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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

Sets Go Up

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] (One) Never gonna stop tryin' to get it (Two) Never turn my back on my city (Three) Never let the money fuck with me (Four) I'ma never stop hollerin' at the bitches And the sets go up [17X] [Juvenile] Hey homie, you don't wanna get familiar with us Fuckin' over you would give me and my niggaz a rush I'm sick of all you and the fortune and supposed to be thugs Tellin' stories 'bout your life when that was not how it was Yeah a nigga did some shit back in the days with the pack Like in your hood, when you was out there gettin' paid with the crack You get the fuck when you hear shots and it's not yo' peep But if a ricochet hit you, you better pop yo' heat Yeah you know I'm from the 'Nolia but you do not know me Quit eyeballin' a nigga down 'fore you get shot homie You don't wanna know what I've been thinkin' up You better go 'head on and find you another spot to chill 'cause I've been drinkin' cuz We see a light and everything ain't great It's like everybody mind is in the same old state, ya know I'll throw a nigga fucked up with his revenues I'ma tell you four fuckin' things I'ma never do [Chorus] (One) Never gonna stop tryin' to get it (Two) Never turn my back on my city (Three) Never let the money fuck with me (Four) I'ma never stop hollerin' at the bitches And the sets go up [9X] [Juvenile] From the 3 to the 17, ey yo we doin' it big If you're ghetto you know who Wacko and Juvenile is New Orleans, see I'ma rep that, 'cause these my peeps You could pick up some bad habits hangin' in these streets Have you talkin' to this and that nigga and showin' your teeth Walkin' round you like you took care and you handled your beef Pissed off 'cause your hoe wanna come talk to me To show me the little gift that she done bought for me I take it back to when the big timers was pushin' the size When niggaz wore Dickies suits like it was regular jobs We cop Adidas, ghost town and Anita's used to be packed And rumors started poppin' and it started to crack We used to drink Crazy Horse and shoot dice in the back We had four rules in life and I can promise you that [Chorus] (One) Never gonna stop tryin' to get it (Two) Never turn my back on my city (Three) Never let the money fuck with me (Four) I'ma never stop hollerin' at the bitches And the sets go up [9X] [Wacko] Now why you muggin' a nigga? Let that bitch go Let her bounce with a gangsta out six coat Let her wil' out and flick it off a disco Let me gas up, dick her down and get ghost Ain't trickin' for the vagina, I like to get throat Yo' stupid ass tryin' to stay in here and lick toes Good girls love G's, that's how the shit go That's why niggaz need to tighten up and get low I know you heard of *clap-clap*, I'm gettin' doe Let me check my palm pilot, I'm gettin' hoes Let me check my squad' wallets, we gettin' close My squad up in the crowd wilin', they spittin' more Drive by in the '5-5, forget a '4 Five, five and another five, we get a show Fifteen and another five, you'll get some blow You hustlin' your block, pop and you get some more [Chorus] (One) Never gonna stop tryin' to get it (Two) Never turn my back on my city (Three) Never let the money fuck with me (Four) I'ma never stop hollerin' at these bitches And the sets go up [17X]

Bow Down

(ICE CUBE) Tha world is mine nigga get back Dont fuck with my stack the gage is racked About to drop the bomb Iam tha motherfuckin don Big fish in a small pond Now tha feds wanna throw the book at the crook but I shook they worm and they hook Guppies hold they breath they wanna miss me when Iam tipsey Runnin everything WEST of the Mississippi Its the unseen pullin strings wit my pinky ring We got your woman so pucker up FO we fuck her up Bow down before I make a phone call Got 25 niggaz runnin up on ya'll Fo the cheese we want them keys Everybody freeze on ya knees butt naked please Before any of you guppies get heart Nigga rewind my part and....(Bow Down) (MACK 10) I take ten steps and I draw Now who's dissin the mad ass Inglewood addition I bust like a pimple my mind is illmental The Westside connects with me and south central And a drag from tha zig zag cant fuck with the Philly's Holdin down tha wild west like a kid they call Billy Once again it's Mack 10 the gold crown holda Strong as a Coca-Cola with a crome pistola Now who wanna fuss so I can buss when I cuss My look bring you fear with gear deom the Surplus Since a teen I chased tha green the crack scene king- Lolos Cornishes and Bagguetts on my peices So reconize these real G's take the cheese The WESTSIDE CONNECTION keep it rollin like gold D's Three Wheelin and Dealin is like tha California style But in tha mean while in my town you got to BOW --Hook-- Bow Down when you come to my town Bow down when we west-ward bound cuz we aint no haters like you Bow Down to some nigga's that's greater than you --End Hook-- (W.C.) Well it's that chuck wearin still sportin a beanie the shadiest nigga in the click who want to see me as I slide my locs on let my khakis hang WESTSIDE CONNECT gang bing bing bang run away run away or get yo punk ass sprayed by this H double O to D to the S.T.A fuck hidin it iam gang related simple and plain which means I culd give a fuck about you nigga's in the rap game Flashy nigga's get stuck up beat the fuck up when you come around keep your chain tucked from this zero zero's affiliated fuck a studio lyricist I'm real with this talk the talk walk the walk Dis me on WAX and Iam tryin to saw your whole fuckin head off nigga I'm platium bond so bitch shut up punk all yahh Could kiss my converse like sh'o nuff.... --Hook-- (ICE CUBE)--Spoken (Yea lemme tell you sumthin) (gangsta's make the world go round) (you aint gotta clown) (But if you livin on tha WEST SIDE of yo town) (Make them other fool's BOW DOWN)

