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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

Money On Tha Couch

Original and similar lyrics
[First Verse:] I went through with the plan, now the man sendin' me grams, My coke organization still infestin' the land, No joke, built my Mama an estate in the Bahamas, Crops of marijuana protected by Big Timers, Hand, full of ice, it's gangsta's paradise, Expensive merchandise, I had to sacrifice for the glamourous life, Don P. for breakfast, Benz, stretches, and Lexus, Distribution of coke from Louisiana to Texas, Some fabricated, but fascinated by the way that I made it, Now my name is implicated with the greatest Wearin' the latest, leather fatigues and B.B.H., Brand new Mercedes, parked in front of my new estate, Twelve o' clock we gave him, caviar, is what we ate, Party with killas, paraphrenalia full of projects, Dope snorters or prospects, the rob your shop necks, But I gets pissed and send hits, don't fuck with my shit Wig split, the heel, whoever he roll with, Admit it, you did it, tongue too tied? Well say somethin' Nine's bustin', bringin' your platoon to destruction, Continue to hustlin', givin' up nothin' where the dope at? Crackers can get the Bauds at, because I'm pro Black, Think I'm a foreigner, he wasn't holdin' up his side of his deal, Alien gotta be killed, sent to the coroner, I'm sure he would have gone before the judge With somethin' concrete, to send me, cuz He was holdin' a grudge, fuckin' over a thug, Told my bitch I want him dead, Bring me his head, fill him with lead, Heard what I said? Don't betray me, I'll put you on the streets and make you weak, With carrots and stones up on fingers and your teeth, And built you a home next to the beach, And luxury cars we creep Here's the nine, I don't have time, make it discreet [Chorus:] Money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch, nigga Gimme everything, I'll pay your house, nigga Shut'cha mouth, nigga Put the money on the couch shut'cha mouth, nigga [Second Verse:] I know that my cousin Lil' Kerzaw, He sold up outta his backyard, And sold up shit, from the seventeen all the way up to the Ninth Ward, You know he rolls up in the caddy, It's about that time to go roasts and vogue, I'ma go on the passenger side, fuckin' with every last hoe, Nigga Russ was up in that car shop, Ready to get all the seats fixed, Let me go scope me a kneefit, so I can go out to the Freaknik, Shit, I'm the lyrical genius, Drop down on your knees to the penis, The nigga be talkin' the shit about my family, but I never did seen it I'm larger than large, if you came home with two heroin charges, And I still got somethin' stashed in the garages, Y'all is petty, it's gone take two to fill my stamina, When I pass the camera, flash, fuck the amateurs, Ya better be top notch, or I'ma cock my rhyme glock, To wound ya, and paint your death with my autograph on your tumor, [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm straight from the ghetto, the Mac they make the foes shake, Then I left that spot and I went to the T, where the triflin' hoes play, They comin' to me and, they blowin' that funky fire, I'm grabbin' a beer and, them blunts be gettin' me higher, Due to my clique I walked to the front door, Hope it ain't them po-po's, I looked through the blinds, it went through my mind, "What I have to run for?", Nobody would want to test me, Especially comin' to arrest me, Old body and soul, it's a must I leave you cold, Keep it chilly chilly, when I'm jigglin' jigglin' money, Some niggas say okay, but you can say no way, I'm drinkin' for honey, If I wouldn't be kickin' these rhymes so funky, You and your crew would never have bought my shit like junkies, A part of a "ki" is all that I need, To get on my feet, up outta the weed, The capital "C", I do it for weed, and even a "G" for slangin' them kis, I'm puttin' in it your face, Juvenile lookin' for a bitch now, Don't have no time for no foreplay, I'm simply gonna lay this dick down Niggas be comin' with dope lines, Gimme the chance I'ma flow mine, I'm tearin' this bitch up in no time, No fuckin' ya up cuz you know I'm, Funky like a club that's filled up with fat men fartin', And never a bad thought in my mind, cuz I'm steadily plottin' [Chorus]


