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JUVENILE lyrics - Rejuvenation


Original and similar lyrics
[Hook: Juvenile] I'm from the hood and I represent (power) J. prince, nigga, that's (power) V-12 engine, that's (power) Electric company, I need (power) Satellite dish, bitch (power) You can't charge up shit without (power) You want to know what make the world spin? (power) You're running low so nigga, plug in (power) [Verse 1: Juvenile] Power is muscle, there ain't too many niggas with it Money on my mind, I swear I wear it like a fitted I'm pouring out my heart to be that nigga in the city Homies in the hood already saying I done did it Power's what I got, I show it off cause I could Field goal kicker, motherfuckers, I'm good The drop's got a v-12 in it, it go bbrrrrr And the bitches be like, "uhhhhh" I'm no quitter I could get a nigga knocked off sitting on the shitter I wake up in the morning and I call shots I ain't trying to buy a car, I want the car lot I'm in a whole nother tax bracket Shop addict, a nigga got a saks habit I talk money boy, take heed They get the picture when I say cheese [Hook] [Verse 2: Rick Ross] Power is something that you develop on the block Pull up on a bad bitch sitting in a drop Top down and a young nigga smelling like money Coke cologne, now come and get a brick from me Born in the ghetto, now a nigga in a mansion Looking at my bezel and that motherfucker dancing Power is something that get a nigga questions answered Now these hoes so romantic Look at me balling, we courtside at the game Twenty for the ticket, 'nother hundred for the chain Count money, money machines they going ccccccrrrrrrr So that mean a nigga full Nigga got to get it in the sun like a dog Way before the watches, I'm the motherfucking boss Money come with power and I think we got it mastered Snatch the bird out the plastic [Hook] [Verse 3: Juvenile] Power is respect, you gotta get it in the mud Check the dna, see if it's really in the blood Motherfuckers talking about me say I'm a thug They figure since I'm balling up packets from the drugs Niggas in the kitchen mixing dope like a chemist They pray that I'mma lose it - that ain't in my religion Boy, I drive birds down south like a pigeon You ain't sitting on a hundred million, you ain't living Smoking on kush, it's smelling like ass I run through a quarter million like grass Scarface, bitch - I'm feeling like brad I'm a underground king like chad I'm in the mansion with an opal model marilyn She told me I was dope - no heroin Power make a nigga show his arrogance Let's break it down - bring the barrels in [Hook]

I Smell Smoke

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
I'm in the land.. L.A. -- land of the sticky Sup What ch'all niggaz know bout that purple weed nigga Show y'all niggaz some shit It's that sticky, that bud Indo, hydro Open up the window, I'm bout to blow! That fire shit Nigga what ch'all, what ch'all got what ch'all got to roll em up Packwoods Garcia Vegas Straight chocolate Phillies Nigga straight, , the Dutches and the Black n Milds Y'all niggaz don't know nuttin about them Corolas Ha yeah, J.O.B., one point five [Mystikal] Break it up, chop it up, cut it up, tuck the end Take the Phillie out and roll it up! Light it, hit it, hold it, pass Puff puff blow it up! See some of y'all niggaz be talkin about blowin but can't handle the doja Gettin sleepy n shit, quittin all early Bitch you ain't no smoker! Y'all must think used to hittin that dirt the sticks with the brown buds Me, I ain't got shit else to do Nigga I'm bout to get FUCKED UP! Two cases of green, optimal burned away A.M. done turned to P.M. and nighttime done turned back to day I'm, still smo-kin Feelin sporty in my hotel - spent the whole day gettin LOA-DED! It's nothin but smoke til there's nothin to smoke It's nothin but sticky and nothin but doja Disconnect the smoke detector and put a wet towel up under the door! Nobody else probably more dope for me, I got the whole tree Leftovers for me, whoo this bitch off the HEE! Button up cause suck em up is a pet peeve First don't put my light in your pocket Second don't wet my god damn weed!! That's just two, before I could get to three and four five and six, I heard a DUM DUM DUM DUM at the do' Evidence all over, I've been doin somethin serious Gotta hide this shit, cause I know that's hotel security I played it off, I said, 'Come back later I ain't got on no clothes' He said, 'Sorry sir, I don't mean to disturb ya, but I smell smoke!' Fuck it just went to jail for that shit I ain't goin back I done ate an ounce and I'ma flush the rest Cause I ain't goin out like that! Sprayin cologne and cuttin on the shower Tryin to clear it up Worried like a dog but I gotta open the door Fukkit here go nuthin! The do' swung open and some young nigga talkin bout, 'What's happenin' He said, 'I know you got that fire, sell your boy a sack!' Ain't that a bitch! Boy you betta get your bitch ass up outta here Nigga I'd think you the motherfuckin police I done threw all my motherfuckin weed away fuckin with you old bitch ass nigga Nigga, get your motherfuckin hoe ass up outta here Bitch before I stomp your bitch ass The fuck! Boy this nigga done blew my motherfuckin high