How To Be A Carpenter

So you want to be a carpenter, do you? Well it takes more than a hammer, boy, you're gonna need blueprints and a will to build, and... Straighten your cap! you look like you've been through a war. Wipe that grin off your mug, you got a sturdy frame? Sluggish posture just won't cut it. You're gonna need schooling, and, and, and take notes! And god if I catch you yawning again you're gonna regret ever asking for my help, And dammit you gotta hustle, this is a slacker-free zone And, where's my pencil? go get your hard-hat, here's a nickel, go get us a ruler and a saw and a drill and lots of graph paper... [Verse 1] Yo I used to have a rope ladder but tattered were the rungs, I strung it from the highest willow, trying to hug the sun. The seventh level buckled and I tumbled from the summit, Now I'm back to re-climb and this time light my cigarette from it. My stitchin division to vision warfares numb enough to soak suddenly in a bullet bath and skip stones in the morning as I, Lie in color phantom tantrum explicable, sit and pull the petals off wild flower patches, Magic happens! Behold, pity the lowlife parish. Doom City barracks left remorse coursed on a horse-drawn carriage by the torch of Polaris To the Badlands, where every bridge collapse right where the crowd stands, Where the witches are fireproof and every preacher's a madman. Frigid be the appleseed demeanor towards the bay where the landshark Parliament swims When they pause to polish they fins. The better brains will preach the village through the city square to the light, heavy and middle-weight integrate, Slept with sticks and stones in my pillowcase. Ooh my bomb's light simulator picks barnacles off the tugboat belly Left my spirit home in a shoebox in case I die. Got a rugged smoke-green halo floatin' inches off the swamp, Had that phase when the devil tree contacts a sparkle in my eye. Now step back from the reservoir and let the settlers drink, Salvage all priorities and iron out all kinks. My house ain't made of bricks and straw but never has it crumbled, Cuz I stitched the brain's rigidity with symmetry, Come visit me, It's fascinating. Now here's how its done, I'm only gonna show you once, So pay close attention, hear me now or hear me never, Glue your little eyes to the diagram, See the plywood, the nails, the glue? You work every inch, Your domain and you must treat it well. Keep it clean or it'll swallow you whole. Where's the T-square, hand me the pliers, now dammit, oh this will never do! You have to want the castle, Head Up, shoulders back! Be the materials, know your limits only to break your limits. Are you listening? God dammit boy, pay attention! Try it again. Little bit more juice this time. Try it again. Yeah a little bit more elbow grease this time. Try it again. Concentrate, a little more focus this time. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. Try it again. You're not doing it right, here now, yall watch. Try it again. Stop sulking, I'm the example, for real, Watch. Try it again. I'm bout to make it easy for you yall, just Watch. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. [Verse 2] [?] stinging the hunt The hunt dispatched a pack of wild dog silhouettes, All sulking by the skyline, focused with a bonus hunger pain, My sincere addiction imbalance stems from a vintage grimace slap to the mug of Ancestral branch camped on the vessels. Yes and I abide, the laws of the hidden desert survived, And every peasant presenteed it on the crescent less deprived. With the exception of pleasant finale binges on the great endangered interests of phantom brigades slaving to save that princess. I double the negative, to no avail, no promised benefits, just delegates peddling pairs of negatives, With magnified magnanimous appearance sandy sinners in opinion shut. Now what of the madness fragments? Stagnant. I oughta make a vision sing my twix cling to your pigeon wings, Vision militia indent benders, we've flooded Hell's kitchen sink, Walkin' eye civility simpleton citizen mixers to kiss the sky in unison Sinister city-blistered corporate rule-igans. All I really want's a nickel to feed my little pigs. [?] Big Dick three cheers to the product. Consumer populace feed but never dreamed of the process When a slanted advantage point sort of makeshift criminals date rape the hostage, Dream away the blame pain, yeah but it seeps through the cracks, And drips from the ceiling and smells the rich scent of my tracks. All I ever really wanted was a jungle, and a jungle I got, See it ain't the vision it's the plot that makes me stop. Try it again. I don't want to. Try it one more time. I'm not even interested anymore.

