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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

I Did That

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] Them Hot Boys out here, ya heard me? The B.G., headbussin' Moe, fa sho Bout to make it happen, Magnolia bout that gafflin' Valence Magnolia First Verse [Juvenile]: I'm in the jungle, of niggas that's lookin' for static, Two niggas stuck and jackin' just to support his habit, Them people rollin', so I gotta do what I can, I gotta pound of that sand I picked up from the man, The luxuries I gotta have it, black savage, He's in the streets holdin' up traffic, With the plastic, Desert Eagle .45 automatic, My glass is, filled with J.D. and coca-cola classic, And niggas that playa-hate I got somethin' for yo asses I'ma act a donkey, boy you best not run up on me, You niggas phony, that's why I did that to your homie, For instance, when the Mac-9 will erase your existence So distance, yourself from me cuz my conscience be clickin', Niggas be paranoid when they see I be dippin', Sayin', man let me go, he bout to stomp on that trigger, Somebodies wig get split in the middle of the street, I got your brains to show you bitches, stop playin' with me, And ain't no thing I got my ruger and I aint' scared to die, Cross that line and I'ma shoot'cha and tell your Mommy bye-bye, Hungry for money, like vampires hungry for blood, Better get to runnin', solja reeboks is in the mud Chorus [Bulletproof]: Phase, a blast of foolishness went through his head, With a strap hollerin' Nigga what you said? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say Juvenile you did that? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say Juvenile you did that? Man, Juvenile you did that... Second Verse [Big Moe]: Don't get caught up fools, in the wrong way, Cuz them niggas out that Lio stay totin' them A.K.'s The baddest trigga happy niggas I ever saw, Calliope niggas play the muthafuckin' game raw, So don't get'cha self in a jam, Cuz these niggas I hang with really don't give a damn, With the quickness, nigga they put them K's to use, Niggas like Wango, Wine, Spig, and my boy Deuce, So any nigga want some drama get strapped, So I can put your bitch ass in my Rest In Peace wrap Cuz dead, yeah, is what'cha gonna be, If you fuck with this nigga from that C-P 3, So don't be fuckin' with me, Cuz you'll be lookin' down the barrel of a nine double M, homie And with a nigga like me, holdin' the gat, I'ma pull the fuckin' trigger and bust ya head to the fat, Then watch your brain run down the city drain, And after that, leave the spot cuz Frank Mignon's comin' to get the remains, So all you gangsta ass niggas tilt your hat, And plus that bullshit y'all niggas out here are tryin' to do? I fuckin' been there and done that Chorus [Bulletproof]: Phase, a blast of foolishness went through his head, With a strap hollerin' Nigga what you said? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say Big Moe you did that? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say Big Moe you did that? Third Verse [B.G.]: Don't make me pull my pistol nigga, cuz fa-shiggidy I'ma use it This life you strugglin' through you gone lose it, I come through actin' foolish, with semi-automatics, Shit get hectic, blast, or get blasted, I'ma a Baby Gangsta bout drama, bout buckin', Full of that dustin', you bust, I'm bustin', You shoot, I shoot You miss, I hit, Hot Boy representin' that gangsta shit, Stop playin' with the young soldier, believe, You jeopardizin' what's on your shoulder, you shoot at me Take it to the streets, you ain't bout that action, Packin' two twenty-three's, sweepers knock you off your feet, St. Thomas still got them bags for twenty-five, Before I go on the pride, I'm full of that Worldwide, Goin' for crime I'll spank them, can't swim with the sharks, Through this water, muthafucka I'll spank'em, Get'cha mind right, nigga, fuckin' with me, Think twice I tote iron I'ma a true B.G., Fuckin' right, I split hats, and I tote Mac's, I be fuckin' with silver packs, now what you know about that? Got the all black fit, ready to put in work, But niggas actin' like jerks, I put dicks in the dirt, I run with Juvenile, cuz he's a gangsta ass nigga, Niggas huntin' like they bout it, but I'll spank that ass nigga, So who wants some beef? Let me show you I don't play, Told ya I'm that type that'll hit'cha block everyday, If you're real, you'll bust back, But if you fake, I got'cha warning in all-black, It's no escape, I did that Chorus [Bulletproof]: Phase, a blast of foolishness went through his head, With a strap hollerin' Nigga what you said? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say B.G. you did that? That iron again is mine right? Snatchin' for a kidnap, People out that project say B.G. you did that? Man, Juvenile you did that...

