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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

Who's Ya Daddy

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] Girl you're lookin' like a '4 dropped low to the ground Ooh, I like it when you shake it up and swing it around Don't stop, ooh, you servin' it now Have a nigga lookin' for you, searchin' around I tried to pass you up but you're lookin' so hot Got my dick gettin' stiffer than a robot You not lookin' concerned about what a hoe got You just layin' it down right there in yo' spot When you pass a nigga, come to a slow stop Wonderin' how I'm lookin' when the clothes drop Fresh out of the fingernail and toe shop Lookin' real, I gotta get her when the hoe pop She got a shape, ain't nothin' fake, she in the race Her pretty face, I'd give her a 7 or 8 Or maybe 9 if she really fine Side and behind with a lady mind Diamonds, she genuine... [Chorus] Let your hair down girl, you already know (When I grab ya ass) I ain't gonna let it go Ooh, I'm the shit and you the poo poo Let a nigga fuck you with that uptown voo-doo You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe? You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe? [Juvenile] Your big, fine, don't be scared, put your hands up Give me a minute, you ain't gotta give your man up In a relationship, I understand, and what? He ain't focusin' right now, so we CAN fuck Move - shake - bounce - pop Pancake it, pull it over at the bus stop Swing it back around, stop it there and make it wiggle Put it in reverse and back it up just a little It ain't your birthday, nope, it ain't your birthday But I'ma treat you like that, if you can serve me Girl you a stallion, let me take you to the derby I bet a hundred that you gon' be up in first place (Pose - move - stop - walk) Shit, I think you more finer than the block talk Ladies, put your hands up if you need to get dropped off Up even higher if you wanna leave in my car [Chorus] Let your hair down girl, you already know (When I grab ya ass) I ain't gonna let it go Ooh, I'm the shit and you the poo poo Let a nigga fuck you with that uptown voo-doo You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe? You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe?... Uh-hu... uh-hu... uh-hu... [Juvenile] Like it when you be dressin' all fancy And your lips be lookin' like candy Come here and get you a sip of this Brandy Let me think a size off of what I can see You musta been eatin' by grannies Cause that ass lookin' phat in them panties Tryin' to treat you like one of my family And I won't be actin' like your man be I'm the shit lil' mama, just chance me Cause you're lookin' at a more advanced me Now drop it, and pop it, and shake it like a dog Look back at a gangsta when you're catchin' the wall [Chorus] Let your hair down girl, you already know (When I grab ya ass) I ain't gonna let it go Ooh, I'm the shit and you the poo poo Let a nigga fuck you with that uptown voo-doo You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe? You my lil' mamma mia, and you already know Who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy, who's ya daddy hoe?

What Would You Do

CITY HIGH "City High"
[1st verse:] Boys and girls wanna hear a true story Saturday night was at this real wild party They had the liquor overflowin' the cup, about 5 or 6 strippers tryin to work for a buck and I-took one girl outside wit me, her name was Loni, she went to Junior High wit me, I said, Why you up in there dancin for cash, I guess a whole lots changed since I seen you last She said.. [Chorus:] What would you do, if your son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor, cuz he's hungry and thee only way to feed him is ta sleep wit a man for a little bit of money, and his daddy's gone somewhere smokin' rock now, in and out of lock down, I aint gotta job now, so for you this is just a good time but for me this is what I call life [2nd verse:] Girl you aint thee only one wit a baby, that's no excuse to be livin all crazy then she looked me right square in the eye and said everyday I wake up hopin' to die, she said- nigga I know about pain cuz, me and my sista ran away, so my daddy couldn't rape us, before I was a teenager I done been through more shit, you can't even relate ta! [Chorus] Ooooo Then she said, What would you do if.... Get up on my feet and let go of every excuse What would you do if.... Cuz I wouldn't want my baby, to go through what I went through What would you do if.... Get up on my feet, stop makin tired excuses What would you do if... Girl I know if my mother can do it, baby you can do it Oooo, oooo, oooo-(yea, yea, yea, yea) [Chorus] What would you do if yo son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor, cuz he's hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep wit a man for a little bit of money, and his daddy's gone somewhere smokin rock now, in and out of lock down, I aint gotta job now, so for you this is just a good time but for me this is what I call life (Come on) [Chorus]

