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JUVENILE lyrics - Rejuvenation

Imma Get Rich

Original and similar lyrics
I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2] I'm official like black and white stripes That bitch you're calling your wife, I've been handle that twice I see you're watching, nigga, analyze wise Observe, I'm about to resatelite heights I live my fucking life down, I don't take the shit The right bottles on the table, I don't drink this shit No disrespect the Diddy, I do it for the hoes Caramels in this bitch, we shoot Juv' exposed I'm killing your momma, my Louis and Dior shit Juvi', you're winner, all your haters better fall grip. I need a big invelous cash, not a kind of pity Ain't got that rustles in them money, but I'm gonna get it Who, me? I'm tryin' to be a nigga rude group I'm about to drop my own Juvenile proud juice Pull off, I act like hoe and get a shoe deal Fuck the world, at first day I ship through meal. I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2] Customized French suits, crocodile shoes, I'm elevated, it's all the conversation about you I see you nigga living like you're seeing in a dream 'Cause I got translation imagination in a grin So why the contracts that I'm trying to get paid I got homes, I can say you anything and and say you're here from Fly in the motherfucker swag, I got wheez And I'm running like a company like Jimmy AV You know you're getting money when you bitch are in Forbes And you ain't gonna say a shit to get a bitch under the folds And in the fin, the life it's gonna take it's own course Nobody helping me and we open his own doors. Making too much money to be worried about credit We're tired in my city as we're chatting like Betty's Niggas don't get it and they act like it's a game torn They won't mean the telethon, how could I explain it to them? I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2]

Another Story To Tell

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] Yo, since I been in this game, yo Alot of funny shit that happend with these hoes, man And this shit I'm 'bout to tell you Myse Is a true story, Puff know the bitch, Uh, Yo [Mase] You know I don't wanna come across foul I'm only telling you about my lifestyle I had a girl named Kate I date in Georgia State Girl named Samantha I met in Clark, Atlanta I even knew these girls named Laura and Yvette Switched up giving me head in Georgia Tech Now flip the script, mess with girls that strip Give 'em tips just so I can feel I'm they 'his' They like, Mase I like your eyes and I love your lips I'm like, that ain't enough to make you sit in the six She said Mase, lot of things I wanna teach you 'bout If I tell you my past, it'll freak you out Save your dough, you know I wanna treat you out Fuck sucking your dick, I wanna eat you out I'm like whoa now, slow down You remind of these young chickens I knew from uptown Got a butt like this girl that worked in Motown So if we ain't gonna fuck then where we go now I don't move too fast, you move too slow You wasn't saying this just a moment ago You was sitting at the bar just spending my dough You owe me something bitch, you gon' blow me or something She said this thing you need to know before we fuck I ain't like all these other sluts And if I told you I was a virgin you wouldn't believe me I know getting pussy for you is easy You hit every bitch from Antee to a Tuskeegee Plus you know I know your girlfriend KiKi And for a moment honey tried to freak me But being the man I am I'm still in pimp mode Could tell she was Harlem 'cause I seen her zip code And then she started showing me pictures of Flipmode So I'm with my man and you know we gon' discuss her All I could hear is him sayin', don't trust her You know her lil' cousin fuck with Usher Plus her best friend got a baby from Busta So I layed back and peeped the ho' It's her word against his, I can't believe the ho' Yo, I only knew this girl from a weekend ago And I figure she a freak, Cease would know So I called up my nigga, I'm like Cease what up (what up) Is she a freak, nigga? Cease been fucked, but Cease admitted Yo, that he ain't even hit it, now y'all I really don't get it And she tried to play Mike like he's some nigga in a Civic And sucked Puff dick for some Budweiser tickets Yo, you believe this bitch, yo? She sucked his dick for some Budweiser tick.. That bitch gonna give me my shit B, word up (Section 622) I'm not even fucking playing I bet you she give me my watch back though, I bet that (Row 40) And all my fucking ice better be in it, too (Seat A, Seat B, enjoy the show) Matter of fact, I want my fucking couch out that shit B Word up, tell your sis get my fucking couch B I ain't fucking playing

