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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

Way I Be Leanin'

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] "Said the ladies they love me, they love the way I be leaning" "They love the way I be leaning, they love the way I be leaning" "All the ballers is bouncing, they love the way I be leaning" "They love the way I be leaning, they love the way I be leaning" [Juvenile] This is the year of the U, watch how I get on track The young black Payton Manning of rap getting his snaps And also, he only rides in the year that he's in Cause he don't feel the year's bigger than him, so let the boy be He off the meter with tennis shoes and a white tee Bitches watching him thinking "What if he wife me?" And it's a certain kind of swagger you get Especially when you're used to being the shit, that's if you're older right All of my boss bitches know the type When a nigga hug all on ya and he be smelling like a motorbike A nice fit and video on the TV'll get her to come out of them B.B.'s, believe me I'm a thug and I'ma stay on pub' And I don't bug, cause I carry the strap in the club I see ya peeping trying to figure out what's happening with us "They love the way I be leaning" - that's why they bagging it up [Chorus - 2X] [Mike Jones] Geah! Ice Age, Mike Jones! You know that purple drank I be leaning, my diamonds shining and gleaming I'm in that dropper with Juve the groupies bopping and fiendin I'm from the home of the candy paint, 84's and purple drank Ladies know when I hit they corner my slabs'll make 'em faint Ice Age and U.T.P., ball-balling as you can see Crawl-crawling on 23's, with candy on my HumVee Hon-ies love the way I talk, love the way I walk Love the way I lean, they say that I'm so clean [Paul Wall] I got a lot of money, I got a lot of ice I got a lot of cars, many colors and lots of types I got that paper cause I'm caked up like Betty Crocker Coming down on choppers single file with all the trunk poppers Getting money's my only task, stack up paper and count cash I'm riding on that pull over silver, the same color as a bad rash Getting full of that puff puff pass, it's Paul Wall man what that do Swishahouse baby that's my crew, coming down jamming on the Screw [Chorus - 2X] [Wacko] Drove over two dogs, sitting on two fogs My rims be talking too, they love to seduce hogs They're dressed in cute clothes, manicured with cute toes I'm big paper; Wacko never stop for group hoes Oh no I don't scoop those, fly bitches salute those Fatties with benefits, you know I recruit those This a Soulja Slim t-shirt, this ain't no suit hoe I got Prada up under these, not no Timberland boots hoe [Skip] I'm sick dog! And there ain't no antidote Bust your motherfucking like a cantaloupe Like Hannibal, WOOF, I'm an animal Just cold dicking the money down huh - ain't it though? I'ma do my damn thing 'til I can't no mo' Don't make me pull this damn trigger 'til it ain't no mo' And don't tell me where you ain't gon' go I'ma just tell you one time, get to FUCK 'til I ain't no mo' [Chorus - 2X]

Perfect Love...Gone Wrong

STING "Brand New Day"
I've had a question that's been preying on my mind for some time I won't be wagging my tail for one good reason It has to be a crime This doghouse never was the place for me, Runner up and second best just ain't my pedigree I was so happy, just the two of us Until this alpha male Turned up in the January sale He won't love you Like I love you, It won't be long now before that puppy goes astray And what I like about this guy the most.......... He'd be my favourite lamppost Devil take the hindmost Je sais que c'est dur, mais ilfaut se faire ar changement, tu vois J'ai négligé le primordial pendant trop longtemps crois moi… Je suis consciente, je vois bien que tu souffres, mais çà s'attenuera Car c'est d'un homme plus d'un chien don't j'ai besoin pres de moi Cesse donc de grogner, mon choix est fait c'est comme çà N'en fait pas trop, ton attitude risque de t'éloigner de moi Faut que tu comprennes, puisque tu dis m'aimer tant que çà Desormais nous sommes trois, lui toi et moi It's a shaggy kind of story Would I tell you if I thought it was a lie But when the cat's away the mouse will play, I wouldn't dish around here There's something fishy round here I howl all night and I sleep all day It takes more than biscuit baby to chase these blues away I've got a long enough leash I could almost hang myself It's a dogs life loving you baby But you love someone else Now he's moved by basket I'd like to put him in a casket I'll wear my best collar to his funeral Ta mauvaise foi, j'aimerais bien que çà s'arrête Me separer de toi, aujourd'hui çà trotte dans ma tête Moi non, j'en peux plus, tu n'est q'un chien, c'est trop bête La situation m'avait ppourtant l'air d'être des pius nette C'est clair, que je l'aime c'est un fait, ton égoïsme m'inquiète Après toutes ces soirées passées seuis en tête à tête Chaque chose a une fin, et c'est la fin de la fête Pour toi, car bientôt il n'y aura plus que lui et moi, lui et moi. To have found this perfect life And a perfect love so strong Well there can't be nothing worse Than a perfect love gone wrong You said I wasn't just your Christmas toy I'd always be your boy I'd be your faithful companion And I would follow you through every thick and thin Don't need nobody else And we don't need him


GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Bulletproof Wallets"
(feat. Trife, Twiz) [Intro: Twiz (Ghostface Killah)] Generals on deck, what's up, son (Yeah, yeah, yeah... come on!) Salut this (Library shit) (Rock the belt, uh-huh, you know what time it is) They understand and support us (I ain't goin' out) Theodore (Uh-huh!) [Ghostface Killah] Eh-yo! Stark edition, rock Christian's The crystalized rock got the big jury dealers on a mission Slick taste of lace, I done smacked New York City The four-fifty went poppin' when he tried to dip me Balled out in bingo halls, reported skiied out in jury duty Judge Judy, big groupie bitch blew me, Beigen rush Cuffies Blast the last uzi, ship me to Africa, right I share rubies Due to the night up on my behalf I threw the shotti in the glass so I could have a double bash Duffle pass, couples, teamed with the knuckle clash, fast Rain, hail, snow, sleet, still bust that ass Uppercut, bad, you in the grass slumped out and ya faggot-ass man hauled ass Slammed body in the G-Y-M, G-Y-N' Love Doctor in the hood, fucked bitches, all their friends So, yo... [Chorus: Ghostface Killah (sung)] Party people, you're the reason we're here Cuz we love the game and our music is projects So, so, yo, hello! Makin' sure y'all still there On stage here tonight be the almighty Theodore Click [Trife] Yeah! Yeah... yo! I'm a little dude but I hold guns the size of Europe Y'all niggas is sweet like pancakes with extra syrup Whatever y'all put up, I double that Stapleton is where I hustle at, 2-12 is where I bubble at Yeah, I'm talkin' money-wise, you funny guys I'm quick to yolk you up like eggs that's cooked sunny-side Catch me at the honey hive, runnin' the strip Gun on the hip, posted for hours, slingin' dope and power Culture power, throwin' nitros, lettin' the pipes blow Got remote control cars and they're not made by Tyco This the Theodore, drunk off Smirnoff Bit ya ear off, therefore, the drama is what I'm here for From the block to the stage I represent for those, locked in the cage 'Til I'm dropped in the graves, every line I spit, is like a, shot from the gauge Move accordingly, even when I'm actin' disorderly [Chorus - minus last 2 lines] [Twiz] Who you wit See See Yo! I'm a Don, dead form, look upon Ezekials To the generals in my click, there'll be no sequels Them hot ones'll crease, the vultures'll feast you The loved ones will shiest you, gorillas will beast you Just served fiends walkin' up the block yawnin' Late night game, damn, forgot I got a warrant Got in, laid down, then start snorin' P-O kickin' ya door in, 4 in the mornin' You blockin' my lane-lane like John Stockton With the uttermost disrespect just like, Bernard Hopkins Simply, it's PC within the verse See we could be peoples later, in business, Money Comes First (First) [Chorus]

Never Change

JAY-Z "The Blueprint"
('Never, never, never, never change') Ain't never changed, this is Jay every day ('I never change!') I never change, this is Jay every day ('I never change!') I never change, this is Jay [Jay-Z] I am a, Roc representer Hov', summer to winter, Hov', dead or alive Twenty-four/seven, three-sixty-five One CD or three-hundred and sixty pies Whassup to E and Kirk Welcome home to Taj Let no amount of money ruin this thing of ours We run streets like drunks run street lights We collidin with life as we speak We knee deep in coke, we ki deep in ice We flood streets with dope, we keep weed to smoke We all fish, better teach your folk Give him money to eat, then next week he's broke Cause when you sleep, he's reachin for your throat Word on the skreet, you reap what you sew Not out of fear but love, love for the game Roc family first, we never change mayn [Chorus] ('Never, never, never, never change') I'm still fuckin with crime cause crime pays ('I never change!') Out hustlin, same clothes for days ('I never change!') I never change, I'm too stuck in my ways, I never change Who you know like Hov' ('Never, never, never, never change') I'm still fuckin with crime cause crime pays ('I never change!') Out hustlin, same clothes for days ('I never change!') I never change, I'm too stuck in my ways, I never change [Jay-Z] What's up to my Miami and St. Thomas connects (whattup) I'll never mention your name, I promise respect Death before dishonor correct - Yup That's what you promised me, since the ()lee Along with, if we stay strong We can get paid for longer than Pippen's arms Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam I'm like a dog - I never speak, but I understand Where my dogs at Where my soldiers at war Where your bars at Whoa, gotta pause that - whoa Lost 92 bricks had to fall back Knocked a nigga off his feet, but I crawled back Had A-1 credit, got more crack From the first to the fifth, gave it all back If, I'm not a hustler what you call that This is before rap, this is all fact I never change [Chorus] [Jay-Z] What, the streets robbed me, wasn't educated properly Well fuck y'all, I needed money for Atari Was so young my big sis' still playin with Barbie Young brother, big city, eight million stories Old heads taught me, yung'un, walk softly Carry a big clip, that'll get niggaz off me Keep coke in coffee, keep money smellin off me Change is cool to cop but more important is lawyer fees (Uhh) That's how it is now (uhh) that's how it always be (Uhh) I never change, this is always me From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom Drink army from one cup pass it around the room (That's a family nigga) That's the ritual (yup) Big Ran, I ain't forget you fool And all that bullshit you tryin to get through This is crew love, move music or move drugs Rival crews get your black suits up - I never change [Chorus] [Jay-Z] This is Jay, everyday Who you know like Hov', nigga


