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JUVENILE lyrics - Solja Rags

Hide Out Or Ride Out

Original and similar lyrics
(Lil' Wayne) I strike a load you get served like we toke with fake busta get smoked with aproach it I explode it unload it reload it unload again and pull another left hand fifty shots to win i can't lose its impossible plus i got a chopper fifty shots about to droppin' you i be 'bout strings hittin' the beef gigga head then leave the set, leave a beef gigga wet jet off the scene with the uptown fighter red dot sighters all week night flighters i'm a get ya', when ya' least expect it cock the glock jacket a vest can't protect it boy, is ya' ready i'll leave yo' set wetted slugs flyin' high, got yo' body real heavy you can't move, ya' got buff now your stuck left Wayne on the set, and yo' boys to pick you up out cold head swoll eyes closed i know for sure you ain't gon' test me no more yo' block tore yo' family in black clothes you got blowed and in ya chest is many holes this goes for Lataranza Elmo i show how uptown niggas roll ya' big boy, me and my niggas did it to ya automatic, black chopper trigger pullin' that's how we be loadin' clips then release eight deep in the three-hundred E leather seats and in the trunk artillery up the streets where i started sure ain't for me the B.G. that's the name I go by test me you die S Kangol Y hide out at the club, slide out ride out yo' block 'bout to die out move ya' people i'm burnin' down the whole streets the night creepers 'bout to heat our enemies lights off masks on, creep silense lights gone we done left yo' block wired retaliate wait no your not boy 'cuz i'm a Hot Boy nine milli cock boy chopper gunnin' hoes scared of slugs, runnin' start movin', me and Juve (Juvenile) e be comin' (Juvenile) we left yo' brain sick up with a chopper (A.K. 47) splittin' the bricks a young black crucifix up in the dirt i be knockin' dicks smooth and beretically, my pockets rocket to six figures and polverizin' niggas pullin' A.K.'s and two triggers my potn's stand on the side of me they only come out at night them deamons got me on a flight duck tapin' and takin' life or even worse it could be three O'clock, on a Sunday by church yo' brains might have to burst you shouldn't have fucked with me first since them bullets was cappin' adam's apples i'm scoutin' got richer penintentiary ward for the national guard to come get 'em very seldom do you see me, when you do what do you do bust back, better be a head shot if not it's you i'm comin' around the corner 'bout to pulla meatball on ya' purses like a coat and them houses in calico me and Lil Turk heard of a merger on a murder fifty G's (grand) on his head what ht fuck did you said fifty G's (grands) for sure that nigga live next door call the man let the sucker plan look, i fuck with this rap shit, but i ask 'em don't say no more a Hot Boy representin' this bitch like black and Moe (Turk) I start to poppin' niggas start to droppin' i'm havin' fatal thoughts,i think i'm fuckin' shell shockin' niggas bangin' four-five ringin' in my ear, i'm not scared 'cuz i'm a solja and solja's have no fuckin' fear in my sleep at night i'm seeing war fights wakin' up thinkin' that a nigga took my fuckin' life unnecessary shit mind clickin' like a light switch to pick you up on any nigga or any bitch don't give a fuck steady bangin' and dodgin' camoulflagin' with the mack alive and don't have time for these dog hoes goin' through a stage with that chop (Chopper) and that four-four (Juvenile) What's this shit i hear 'bout you boys potna's in crime if that's true i'll punish you bitches for the last time now you gon' shine? let me put somethin' on ya' mind lil' cowards takin' hits and protecting shit it's a for sure thang i'm a brang or i'm a wet ya best to be 'bout yo' business, if not, God bless ya look, what makes you think that two-two-six wasn't strong that's when we do ya wrong they both come and they gone off-toppers i'm a get with you and ya' potna's (patners) T.C., L.D., and Williard street with choppers drama hittin' a niggas cash we play it right though i'm comin' to get a niggas ass like i'm them white folks look, better be 'bout it if not better be rowdy it's all in yo' mind, ha? you gon' shine, ha? i doubt it