JAY-Z "American Gangster"
[Jay-Z:] I got these niggas breezy, don't worry about it Let that bitch breathe! I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less What do I think of success It sucks too much to stress I guess I blew up quick, cause friends I grew up with See me as a primi, but I'm not and my nut's big I don't know what the fuss is My career is illustrious My rep is impeccable I'm not to be fucked with, with shit Let that bitch breathe! I'm way too important to be talking extorting Asking me for a portion is like asking me for a coffin Broad daylight I off ya on switch Ya not too bright, goodnight, long kiss, Bye-bye, my reply, blah-blah Blast burner then pass burner, to TyTy Finish my breakfast, why? I got an appettite for destruction and you're a small fry Now where was I Let that bitch breathe! I used to give a shit, now I don't give a shit more Truth be told, I had more fun when I was piss poor I'm pissed off, is this what success all about A bunch of niggas acting like bitches with big mouths All this stress, all I got is this big house Couple cars, I don't bring half of them shits out All this ace of spade I drank, just to piss out I mean I like the taste, could have saved myself six hours How many times can I go to Mr. Chow's, Tao's, Nobu Hold up, let me move my bowels I'll shit on y'all niggas, OG tell these boys [Juan:] Y'all ain't got shit on my nigga [Jay-Z:] I got watches I ain't seen in months Apartment at the Trump I only slept in it once Nigga said Hova was over, such dummies Even if I fell I land on a bunch of money Y'all ain't got nothing for me Nas, let that bitch breathe! [Nas:] Success, McLaren, women starin' My villain appearance Sacred blood of a king In my vein ain't spillin' Ghetto Othello, Sugar Hill, Romero Camaro driven I climax from paper then ask why is life worth livin' Is it the hunt for the shit that you want To receive is great but I lust giving The best jewelers want to make my things I make Jacob shit on Lorraine, just to make me a chain Niggas mention of one love, came home to paper in hand Ain't got to brag about the feds young man Old cribs I sold, y'all drive by like monuments Google Earth Nas, I got flats in other continents Worst enemies want to be my best friends Best friends want to be enemies, like that's what's in But I don't give a fuck, walk inside the lion's den Take everybody's chips, about to cash them in Up your catalogue dog, mines worth too much Like Mike Jack's ATV Pub, Mottola can't touch Let this bitch breathe! [Jay-Z & Nas:] Let this bitch breathe!

Through The Eyes Of A G

[Intro:] I think I got 15... bullshit, this is nothing. Look, my feet hurt, I need DOPE. When are we gonna do some acid cause I got, I need piles of money. Forget this shit... but a hit of crack will do for now [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yeah... through the eyes of a G Through the eyes of a G, see me in the all white Eclipse A husband pay me 10 stacks to fuck his bitch Hand up her ass like a Muppet baby, it's crazy While she do a buck-eighty in a mustard Mercedes I move the mustard from Russia to Haiti Forty-fives will kiss like the touch from a lady Fuck with my lunch and then the pump leaves you under the daisies You know your bitch is just another cocksucker with rabies I'm signing autographs in Spanish, I live with Michael Jackson's anguish Hop in the Vanquish and vanish off the manor in a strange manner Aim the hammer at your dame's bladder, like it ain't matter I smoke 'til I got down syndrome Tan gators, brown linen Multi-color money, seven different kinds of cheeses My silhouette resembles Jesus in all seasons Take a ginger shot, doing concentration curls with the cinderblocks Doing squats, hope the ox don't drop out Don't make me have to slap the fire out your pop's mouth It's me... uh Through the eyes of a G [Verse 2: Ab-Soul] Yo Through the eyes of a G A-B, utilize what you and I use to see To move forward Cause I get bored with niggas talking 'bout Who they used to be, what they used to do My homie headed to court, not for a 2-on-2 Ironically, I'll have you know we do it for the sport Or at least to keep a little gold in this uniform I'm abnormal like a unicorn that you could get on Cows jump over moons when my nouns and verbs move Etiquette of a veteran, still getting checks You get a F for your efforts, we never trade techs I tried to keep the peace but now I gotta keep the piece I speak in synchronistic frequency with triggers squeezing And one day I'll drop to my knee and repent to Jesus 'Til then I'm humping my lust demons for no reason Soul-o ho, from Del Amo to SoHo, ho Yo, yo, check, "you do not know me, no, no, no You do not know me but I know you-" I had to, I had to do it