You Told Me

THE LOX "We Are The Streets"
(Sheek ad libbing) [Sheek] Now you can quote me on this I bust my gun Also quote me on this I handle my biz I knew it was my house when Run was sayin it was his I aint lyin Aint no cords or no steam in this iron But it is a permanent press Have these 38 shells spray starch your chest Leave you stiff Coroners make ashes of you In rap I'm like God nigga forever above you If I don't do it all I just dial my phone And you get sprayed through your clothes like you put on cologne If it's not violence or drugs I have nothing to spit I be lyin if I talk some spiritual shit Like Kirk Franklin and them Y'all just aint me I can't tell you about God but I can tell you about a key And what I'll do to God's children if they jerk me Hurt me , never , that'll be a sin I'ma put the Bible to your head and shoot through Matthew verse 10 What C'mon niggas What CHORUS 2X: [Eve and Jadakiss] You told me you would bust your guns for me (Yeah bust your gun dog) You said you'd always sling your pounds (Sling the hydro green) Now you're away and you're all that I need (You're all that I need baby) But L-O-X will hold it down (You know the LOX gonna hold it) [Jadakiss] I'm back in the game I still ride the back of the train And sit right next to jake with a package of caine Niggas say he realer than me you call him a liar I got the outtie T T the same color as fire You just gettin a name Puttin shit in the game Stop fakin I have your doorag lookin Jamaican Holey as the water in the front of the church Then find you with no back plus one in your earth I can't wait for the day you get murt Cuz I'ma throw a free party at the Tunnel and give out work I love myself , my family , and love my son Love my niggas and love white Air Force Ones And besides that I'm open off the dro and the guns And the head you could get from a hoe in the slums Niggas always act silly till you show em the milly Then they got the nerve to ask you why you wanna kill me Uhh CHORUS 2X [Styles] I know it aint right For me to swear to God But I swear to God that I'll murder you dog And I know it aint right For me to sell dope Rob stores but I still gotta run from the law Twenty niggas in the clique How all of us pour In a three room apartment and we all on the floor I reflect to the days I thought of bustin the whip Now I come through the scene and niggas cuffin they bitch Feel good to see Kiss spend a buck on his wrists Or Sheek frontin on a jet ski with a Puerto Rican chick I dont rock no jewels But I pops my tools And I work my coupe to do a buck 68 P hit you in the head like a dutch to the face Or a cup full of liquor Come and fuck with you nigga Cuz I make drug money Gotta take blood from me If you wanna prove a point pull a joint shoot dummies CHORUS 3X