About Love

J-DAWG "Behind Tint: Volume Two"
J-Dawg yea, yea... kinfolk you don't even understand I don't love the bitch nooo [Chorus:] This ain't even about love, it's the way this girl handle a thug She got a nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change On me I'm a leave you bitch. rite now you got me and it ain't Even about love it's the way this girl handle a thug, she got A nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change on me I'm a Leave you bitch. [Verse 1:] I got that jahiem bangin in my trunk, flippin through the hood Smokin on some killa feelin good. my niggas lookin at me like you On some love shit, I'm lookin like shit'd I gotta down ass bitch. I'm wakin up to grits, eggs all that good shit, she made enough for me She say she gone eat dick (nah that's love) I can't lie this hoe got my Nose wide open she say she love it when I'm high so she keep me smokin. (Fire) and I don't know wea she get it from, but everytime I come the hoe Know she betta have some. at frist I thought the bitch was tryna be Slick, it took about an hour for me to peep the shit. the girls green It's a blessin from god, she's been prayin for something real she had a Broken heart and at least she find peace in mind, she say if I neva Change she gone always stay down and I believe this bitch. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Rite now you got me, a sucka ass nigga? not me, see that I'll neva Eva eva be, but what you will see is a buncha "g" shit like all That wipe me down you ain't seen shit. I come up ot the bricks so I learned from the best, got yung hogg tatted on yo neck and Yo breast. ask me I'm I impressed I'm like bitch yes nah get yo ass Out so I can get my rest. now I'm ready to get it gone take of yo Clothes damn you the shit girl you killa them hoes forreal doe. It's hard for me to show my feelins, but shit'd you can tell look at How I'm chillen everyday. makin it my business and fuck them otha bitches My nigga my witness, I ain't fuckin with shit. might meet a couple Of hoes chill and get blowed then fuck around and get some head That's it I swear. [Chorus]


King Just "Mystics Of The God"
[Intro] There's one brain There's two halves to one brain One half's the pen, the other half's a steel Check the story [Chorus 2X] Pain, yo, is all I feel I'mma die wit my pen, or I'mma die wit my steel [King Just] A young shorty on the block, wit no props Fightin every day, turn the pot, and crackin beer top In the hallway, gettin fucked up, everyday You ever thought about goin to school? No way I always thought I'd be a big rap star Drive fancy cars and travel like far Aha, dream didn't come true, now it's 1982 So what the hell you want me to do? I wanna sell drugs and hang wit the thugs From the projects, and own a nickel plated tech But yet, I still got the skill to rock the crowd I guess rappin should just be style But now, I can't take it no more I'm ready to get my gat and tell you face down to floor Give me what you got, nigga, shit is real I'mma die wit my pen, or I'mma die wit my steel [Chorus 2X] [King Just] So damn confused, this life just don't seem the same Kids on the smelly court, playin the ghetto games I reminisce about the shit that I did You couldn't be soft and live where I lived Cuz only the strong survive, and the weak die Well ain't that a bitch, oh, my, my, my Momma, why I gotta be like that? Face the fact, I want the respect of my ghetto back So I dig deep cuz I got a lot to give As the world turns, but only one life to live So come on my children, let's start rebuildin A new foundation for every man's nation I try to make a stand, but every stand's a downfall I sat on the bench while other kids played ball It's not the fact that I lack athletic I'd rather grab a pen and pad, and get poetic [Chorus 2X] [King Just] Bow, boom, bang, same to the '90's Two-Six Mob, nigga, that's where you'll find me Down wit Black Fist, now, my promo's on Kiss And everybody around town want's to talk shit I guess that's the way life goes, I guess no one knows Yo, we all choose our own roads So you choose yours, and I'mma choose mine Who knows, we just might make it at the same time Define, yo, the meanin of jealously And I show you a hundred rappers that can't fuck wit me True, so what's the moral to the story? The God is on his way to glory, but yet there's more G. I became that nigga to the cess My lifestyle change and now it's headed to the West I guess, I have to do some shows out there But when I appear, the crowd shook wit fear Yo, I can't die wit my steel I got a career now, to make at the top of my field So you ask, how does the story end? One love to Shaolin, we gotta die wit our pen [Chorus 4X] [Outro] Yo this is a message from the God Dreams come true only if you make 'em happen One love to Shaolin

What's The Real?