Hell On Earth

MOBB DEEP "Hell On Earth"
[Prodigy] Yo, the saga begins, beget war I draw first blood be the first to set it off My cause, tap all jaws lay down laws We takin what's yours we do jerks rush the doors Here come the deez tryin to make breeze and guns toss In full force, my team'll go at your main source We're not tourists, hit bosses and take hostage Your whole setup, from the ground up we lock shit Blood flood your eye, fuck up your optics Switch to killer instincts for niggaz pop shit Yo nigga Noyd what's the topic Nine pound we rocked in Ninety-six strike back with more hot shit Illuminate my team'll glow like, radiation With no time for patient, or complication Let's get it done right, my click airtight Trapped in a never ending gunfight so niggaz lose stripes or lose life, jail niggaz sendin kites to the street Over some beef that wasn't fully cooked, finish em off Well done meat, that said twenty-two slug to your head Travel all the way down to your leg Chorus: together Aiyyo it's hell on earth, whose next or gonna be first The projects is front lines, and the enemy is one time I ain't gotta tell you It's right in front of your eyes (repeat 2X) [Havoc] We wreck the QBC, nigga rep yours it's all love Milli stacked down, heavenly guarded by hollow tip slug Then crack down, on wannabe thugs adapt to gat sound And bow down, slow the fuck up, see how my foul now Articulate, hittin body parts to start shiftin shit Never hesitant, it's the crack game unlimited Summon rasta we can do this, forever infinite Then reminesce, twenty years later how we was gettin it Either with me go against the grain you better hit me Leggin me or robbin me niggaz better body me Cause it's a small world and niggaz, talkin like bitches Bitches singin like snitches, pointin you out in pictures Cause she rep the QBC faithfully, playa hatin me All that bullshit, is just makin me More the better, then concentrate on gettin chedda If shorty set you up you better dead her, I told you Shape and mold you, Sun you, then I hold you Like a pimp mind control you double edge blow you It'll be I, like I'm supposed to, the click is coastal International to local, Bacardi mix physically fix Hit you with shit, that'll leave a loose nigga stiff Probably thick, Son I solved em Pulled him in my world then evolved him to chaos Walk the beat like, around the way cops the average pitstop QBCity GodFather Part III, Gotti Gambino And Ty Nitty, Scarface rest in peace Chorus [Prodigy] Yo, the heavy metal king hold big shit, with spare clips You seein clips when the mac spit your top got split Layin dead with open eyes close his eyelids Turn off his lights switch to darkness, cause deep in the abyss is street life, blood on my kicks, shit on my knife Youse the wild child, kid cold turnin men into mice I was born to take power leave my mark on this planet The Phantom of Crime Rap, niggaz is left stranded Shut down your operation, closed for business Leave a foul taste in your mouth, like Guinness POW niggaz is found MIA We move like the special forces, green beret Heavily around my throat, I don't play Shit brand new, back in eighty-nine, the same way The God P walk with a limp see, but simply To simplify shit, no man can go against me Test me you must be bent G, don't tempt me I had this full clip for so long, it needs to empty The reason why it full for so long, cause I don't waste shit You properly hit, blood in your mouth, so you could taste it Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin I hear thugs, claimin that they gonna rob the Mobb When they see us, I tell you what black, here's the issue It's a package deal, you rob me, you take this message along with that, I ain't your average cat Fuck rap, I'm tryin to make CREAM and that's that Whatever it takes however it gots to go down Four mikes on stage a motherfuckin four pound Speakers leakin out sound and niggaz leakin on the ground I could truely care less the God will get his Regardless blow for blow let's find out who wear hardest This rap artist used to be a stickup artist Sometimes I test myself see if I still got it A live nigga stay on point never diss Regard shit or forget the essence, from which I emerged P is sick, so save that bullshit for the burbs Live up to my word, if I got beef, niggaz comin in herds We flush through your click get purged

