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JUVENILE lyrics - Rejuvenation

Can't Stop My Money

Original and similar lyrics
Can't stop my money, can't stop my money Can't stop my money, can't stop my money Yes sir, it's my time, Worry about yours, don't be worrin' about mine Can't stop my money, fuck, niggas, stop trying. Niggas, stop trying, niggas, stop trying. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money. I'm just an old lame nigga living the hard life I'm in right up the game, plan I made the world right I didn't get the bad shoes, I made them look good Anything possible coming out of a crooks' hood You know them dick suckers be tripping at the red light Trying to do it legal, I'm tired of fighting a fair fight I get to parking lot only to find my shit scratched Niggas can't handle, I'm on to start pulling bitch eggs Stop acting nod, they got in store, they're getting six packs I ain't the chit chat juvenile, peace daddy Don't bitch until I leave, I wanna see it cash Like a password I alley you from see nash. Yes sir, it's my time, Worry about yours, don't be worrin' about mine Can't stop my money, fuck, niggas, stop trying. Niggas, stop trying, niggas, stop trying. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money. If I'm sleeping I hope I'll never be woke again Behind closed doors and nigga can't see the opening My people looking at my face and they see the hope again They be collecting my messages like a porcelain I get them shopping to the studios and back home My city's standing up tall and I am the bad bone Hitting the air, but it is way far in the distance Do what I please and I don't need an assistant Sleeping is what a broke nigga could never do, And I feel like I've been drinking a full bottle of teraflu Or maybe somebody gave me a sleeping pill But I'm awake, other niggas wish I was sleep for real. Yes sir, it's my time, Worry about yours, don't be worrin' about mine Can't stop my money, fuck, niggas, stop trying. Niggas, stop trying, niggas, stop trying. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money. Nobody, nobody, nobody Can't stop my money, can't stop my money, can't stop my money.

Drivin 'Em

[Mannie Fresh] Drivin in a Benz, in the nest Coming in this motherfucker, turning motherfuckin necks Going back in the superstretch Just checkin how many fly bitches I can catch Ride motherfucker and you gonna know Seeing some ladies hanging out the window Let the interior look reign 18 inches whippers look like so much pain I'ma mac like Moley the one and only I'm a fuck like daddy look pretty like Tony See a hoe, bitch, shit You gotta stop on the corner when you see a state cop For the niggas in the night they call drag, I'ma fool and be cool With an automatic click clack I wanna fuck and how to fuck you bigger Mama gonna dress and you all be better In the middle of the night it's on It's hot call Frank and meet you at the spot Cash Money rules every thing around If you represent U.P.T. your downtown [Baby] Bitch I thought knew they call me Baby Hoes drive me crazy Money is a must, coats slanging Plus I never duck when niggas bust in cars I mini Benz, expeditions and other cars I look so pretty, and I'd fuck these hoes On the grill with a mouth full of gold Bitches know, I'll let cha know on tape enough shit Those lamborgini niggas know shit And I love these hoes that suck dick Big Tymers for life enough g's on my rolex From acorn the magazine And she was seen homie giving brains behind it homie It's was nice with the ice, they call me Baby These bitches know my game is tight [Larell] Who can file for most of the squash Blast through the door and get your ass tossed Every nigga on the map on acasion lose every nigga in them hallways Nuthin but truth is behind the peace treaty is the best decision Cuz you don't want them to hit cha bitcha Me in the coop, ya'll in the hall Ya'll on the crawl so I gots to ball I'm in the yearbook When I was at booker t party of the year 1993 My satisfaction is, I've never been a problem See my advirsaries were suspended and I hide em When I'm stuck in the club niggas will let you know On the door start looking for sure And if you want to start something With my kliq it's cool cuz chop off all your dicks Uptown baby the Big Tymers know where I live The third door from the hum drums Your dumb if want some rowdy boy we'll some You won't see us in the tinted old car Won'tcha ass be all fallin behind But you got luck thats why you got behind Time is running out for you fools Chickens I was at your girls house with the lights out And slash your fuckin leather Get a seperate shit better, whether Win, lose, or draw, still losing my clip Cuz uptown for life is the motherfuckin shit [Lil Wayne] I'm the little one with the skrilla thats off the rilla Cuz killas get punked on the start of pilas Nigga it's me Hot Boy show Head tilted to the right, I'll be right next store Nigga you know me from the true store I die slow cuz the bullets, are old Niggas fall to the floor, ain't a slug to touch Too bad little nigga say what Your pants sagin and your head busts like a skittle I'm on fire so they tried to chill it Tell em dogg, ain't nothin gonna shake Creep like a slave and take all the bait Like a tape, I still rock the mack 10 110 bullets twirl like a whirlwind I tie up your boy and rape your girlfriend Come off the sex with the choppers twirlin in the wind Better watch your children, are they all in? I shoot twice, your crawling and I get disgusting The beef get ugly, start busting going uhhh, up in Jesus please come see us in the speeder I jump out with gun in the freezer Plus your boys won't go They must of heard of Big Tymers, act like you know Huh huh wha wha nigga

