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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

Solja Rag

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: [helicopter sound effects] Verse One: You 'bout dat paper? You on top? You handlin' business? You doin' swell? Down with yo' niggaz to da finish? Are you willin'? To hit da streetz up and make a killin'? Are you a villain? Pushin' a Bentley makin' millions? Do you do your time? Without rattin' on your partners? Do you kill your beef? With a pistol or a chopper? Is you da man? Do you pay all of your bills? Did you make a plan? And won't stop 'till it fulfilled? Can you handle coke? Can you handle dope? Ain't afraid to go? Even though you know? Look... lil' Daddy... Do you take care of yo' kids? Is it clean in yo' crib? Can't you stand to eat some ribs? Ain't it scandalous how we live? You ball with Cash Money? Do you like Manny track? Ain't it shive how I rap? Puttin' New Orleans on the map! You brush ya teeth? You on dem hoes? You got dem Ree[bok]s on ya feet? With dem Girbauds? Chorus1: 4X Then you a SOLJA nigga, put up a solja rag!!! Put up a soljah rag Put up a soljah rag Verse Two: Now what's happenin' wit' you? You knockin' dem heads off too? You do what a playa do? You fuck in the Rochambeau? You ain't scared to blast? When you got dat iron witcha Do you bust his ass? You acts a ass? You got ya ski mask? And ya solja rag? Look... You ready to blow a bag? Can you hustle like it's legal? Can you avoid da people? And hotwire your Regal? You 'bout dat evil? Look... You on some ignorant shit? When that hoe get flip Now can you punish da bitch? You like dem Beamers? You like dem Benz 500s? You like dem Hummers? You like dem big fine womens? You a playa ain't ya? None of these bitch niggaz could fade ya! The ghetto made ya! Dope fiends and junkies raised ya! Do you sleep in suites? Do you go shopping every week? When you hit da streetz You got dem Reeboks on your feet? Chorus 2: Then you a SOLJA nigga, put up a solja rag!! Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a soljah rag Put up a soljah rag Put up a soljah rag Throw up a soljah rag Chorus1: 2X Verse Three: Is you a paper chaser? You got your block on fire? Remainin' a G? Until the moment you expire? You know what it is? To make nothin' outta somethin'? You handle your biz? And don't be cryin' And its somethin' Your niggaz is in ya? You got your girlfriends witcha? Since you was a kid? You was a instant wig-splitter? You twinkle your slug? You ain't no bitch huh? You stompin' ya box in the mud? A Hot Boy microwave oven Tatooted up, booted up None of you bitches lovin' Your windows are tinted? You got a g and a half and you ready to spend it? You don't fuck with dem Nike tennis? You play with Barettaz? You sleep in the Royal Sonesta? You won't fuck Vanessa? You got chopperz up on ya dresser? You believe in GOD? But can you handle it when its hard? And represent your ward? You be stalkin' the boulevard? Chorus 3: Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Put up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag Throw up a solja rag [Outro]


B.G. "Checkmate"
[B.G.] Uh-huh Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake the type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face I'm a tiger, I'm a lion, I'm a bear, I'm a panther if you ballin' I'ma be the one that's gonna snatch ya I'm a fool, when I'm beefin I give niggaz the blues Don't think twice, first mind tell me do what I gotta do So I gather up my clique, load up the fucking iron gas up the creep mobile, jump in that bitch and ride When I catch ya I'ma do ya, I'ma smoke ya, I'ma kill ya I'ma spank ya, I'ma whack ya, Geezy gone deal witcha I don't play, I don't asshole B.G. don't lollygag I get these pussy niggaz ready for their body bag I'ma a clown but I ain't the type that play with ya child I'm the type that go chicka-blowe chicka blowe Ya heard me, watch out when that thang in my hand I'ma an untamed animal, straight a clean up man Chorus 2X: [Juvenile] I'ma animal in the jungle so you better beware it ain't nothing but guerillas, lion, tigers, and bears I'ma game red-nosed pit ready to scratch got you running like a bitch tryin to avoid the attack [B.G.] I ain't no rabbit, I ain't no rat I'ma a soldier that will give you hell I ain't cat, I ain't no turtle get in beef and hide in a shell I ain't no mutt, I ain't no monkie, far from being a duck believe me I can swim so come in that water, try your luck You gonna drown, guarantee you go under you won't come up I'm from Uptown and Uptown niggaz don't give a fuck My hood is a jungle full of niggaz live that wild life picture a untamed guerilla with a K(AK) he nothing nice so you know you get in his way, you lose your life so reverse that, get in front of me, you lose your life I'm like a alligator crocodile, quietly I lay Then slip, get comfortable, I'll strike and kill a prey take the life out em', stand there and watch him stop breathing watch him fade into the other world, but one day I'll see him but for now FUCK em', see ya when I see ya nigga I know at this moment I wouldn't wanna be ya nigga (Chorus) I'm a lil' creeper, quick like a cheetah, so better (?????) when I tell you freeze, when I was down for my heater people say I'm dangerous, I need a leash and a collar cuz I'm like a ROCK (rocwilder) but much more wilder if You got it, and I want it, I'll duct tape ya gotta a lock like a pit bull, get a hold of you and shake ya ain't now way You gone stomp at me, I feel you trying to play me I'm like Mike when I bite, I give ya bitch ass Rabies From tree to tree, block to block I be hanging Nuts swanging, thuggin, fuck it I'm looking mangy I gives a fuck, I live wild life like jungle animals catch Us gettin how we live on Discovery Channel You gotta be a snake that creep and know how to survive pussy cats got nine lives, dogs like me got one life so we gotta manage it We feel threatened by anything we gotta handle it We living scandalous (Chorus) [animal and jungle sounds at the end]