Kurious "A Constipated Monkey"
featuring Kadi The Omen [Kurious] Kurious sparks the buddha shit act like you knew the The game fuck the fame shit is lame rather do the bump bumpety bump with a stuntety stunt Don't forget my name bitch I got what you want Can't front on the man known to say Yea yea It's the Puerto Rican wonder motherfucker don't stare If you're vision's 20/20 best believe I got plenty for that ass ha ha you know the steelo Kilos ain't flipped so my ass is broke Catch me on two-five, steamin the choke Like the sauna word is bond I, step to a hoochie That's the word for it, try to kick it honey diss me I ignore it, sorta like the water is dense Bitch think a nigga's rich, it don't make sense Little brother The Omen hit up some shit that's fit Represent for the peeps on some Uptown Shit Chorus: repeat 2X Yo it's the Uptown Shit - it's the Uptown Shit Check the Uptown Shit - strictly Uptown Shit Yo it's the Uptown Shit - it's the Uptown Shit Check the Uptown Shit - strictly Uptown Shit [The Omen] Yeah! Skull snaps now I'm the pimp Comin straight, it's The Omen with that Uptown Shit Stride's kinda humble, stays cool with the strut Graze a big butt, I step back, then I nut Damn! I wish I got her but fuck the bitch I flip with a twitch, pulls a nigga that's rich So, I steps cool, acts like I know Step to the block and join in some cee-lo I roll 6-6-6 with the tricks cause it's fixed Your head is banged so I got you in the mix I spit the pul-like-a-pit Now I'm leavin you.. on some Uptown Shit [Kadi] Ha ha, check me out as the third introduct Niggaz talkin the lip, but I don't give a fuck It's the Uptown Shit, where honies shake their hips And the fellas try to dip, in the Miracle Whip One time it's the Rican with the low haircut With the bitches that fuck, then swallow the nut Straight facts from a cat who will give you the scoop I be Knockin more Boots than that H-Town group So give me mine Poppa Duka when I race your Koopa Troopa in a, Mario Kart, niggaz dread me from the start Don't fuck around kid if you ain't prepared Cause a nigga whose scared, is a nigga who ain't there! Chorus [Kurious] Check it out There it is, hear the sound, got a blunt, bust me down Forty-five, no St. Ide's, it's the wines that I dine Chickenhead shit is dead, you're gettin me fed Slide up the block I hear, WHATTUP KID? Yeah yeah, Kurious, save the mess for the rest Known for takin buddha sess, straight to the chest Slide to the rucka every week's the same Strictly checkin for ass, motherfuck the game Pysch, I sneak a peak at my main man Tone Only bitches I sweat, is the bitches that bone Puffin on a loose bitch exhale fast I throw my dick in your mouth Have you blowin rings out your fuckin ass.. .. til it's time to quit Whattup to Big Trey on some Uptown Shit Chorus w/ variations

I Need

TRINA "Da Baddest Bitch"
(feat. Tre+6) [Money Mark] Gotta, Uh, got feel that shit, Uh, you gotta feel that shit [Hook:] [Money Mark] Let me tell you what kinda hoes I like [Trina] Let me tell you what kinda niggas i like [Money Mark] I'ma tell you what kinda hoes I like [Trina] Let me tell you what kinda niggas I like... [Chorus: Trina & Money Mark] I wanna nigga who'll lick the click, Gone let me ride the dick, and blow in side my shit,uhh I want a bitch who like ta' suck da dick, Who wanna fuck and shit, get in the buck and shit, what [repeat] [Verse 1: Trina] Nigga, I'ma first class hoe, money in the stash hoe fast hoe, love it when you like tha ass hole And if you wanna pass go I need 20 grand or better Real go getter out for the flo' getter Uh, quick cum niggas on the coach Stick ya tongue in it, keepin' ya sprung in it Stops and bounds might let ya cum in it Girlfriends do, I do too!, O ones in it When it, gets wet I won't tease ya dog Spreading da couchie wide come and please me dog Easy dog, what, I don't need jake's like you Bitch I got 8 like you, Who'll like it, get it wet and then stick it I'm da type of hoe you wanna trick wit, slick bitch I'ma veteran, no pussy gets wetter than Than Rio, fuck you fo' da dope for sho' [Chorus 2x - Money Mark first] [Verse 2: Money Mark] I ain't never meet a hoe in my life as bad as you I wanna stick dick all up in you, I wanna fuck wit you (ohhhh!) You got a nigga ready ta' fuck You gotta nigga ready to bust a nutt, say what Is you bout it hoe, (hell yeah) Well you can tell me all about it, let me know Cause I'm a rough nigga, Money Mark the tough nigga Fuck butt naked no motherfuckin' bluff nigga Fuck, got the urge to run away wit' ya boo I won't play wit you boo, I'll get head in the bed all day from ya boo I don't need hoes like you Bitch I got five like you, Who'll fuck it, pull it out and then suck it Let my dog touch it, get it wet, bust it Money Mark, and yeah my last name Digaler Stank couchie hoes I can't get wit cha no sir [Chorus 2x] [] If you really wanna fuck, and you wanna get a nutt Tell that girl to give it up my nigga, my nigga Now all the ladies in the place, puttin' pussy in my face Come on and let me get a taste now baby, now baby [Co] Now let me hear ya say, 'I fuck' (I fuck) And say I fuck (I fuck) [repeat 4x] And say U fuck, and say we fuck, and say I fuck, Now all my niggas say... [Chorus 4x] [Money Mark first - to end]

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