ACE HOOD "Starvation 2"
[Intro] I wonder why And I wonder why Bad things happen to good people, you know? I mean we all gotta die I guess, huh? Eh [Verse] Uh, I wonder why these niggas hatin on me Probly the reason most them bitches waitin on me Shit, they just tell me kill them with success my nigga Still wonderin why my daddy wasn’t a father figure Just the thought of thinkin bout it makes me fuckin mad Did my mama proud and put her right into that ladies Jag She cried a hundred tears, I prayed a hundred times I wish my grandmother could see this with her own eyes I’m wonderin why God took her but I’m not one to question Conversation with my niggas on how we came from nothing I wonder why this world is crazy, babies having babies I wonder why these women shady screamin he should pay me Go to court and they get half, I think that shit is crazy Now you forced to give that crib and that new white Mercedes I’m wonderin why I love my niggas but I don’t love these hoes I’m sittin behind closed doors but only Lord knows Truth told my savior is 7 0’s But who knows? I’d rather die with a rich soul Wonder with Mick Romney ever felt neglected Since Obama’s last election You might not like it but they will respect it Another fold just as we all expected… [Interlude] I got many questions I wonder I wonder why 4-50 had that Take that trip to North Carolina I wonder would he still be here with me, you know? I miss my nigga anyway I wonder why [Verse] I wonder why the good die young I wonder why they hatin where I’m from I wonder why I never gave a fuck Made a couple mill but that shit ain’t enough I wonder why these rappers tryina steal my style All these wannabes are like some circus clowns I wonder why I lost my daughter Lyric Star Why them complications happened to her heart Got so many questions, not too many answers Lost so many niggas, granny to the cancer I wonder why I got a crazy ass baby momma Every other day is like some kind of fuckin drama Wonder why these people out here sleepin on me I wonder why the money turnin people phony I done seen some niggas turn against they homies Funny when I was broke them bitches didn’t know me Shit is fucked up, sister having tough luck Wonder why them pussy niggas mad ‘cause I came up I just copped a new crib, Aston on the way ho Pocket full of pesos, made nigga – case closed I wonder why these hoes love a nigga Prolly ‘cause these diamonds make that pussy quiver I’m gon fuck her good and she gon cry a river Bad yella bitch and I’m in love wit er I wonder why, I wonder why As long as niggas hustle let’s go multiply As long as niggas hustle let’s go multiply [Interlude] I wonder You know I don’t understand how niggas can Chase women but not money I wonder, you know? Or How you can hate on another man Provide for his family Maybe it’s just me I wonder though, you know? [Outro] Oh shit shit shit my bad I wasn’t even payin attention Shit go ahead, one more time with that

40 Licks

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
Look I can give a fuck about opinions, like 'em or love 'em I never change up, if you don't like 'em then fuck 'em Cause I was brought up sayin' sticks and stones Only let you know about whoever's doin' the throwin' Dudes is far from what they pretend to be though I done fired a few shots and got plenty of gold Nah, if it ain't love, let's begin to be foes Cause now my minds kind of off, I'm like Emily Rose When I seen my first man get murdered I took a little strike from the game like a Transit worker Won't keep pushin' cats to get paid And be a grown ass man with no acalade's And know the truth hurts I can't fabricate So nothings made up, just the facts I say My son 'bout to have a brother It's a different father, same mother, if it ain't one thing it's another Sometimes this rap thing seems so easy Til you home lookin' at that TV Pissed you havin' a fit, changin' it FUCK MTV Cause you starin' at them, thinkin' that should BE ME The game and myself is like Jessica and Nick, 'bout to leave The folks thought we'd never ever split Try to work through it all that we done for eachother Both talented but one is too dumb for the other Let it go to its boiling point Til it felt like one long episode of Boiling Points But all I gots this mic and this booth while I'm in it I figure might aswell tell the truth while I'm in it Latifa said enjoy my youth while I'm in it I told her I do but the proofs still tinted I'm like an old man when no friends or family Tryin' to cleanse whatever's left of his 'sanity It's no happy dude here I'm mad at the world while I'm wishing y'all Happy New Year It's only fair somebody had one New Year's for me always be like my last one New year, same girl, she the same soldier Think it's all good, probably cause I told her But I got some resentment, shit that I ain't over I don't trust baby girl far as I can throw her Rightfully or wrongly she's gettin' quick sized I'm on the horn askin' chicks for their tit-size Face smilin' and there's tears in the kid's eyes Hidin' it from hoes, by talkin' about my dick size In the hood with the best of 'em I'm still hood, just not hood like the rest of 'em Where's the answer Don't ask for a cig', I'm so self-centered I won't even share this cancer Look to the sky Talk to an invisible man and hope one day my prayers get answered This shit gets hard with every pull from this cig' or cigar More like what every lick from the gutiar GOD!


