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JUVENILE lyrics - Rejuvenation


Original and similar lyrics
Momma, you raised a gee, and it takes one to make one Haters don't agree, but they feel the same when they're back home This is not an intro, but this is the beginning Toos inside my tenants, hold on, bitch, I'm in this I'm just relaxing in my Louie slips, I'm a grown man, I command remember what you did shit I'm talking movie shit, so buy you the drow I'm out the view, me saw the big I don't judge these hoes My daughter asks her momma why they have to stay by the window And I fucking think whoa, I better have to smoke indoor You know that liquid tool, I found it down the trail Daddy only trying to keep his ass from out the jail. Got some lonely music, bring me flow The manifest can do to give it's door Rest in peace till the magnolia slim I got so much, I won't say it to you, I care what it is. So I will rap it to you, boys pan a milla No one's comparing to me, 'cause I'm of a different era. A lord I want it all I ain't never man My bitches tell me I'm the best loving they ever had. Generosity was never in my philosophy I'm a big dog and I'm barking, ain't no apostrophe With the hollow is kill everybody up in the houses I don't model if you won't run home and burry the body and shit Find the holes, I bet you believe in, I fest them with somebody ain't breathing. The party is over. Somebody said there was no booze again So critics said they let them in with them tools again I fear no man or whatever he got in store for me I'm throwing the money, my niggas watching the door for me Whatever's popping I'll be right there in the middle of it We're juvel nation, everybody needs a little loving.

Method Acting

there is no beginning to the story a bookshelf sinks into the sand a language learned forgot, in turn, is studied once again it's a shocking bit of footage viewed from a shity TV screen you can squint at it through snowy static to make out the meaning just keep stretching the antennae, hoping that it will come clear we need some reception, a higher message, just tell us what to fear because i don't know what tommorow brings it is alive with such possibilities all i know is i feel better when i sing burdens are lifted from me, that is my voice rising! so michael, please keep the tape rolling boys, keep strumming those guitars we need a record of our failures we must document our love i have sat too long in my silence i have grown too old in my pain to shed this skin, be born again, it starts with the ending so thank you friends for the time we shared my love stays with you like sunlight air oh, how i truly wish i could keep hanging around here but my joy is covering me soon, i will disappear it's not a movie, no private screening this method acting, well, i call that living it's like a fountain, a door has opened we have a problem with no solution but to love to be loved so, i've made peace with the falling leaves i see their same fate in my own body but i won't be frightened when i am awoken from this dream returned to that which gave birth to me the story goes on on on on...

Pissing In The Mainstream

Dying Fetus
The media is a tool designed to mold us into slaves Drugging us into an empty apathetic daze The trick is that we think that everything is going fine But the truth to our reality is buried in the mind I don't give a fuck about the Hollywood elite I don't really care if models can't fucking eat I don't give a fuck about what movie is on top But what I really know is that the shit has got to stop Consumer appetites are never satisfied in full Cause the objects that they buy can simply never fill the void A constant need for meaning and accumulating shit Drives the lust in their obsession just to get another fix I don't give a fuck about the TV ratings game The Real World's not a party, just a place for the insane If that reflects reality then pass another drink You try to be a millionaire; I'll vomit in the sink What the fuck is left to say On a avaricious nation on an economic high? If Rome could last 500 years Who then will throw the wrench inside our gears? The bottom line is money on the Western power scene Where celebrities and porn can let the population dream Their pathetic humans living in advertising glut Who devour with a passion what the mainstream vomits up

Angry Young And Poor

ANTI-FLAG "Underground Network"
rats, monkeys, mice - teach ' em little tricks stay far from creativity, and from politics 'cause the multinationals need a solid work force or their growing profit margins will be wiped out at the source conform to the status quo, set rules hold your mind into their fucking tool chorus: reciting back their facts and numbers - that don't make you smart there's much more to intelligence - and thinking for yourself would be a start it would be a start... start! pledge allegiance to a flag of which you're taught no history not mexico, granada, panama, or middle east but they're just a mere fraction of this country's shady past skeletons locked in the closet and i doubt they'll be the last national interest, defined for you... but who's it really serve? who's getting screwed? your prison warden is your school training you to be a social screw stage a jailbreak, swim against the flow show those motherfuckers what you know! i feel like i am suffocating i feel my life depreciating i knowtheir teachings are riddled with lies, distortions, shit! it kills me knowing the masses are so brainwashed by it - brainwashed by it!

Dans Underpant

Macc Lads
We all went down New Delih, We had too much curry and aching bellies. Peter got gut rot and puked on the floor, Stez Styx banging on shithouse door. I says, come on lads and finish your Bombay duck, We're going to find some girls who'll give us a decent Alkaselzer. Now Dan said he knew of this party, so we drove over there, Belching and farting. Stez nicked some cans of beer, And Dan shat himself, he had diarheoa. He said Oh lads, it's no fun to dance. And he goes upstairs to change his underpants. Now he opens the window, wipes his ass, And throws the offending bags on the grass. He shouts everybody come and look at this, They're streaked with shit and they're stained with piss, But don't look at me, they're not fucking mine. But his loving mum had sewn his fucking name inside.

Blackbirds -vs- Crows

Gilberto Bebel
Stormbirds drifting on a pool at rest Then come waves they just can't crest Once they're in the air it's a search for kill Thinking if I don't do it someone else will Till the war mandate's fulfilled Whoa, Can you see Can you see them flying They look to be the same breed But they can't stop fighting Flying in the night under enemy sights Looking for targets in a blind firefight What's at the end of the road For blackbirds -vs- crows? Let's go down to the shipyard Pick through the hulks for a while See if we can find some kings and queens Down there in the discard pile They let their foes prevail, They let their battlements break. Children learn to keep your finger on the trigger, Stay ready to make that big mistake I think there's got to be more to this life than kill or be killed.

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