Cant Stop Us

-Bizzy Bone-Intro- (I always try) Unstoppable daily (Fuckin unstoppable). We unstoppable together, baby Bone Thugs. (Ya ya) Lil Layzie Bone in this motherfucker,Krayzie Bone,Big Wish in this motherfucker,Flesh n Bone knock them niggas out. (Bone Thug, 7th Sign, Mo Thug, ThugLine)(Fuckin unstoppable) Lets do this shit man, lets do this shit baby -Chorus-Bizzy- You niggas can't stop me (From cocking a glock) You motherfuckers can't stop me (From poppin' the glock)/ This for the guerillas on the block, for skinny niggas like myself, artillery shots as well, yeah/ Ha ha ha Bizzy Bone (You think I give a fuck?) You think I give a fuck if you don't like me nigga? Put 'em up in a club and fight me/ I'm sorry that I'm just so fuckin' exciting/ Steadily courdial like this killa 'posed to/ And I wish you would really try to come test me, break bread with niggas that know you/ I can show you, slowly rollin' like these cuts from old school/ Cookin' it up just like it's soul food, fuck all ya'll/ I never did know you/ Bring the Pro Tools, stack it on up/ And lil' thugs that I console to, never leave your house without keepin' it up/ To the head daddy and you don't know what that is? Couple of bodies under my belt, and with mad kids for self protection/ You do know bitch, and keep my hands on a little bit of solo shit, it's Bone Thugs forever cause I know what Bone is -Chorus- Layzie Bone What? You thought a nigga'd be up and gone, fly by night, no longer Bone, strictly hype/ Nigga better think twice cause all of these haters ain't even seen the light/ Nigga, we can conquer anything and the mission always complete/ I be that lil' nigga when you see me, but a dog out in these streets (Roof Roof) and I gets my money I bring home the bacon; Seven or better, that's what I'm making/ You can check the reputation/ Nigga get dealt with, frontin' and hatin'/ See I'm polishin' plus I'm cool/ Yeah, I'm a thug and I'm a fool/ I love the game and I love the rules/ If you cross the line I'm a flex these 2's and nigga ooh/ If I do it's for my children, if you're feelin' like I'm feelin' then you probably gon' see a million/ Thug Nation! Fuck these dollars, yeah, they said it/ You'll never make a hit runnin' wild, and doin' this and doin' that, you'll never make it/ Who get's the last laugh now? Look at me now; Countin' this money/ Them the same niggas today that can't get nothin' from me/ It's all in the mind, hatin' congratulatin' niggas there's really no time wastin' penetratin' and elevatin' believe us it's them niggas waitin' -Chorus- Wish Bone (Oh, Oh, Oh) Now it's a miracle, you know that Bone gon' pop, ten years and still we blow/ Just admit that we rock all night long, you know we keep it thug but still harmonize these songs/ But don't get it twisted, we thug and we real wit it/ You feelin' we flip and we deal wit it/ Ain't gotta like it, better live wit it/ Destruction, gotta live wit it/ Now think about you when you was me wearin' my shoes on yo' feet/ Now think again cause that can never be/ I can never be a hater on a hand that was dealt to me/ And it seems like I've always been down, and I can't take that, rather take that 'fore I go back that route/ You see one nigga on the news, wonderin' 'What did he do?' When they tell you, you be like 'Ooh, that nigga's through'/ But they don't know me, been blessed with all my thugs and all this harmony/You know we can't be stopped, we rollin' past the cops, plus all you haters/ The finger's all you got? Fuck ya'll! -Chorus- Krayzie Bone I ain't got nothin' to say to a hater/ As soon as he run up I give him a 'Pow!'/ Put him in the pound with the rest of them niggas who thought they could run up and fuck with me now in 2000/ We fuckin' around with the convicts, breakin' them up at the county/ Now I got nothin' but killas around me following proudly, organised but rowdy/ They fearin' us, because of the shit they been hearin' about us/ They say that them niggas got ripped with the knowledge and we got a nation of niggas screamin' 'Thug Power'/ Them niggas ain't think we was comin' back on some real, political, militant, workin' the field while these busta's stay at a crib/ Execution! Murder, murder, murder, murder them all/ Kill 'em all, all/ Get your shit, nigga, get in the car/ If you ridin' willin' to die for this, really tryin' to survive in this/ Get up and fuck up your rivalries, just wantin' you to know what time it is/ I'm one of soldiers, warriors willin' and ready to die for the cause/ If it's war that's what we came for, that's why I brought my dogs for all of ya'll/ Gauges will be blazin', one gunshot could shake the world, fool/ Watch the drama unfold/ Krayzie's unstoppable-able -Chorus-