2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(feat. Nate Dogg) [2Pac] Hey Nate you know you got to focus on this motherfucker We's gonna talk about these scandalous hoes [Nate] I can talk about scandalous bitches [2Pac] Oh I know you can! I know you that's why we gonna do it Daz on the beat Hey Daz, nigga stop fuckin around with the piano nigga Just drop that shit like uhh, this here [2Pac] I met you through my homie now you act like you don't know me So disappointed cause baby that shit was so phony It's not for me, you see no lovin from my closest homies Woulda paid you no mind, but baby you was all up on me While you proceed with precision, you had the table hosed No, I ain't mad at you baby, go 'head and play them fools They chose not to listen, so now he stuck inside his house and can't leave without his bitch permission The mission's to be a playa, my alias is Boss Drop a top on these jealous niggaz, playa let me floss Y'all don't wanna see me in pain I'll leave that ass like Toni Braxton, 'Never breathing again' It's scandalous, I never liked your back stabbin ass, triiick Used to watch you money grabbin, who you baggin beeyitch? Ready to bust, in the city you don't know who to trust But bitches lookin scandalous [Chorus: Nate Dogg] Scandalous.. she's so scandalous, she's so scandalous She's so scandalous.. she's so scandalous, she's so scandalous Scandalous.. she's so scandalous, she's so scandalous She's so scandalous.. she's so scandalous, she's so scandalous [2Pac] How's it hangin? Cause baby from the back the shit is bangin I've been stressin in this ghetto game, tryin to do my thang Won't be no bullshit, no ass-kissin This bitch'll have ya wakin up with all your cash missin I'm askin, as if I'm qualified to analyze You're lookin at a bitch who specialize in tellin lies She got a body make a motherfucker fantasize Her face ain't never shed a tear through them scandalous eyes My sister ? in poverty Plus I knew she was a freak bitch so why should it bother me? I'd probably be sprung, addicted to the heat of her tongue and though I don't where we're goin, she's makin me come I've been trained as a boss playa, so what you sayin? Let me show you, got some hookers we can toss later Before I let her get me off guard Went in the purse took a hundred dollars Nigga I'm so scandalous [Chorus] [2Pac] Dangerous and ambitious, while schemin on gettin riches I'm spittin at tricks cause I'm addicted to pretty bitches Currency motivated, not easily terminated Now that we made it, my niggaz can never be faded This is my prophecy -- I gotta be paid All you cowards that try to stop me is beggin for early graves I thought we was cool, I was a fool, thinkin you could be true when I don't fuck with your punk crew These are the tales for my niggaz doin time in the cell I went from hell, to livin well Bustin at niggaz who said my name in vain I got no time for them tricks, I'm heavy in the game I wanna be a baller, please But the bitches and the liquor keep on callin me I'm floatin free on the highway, formulatin plans Can't wait til I see L.A., cause it's so scandalous [Chorus] [Chorus repeat to end (2Pac speaks over it)] [2Pac] Aiyyo.. how the prettiest bitch be the more scandalous the hoe be You ever peep that shit? (Nah) A bitch can be like fifteen, fuckin with a nigga 35 Gettin him for ends Hoes these days is way too motherfuckin intelligent When these niggaz get to trickin, hahaha, it's over then That's aight though Keep a nigga heavy in the game, bout so long Watch them hoes All you niggaz out there Beware these lyin ass scandalous bitches