Eternal Yard Dash

PASTOR TROY "We Ready, I Declare War"
Come on cuz, we almost there We almost there cuz Goddamn, where the finish line Fuck this shit, I need some chees And I need the cookie and the nestle If I have to kill then God bless me All these pussy motherfuckers, they shouldn't have test me Left me looking like the villian , I was thinking of ending Nobody knew what I was going through All these motherfuckers saying what they gonna do But then again all these motherfuckers ain't true So who am I gonna trust, am I going on and bust Myself nigga, damn this shit Fuck riding round' nigga, fuck being rich I can't take it, the shit to thick And it ain't my fault So I ought to give the motherfucker telling lies to me Hey the say, what its gonna be, but empty pockets all I goddamn see D-E-F, no ones left, then again, shit no ones right I'm a kill my damn self the night I get fear, it ain't my fault he couldn't fight It ain't like, when I motherfucking die, this whole world gonna fall apart But it's a race, and I got a bad heart Breath in the mouth, and I got a head start I'm running for nothing, I'm running for nothing [x8] So I'm gonna kill myself A motherfucker tellin' me what he gonna do When I knew the motherfucker wouldn't do shit A nigga tease you, then a nigga leave you Cause he heard that the shit done got thick, punk bitch I'm still in the mood for cocaine The only thing I see when a nigga look Come and get the baking soda, then open up the powder if it really don't matter What the fuck you been through If a motherfucker see you doin' better, my nigga I'm here to tell ya' Motherfuckers gonna hate you Not a clue, If I really wanna new motherfucking 22. far away I never would have had a chance and would have killed myself on yesterday [hook] This heaven, where the streets of gold, and why the hell is the a/c off Where the fuck, all the loved ones that I lost Fuck this shit, take me to the boss Do you understand the cost, ever paid In order for me to be here tonight Nigga whats up, something ain't right Tell the Lord to turn on the damn light Feeling like an angel when I take flight Shit, as I try I'm on the damn mic All my is out of damn sight Look, why the fuck I was packed so tight Nigga I ain't Mike I'm Michael Think I'm in the wrong spot Not only do I have on black, its too hot But why my K motherfucker ain't shot I got those halos, hello, motherfucker shit nigga, I'm talking to you Slap the clip in the tech 22. Let the shit fly Now I got a clue, where the fuck I'm at Shawty want the tech and a nigga want the bud Nigga just bleedin', motherfucker out of blood Looking at me smilin', asking me what I got cuts, but cuts got down shit I can't tell Went from dwellin' in hell on earth, now I'm living inhaling hell