We All Die Someday F Cent,obie Trice,lloyd Bank

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks] Niggas Know what I'm about out here I don't toot my own horn cause I don't have to You can run your mouth I don't care but if you get too close I'm gonna clap you It's too real out here to be scared A real nigga is gonna do whatever he has to A man is the last thing you should fear it ain't considered a crime unless they catch you We all die one day [Obie Trice] Niggas when I step up in the bar, faggots wanna loot like you motherfuckers got Obie Trice shook Like I'm gonna stand here as a man and let some queer ass funny looking nigga get the upper hand I got issues, got no time, got guns that mourn nigga's moms shoot up clubs and destroy nigga's vibes everybody running for their motherfucking lives Tough club niggas, we leave early, cock back surely open up your fade, your grey brain meets motor city pave your nervous system still twitch off Jay Z O's an animals skirts get mirked don't ever let a nigga tell you slugs don't hurt don't ever let a nigga tell you play the bar hard trust in guard it cause you're about to catch a bullet scar I give a fuck where you from who you be with keep this a secret right by the nuts a 4-5 that'll light niggas up and this 4-5 high make me not give a fuck [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] But as long as I'm here I'm gonna grab checks and make my cash stretch longer than giraff necks poverty will make your ass bet on words touch niggas in jail make them wanna finish their last sents' they say you live by the gun and die by the next nigga gun if that's the case then get a bigga one you don't think I pack the pump cause I'm out of the hood that's a stereotype like everyone that's black can jump I where a white mink, the fabric is done got rings that bling like Mike, Byrd, Magic and them out in Dallas in a palace where the Mavericks is from living lavash, I'm established, so the cabbage'll come I'm the clouds you won't see me in the trains I travel first class you don't even got a TV on your plane You should be easy on my name, cause I don't going back and forth your boss and your captain's soft [Chorus] [Eminem] We gonna bring it to anybody who want it you want it? you gonna get it man we gon hit em, chew em up and spit em out too much venom and if you role with 'em we gonna fuck you up with 'em I got too much momentum movin in my direction to lose my shoes will explode as soon as you go to step in 'em (BROOM) you know how we do it when we do how we do it when we come through G-Unit, D-1-2 and Obie we all move like assasins ski masks and gloves consider this as a warning disaster comes faster than you can react to it, just ask Muggs but we are fizast, fuck your litte bitch ass up we are not killers, my vato will have you shot though drag through the varrio and fucked like Kim Osario litte sorry hoe ass, go ask B Real we burn source covers like fuckin Cypress Hill did in the 90s, when you was in diapers still shady records you better believe the hype is real this is no joke, I don't smoke but I toke enuff second hand to make my fuckin P.O. choke I'm an OG, you're fuckin with a GI Joe Bia Bia, mia meo a vida loco I'm a psycho, Mariah aint got shit on me when I retire I'll be spittin baby food on people a tent sieged on her ranch, huddled up next to her with Hello Kitty slippers on, humping her legs you ever had your cat pealed back or your shit pushed in I put my blade in your like a fucking pin cushion slice your ear clear off, Smirnoff and Henn dogg I'll show you how to kill a fucking man like Sen Dog Nobody told you that I'm loco essay? I lack every sane chemical in my membrane I'm slim sha...dy and the d is for deez nuts and you can get each one for free so feast up I pee in a cup for three months, I'm having an E party for easter please come [50 Cent] We gonna bring it to anybody who want it you want it? you gonna get it man we gon hit em, chew em up and spit em out too much venom and if you role with 'em we gonna fuck you up with 'em you can do all them push ups to pump up your chest I got a 12 gauge mossbert to pump up your chest have you gasping for breath after that shell hit your vest fear me like you fear god cause I bring death Silverback gorrilla in the concrete jungle I'm the strongest one around you know how I get down I watch gansta flicks and root for the badguy and turn it off before it ends cause the badguy die if you trying to buy guns I'm the nigga to look to so what they got bodies on 'em, they still look new you can raise your voice like you fending to touch something when I raise my knife shit I'm fending to cut something see I walk like Ron O'Neil and talk like Goldie if the bitch think I love her the bitch don't know me (haha Sorry Kim haha) [Chorus] [Eminem] Souls Assasins y'all What up Muggs? [DJ Muggs] What up Em? [Eminem] We outta here...

