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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

What's Happenin'

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile talking] Whats up everybody This your boy Juve The Great Right here with my people sinister And we about to take y'all back to the old school That old school gangster shit Check this shit out [Juvenile] We the only ones with work in the middle of the drought then them niggaz round the corner come and see what we about But we don't know they face so we don't want them by the house But Skipper started bustin when he saw them pullin out We did them niggaz dirty for fuckin up our vibe We packed up all our shit and moved it to the other side Visited our spot this girl was on my dick She said I love you Juvenile but you know you the shit I grabbed on my glock its where the fools hang out I'm only tryin to hustle another change route But they ain't gettin nothin if I ain't on beam I'ma leave them niggaz sufferin to find they own things Workin with plenty for talkin 'bout hoes I don't give them a penny, they comin out they clothes Grabbin on my jimmy to see if nigga swole Have to get it right with this big 'ol totem pole [Chorus] Yes I'm thuggin Yes I'm clubbin I ain't trippin on you look bitch I'm buzzin Hoes and niggaz I'm not lovin Fuck what you gettin if I ain't got nothin What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that [Juvenile] We pull up in front the club and my rims was lookin nice The subwoofers bumpin, I need it in my life We had a couple of fellas was stuntin with they eyes We jump out of the Lexus and got they mind right See I ain't gotta rep cause they know I got chains You can catch me in that ? boy, that money green thang Get a fish and shrimp po' boy and go sit on St. James I'm a playa like my ole boy thats where I get game Goes start passin cause they want me to see 'em Ain't givin no action if they want some per diem I keep a soldier rag from the A.M. to the P.M My heater in my lap lookin great up in the B-M I know them niggaz watchin cause they know that I'm buck But they can catch a hot one for fuckin with a thug Nothin was poppin so we went in the club All the hoes started jockin cause they knew who we was [Chorus] [Juvenile] The owner wasn't trippin, he let a nigga in an The place was jumpin and the hoes was grinnin Not at us though it was at the other women Some was butterscotch some yellow like lemon Had a couple of foul ones chicken and pigeons Some was kinda fine but them bitches didnt listen Told them meet us outside and hoes got missin Put it in reverse and went back for more women Everybody's rollin and you can really see it Look at how they scopin for somebody to be with I ain't on shit and Ive been G'in since the 80's Ain't about goin somewhere probably then "Beat It" You already knowin the way that I'm rockin if you anin goin then ain't nothin poppin Now I'm about to leave cause these niggaz eavesdroppin I got my heater on me now an I don't have to cock it [Chorus]

Fuck Fifty Cent

nine shots....50 cent (many men) intro fat joe: yeah that'll do it yeah i love hip hop i love this mutha fuckin hip hop game this nigga here's a lil nigga mayne stay in your mutha fuckin lane nigga you fuckin wit the Don nigga uh..yeah ...follow me chorus: fifty me fifty he's the fakest thug youve ever seen curtis cur-tis jackson how come he could never ever be seen (plus i gotchu ima give you my) my my foe foe foe foe foe my my foe foe foe foe foe my my foe foe foe foe foe (ima give it to you fifty nice and slow) fifty you gone end up dead when you fuckin wit crack talkin bout you gone pop off where the fuck you be at i see mj in the hood more than curtis matter fact this beef shit is makin niggaz nervous is gone be families grieving every sunday service end up with your head popped off thanx to curtis but he dont care he stayed locked up in the house and shit steroid up and he wont come up out that bitch is it me or candy shop sound like magic stick in the video this nigga fifty bout to strip shakin his ass what the fuck is wrong wit this nigga fifty dont make me prrrrrat oh yeah you got 65 niggaz on your team and their not from southside jamaica queens theyre the boys in just speakin the truth yeah we all see the bitch in you...follow me chorus: i told these niggaz...dont fuck wit the Don shit on yall niggaz mutha fuckaz....its crack its crack now lets take it back to the vibe awards where that nigga disrespected and snuffed your boss ready to go...all i heard was gggunit fifty niggaz ran and they didnt even do shit thats a shame i wuz sittin right in the front waitin for you niggaz to dump where all the guns at and the teflon vests we them terror squad boys you should know not to test hate it or love it the games on top now you jealous of him ...when your shit gone stop you see before yous a bitch nigga straight outta low cash l.a dont believe him this nigga is so ass you dissed lean back...said my shit was a dud now tell me have ever seenem up at the club no no no shorty... that right your singin more than your rappin now fifty that aint right chorus: i know what yall thinkin man yall thinkin jada gone slam lyrically this nigga crazy for dissin fat joe man he really crazy though this nigga be walkin around wit 20 cops talkin shit on records never comin out his house feel like he cant get touched man i was small one time one time only aint gone be no more small for me man this for all the mutha fuckaz that doubted crack man trust me..nigga can respond ten thousand times i aint talkin back to that nigga one thing i will promise you if i dont get you ima get your __? and thats it man its crack bitch...its gone be a real ugly summer man