Sittin On Top Of The World

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
I done heard this shit You wanna know what the fuck I heard bitch? I heard you wanna carbon copy me Not possible to succeed. Bustin nigga's kneecaps cuz greed is fuckin wit weed Gimme more cheddar than Ellie No Hillbilly from Beverly Heavely sedated still hated and Rated R You the next victim and if you flinch you fall I got that sure shot method Guaranteed to make a nigga pause. Peep the Cars I'm in. Uncountable amount of Benjamin's, Benzes for all my friends If it don't make dollars, you ain't makin no fucking sense Get relentless when it comes to stacking chips and shit Try to take mine to thy nine be the glory Unloaded at the end of the story, I'm on top of the world, nigga... CHORUS: Sittin on top of the world Sittin on top of the world With 50 grand in my hand Steady puffin on a blunt Sippin hennessy and coke, Gimme what you won't. Sittin on top of the world Sittin on top of the world With my legs swingin, jewelry jingling baby Go head baby. Lemme hit you with some real PUMP PUMP It's the number one contender So So Def memeber known as Brat Girlfriend offender cuz they man's think I'm all that Krystal in my lap, chronic chokin me Nigga's hopin we fall off But we won't, we don't. All we do is keep fuckin it up. While all you do is keep lookin at us. Known evidence is that I dispense hits And make more house quakes than Prince leavin mother fuckers dense One of the baddest bitches on the planet. Act like you know it's the funk bandit dammit, and you can't stand it. You can run, but you can't hide From this bad mannered individu-AL Gal from the West Side Hit em up. I can't quick stick like the bottom of an ostrich Hung in your pants Hotness from your bull-shit And it's written all over your face You want my space but ain't got what it takes to take my place... CHORUS Now best believe I got more Trix up my sleeve Then that silly rabbit All day dream about G's and how I gots to have it Gotta weed habit, but I'm still on point, one of the most wanted to rock off somebody's joint. It be the B-R-A-T, the mind blower, The rough rhyme thrower, mother fuckers can't see Riding drop top roadsters, fuck all that gold stuff Only Triangles dangle when I bust. You see, niggas round town called this and that, Said I sound like the pound and my shit was wack. Dropped the album Funkdafied and they thought it was bold, 30 days later, the LP went gold, and I'm... CHORUS

Salute Part Ii

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
featuring GangStarr Yeah they talkin about rap. We don't rap its not about rap we livin it what they talkin about. It's not about college or what you read in a newspaper or magazine. Its hear its reality this is our nature. Its how we live. [Guru] Now everybody on Earth wanna rap we burnt all of that Knocked off the game and cold broke is spat Gang Starr will Billy Danze and Big Slap Word to Laze, big schools and big gats You didn't whip it right so pick up the pace Word to grimy niggas, they want to stick up the place Word to hiphop, plus a crib that's laced Primo's breaks, activate the mental, that's all We got credentials galore, fuck a small vending tour Yet, still, I be at the around-the-way spots Near where niggas be slinging innocent get hit by straight shots And brave cops, protect the community While corrupt cops, be harrasing you and me Pullin me over, in front of the crib, in front of my neighbors Askin for favors, here's a cassette and why you question my behavior? Pursuing me, trying to catch me off quard I shrug scars, you see a lot of hoes at thug bars I don't care what these beats my do We'll sun you, plus I see right through Its way it means to me and M.O.P. Just To Get a Rep, nigga, you best to step, nigga, Salute! Chorus: Holdin it down ---- Billy Danze Phony ass rappers ---- Guru Dead serious ---- ?? Finish em ---- Lil' Fame (Is this hiphop) Hell no this is war ---- Billy Danze Heavy artillery, in my vicinty ---- Lil' Fame *repeat, change 5th line to: M.O.P.* [Billy Danze] Aiyyo, the game's called surivival *echoes* I admit As a soldier, I've done a lot of shit To the so-called tough dude, I ain't mad at you But I wish I wouldn't of had to do the shit I had to do It's true, I would jump up in a Bamma And travle miles of road to unload this hammer (And I) Notice ?colors? when they glance At the baby boy of Haddy and Frank Danze I won't stress the blazin But I will think about what size slug best for the occasion (It's so amazin) ???? pop shit Like Windy Williams till you fuckers bury me (Who we be!) What, what's wrong, nigga? (First Family) Come, come on, nigga! (Ain't nothin cute) My niggas is ready to shoot For the love of the First Family thugs, Salute! Chorus [Lil' Fame] Before you slit your wrist, bitch, imagine this M.O.P., Gang Starr (Damn!) hazardous Thugs that got love for this hiphop and shit Makin words rhyme at the same time poppin shit I used to go to jams, and drop grammar Before I left niggas told me (Boy take your hammer!) Sure nuff, shit got rowdy Dumped off my first clip at a house party I love this rap shit, though, the love is clear But fuck the parties, my nigga, I lost a brother there Only if I'm gettin paid (That's right) And the shit gon' benefit the trade I snatch a mic, turn it out, bad Even have you smooth niggas fuckin up yours shoes and your outfit I be, the Brownsville slugger (Signing out) Act like you know what I'm about, Salute! Chorus *Premier scratches to fade*