JA RULE "The Mirror"
[Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. nigga (Young Money just crept in like uh-ohhh!) Em-pire, em-pire! Hehe, let's get 'em~! Inc Gang nigga, young money Cash Money, collabo' Listen, listen [Chorus: Ja Rule] To all my niggaz my bitches my bitches my niggaz my gangsters Hoes, pimps, and pushers keep workin with it, we doin it We gettin it, got money we takin it, got bitches we takin them Empire just stepped in and they like Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Hitting the uh uh-ohhh! Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Cause they know we gettin it, got money we takin it Got bitches we takin them, Empire just stepped in (fuck niggaz!) [Ja Rule] Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Here I, go oh-oh-oh It's the Rule nigga, you already know-oh I'm gettin it, I don't gotta talk because I'm livin it Money over bitches period, and I'm dead serious These bitches is feminine Nigga so I T-T-T-T-touch 'em up e'ry time I see 'em Are you feelin it, it-it-it's comin through the barrel of the fi-ih-ifth, out the sunroof of the si-ih-ix Ih-ih-if, you willin to bear wit-ne-ess How I take money, take bi-ih-itches, niggaz is fascinated with the kid, love my style Your bitch too'll be on the dick you let her come out Quit handcuffin these hoes, my pi-ih-imp game proper I'm a pis-tal popper, fuck around and get shot up My niggaz all riders, our bitches all done up Fuck! I know y'all niggaz hate to love us; what [Chorus with Lil Wayne ad libs] [Lil Wayne] Uh-ohh! You did it, now, you gotta get it Weezy F is in yo' buildin, I will step, on yo' buildin From the steps, of my buildin, raise hell, hell's risen Call me young Raekwon, I'm a Chef in Hell's Kitchen And flow, sweet as devil's food, I eat angels for dinner Call me what'cha want, I don't give a finger in the middle I'ma hold it down and blow up, the anchor is the missile When I say we got them brrrrrrrrrr! I ain't tryin to whistle Longbody Maybach, it make me feel so little I'm ballin on the suckers and I won't pick up my dribble Retarded on the beats, sick, I spit hospitals And she couldn't stand under my umbrella if it drizzled My pimp game proper, my inf' aim proper So run and I will hit you like Jeremiah Trotter Yessuh! Call me, young Carter My leather so soft and I be stunt'n like my dada Ya dig? [Ja Rule] Yep yep, I d-d-d-d-dig it! But our jewelry's so fri-di-di-di-digid, damn How dare bitches look at Atkins, Carter and Crocker Like we don't make that crack that get real butter Did-did-did-did I stu-st-stah-stutter the first time nigga, nah They like uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! This nigga's tr-uh-ouble It's the Inc., nigga act like ya know-ow Who's gettin it, livin this, gangster shit [Chorus] [Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. nigga (Young Money just crept in like uh-ohhh!) Em-pire, em-pire! Heh...

Tripitena's Speech

LOU REED "The Raven [1 CD Version]"
[Spoken Track] [Tripitena:] My love The king by any other name a pissoir You, my love tower over them all they are but vermin beneath your heels They are monkeys Suit them, frame them to your own vision but do not let one false word of mockery seep through to your vast heart I have seen you from close and afar and your worth far exceeds your height, your width the depth of your sorrow Oh willful outcast doth thou not see the light of our love our linked fortunes our hearts melded together into one fine golden braided finery They listen to the music of idiots and amuse themselves with the sordid Miseries of their businesses They are not the things of angels nor of any higher outpost that humanity might aspire to Your loathsome vomitous businessman king is of the lowest order his advisors crumbling mockeries of education driven by avarice My love dress them in the suits of mockery and in their advanced state of stupidity and senility burn and destroy them so their ashes might join the compost which they so much deserve If justice on this earth be fleeting let us for once hear the weeping and the braying of the businessman king Let them be the the orangutans they are and set them blazing from the chandelier for all to see hanging from the ceiling by their ridiculous chains and petticoats which you will have them wear under the guise of costumic buffoonery He who underestimates in time is bound to find the truth sublime and hollow lie upon the grates of systemic disorder Businessmen you're not worth shitting on

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