2 Glocks( Remix)

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "The Collection, Vol. 2"
Krayzie Bone: Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off Fuck with the niggas with the guns and ya might get shot get shot Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off You could be the first to feel the heat to see how much we got we got we got Krayzie Bone: I still be a thuggish ruggish nigga dressed in all black khakis fatigues and boots still don't give a fuck about the law still roll with the pump in my car and fuck who you are you fuckin with a couple of niggas that's really insane i'm talkin loco Krayzie as Hell it ain't just a name it's the game we done loosened up a couple strings and shook a couple of screws loose in my brain besides that man ain't nothin changed look at me nigga i'm still a thug nigga I still smoke bud you know I still represent St. Clair wig split shit nigga what this them Bone Thug niggas thinkin I told ya but we put it down like that whoever we got to fuck up to prove it we do it and keep on movin guess who's back up in the house original Cleveland criminals nigga just send em subliminal messages like murda mo murda murda never forgot where we come from watch how you move your tongue cause I got niggas that's ready to jump off in your ass and smash it protect my niggas for combat Leatherface at you and on your ass like I was a heat seaker creepin the reeper quickly sweep you off your feet in Cleveland Layzie Bone: I be the coolest little nigga you can meet meet meet but nigga you fuck with me then i'm a fuck with you introduce you to this heat I sweep the streets when I draw down let me hear you say fuck the law now rawest niggas in the town ready thug and go down go pound for pound nigga that's the motto let me see you throw them thangs and if it's real nigga keep it real show me your game i'm sure gon claim what the fuck is mine my nigga I'll take it grab a playa hater by the neck choke him out and try to break it gimme your money drop them keys it's a jack move bitch and since you haters ain't got no business that's how we attack your shit nigga we'll smack your bitch in the middle of the Grammy and the media might ban me nigga this Mo Thug family is for real Krayzie Bone: Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off Fuck with the niggas with the guns and ya might get shot get shot Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off You could be the first to feel the heat to see how much we got we got we got Bizzy Bone: Lit up sit up get up and count your money 'fore it all get spent up and you wanna get rid of a good bitch good game and every bitch said i'm a good bitch fuckin with my wood grain everybody's still playin that hood game quiet especially when it's haunted my environment ain't nothin niggas dyin' in the chemical fed injections in Jasper Texas split up these niggas off in different sections don't hate my message destiny led to mimic chastity for my daughter water for niggas yearnin come listen to the sermon swervin in my Suburban lick it up with the bottle but everybody know I got some problems had dreams of the Apollo the fiends had faith in me suckas would keep runnin' givin' up the same niggas still with me Bone sometimes it's gun up run up and get your kind run blindly elevate through time nowhere to hide Flesh-N-Bone: Our dogs fin to haul off lead sawed off head nigga you drippin soakin red bloody body be beggin me know what should've cocked like 2pac with a glock we're deadly better not upset my thug mentality sucker you know you done fucked up don't you niggas runnin up blastin big ass triggers what the fuck you thought you saw with your head in the sky could it be a bird or maybe it's even a plane but an untame insane human only the Fifth Dawg fuck you thought muthafuck fame but the fact this shit is the fact game gon' remain number one in the land Flesh crept and he came brang bang bang I drops my doggs in the name of the Lord now say how many times will I have to slay today when I raise my gauge oh God how i'm gonna teach ya but it's these tactics that he daily practice you wanna test you don't have it have it runnin up you sons of bastards blast it we sons of assasin mashin' collectin more cash that's true and i'm gunnin the niggas said all my babies get a million strikin' with a wicked hit em with a venomous blow I call all my mighty y'all can joke gonna surround my soul but go with the calico yo we the tightest you know Mo the mighty yeah Trues Humbly United my family never divided Desperado Thugline Mo Thug Millenium Seventh Signs for the F.B.I. you wanna come test my enterprise bitch you better go think twice and open up your muthafuckin eyes these niggas can't fuck with the Fifth Dawg when I parlay everyday stormin your way you better lay low so you might just duck when I bust this gauge you see my niggas havin a ball all day since we havin a ball all day muthafuckas playa hate Krayzie Bone: Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off Fuck with the niggas with the guns and ya might get shot get shot Get'cha gun get'cha gun did ya kill em off off You could be the first to feel the heat to see how much we got we got we got

