogen] Battle me that on even split you Store enormous amounts of energy in a crystal We boa constrict you The gods of militant You faggots couldn't go the length Like you was impotent, you ignorant Your whole click is split in half You step in allah's path, and face Allah's wrath, WHAT [chorus x2]

Holla At A Playa (Remix)

[Lill Wayne:] Remix Baby Lean Clap If you bout paper Holla holla holla at a playa (Better late then never) Cell phone or pager If you bout paper Holla holla holla at a playa Remix Baby [Jae Millz:] You can go and tell them other boys not to bother It's the remix and I'm back with Dr. Carter (what it is) We talking millions in that six duece inch navy blue mercedes Oh you ain't know it's Young Molla baby Your boyfriend is a toyfriend, he ain't getting no paper Run and tell him later then holla at a playa If you getting money blow that sour in the ayer You wish you were the hottest on your side of the equator Me and Weez down in MIAM We acting stupid Damn Call the whip Soulja Boy, doors do the Superman (YOUOO) Ya that's the superman we call it the Lago G Star car goes boot us outta stars YO That boy ain't getting char bro He in the Monte Carlo I hit the gears Operation where the fuck the car go I'm the dawg now with stars like Tony R.O.M.O. It's the remix but I been dope [Jae Millz:] Now if you seen me in the coupe and the wrist ice blue If you trying to get it like me I'm a tell ya what to do Holla At A Playa [x4] Now mami if you with your man and he got cuffs on your hand When he slipping turn his head I'm a tell ya what's the plan Holla at a playa [x4] [Lil Wayne:] Ok Baby I'm the shit so can you bring me some tissha Air freshener but bitch I'm fresha I can get ya girl to come and kiss me on the pisser Get her outta clothes and get her pussy to take a picta Bitch I'm me Flow smoke like swisher Catching lines and hooks, I am like a fisher Fire like a flicka, tie em like a twista Boy I clap like Hurricane Chrisa Who the hell is a well paid nigga D Wayne Carter but you can call me Mista D Wayne Carter I got my shit in order When I say overtime I don't mean to flip quarter Cause I ain't playing games in em And I ain't saying names and if I ever say a name it would be Benjamin Frank I got money in the bank, I got money in the back Got some under the bed put some money on your head New Orleans Eastside blood gang We outlast SOOWHOOO All red all yellow cornbread fall back Am I rollin ya bitch I might be Sleep with the nina like I'm cheating on wifey Millz had to tell me to stop recycling verses and since I don't write it I recite it in cursive What's your name Mr. Carter (Yeah) President Carter (YEAH) Dr. Carter (HAAA) [Lil Wayne:] If you see me when you see me say you see me hey Wayne Like you got 4 seats at a basketball game (YA) Holla At A Playa [x4] Holla At A Playa but if you a faker Holla at me neighbor don't holla at my neighbor neighbor YA Holla At A Playa [x4] [Lil Wayne:] Ok Holla at a playa but don't scream at me You don't wanna get whipped So throw some cream at me Whipped cream guts in the whip that's An old caddie I'm a muthafucka but I ain't meeting Karen [Jae Millz:] The beat hot is snaring Red on red McClaren V Cal[? ] looking like it's from another planet My diamonds like Chris Brown They can't stop em from dancing They just show off wall to wall they go off [Lil Wayne:] Get how you live or die trying Smoking on that G 5 We call it high flying As high as a Batman High Robin don't have an eye problem Pistol on my hip I got a thigh problem Rock ya hips Crime Mob em [Jae Millz:] And let em boy know you would time bomb em Click Click Boom Damn Rotten dot com em Straight Osam em treat em like Hillary Bully and Obam em I'm a a up town problem Nigga [Lil Wayne:] I come from the bottom the dirty below [Jae Millz:] And I'm from up top with armed verses That dope And in case ya don't know I'm the newest on that Young Money team And I'm gonna bring that nigga Weezy mad more cream [Jae Millz:] Now if you seen me in the coupe and the wrist ice blue If you trying to get it like me I'm a tell ya what to do Holla At A Playa [x4] Now mami if you with your man and he got cuffs on your hand When he slipping turn his head I'm a tell ya what's the plan Holla at a playa [x4] [Jae Millz:] Lean Clap If you bout paper Holla holla holla at a playa (Better late then never) Cell phone or pager If you bout paper Holla holla holla at a playa Remix Baby

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