Tongue Ring

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
[Talking] Hey we gonna do a song called Tongue Ring Let me see your Tongue Ring, is it rusty, hahaha [Chorus One: D.J. Paul] Let me see your tongue ring, let me see Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring, let me see Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring [Juicy 'J'] Me and my niggas try yo' bitch stole the price and stang yo' bitch all you did was take a shot and ball the fist to close the fist kiss it at the mall to mill hold the hands and love the shit hope you ain't no essency don't you know she used to trick open the door to pop the crespt to take your time to fucking sex I never would a will a swept knowing she'd be chewing paint all my boys the more the better not a week but when you met her spits the swallow while she asks thats as if you gon' eat me now [D.J. Paul] Now nigga (nigga) what What the fuck Im all about them freaky hoes that like to suck them brawls wit' them booty blowin' now thats the bidness I let this kinda camera for show be my witness them boys wit the can't block it get them round wit' them boys that can't rock it drink some crown wit it niggas wit some videos or some college hoes that playin' hard to get but they the freakiest (freakiest) [Chorus Two: DJ Paul] Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see your tongue ring Let me see let me see let me see your tongue ring [Gangsta Boo] I be fucking this nigga straight corruping this nigga pussy wet as a river you need a boat for me nigga I be hot as a fire oh my God I'm on fire I be tellin' these boys I do my thang when I'm higher come on baby just lay down or to bed with me baby I be triple the playin' the triple pleasure im sayin' I be comin' with cha' if your freaky like me if your freaky, im sneaky hey undercover watch me strawberries and ice not the ice on yo' wrist got yo' niggas dick brick see me rubbin' my clit (rubbin' rubbin' my clit) suckin' (suckin') my tits camcorder got me staring high in my first click I be major with mine, I don't fuck all the time I don't need you, please believe me Nigga only when I'm in the mood for a quick a quick ride on the dick through a razor in my mouth straight slicin' yo' shit NIGGA !!! [Repeat Chorus 2] [Chrunchy Black] Dis' Bitch, dat ho (ho) let me see you pussy ho soakin' fuckin' wet nigga tryin' to play some fat oldy, freaky, hood rat type of ho nigga don't you know all hoes go easy fuckin' cum easy fuckin' go see me nigga fuckin' ho bout' a train bro' all nigga, all boy, take off yo' fuckin' hat let these ho put cap in yo lap (jack) [Lord Infamous] Fornified pleasure girl lickin' every measure girl tryin' to find a tresure girl nigga it's whatever girl bitch i'll take you round' the world lick ya dick, a talk ya twirl All to know ya' toes will curl and then your dick will start to hurl talk like I fuck her in da butt nigga it ain't hard to cut wait untill she sittin' up just waitin' to lick a nigga nuts quickly gettin' naked skinny dick, she'll strecth it pussy stayin' wet, and she loves when niggas rake it [Koopsta Knicca] So did it bitches pretty bitches freaky bitches I've had those sticky bitches Grand there thin, all on the flow wit' bitches them goin' bitches hoein bitches blowin' bitches mad at the stoned up bitches flowin' bitches some sort of rollin' bitches scary bitches plenty bitches hairy bitches even the smelly bitches ready bitches beat up the deadly bitches say what to tear up the ugly bitches bout' the news Koopsta my bloodshed bullsucker bitch you gon' feel the nooooise !

6 'n Tha Mornin'

MASTER P "Gameface"
[Verse One:] 6 'n tha mornin' police at my do' *door knocking* Fresh Nike's squeak across my bathroom flo' Out my back window, I made my escape Didn't even get a chance to grab my Bout It, Bout It tape Man with no music but I'm happy cause I'm free In the streets is a place for a playa to be Got a knot in my pocket when I unleashed the green Gold tank around my neck, my pistol's close at hand I'm a self made millionaire in these silly streets Remotely controlled by hard hip-hop beats But just livin in tha city is a serious task Didn't know what cops wanted, din't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] Unnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Verse Two:] See my homeboys coolin way way out Told them bout my mornin, cold bugged em out Shot a lil dice til my knees got sore Kicked around some stories bout the night befo' TRU to the corner where the fly girls chill TRU action to some freak until one bitch got ill She started actin silly, simply would not quit Called us all punk pussy said we all wasn't shit As we walked over to her hoe continued to speak So we beat the bitch down in the back of the street *screams* But just livin in the city is a serious task Tha bitch didn't know what hit her didn't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] Unnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Verse Three:] Continued clockin freaks with a nice posterior Roll in an Expedition with the leather interior Would bring tha teekies but tha ride was rough Bust a left turn, was on South Broad Silkk the Shocker was the driver known to get free tell Had the beepe going off like a high school bell *beeper sounds* Looked in the mirror, what did we see Fuckin blue lights, N.O.P.D. Pig searched our car cause they day was made Found an uzi, fo'-fo', and a hand grenade They t-rew us in the county house, power with lock No more freaks to see, no more shows to rock Didn't want no trouble but the shit must fly Squabble with this fuckin hater, shanked him in the eye But just livin in the county is a serious task Nigga didn't know what happened didn't have time to ask [drum break followed by gunshot 3X] UnnnnnnnnggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhH! We bout it bout it Now I say 'Wus up to Ice-T' This from tha old to tha new generation This is what hip-hop's all about We represent baby From tha south to tha north to the east coast mid-west It ain't nutin but luv I want to say whats up to Bobby Brown, Andrew Shack For hookin this & we outty outty Like 6 'n tha Mornin, you heard me I told y'all we're no limit Represent baby Unnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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