Iraq (See The World)

Capone -N- Noreaga "The War Report"
[Noreaga] Chorus: It's long and mad track keep the loot in Iraq, Iraq, see the world, the world, see Iraq binoculars, ours is out, son, they watching us jake hit the strip, now police try locking us repeat [Castro?] It's CREAM on my land original man, cross water my team break border and court order ESP network, TNT explosive expert your head jerk, back flip, illegal life shit bad guys in black ??, left the scene rowdy air cloudy, a bunch of smoke flow astoundly new assembly, new identity, remember me keep remedy for the poison of my enemies maw and remy, Jack D the allizy, yo the motif don p, personal henny, have me hurt many actions, coke infractions, imanuel and fidel our money well, help the crack sale stack bail, then we map trail get it all back, smoke the black, hold the gat [Musolini?] The streets got me thinking 'bout my man's passing stashing, the ?? with a passion got to make it happen, the block steaming and 12 k the cops scheming secruity be on my back for wrong reasons i'm living what i'm saying on the block all day before i weren't sure, now I know it's the way like if I get caught, I'ma pay illegal life, livin' trife what can I say getting bent, million dollar dream hennesey and maui, while i'm chilling with my man on the wood set Front, I strike accurate, you get wet whatever choice you select, handle appropriate baby nine murder my crime, you a fake Lefraktion, just wait i need half out of that cake of regulate taking while you scheming, comtemplate only results in a 360 action but if it come back then I'm pumping double-action blasting, tearing nigga's physicals in try to contend, you gets no days, with no wins my clientle excel, it's like the double-fell drawn into the streets young so now I know it well Chorus [Mendosa?] Yo son I'm packing steel where ya hard hat? you pull out, ya bust that, your gat useless where ya heart at? it fingers the trigger, change your lay with fake nigga beef with every nigga, watch your back of course you get clapped, you didn't bust gat splendid nigga, dirty rap for my (i)raq attack, bust you with mega gat once a cool cat, smoking dagger, put it in my back why you did it like that? now my skin bubble fat go to sleep I wake you up [Noreaga] What What! What What! [Mendosa] In your krib tie you up [Noreaga] What What! What What! [Mendosa] Hot oil on ya gut [Noreaga] Get bucked! Get bucked! [Mendosa] Iraq element don't give a fuck Chorus [Troy Outlaw] We on a mission, not a small-time thing I'm addicted to this cash, like crack-addicted fiend to the crack but I ain't in to doing no drugs I'm just pushing hits, and stacking chips like I'm stacking bricks for a building cuz we be building this empire fortress secure tight like barb wire for inflitrators, regulators, try to manipulate booby traps got you hooked like fish to bait watch you deflate, like air balloons try and ambush this platoon you run into a monsoon like stormy weather, give a ??? cuz we bust bullets thinking much more clever eating through your gear like acid rain feeling pain, living like a snake in the grass you won't gain, simple and plain, my team play the game so we can win we want it all, so we can breath like the wind [Noreaga] busting .360, cherry red 850 he blitz devilish, get cursed fucking with me eyebrows thick, resemble (Some arabian guy) arabian mind, with source for firearm ceasar, waves bangin, brown wallabies empty cigars, stay smoked in cool cars queens escobar where jewels like scars you heavy gold, Slick Rick changed it yo, the main vic, plotting on you since '86 now it's 9-6, you lay low, you mad rich strictly big shit, big play, heavyweight bodycloth, hear a verse, put it in park let the dubs spark, now we ride, my weed dark dig deeper, black guns and black repher my brothers keeper, throw on the world in a sleeper the grim reaper, so much work he got a beeper the word def, stamp that, it's on your chest yo you bullshit, my click thick, kid we pull shit grip tight, illegal life aerolight thug blood, the same blood, thicker than water slaughter, play this shit in tape recorder from iraq to yugoslavia, somalia capadre, diamonte, pope', world war 3 CNN history, by the powers of God, that is invested in me, since '93 locked up, I did three, got 85% of yall worshiping me, back in L.C., hop in cab 33

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