Get Down

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
Get down, Yeaaah Uh, wave at me baby I'm wavy White Tee and the yankee is navy JOE L L, yeah I'm jiggling baby Picking up ladies in that cinnamon Cedes A1 flow I'm out here getting this gravy Steak out my crib, turn you into filet mig-non Cabron, I've been lifting this eighty I turn your selfie to a pic in The Daily News you know the rules, boy my city is crazy Empire state with the liberty lady The towers drop but them twins still around Twin Glocks forty-orties And twin four pounds Who wanna dance I spin you around Bring you back and kiss you goodbye with a round [Hook:] Ahh, now shorty how that sound I know you're from outta town round here That's how we get down You're in the city that shoot Beside these bitches nothing really that cute We get down We don't play at the [?] One band two band shaking the spot We get down Ain't nothing bummy around here Girlfriend we getting money around here This is how we get down Ain't nothing funny around here Girlfriend a lot of money around here This is how we get down Anywhere I'm at is the turn up (turn up) They scream turn down, I'm yelling for what? (for what) Winter time I turn the collar of my fur up Summer time top down flipping birds up Trying to tell these niggas, now I'm stunning on 'em word up Fuck it I'm that nigga when it comes to fucking words up Move without security, and post on any curb yep Tryina bust a move and watch the eagle lift a bird up Any now I wanna lift a bird up Break her off crazy have her shaking like a nerve suck Looking at her in the corner all curled up Gave her the Anaconda now it's curled up Pimp juice I should be Jheri curled up Dripping from all this game that I'm kicking like the world cup [Hook] It's a whole lot money around here Baby girl we get gully around here I don't know how they got down there But trust me we get it popping around here Pop up pop bottles and pop ya'll ladies Nah I don't pop molly cause I get crazy I pop they pop, them nines pop baby Pop off, nah pap's for real we don't play, Paa! I get it live so easy, nah I don't mean do this for TV But you see me I make these bitches do the Houdini Have 'em reappear in the Figi's in bikinis You mad, you got it bad boy face facts Do it big take a nice puff and tell her take that

Y'all Fucked Up Now

THE LOX "We Are The Streets"
Yeah Two guns up motherfucker Uh huh Yeah Niggaz runnin around yappin with dicks in they mouth My Niggaz Shit is serious L.O.X. Couldn't even put three niggaz togehther and come up With this combination (faggot) Shit is fo' real Yo [Styles] I pack a 4 5 Puff a blunt and get high Don't give a fuck if I die cuz my son is alive I grew up doing dumb shit that made me wise Could of died ten times That made me live Sell my soul Not for no cars and gold I been through it cuz my scars is old Remember the time I used to puff dimes And think Allah was cold Back then when my mom played my father's role Now I'm a man Runnin with a gun in the vest It feel good with my son on my chest I wanna quit But I'm one of the best Fuck around I might run to the west Lay low and get blunted to death Niggaz is wack I can't say it plainer than that Dog you shine in the front but it rain in the back Fuck the middle Cuz the middle do alot and a little Stuck in between but y'all niggaz won't see the riddle Settle for less A general but don't meddle my chest Die for my niggas nevertheless Can't find a nigga better than S, 'Kiss, and the Luch' Every man ahead of the group, regretting the coup Y'all niggas want the red in my boots Hole in my shirt Twist a nigga wig and leave me dead in the dirt I see the rollie not move but the shit still work Motherfucker that'll make you a jerk, cocksucker CHORUS: Ay yo what y'all gon do now Y'all fucked up now Niggas How deep is your crew now Y'all fucked up now Don't make us heat you down (you know what I'm sayin ?diego?) Y'all fucked up now (This aint no fuckin joke niggas is hungry) We the nicest niggas around (Fuck is wrong) Y'all fucked up now (yeah yeah ay yo ay yo ay yo) [Sheek] I pay off blue suits thats Sucio And I put drugs in my girl koochie yo A bad bitch that kill So when you put the dogs on her you smell Massengill Summer's Eve Puttin drugs in coffee hip to the D's I play smarter That's why my flights now be charter Ten seater What you know about a Porsche at a meter Next to koochie freak those Tickets keep those And you can mail to my postbox down in Melrose I aint the nigga that you see Posted on cop walls I'm that eighteen and up Mamis on my balls Y'all can't figure the great one Sheek be Jason Not cops But that legendary nigga my pops I bust shots like bums at a bar but far From a lush Everything about this cat be plush And I'm quick to do dirt since I'm through your shirt Like nothing Lift a arm I hit those under your wing Yo why you following this cat Hey he about to get pushed back You could poke your chest out in the street That's cool But in a bing this fool Was like Louis Rich meat We don't run from y'all We scatter for guns on y'all What you know about two 380's inside a basketball And when it's beef Store on his side with burners on Coronas We the best that ever did it If you need us telephone us What the fuck nigga CHORUS [Jadakiss] Yo A nigga wanna go to war with Kiss Find him a ditch Old school niggas tell me I remind of rich Cuz I take the kids shopping and send em on bus trips Hoppin out a rough six With sweats and scuffed kicks I supply all the dealers and tell em to stuff nix I done signed every autograph and took every flick I'm quite sure that I coulda hit Every chick But I didn't ones that I did gave em heavy dick All day The LOX flow hotter than broadway Election time tryin na cop blow in the hallway And their aint enough plates for y'all to eat with me Stingy nigga but I share my slugs equally I put half where your waist at And half where your face at Yo we in from a new spot let somebody taste that From your street rappin's only one of my plans I got dirty south niggas payin a hundred a gram And I could care less how much you shift the scan However you get it you supposed to hit your man But we don't hold the grudges We control the budgets And do whatever the fuck we wanna do nigga fuck it CHORUS