OL' DIRTY BASTARD "The Return To The 36 Chambers"
(feat. Genius) [Intro:] Peace (peace!) (Dirty, Ol Dirty Bastard) (The Genius! Genius) The Genius (The Genius, the Genius) [Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard (GZA in brackets)] I'll grab and the mic and now I damage you, cut your whole stamina Here comes the medical examiner One verse then you're out for the count (Bring the ammonia) make sure he sniffs the right amount Wake him up and then I ask him Why did he intend this -- Competition to get an ass kickin so tremendous Boy you shouldn't bother this Leave me alone like the (son said G or he'll be fatherless!) I got the asiatic flow mixed with disco Roll up on the scene like the Count of Monte Crisco And MC's start to vanish (I stepped up to a jet black kid, started speakin spanish! Yo he wasn't from Panama I asked him how he get so dark, the nigga said suntama! He responded so fast, you made me laugh) Ha-ha-ha, HARARRRH (then I scared-his ass!) (Kick the hundred strongest rhymes I brought out the punk in him Caught him with a strong five deadly venom Told him enter the Wu-Tang Witness the Shaolin slang, that'll crush the shit you bring) I watch your ass take a big fall, why?! My Main Source, is like a friendly game of stickball And as you step up to bat man (I play the riddler) You try to do me for a rhyme (then I'll change to Hitler) Go out like Nazi; you'll be wishin your fuckin ass stayed Home and played (Yahtzee!) Or watchin Happy Days sweatin (Poxie) With Ralphie and Richie Cunningham, Joni and (Chachi) Wu, who? Me gettin wreck so I'm through Like a ten and a half foot, gettin in a seven (shoe) (Now picture THAT with a Minolta) Have your ass doin some Night Fever shit like John Travolta I come strong I make knowledge born, I flip the script And rock on from P.M. (past the fucking Dawn) Pass the Hammer you're broke down, niggaz grab my what what Can't understand it here's the panaroma (A complete view of how I defeat you) Should of stepped to those fuckin kids who tried to (beat you) Yeah I bust that ass before (You ran to Texas and came back but forgot the chainsaw!) And want to perform a massacre Better be coming with some motherfucking shit that's spectacular Crush the person who did em, well you just better So I'm stepping to your (raggedy ass jetta) Put the pedal to the metal You and your DJ change your name to Ma and Pa Kettle As I (pass the bone, kicks your every measure) It's not a Newport but it's still live with pleasure (C'mon don't be silly, just a bag of sensimilli Rolled up in a) Motown Philly (I used to write all the time when I smoked Grab the mic, then I kinda like went for broke With visually concepts strongest rhymes and biceps Lyrically speakin, three to four rhymes then choke Some think they be harmin this, claimin they be bombin this) But they still remains a-nom-ynous I pull strings like Jimi Hendrix Ride more beats that go backs to the days of Eddie Kendricks I teach the truth to the youth, I say (hey youth) Here's the truth, better start wearing (bullet proof) Arm yourself with a shield (Before you get trapped up) just like the Children in the Cornfield

Vegan Sex

The city streets are cleaned w. blood from the night A 2 way struggle where the oppressed are right It comes time to be rid of the dark The day gives it gas and produces the spark Welcome to this state of daylight seduction From dream to voice to predicted corruption Power is a handicap that begins in the head Applied to reality once harmony now dead Chorus We will not rest till everyone's free Every person in this world unity Power and control is something that is not for me Lower the bridge and feel for the night Call it abuse they don't want to fight We won't get off your backs cuz we've got hope And we know we're right Dictated by the sun let moon be the slave Facists in power, they spit on black graves When one's ideals are finally put into sight Destroy their politics, bring down the right The tune is called unity and everyone can sing Let's stand tall and let it ring Free minds free speech, a cleared up head Freedom won't be put to rest until the day is dead

Way Of Life

featuring Big L Fat Joe [Fat Joe] Diggin In The Crates 9 9 Yeah yeah Still Diggin y'all Yeah yeah yo yo There's only one way for me to explain the key to this game Is longev keep it the same The seeds'll remain only if they bringin the pain Hip hop don't stop like the heat in my vein The streets know my name Don Carta bomb harder My persona is honored in the Bronx as my alma matter I'm smarter than the average Joe, packin a flow That's stackin the dough, let's bring the chips in the bag and let's go It's Fat Joe, I'ma set it straight If you do your hist I exist through Diggin In The Crates I'm bringin in the ace, had to stay up late Playin the corners but never seen a day upstate Until the day I escape or see Tone at the pearly gates I continue to runch it even after the computer breaks You know the rates, fifty-thou for every verse that's foul And I bring rhymes to life like the birth of a child Verbal assualt Blow out your tweeters [Fat Joe] Big L [DJ Premier] *cut and scratched* [Big L] Check it, my whole crew holdin We all got cars wit extra features It's a bunch of y'all, one got dough, the rest is leeches You probably mad cuz I be sexin divas I should pull this pistol out and make you touch your sneakers I'm on some cool out shit, but I will pull this tool out quick And put some holes in your new outfit You frontin hard cuz your whip a Range But it's a 4.0, you nerd nigga, you heard Jigga now get your change You ain't a willy you a small solider, give it up son it's all over And you never sold a, pound a cane You a clown wit fame, goin down the drain All yo' shit sound the same I'ma shine pop-o, cuz when you got dough your rocks glow L got a hot flow that rap coppo I'm Uptown smoothest, first album left you clowns clueless Sayin I'm wack, you niggas sound foolish Niggas hate to see L bubble, they'd rather see L struggle Cuz what they sell, I'ma sell double You wanna see rocks, then look at L's wrist If you see me in the club drinkin Mo' that means they don't see Cris, what

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