Terror Death Camp

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Queens, New York Flushing shit (We backkkk againnnnn) That's right Yo Sour smoke out the nasal The Pad Thai noodle topped off with basil Sistine Chapel rapper, I'm here to blaze you Pop off material, get laid up n sprayed up just like arterial Clementine nine, dripping venereal Linguine linguistics that left my verbal lesson saucy Send a message, leave you sleeping next to headless horsey Play the plaintiff, I'mma slide off to prior engagements Let you die in the basement/Toast wine from the time of the ancient- Turkish warriors, cobblestones in Macedonia Albanians in Shkup...never living by the book We fill the jails in France, Uzes and Italy Never do dirt in our own land That shit's forbidden, G Hoxha singing from the top of the Xhamia Pickled peppers at the picnic table Feta cheese, perfect Flia Straight outta Dukagjin One of the illest places No one's smiling There's only drunken men with killer faces [Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren] I'm known for simmering the mean gravy Gleam crazy, my mind's hazy New York made me The most official, to holster pistol Trim the fat, scrape the gristle Meyhem Lauren will make your family miss you I'll gladly press the trigger button If you press an issue Whether it's beef or beats I try to make a casket fit you We'll fuck you up then fuck you up And then come back to get you And do that two more times We call that shit a triple triple My flow is typhoon rap, it's deeper than an ocean ripple Our hollow tips will hit you Leave you with an altered nipple Slumped over saying "Lord, please have mercy" Or play the G, now we made hot flames burst me Queens veteran, dressed like tennis men Back block medicine, slap chop venison Knock, knock, let us in My whole clique's equipped to shoot though My army got more fucking arms than a can of pulpo [Verse 3: Maffew Ragazino] Brownsville's Jesus, white and blue Adidas Got more knowledge than them Poor Righteous Teachers Clarence Smith, Stan Smith, 13X's Some will overstand but common men never receive the message Concepts like I'm Frank Butcher Neighborhood pusher, 62's through ya sub woofer Unca nunca for the pitbulls with red noses Wet bogies dipped in shit to stop bodies from decomposing Cool, calm and collected Keep my composure All my business in black and white like negative exposures Keep a Polaroid for the posers A picture's worth a thousand words So lock and load up You don't know me from a hole in a commode, bruh I am the shit, just ask your bitch I bet she know, yup It's St. Maffew Truffles in that duffle Princess in the catsuit [Verse 4: AG Da Coroner] This is dope fiend rap Have a nigga leaning sideways Frankie Blue Eye shit I do it my way Legendary, scary, February Valentine murder Ike Turner, gun butt with a nice burner Bluey spot guzzler Long Island Tea sipper Mind of a killer Trenchcoat Mafia nigga Hollow point slinger Smile while I'm flipping fingers Angels and demons Mellowed out, Stylistic singer Corner store postup Backstreet wanderer Butter your toast up Tight pussy conqueror Smart aleck, talk back, type of nigga Fuck you Disrespect your mother, your brother Father and son, too (everybody!) Long live the music cause it's part of my blood But how long can I stay breathing Only God is my judge Through the lights, cameras and action Glammer, glitters and gold Every legend repping my era Carries part of my soul (90's, nigga)