Genetic For Terror

Jamal "Last Chance No Breaks"
featuring Redman [Redman] Strictly shittin fuck them niggaz [Jamal] You know who the fuck I am nigga? Yo yo yo yo all the way motherfuckin live from Newark New Jersey nigga like that y'all Mally G represent like that y'all Def Squad represent like that y'all And we got the Funk Funk Doctor Spock [Redman] Funk Doctor Spock up in your spots [Jamal] Reggie Noble [Redman] Funk Doctor Spock, with Jamal get wreck Verse One: Jamal, Redman Aiyyo, let me light the sky with the funk, and I leave motherfuckers shook like dice, with the ice grill, uhh I gets down like that All these MC's get dropped to the mat Me, I fade em all it don't matter what they status is Who they run wit I show em all who the baddest is I'm just a nigga representin the block Comin live and direct when I rock I let the tune knock uhh, through your motherfuckin speaker, now watch me freak a flow with no limits fuck the mimics and the gimmicks A lot of niggaz wanna test my steez I don't trip I maintain then complain on CD's Aiyyo, check out that new flava in your ear that amaze ya I make circuit breakers get hot as Asia, or cool as glaciers I counteract like macks and blow tracks out the wack and turn MC's into little bitty artifacts My ghetto tactics might backflip a medic And if I let it, my 'matic, catch diabetics Now who's fuckin with the, R-E-D, in 3-D For G-P, I beat the piss out of you real easy Yo fuck this that and a third that's my word while your vision blurred you swerved and crashed while I wrecked your nerve The baddest motherfucker since communication I make the hardest MC, bumba like Jamaicans Verse Two: Jamal, Redman For all of y'all I drops the off the wall style Absolute wild child demolish any juvenile Philly representin peep the way that I be rippin on the M-I-C spittin rhyme shit then I'm dippin on a one-two breaker, funk fade the off with the bump rump shaker, niggaz get tossed Def Squad represents like this for the nine-five era Insane creations are terror Dynamite disco Denny devestating Dynamic Duo You know, I be breakin five-oh, down to two-oh Test my skills if you will if you real Benadryl couldn't cease my mental ill disturbed skill Feel this wrath of the psychopath Shaft I make crack addicts wanna take drags off my funky ass Now I'm itchin, for a pitchin, who's the batter? Then I put you in bodybags like two six in 'Vada Some say I'm sharper than the knives of Baroqua I mark the wall like M.J. but two shades darker Funk Doctor Spock got your block on lock I call myself the Sooperman from all the cock I pop Check the synopse, hah, I get wickeder and wickedest Smoke so much that the dreads started givin benefits (Fuck the bullshit, get the cash, no hesitation) And it's the two niggaz droppin insane creations Like that y'all It's like that y'all (like that y'all) The bom-ba-zi got me high (like that y'all) -- 4X [Jamal] To my peeps in Queens (to my peeps in Queens) It goes like that y'all (and ya don't stop) To all my peeps in the Ill-Ville Town (in the Ill-Ville town) It goes like that y'all (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!) To all my niggaz in Jersey (in Jersey) It's like that y'all (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!) To all my niggaz in the BK (uh-huh, to the BK uptown) Uptown, rock on (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!) South Bronx (South Bronx) Like that y'all (and ya don't stop) East coast to the fullest (word up East coast) Like that y'all (and ya don't stop) (My man Eazy Mo Bee!) Like that y'all (and ya don't stop) (My nigga Erick Sermon, hooahh!) Like that y'all (and ya don't stop) I got two gats in my hand y'all (Haha, my dick! And you don't stop, hehehehe)

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