Nuthin' To Do

COMMON "Resurrection"
Intro: Check it on the one, you Com is gonna come (X3) And check it out, ha. Verse 1: My raps do laps around tracks & adapts to any environment , I'm the comma comma Chamelion I use to pop the willy on my blue and gray sting ray It had maxed, I was with bitches that had coochie Bassum wasn't rollin' Starters, looking harder than niggas Hoes wore clothes, that exposed their figures Ain't 7 steps in the jam, next the police come fights there would be one, numbers I would get at least one We come to the get together with whatever You wouldn't know how deep it was, we all did sit together Eat up all your vittles, drink your brew and then step to The next cue, let's do it again y'all That was when mad was hard and phat was cold The days of Old Chicago and Fun Town and shorties we run round Play strike outs till sun down, but the shit ain't as fun now And the city is all run down, we troop down to Jew Town Talking cat down on some gear, have enough for a Polish incom fair I stare, at what use to be Bubbles and think about who use to cop our liquior (Who?) Our neighborhood father figure Hook: I'm out with my crew, ain't nuthin' to do but ah, Niggas be rollin' - Ol' Dirty Bastard from Protect Ya Neck Ain't nowhere to go, so I hook up with a hoe while I Niggas be rollin' Gotta make a stop take a leak and get some chops cause um Niggas be rollin' We gonna hit the streets for some brew and some eats cause um Niggas be rollin' Verse 2: I got more rhymes then the Manor got folks had style Since I went to McDowl, wearin' boats And penny loafers know I had the nickel in mines We use to hoop in my yard but now I dribble the rhyme It's like rain drops couldn't make our game stop Skeeter will hit from the SAME spot Torla tore my shit down, get down, put your body in motion Only the strong survive, but on the 6 or the 5 Live as hot as sex use to be at the Racket Wrong club with music by Andre Hatchet Or either Beat Box Ferris at them country club parties Would be hot as hell and house stud would get Find a body! Sawyers I would go there, hip hop clubs were so rare I like the music anyways and it was always hoes there Was said to have the best chicks but mostly High Park and V hoes Is who I mess with, the best shit was troopin' to the loop With your posisions held class crooked ass but still go the division (I remember that) Over Yamela's crib while his old girl was at work Bust a smoothie on the spread, but sill have some on your shirt Hook Verse 3: I tuned into BMX and taped Farly on the tonemaster I took the 6 instead of the 28 to get home faster Then HBK was the only station that would fuck with rap You was on the shore by yourself castin' stay up your act What you could make of it, you was a gump they was takin' shit Either fight or break for it, we go to the lake and get full My drink there was Boons and Red Bull I remember swimming in Avenlon, and being in a pool I thought I was cool, with my members only and a bold fade Wall to wall greens to get the sport gray and palmade And soft breasts, as we got older we would star crush and bang fags Go to Marshals and change tags, I snagged nuff niggas And games are off the wall, in softball, Piggy one I would call When I first got my three way callin', I caught Marsh tryin' to lie Home of the original gangbangers, and ain't nobody shot Hook

Living My Dream

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] People say they love The way I do my hustle They love the way I treat my people How I'm stayin' humble This is to my fans I never told you this I never got a chance to tell you But I owe you this I hope I get a chance to meet you We could smoke to this And we could talk about life And where to go from this You going through some drama We got things in common My success is the reflection Of negative comments And negative people Who say I don't deserve it I guess I gotta break it down On how the fuck I earned it I never paid to get on songs With a famous person Recorded songs in my garage Even on my birthday Late nights I had no help No record label I told you I it did by myself Recognition On a independent scale I wish freedom To my homies in jail [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez:] Smoke the finest of trees I'm flyin' so free And feeling the breeze And finally I'm.. Living my dream This is what I prayed for Living my dream I'm so grateful [Verse 2 - ISuppose:] Yo, I was 19 strugglin Thinkin' bout givin' up Thinkin' life as a shorty Shouldn't be so rough Mama said get a job Daddy said he needed funds for the rent Move forward Haven't looked back since I remember back then Everybody said I was dope Then time pass & I was broke And everybody lost hope Now its back to the block Dealin' coke Chillin' with the hustlas Lost faith in my dreams I knew that I was fucking up Pockets had a hundred bucks My heart had a lot of pain Told the world my story And it hasn't been the same Now I'm travelin' the world Breakin' bread with my team Woke up from a nightmare Now I'm livin' my dream So here's a middle finger For the ones who said I couldn't do it And a toast for my fans worldwide That bump my music Without you I'm useless Always know what's you're worth I don't sign record deals Cause I rather sign a shirt [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez] [Verse 3 - Self Provoked:] Yo, myspace, myspace When my face was first seen And heard music player Playing my verse I learned many things in the game And dick riding wasn't one Seen the fan base grow My haters learned to love But not all I write on the flaws that I have done Commit to staying true Never glorify the gun If sidetracked My fans remind me to drop something Reminiscent bout the shows And the other fun things A crowd full of people could make A different city feel like home Especially, when I hear them chant On a high note Can't be an idol but an example Of all the obstacles We got yet to trample I'm planting all my seeds Along this game never wrote The outcome is all these ears That allow me to grow And as the number keep growing I swear to you That I won't ever fall victim Of losing sight of my conscious mind [Hook - Carolyn Rodriguez]