All We Got Is Us

NOREAGA "The Reunion"
[Noreaga talking] Elpee... Ya hot with this one dog! Show these niggas what I'm like Show these niggas I don't like Show these niggas what I'm like Show these niggas I don't like Show these niggas what I'm like Show these niggas I don't like Show these niggas what I'm like Show these niggas I don't like Show these niggas what I'm like Show these niggas I don't like [Noreaga] Yo, yo, yo, yo I'm like Rich Porter, the epitome of Alpo AZ and Nicky Barnes, I rock sticky thumbs I chopped it, and I cooked till my hands got numb Shotguns malt-liquor and ones I used to pay homage and wanted to play to be a fat cat Someone like Castro, mad cash flow Me and 'Pone like the best in the business Niggas show love, hoes show interest My gun game - got my pops to blame I used to hop over fences and buck in the rain And I'm not that nigga that'll fuck ya dame I'm true to my niggas, hop out the car Hand on my mac, cock back, ready to clap Up in Iraq, see my niggas hustlin' crack The same scheme from Queens when you livin' your dreams You gotta sell things if you're looking for fiends [Chorus] (Noreaga) I got love for niggas (Capone) Niggas always snaky (Noreaga) I got love for hoes (Capone) Hoes always snaky (Noreaga) I got love for cliqua (Capone) Clique alwas snaky (Both) All we got is us All we got is us [Noreaga] I know crips, yo crips even be in Iraq I know young bloods and niggas like O.G. Mack I dropped out in seventh grade and I knew I'd be straight I went O.T. and then I copped bricks for eight I cut black bitches off for at least three weeks I had Spanish hoes spittin nuts on the seats I see Jesus in my kids but it's silly to me How I see Him in them, don't see Him in me [Capone] I blanks out, my nigga knight just hit the bricks I'm not a rapper, I sell alot of crack but spit Niggas that I'm cool with, I only keep a nigga hot Say I'm on some new shit, then I cock the pop The other side of the game, doin' fifty y'all I survived behind the wall and the feds for y'all Similar to Hurricane, harassed half my life I got a right to flash my ice, crash the Vipe [chorus] [Capone] When everything goes sour, I got my dog I squeezed off went through the pound and locked my doors I'm not scared of your guns, I got shot before Niggas' jewels got little rocks like Arkansas I'm the, prophet of B.I.G., but never the next I'm the first in every verse spit shit get worse You can hate me, or wish I'd lie in a hearse Respect my game, who the best Select my name I salute niggas in jail, I'm big as Latrell On the street, you need heat Ask Dominican Will My cliqua's off the meter, we come gunnin' bullets whistle past your ear, like police in London We the best that ever did it, the rest never lived it Gettin' bucked at a bing-time, stressed on a visit I'm Y2K in a flesh, the future at it's best nevertheless I pop metal to death [chorus] [Noreaga giving shout outs] Yeah! Dedicated to Rich Porter little brother, who died in the struggle and never got recognized for it! Dedicated to niggas like Phat Cap and Perry Mason! You know.... You know how them niggas do! Tash and corn bread supreme! You know, E Money-Bags, Cameron Y.! Niggas that were gettin' money! That I was growin' up tryin' to be like! Ya smell me Word up to all them gangster niggas! All them gangster niggas, man! All them gang bangin' niggas in L.A! All them niggas in Little Rock, Arkansas! Bang Bang, nigga! It's nothin'! I see y'all niggas, I feel your struggle! I went through it the same way! I'm still goin' through it the same way! I'm just a rapper now! People think I'm legit! But I do my shit! I still gotta hustle, I still gotta have bricks! But you know... Let's feed the kids, man! Yeah, let's feed the kids, man! Let's do this shit for the kids, man! I got a call right now (cell phone rings)! I'm a answer my call! But I'm a just say it like this: I do this for the gangstas, man! For the gangstas, man!