I Know I Can't Ryme

Nobody likes my penis Nobody my penis, but that's okay Cuz I don't like orgi's anyway ...And I don't like your orgi's anyway Fuck all y'all in the ear!!! My ass talk for me, my fuck talk for me My pubes talk for me BLAT! Wutup mom For bitches who don't know my hair cut ...They wanna shake my hand cuz the poo I floss wit sayin a lot for me I came into rap humble, I don't give a fuck now I Serve anybody like niggas who hustle uptown Coke price go up, cats is come down The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found The bitch who hustle for me, they dont even stash cracks They keep it on em, right there in they ass crack When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to I'll have the paramedics wrap your fuckin head like a Hindu Look, I ain't goin nowhere, so get used to me OG's look at me and see what they used to be I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope The nigga that shot Dice when he broke to soap The thug, they pop shit The thug that pop clips The thug that went from three and a half to whole brick Nigga ain't in his right mind, goin against me My picture's painted through words that make a blind man see straight [Hook] Scream murder! [I don't believe you!] Murder! [Fuck around and leave you!] Murder! [I don't believe you!] Murder, murder! [Your life's on the line!] Y'all niggas don't want no parts of me I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me Make me catch her on the late night Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six I'm not a marksmen while spark it, so I spray random Not a pretty nigga but my moms think I'm handsome I hate to hear 'He say, She say' shit Unless he say she say she on my dick It's no coincidence, niggas who fuck wit me get shot up I do a Cali style drive by and tear ya block up You soft dawg, don't be puttin up a crazy front I stay wit the Mac, cuz niggas tried to blaze me once In the hood they be like, 'Damn, 50 really spitted on em' 'You heard that shit?' 'Yeah, 50 really shitted on em' Beef, you don't want none, so don't start none You just a small player in this game, play a part son [Hook] These cats always escape reality when they rhyme That's why they write about bricks and only dealt wit dimes Leave it to them, and they say they got a fast car Nascar, truck wit a crash bar And TV's in the dash, pa See em in the five wit stock rims, I just laugh, pa I catch stunts when I ain't tryin I ain't lyin, I sit Don P til I split up Keep my wrist lit up Get outta line, I get you hit up [Wooo!] Now if you say my name in your rhyme, watch what you say You get carried away, you can get shot and carried away Now here's a list of MC's that can kill you in eight bars: 50, umm Jay-Z and Nas I'ma say this shit now and never again We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends The games you playin, you get killed like that Actin like you all hard, you ain't built like that See me when you see me nigga, (what, what) [Hook] Y'all people don't want no parts of me I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me You gon make me catch her on the late night Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six