Smoke 'n' Drank

E-40 "In A Major Way"
(spit that shit) Durrin a playa like Ma Dukes I think I recall when I got my first tooth I was a teeny little ol teether perv on flea little bitches Some like a little further on down the line started fuckin with moonshine, all kind of wines Stood in front of the liquor house so I can get mine, from old timers Buy me a drank man I know it's against the law my name's liquor sport What you need my little catarada a packet of kool-aid and some throw up What else A thing of B's and a short naked Night Train Whatchu gonna give me A crumpled up foodstamp that I won in a dice game Preciate it playa, I'm up out of this bitch bout to go hook up with my side hill now them shits relatives simple ones kinfolks Good folks, y'know, y'know Twisted, slogan, me and my fools be out there back pervin To' back on your face and started to roll over *chorus* Let's perv, throw up, and drank again Let's get high, loaded, and smoke again (repeat 2X) Just wakin up from my hang-over Still high, like I swallowed an ounce of hell yeah I don't wanna ever be sober Like bein toishin, wake up in the same position, open up the safe Peep the stash, lookin mighty healthy, plenty of cash Grabbed my partner from up out the charger And then made a dash called up the folks today is the day for my nigga's birthday twelve o'clock come through gon get beat By who By them hog mark niggaz in the cleats We's deep, no remorse no feelings retardos no sorrow Drink it til your motherfuckin insides turn holes to cross and wallow Back to back, struck and strikin, that's your job (that's your job nigga) To make you lift this tick, fuckit nigga blow a bottle *chorus* Room spinnin, dead Got the garbage can next to the bed Now I was tweakin off that old crazy ass commercial on BET Jackie Stallone What made it so bad is I don't even know how I got home Niggaz ain't feel me y'know fuck this sargeant general when they peoples be lookin like that indo Dicked a, barren, purple, fish sto' Smob with me I'm tryin to told ya like you get to perkin Ride to me I'll teach you some of this game that I be twerkin Pull this motherfucker over main, you probably gotta go piss again Don't even sweat it though just be on the lookout for so-and-so now whatchu be callin them po-po's Tedelknows Penelopes, grill up out of this bitch man I got ones, let's go get some Hen main *chorus*