That's Cool

(feat. Trina) [Silkk] U know what I'm bout [Trina] U know what I'm bout [Master P] Yo Silkk ask Trina can she wobble that thing... Where my niggas yo Where my ladies yo [Silkk] Who you know could give it to you until you fall out When you wake up - go by the mall out Hop on the plane sperm or nothing never thawed out Have her saying my name like Destiny's Child Cause I go all out Speaking more sex than money so talk with your tongue out And sex unbelievable, plus the money never run out I'm a thug so I walk the street with my gun out Top up when the sun set, top down when the sun out oh you want me, pushing up your number on the slick Try to make the scene when I was in front of the click how bout I pull the thongs off in the summer and shit Laughing at my joke when it wasn't even funny and shit She need a t-mac ms shaq she think that I ball She know I'm a real nigga, plus she love that I'm tall Checks again when she missed the phone, thinking I called She wanna fall for me look, but she think I'm a dog [Chorus: Silkk] Need somebody with some doe That's cool Who gon keep it on the low That's cool Who gon do you right That's cool You need a soulja in your life, that's right [Chorus: Trina] You need a lover and a friend That's cool Who got ya back to the end That's tru Somebody that's off the chain That's cool Who could twurk that thang [Trina] You wanna fuck that's cool but you gotta be the greatest Take me the Prada, buy my the latest Try it on the jet, fly me to Vegas The Baddest Bitch can't nann hoe fade this Paid bitch, in a gray six, made bitch Blinging about 10 karats in the bracelet Face it stick your tongue out I let you taste it And if you broke when you see me nigga don't say shit Cause I'm looking for a nigga that's filthy rich Yo name Silkk, that's cool I'm a Silky bitch Lil Mama stay shining like cuts in ice Off glass make you bust three nuts in a night And when I put it on ya, I hope you can stand it I need a tune-up daddy is you the mechanic Cause if you coming at me right with the real cash You can play with me all night like Dreamcast [Chorus: Trina] You need a lover and a friend That's cool Who got ya back to the end That's tru Somebody that's off the chain That's cool Who could twurk that thang [Chorus: Silkk] Need somebody with some doe That's cool Who gon keep it on the low That's cool Who gon do you right That's cool You need a soulja in your life, that's right [Silkk] Your friends wonder why the house you never leaving They knew wut you gettin in life now they wouldn't leave the house either [Trina] See I'm a real ass chick I'm a stay by your side And when its time to ride for my man, I'm a ride [Silkk] Just be a down chick cause you aint gotta slave in fact - Not cook, clean or nothing cause I got maids for that [Trina] Just treat me how you wanna be treated cause if I suck it and fuck it you gon' beat it and eat it [Silkk] So I gots to put it on ya, have ya acting all silly Then try to convince yourself that you aint catching feelings I need a girl who bout it and know how to hit it You aint gotta scheme on the doe, cause if ya cards right, you gon get it Some chicks aint real though, (Some niggas'll stunt) I know what a woman need, (I know what a nigga want) So keep it tight, and fuck the world And who ever end up with me, that's one lucky girl [Chorus: Silkk] Need somebody with some doe That's cool Who gon keep it on the low That's cool Who gon do you right That's cool You need a soulja in your life, that's right [Chorus: Trina] You need a lover and a friend That's cool Who got ya back to the end That's tru Somebody that's off the chain That's cool Who could twurk that thang Burrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh stick it Ha ha ha stick it Burrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh stick it Ha ha ha stick it Shake it, shake it, pop it pop it Brake it, rake it nah, drop it drop it Twurk sumin, work sumin Keep it jumpin, but don't hurt nothin North, South, East, West, shake it up No Limit...