Gotta Get It

KARDINAL OFFISHALL "Quest For Fire: Firestarter Vol. 1"
[INTRO: Kardinal Offishall] It's a Kardi Kardi party, what! What, yeah Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what! [Saukrates] Anybody coming through here, gotta expect The hottest, hottest, hottest hottest The hottest hottest shit for real [Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates} Yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Niggas know [Saukrates] I ain't spittin', I hock a luggy This ain't no motherfu- verse, I write movies Picture this, how a nigga get sicker than itchy syphilis Burn radio waves 'til I hit your bitch Christmas list Ha, I drop rocks like a fifty cent piece from Terror's twenty Aimed at your Bentley son Number one when my shard be blast Mix with hash, made your heart beat fast [Kardinal Offishall] Back at your ass in full flash Come to mash every last class of (emcee) Pass the baton when I get on And go on until I got it on Spark it up and inhale this (emcee) Masterly, masterfully I be the (emcee) So many can't rock the mic, so they hold the glock tight And I give thanks I wasn't born a sucker Pucker for this hard fist lyricist 'Nuff butter like BBJ's grocery list [Saukrates] Yo, hoes be this hoes be that Bet if I flash this watch my nigga, that hoe be back And I ain't even rocking a Rolly or fronting with cash I'm at the bar with George Costanza arguing for tax The first to let you know, get some flood insurance It ain't a rare occurrence when I overflow You'll be backstrokin' from Alaska to Oakland When me and my Circle be in a yacht... (floating) [echo] [CHORUS: YLook {Saukrates} (Kardinal)] You know this money man Got us acting funny man We sick of living crummy man We got to get this money man (New houses), {got, got to get it} (Real figures by the thousands), {got, got to get it} (Big stacks for the family), {got, got to get it} (Big tunes playing annually), {got, got to get it} [Kardinal Offishall {Saukrates}] Yo, easy rude bwoy, give me a little second to breeze through We make the track jump, so it's hard to roll trees to No matter give me no daps nigga, I ain't trying to please you Want to flow with me, can't afford the fees duke Claiming street raps when Jeff Healey could see through Your wonder bra rah rah, {garbage like bad pot} Go ahead like punk trick and watch where you land I'm a shady black slim, you a nigga I can't stand Move! kid, this some celebrity next shit Step up and watch the next celebrity hanging by they necklace Peasants! Think about what you getting into We hardcore, bump those little fist fights we've been through We done did it, never mind can or can do We trying to make it easier for our fam to Land Cruise You sell the same weed at the same spot We graduated to the high grade lyrics pon cock [Saukrates {Kardinal}] I've been autobahn rhyme ever since primetime Saw George and Wheezy sipping on fine wine The ghetto scream {rewind} like daylight savings time Bring it back, firing legal hollows out the Ac' {Who's that?} MC's of leisure, Sauk and Kardinal We bring the ebony stone, now watch me carve it out Bump my shit in tenement housing It's a vocal revolution for 2000... "1!" [CHORUS] [KO] Ayo, you better come strapped when we attack [S] 'Cause only strapped cats have a shot at the rap [KO] Bullet holes in the map leave a trail to where we at But stop short of we [S] We got them sucking the bowl like they speaking Portuguese So bitch freeze, your motivation evident Rhymes milky, chocolate has heaven sent [KO] Ayo, I'm older now, arguing with back clerks And presidents and crack heads smoking too close to the residence What! [Kardinal Offishall (Saukrates)] Yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} Yo yo yo, {you bitch ass niggas} [YLook] You know this money man Got us acting funny man We sick of living crummy man We got to get this money man [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, big Sox, Kardinal Offishall Circle IV, big YLook, cousin Spoke Let the motherfu- beat ride Don't sleep niggas

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