Wut U Niggas Want

Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69"
[Verse 1] Yo! Hangin' low, chiefin' high. Time to make you haters cry Circulatin' gossip 'bout the Lady you deserve to die Memphis Queen will set it off Never ever play me soft Always 'bout my business, be a witness while I write you off Please stop beepin' me, since I fuck you won't stop beepin' me Is it cause you sippin' on that syrup or takin' ecstasy? I don't wanna play wit you, Mrs. Villain Gangsta Boo Got no time for you cause I be busy with my fuckin' crew Out to get some paper and you know just how the ball bounce Yellin' Fuck a hater! Blowin' hydro smoke up out my mouth Ridin' with the limo tint, system bumpin' triple 6 Just a lovely lady independent tryin' to make it rich Just to let you know I peep you out and how you look at me Ballin' in yo' friends Mercedes, smiling like you foolin' me Never are you foolin' me, Ladies represent with me How you got the clout when, nigga, you be out here chasin' me? [Chorus x2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want) [Verse 2] What you niggas want from a bitch You niggas makin' me sick Be actin' like you a baller just to get in my shit Cause a lady ( I ) she don't want no scrubs A scrub is a nigga that can get the fuck from me And glistenin' in yo' white gold chains Saw me ridin' in the Benz nigga doin' my thang So I don't need you. I got my car keys plus a check book Two way constantly jumpin' sendin' me messages Boo, I love you Anyway playa I'ma say whats on my fuckin mind I don't give a fuck what you write I ain't fantizin' OK got a car, OK got that ice, OK nigga cool shit ya life is aight Now what ya wife be tellin me ya business my nigga I don't care about your figures, I'm a playa my nigga I'ma mack till I fall ya'll, keepin' it tight So tell me why you wanna get with Mrs. Lady Aight? [Chorus x 2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want) [Verse 3] G - Is Gotta talk, I gotta let you niggas know tha bizz A - Is Always on my P's and Q's you boys know what it is N - This heater Nine is always by my side when I be cruisin' G - Is Grabbin' at me when I'm buckin' plus I'm never losin' S - Is Sorry man I gots no time I'm down hea platinum nine T - This Triple six is sellin out it ain't no stoppin now A - Is ATL is where we represent this lady gangsta B - Is Boomin' system in the caddy plus the navigation O - Is On my dog, why you let her have the drought always O cause it's my time Gangsta Boo just hit the charts Number ONE that's off the top Crazy lady blew the spot Spotted me in NYC I'm blazin' people off the block Niggas love me cause I'm thorough, bitches hate me cause they ain't Niggas tell me that they love me when the really want my bank But you playas know you can't get nothin from the Lady You need to come and tell me what you want from me baby [Chorus x 2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want)


JACKI-O "Poe Little Rich Girl"
[Jacki-O] Daum this must be the remix, remix, remix, remix Goin to town, Drum major, Jacki-O, T double D [Trick Daddy] I am the champion King ding-a-ling Say my name for the dick I sling Go on head bitch do yo thang and Remember this ho you my bitch You stuck forever I fuck whatever And fuck whoever you better not never Pimp shit and that's all I know Go on and run ya mouth you ol' no good ho [Jacki-O] Nigga I'm from down south I'll suck ya dick (ok) And I'll spit it in ya mouth Nigga's like you be closet freaks Nigga's sell pussy and you beg me to skeet You a freak I'm gone pee on it Get off the chains Tie you up and and spank ya You got a dick like a four year old (awl) I understand why you fuck with dildo's [Trick Daddy] Hoe I'm sick of yo shit Gone run ya mouth Come suck this dick Bitch I know all about cha pash Ya like it ruff and tough And then straite up ya ass Bitch you bad, I can't lie about that Be good to what you do and you do lick ass [?] and tattoo You go both ways O yeah too [Jacki-O] How many nuts I gotta bust in ya face Befor you shut up Type of nigga that like they whole head wet up I drive ya six I [?] that shit Spend all you end and you talk that shit Suck me, fuck me throw me some doe All that shit you talk don't faze a hoe I like me head slow Make it happen Pop a pill cause a bitch make it snappen [Chorus x2: Trick Daddy] Keep doing what you doing bitch Keep doing what you doing slut Keep doing what you doing Keep suckin fuckin and screwin bitch [Trick Daddy] Hoes these day Go threeway Prefer to have sex with a bisexual Trisexual habitual sex affenda love that dick up in ya Bitch I bet you love to fuck three nigga's Bitch I bet you love that feelin' I Bet you eat dick for dinner Bet cha wash I down with cum save some for 'morrows So speed it up when you eat it up I like mines sloppy jollpy Bitch I ain't boo ya pretty proppa Bitch I'm a thug we can fuck on the carpet [Jacki-O] If I suck ya dick it a cum fast Cuz I'mma stick my thumb in ya ass See pussy make cash And cash make proda And excada and porsh boxers Off them boxer put on a thong Tripple X nigga tripple yo X nigga Jacki-O like it hard and rough See you playin with this pusy And nigga you gotta fuck me Shit I got pussy like sunshine Proda twa and the head game on lock Climb on the wall Tear off my draws and we can fuck like dogs [Chorus x4: Trick Daddy] Keep doing what your doing bitch Keep doing what your doing slut Keep doing what your doing Keep sucking and fuckin and screwin bitch 2 is always better than 1!

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