Murda 4 Life

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
Yeah. What y'all niggaz want street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja rule shit You heard nigga It's all real in the field nigga [Chorus] Niggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night If your feeling it, get high its alright but you can't get it, until the day of our demise [repeat] [Memphis Bleek] You can holler at the dog haters wanna see me fall Bitches wanna too see me ball killers they don't wanna see me at all If I wasn't rolling with the rock Will you niggaz pass rock share birds or flash glocks I walk around wit two Mac's, razors and icepicks Just cause you niggaz want to see me hurtin like them Its all about the benjamins money cash hoe's livin through this shit i'm in nigger stack doe Street scholar, eight figure nigga white collar cat ain't the M-E-M-P-H man, bitch holla back I'm a creature smoking on hay since it was reefer Drug ass flow like I was cut wit ether Mark ass nigger don't want a part of this nigga spark with this nigga blaze bark wit this niga Me and Ja Rule fuckin you hoe's is what these guys do Ain't the type to buy you, mommy how you, slide cock inside you supply you with ten bitches times two, I'm a motherfuckin animal [Chorus 2x] [Ja Rule] Fuck the world cause it ain't quite ready me I'm living my life niggaz take a look at these eyes Witness what it is to be real niggaz guns, drugs, hot slugs, coke runs, want some, get some Bad enough buy some nigga Fucking around with Ja and Bleek and get hit up Tearing your whole clique then we clip up Nigga thats what these Murderers nigga that's us What the fuck, is you ready to die right now nigga Know you feelin my style nigga Run wit nothing but wild Brooknam and Queens Isle niggaz Hit em any nigger that breath rule riddel em wit hot one Ain't nigga like me, who you riding wit Rolling nothing but hot shit your bitch my bitch Only difference is bitches on my dick blow dick How I cock spread hit ho's love that shit, you celibate I'll turn you into the freakest bitch Have you topless dancing in bars naked for dollars Y'all bitches know what my style is Always on some foul shit, Rule bitch Let the world know When I spit nothing but that murderous live wit it [Chorus 2x] [Memphis Bleek] Hol-la! What you think of that, bitch where we freakin at Bum chick don't speak to that, fly momma creep wit that Live with it nigga hit it, don't stop get it get it Don't tricking bitching, would you fuck with it Brooknam and Queens Yo, it means more killin, more guns, more drugs, more real ass niggaz HOLLA don't give a fuck, DOLLAS niggaz what you want get it Crump blaze skunk, what the fuck y'all want nigga! [Ja Rule] None of me cause, I hit em wit to much style And my energy got these niggaz creatin lil me's I'm a lock and squeeze know that its my time If I leave air breath niggaz haten on mines I'm a nightmare niggas better prepare to die And deal wit Ja hollerin Murda 4 life! [Chorus 2x] Uhh yeah Ja Rule, Memph Bleek Holla back, Roc-a-Fella Its Mur-da, Its Mur-da uh uh We out

Severe Punishment

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready Verse One: U-God Yo, yeah, yo, yo Yo, yeah Check these high hats sting things moving through the rubbish Party robust, rec room style for you brothers Time's ticking, erupt misconduct Entering one funk before the drum dry up Dial, style, jab vocab slow Alphabet run, construction voice might blow Tap dance swelling Hemingway novel model For a breather, dirty reefer hide your bottle Cut down, come with something that's round and profound Blood brothers people of colors we get down Watch this fly, force feed things being said Nine Diagram acid black evil red left his mic half a dangle, seriouser man My mic clapper def wish, everlasting plan heavenly God body, know me as the cleaner Night champion, old villain style seem a kiss of spider, to God saga why bother Godfather talk drama, fly swatters Number two, Chao San Poi Verse Two: The Genius/GZA This Wu shit be hard to kill and full blown Rhymes filtered through the net before words hit the chrome Pro tools editing tracks that's rough Cause a jam without a live MC isn't enough So we attack this, and grab all within reach Throw a scrap back to niggaz - perfect your own speech Shit is copper, it ain't worth the mic stands used by backup singers in Atlantic City bands Niggaz look on, and get hooked on this mic line Real thin and shift through the pipeline LP's delivered with style and potential Niggaz flowin smoothly in a sequential order, revealin hidden tape recorders Stashed inside pockets of those who lack aura Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef Twist the DAC up, them niggaz with math is back up Watch he act up, fifty-two block track we slap up Playground maneuver, jet to Vancouver like this Two Kahluas one chick she's German Luger Get the shit on, light a fresh pack, bust it open with the seal on Dunn, deal on this, with the real on Next, Rocky, ring, call it to Decatur Slang soufleer home decorater, player Mic immigrants, nine of us formed resemblance Somethin flashy, God dead-armed is nasty Peep the ornaments enough to make Shorty-Wop stare at me yo He killed the God might as well throw a chair at me Verse Four: Prince Rakeem/RZA Yo MC's wonder what's hip-hop thunder Tell you the truth it's just one nation under a groove Gettin down for the funk of it Like Fred Sanford in the biz... Yo one held his paraphenalia, a Wu memorabilia Mailed by the fortune teller, tried to tell ya bout the group recruit we scoop up CREAM like Breyer's Then spread across the globe like telephone wires Thirty-six assorted, Shaolin imported chambers been recorded, you're fuckin with the loops Time for royalty audit Fabulous establishment metabolism, Blackfoot Indian Cherokee started out smaller than amphibian Then grew to a physical body with five meridians As the pendulum swings closer to the millenium two thousand, wickedness is spread amongst my citizen I got a muscle the industrial to make a hustle and politic with Leo and Russell When niggaz is still rushin we'll brush you He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives Verse Five: Masta Killa Thoughts are contained in the trenches of the brain ignite, blowin the mic to Arabian heights As I recite this medley, niggaz couldn't fuck with the deadly ground I hold down Classical gangland style, shots hit the ceiling Panic and confusion echoes through the building Continuing to build, I strive for perfection Driven by the will to live, glocks I hold Shots I give, while searchers of rescue teams look for means of survival and who's liable for this harrowing experience You scream for the extreme, fiend for the cap and proceeds of the Wu-Tang Academy To fuck up your anatomy with assault and battery Number two, Chao San Poi Number two, Chao San Poi He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives Number one, Yen Chang Wa He's an adulterer, don't trust him Number two, Chao San Poi Number two, Chao San Poi He's a womanizer, but he's an expert at throwing knives I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready I despise your killing, and raping You're... despicable Are you, my judge It's just... you should be punished I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready


[hispanic voice same as Intro from _In My Lifetime, Vol. 1_] What you think you like me? You ain't like me *motherfucker* You a punk I been with MADE people.. CONNEC-TED people Who you been wit? Chain snatchin, jive-ass, maricon *motherfuckers* Why don't you go get lost Get out of here, go kick a freestyle or somethin [Jay-Z] You're now tuned into the greatest *Motherfuckers* can't beat us, join us, can't fade us, hate us Can't touch it, *fuck it*, can't see em, try to be em Both shows sold out your coliseum, 8th Wonder Locked rap for trey summers, poker faces with the aces under Face one up, to take over, the break's over *Nigga* I'm the God MC, me, Jay-hovah *Shit* knockin, almost a crime, get Cochran Bangin to the hearse where my doctors hand hot land, FBI, DEA, I did crime, got away They wanna see me pay, *motherfuckers* better ride if they try to plant, under the seat of my car even a half a gram, better flame those, plainclothes Same goes for lame hoes, cocaine rapper Rep ya game pros [Wais] We celebrate this, while you sittin back screamin you hate this Try to rape this, get caught in my crime matrix Spittin sperm inside of latex You get, no respect like a child rapist Delegate this, men just givin facelifts Leave your melon spacious, career felon, no hiatus nor Ceasar's, the CIA flooded my block with diseases Informants, heating the spot up like global warming Who start *shit*? My style is laced with arsenic Odorless tasteless, cause of death is traceless I know you wanna see me wasted You call the order, I'll be in Hell Team Roc sweater and ice water Righteous, dominate the global, my life's a novel blazin in Barnes and Noble, idolize the vocals Y'all niggaz is local but that's evident I'm Resident Evil, movin like ? [Memphis Bleek] Millionaire that flow like water, rap *niggaz* runnin I, oughta applaud ya, clap at ya Point the Mac at ya, *niggaz* caught up Brought up in the rapture, my flows torture like a compound fracture, can't *fuck* widdit For the love of sex money and drugs Affiliated with the sets Tecs honies and thugs Let the four power, rain on *niggaz* like a spring shower and bring flowers for the bodies that surround us If you was lookin you found us Movin with speed, tried to play Superman ended up like Chris Reeves Parapalegic, precise minds like the Pharoah's of Egypt Shot through a barrel *niggaz* narrowly weaved it Keepin my Team top seeded with the Sweet 16's bulgin out of my jeans, on the ten-speed weeded Holdin, ? shots with you like a secret It's like a story never told, but believe it... [Sauce Money] Street anthem anchor, quick to trade shots just like a banker Lick a round, *niggaz* hit the ground like Sanka I got ya screwface in forty-two ways, Aim better than toothpaste, Jerry Maguire Show Me The Money like Clue tapes Run up in your spot with a few eights, zonin Known men, home in, all of my homies condone sin Four shots spin ya like chrome rims Put a part right through your dome like the Omen, foamin White sheets got ya wrapped like a Roman Back in New York, honey wants it, just spit blood and talk funny *Niggaz* is cartoons, picture styles that's fully developed like dark rooms, hits fat, cub with a harpoon Heat-seekin, grill huntin, still frontin? Keep squeezin, *fuck it*, I leave the whole street wheezing No *motherfuckers* hope I fail, and gotta provoke the frail Got em scared to drop like soap in jail [Jay-Z] Geyeah, there you have it Just think of ours as can't be touched, tested, whatever Never disrespect this thing of ours Roc-a-Fella family

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