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[RZA] Yo, yo one two one two, yo live in effect We got the king Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag Allah Commonly known to y'all as the RZA Yo before we go into side two or side B of this double CD Knahmsayin I want to give y'all a little announcement man For the last year there's been a lot of music comin out the shit been weak, knowhatI'msayin A lot of niggaz trying to take hip-hop and make that shit R&B, rap and bullshit yaknowhatI'msayin Or make that shit funk Fuck that, this is MCin right here, this is hip-hop Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang gonna bring it to you in the purest form I got the GZA on my side, Killah Priest Sunz of Man, Royal Fam, Killarmy, Gravediggaz, 12 O'Clock Yo, we want to let y'all niggaz know somethin man To my people all across the world; Japan, Europe -- knowhatI'msayin Canada, knowmean -- Austria, Germany, Sweden Yo, this is true hip-hop you listenin to right here In the pure form, this ain't no R&B with a wack nigga takin the loop Be loopin that shit thinkin it's gonna be the sound of the culture YaknowhatI'msayin (That player bullshit) YaknowhatI'msayin All that player dressin up on this shit, actin like this some kind of fashion show man YaknowhatI'msayin This is hip-hop right here YaknowhatI'msayin This is lyrics, MCin And yo, to y'all niggaz who think you going to become an MC overnight YaknowhatI'msayin Better snap out that fuckin dream Man it takes years for this you Cat in the Hat ass rappers You Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose, simple minded (Stop runnin up on niggaz with all that wack shit) Word up man (I'm talking about you MC's) You ain't no MC; niggaz ain't made for this yaknowhatI'msayin This shit was Only Built 4 Cuban Linx -- we told y'all niggaz back then And then everybody wanted to change their motherfuckin name YaknowhatI'msayin We come out with a style Now everybody wanna imitate our style and all you producers out there YaknowhatI'msayin It's all good to show love to a nigga But stop bitin my shit, yaknowhatI'msayin Come from your own heart with this shit And all y'all MC's, stop biting from my niggaz We told ya'll niggaz on the fucking Cuban Linx album Don't bite our shit, y'all niggaz keep biting Yo, I'm going to tell y'all something man It's time for the Wu revolution right here To all my niggaz across the world Raise your motherfucking fist in the air And get ready for the Triumph Cause the Gods is here to take over this shit Word up, peace


BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Intro: Busta Rhymes] Hey, another one of them Flipmode joints Busta Rhymes y'all, word mother y'all, check it out y'all Just swing to the left, swing to the right Make ya feel good, feel alright One time, feel good yeah y'all Busta Rhymes in the place y'all Makin you feel real good y'all Flipmode is the Squad in the place y'all [Verse One: Busta Rhymes] Buckwild to all of my niggaz who don't care Floss like a bunch of young black millionaires Makin ya run, me and my Dunn, stackin my ones Floss a lil', invest up in a mutual fund Blowin the horn, a sense of every day I was born Never dream I see a nigga landscaping my lawn Dangerous, my nigga shit be accurate Have to get, the flow be so immaculate Aiyyo, aiyyo, watchin my dough, sippin my Moe' Slippin in slow, them pretty bitches sayin hello Anyway go 'head and diss, play your Oil of Olay Little honeydip within a little Cariola I don't mean to hold you up but I got somethin to say Swear to only give you hot shit everyday Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] This, is, serious We could make you delirious You should have a healthy fear of us Cause too much of us is dangerous So dangerous, we so dangerous My Flipmode Squad is dangerous So dangerous, we so dangerous My whole entire unit is dangerous [Verse Two: Busta Rhymes] Hold your breath, we swingin it from right to left Word to Wyclef, nigga shit be hot to death Stayin Alive, you know only the stronger survive Holdin my heat, under my seat, whippin my five Bassline for all of my people movin around Give me a pound, all of my niggaz holdin it down Cuttin you up, the new shit, ruckin you up Fuckin you up, my black hole, suckin you up Back in the days, a nigga used to be ass out Now a nigga holdin several money market accounts Blaze the street, and then I would just like to announce Feelin my groove, my jigga jigga makin you bounce Others is fair, me and my niggaz breakin the bread Straight gettin it, we got you niggaz holdin your head Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on [Chorus] [Interlude: Busta Rhymes] One time y'all Throw your hands real high y'all Yea, get down y'all Let me see you all y'all Busta Rhymes, Flipmode y'all Nineteen ninety eight y'all Ha, get down ya'll Let's have a ball y'all [Verse Three: Busta Rhymes] Feelin the heat up in the street rockin the beat Step up in the club, take me to my reserved seat Comin around, all of my niggaz surround me So much bottles of liquor, y'all niggaz'll drown me Makin ya drunk, feelin the funk, blazin the skunk Stay hittin with the shit that blow a hole in ya trunk Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous, come on [Chorus] [Outro: Busta Rhymes] Uhh uhh, uhh Uh-huh, uh-huh, uhh Uh-HUH, uhh Uhh, uhh, uhh Uhh uhh Uh-huh, uhh Uh-huh Uhh uhh Ahh ahh, uhh ahh Uh-huh uh-huh, ahh...

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