We Could Take It Outside

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Intro: Rampage (Baby Sham)] That's that joint (You know that ain't doin it again) Uh, do it! Do it! [Verse One: Rampage] I'm a _Natural Born Killa_ that's _Born to Rise_ +Flipmode is de Squad+ so it's no surprise Niggas want to advertise about how we get down You fuck around leave your body in the lost and found How you like me now? We got the industry on lock The world is on shock I'm a take a piece of the rock Yo, you feel it in the heart when we took you to the park Midnight after dark, I'm the raider of the lost ark (ark echo's) [Verse Two: Serious] Now na na na na na na, nana nah Super size, super size, right before your eyes I bring in treats like giant sweet potato pies Wise, sword shift and I spit on flies Killing all the tips from studio spies Head to bed, beddie bye, beddie bye Don't ask why, we'll take your ass to paradise Flipmode's the Squad don't rest, don't try Peace to my people in the friendly sky Peace to my outer space ties [Verse Three: Spliff Star] I'm in leather like the ladies Bigger than crack in the 80's {*echoes*} Drive the buggy I Mercedes Blow up like C-4 Got so much to live for Can't play the game no more Pick up the cain no more Brothers ain't the same no more Try to sweat me, what am I aiming for Get yourself caught up Faggot ass tore up In the worst way, the only way you can stop me is cock your glock and shot me Drop me, pop me, make sure you that you got me Cause anytime I live I'm comin back to find you poppy [Chorus: Busta Rhymes (all)] What y'all niggas wanna do? (Yo we can take it outside) Ya'll niggas want something? (Yo we can take it outside) What y'all niggas wanna do? (Yo we can take it outside) Ya'll niggas want something? (Yo we can take it outside) [Verse Four: Baby Sham] Push up in the hot rod, alley cats a rah rah All my flipmode in the backseats with chrome nods Hear to bust mine Nigga frat child let his brain fry Pretty boy sliced up philly contact from his red eye You failed to realize when you macks me you drop the plastic Run up in your crib, now you heat me from the mattress My crew expanded, QB is where we landed Yellow strip you crossed it Now I'm forcing you to drink this Sham's potion Show me were loaded The desert eagle hear it cockin' Lovin my doggie While we shinin' continue flossin [Break: Busta Rhymes (Lord Have Mercy)] (Flipmode, Flipmode) Killa kids Flipmode we are, 'mode we are.. [Verse Five: Rah Digga] Fuck steppin on toes I crush the whole shoe Pronto like Cru till I'm Triumphant like Wu The shit you talkin crazy like niggas turnin in their hand guns I be burnin MC's like Betty grandson Smokin grey poupon boy Two lines, I chew rhymes and make niggas fall like they was futons Rah Digga, all day Outsidaz, this Squad be Flipmode We get a dick rode a whole shitload [Chorus] [Verse Six: Lord Have Mercy] We the official g-u-rilla to lead militias That pillage, americana Spit sentences like, venomous iguanas Reminisce the promise Bring drama like Nicaragua Fatigues march, army leaders, they count crooked drug dollars And sip fresh squeezed milk from the titties of llamas Leave cities in carnage Pretty as farmers that pour whiskey at harvest and hold 16 bananas Maintain, maintain, maintain I reign like Mussolini's iron fists Try on this, you can't see me like vagina lips Smugglin diamond chips, bubblin anonymous The dominant will resource and count on script crews and world wars {*echoes*} [Verse Seven: Busta Rhymes] Yo, you better practice what you preach I got 7 MC's at 10 G's a show each Never interfere and shit, souvenirs for your ears and shit Clear poetry like William Shakespeare and shit Word is bond checkin me out Hey what you talkin about You lost and you walkin about Niggas got beef they really want to chill and start talkin it out Hey, oh my god, y'all nigga be buggin me out Wish they could lay me down and have the police start chalkin me out Now I zoom in on you and my niggas start stalkin you out Chuck down that bullshit that you be callin about This one's for my people and my niggas up North The ruler shit dynasty but Flipmode finally come fourth Exports and imports hittin you with flavors of all sorts My squad comin through, chop off your ear [Chorus] - repeat 2X

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