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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

Rock Like That

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] U.T.P. in the buildin' Sinista on the motherfuckin' track, nigga... I'm ridin' dirty, way low to the grass Whole hood payin' attention to me showin' my ass I just cooked up and the tube was fulled up I sold my whole thang 'cause my dude and them pulled up They talkin' about a nigga like a hurricane forecast Boy kinda ignorant but he could move the coke fast To hell with the talkin' nigga, we could go do it The package right here nigga, let's roll through it I'm down South bred, that's what my mamma and my daddy say Acts like New York and smoke cush the Cali way Gutter, I hustled the corner, cuts and alleyways Word mean nothin' to me, I'm goin' that-a-way I got a dynasty and I ain't throwin' that away I've been investin' my rhyme up on my strategy And I don't feel that it's time to put the strap away It's either that or just I'm full of that Alizee [Chorus] We rock like that 'cause we rock like that These U.T.P. niggaz we rock like that We rock like that 'cause we rock like that These Magnolia niggaz we rock like that You can get it quick to your head, homeboy I don't think you wanna fuck with me You can get it quick to your head, lil' mama I don't think you wanna fuck with me [Juvenile] I don't cut no corners to jip for no figures I ain't kissin' no ass to live with no nigga I don't need this rap shit, bitch I'm in these streets When Cash Money didn't pay me, I still got sleep Get capped, you're on the phone, tell her I need the teeth To set the nigga up to get his Jesus piece She used to run it with Nate Dean, now she's a beast Got her daughter sellin' pussy for a G at least I move a lil' work, ain't nothin' to brag on Somethin' to keep me nice and my homie to tag on 24 inch shoes on the rag on I got shit poppin' in my hood and I'm that strong Fiends keep smokin', please don't quit You want another hit? - fiend on this But watch it, the gun is under the shirt now Me lead love and me will keep sendin' the work down [Chorus] We rock like that 'cause we rock like that These U.T.P. niggaz we rock like that We rock like that 'cause we rock like that These Magnolia niggaz we rock like that You can get it quick to your head, homeboy I don't think you wanna fuck with me You can get it quick to your head, lil' mama I don't think you wanna fuck with me [Bun B] Keep it trill, keep it gangsta, pimpin' keep it 100 Before a nigga be done got killed and I'm the one who done it I'm in H-Town baby, the home of the hoe sale Where niggaz don't just give you a brick They give you the whole deal Drug deals goin' down at ten dollar motels Keep it on the down-low 'cause somebody might go tell Like it, get you what you need, just have yo' mail And send your people 'round here so I can get some more sale Know that I got more yayo that most niggaz goin' I'm gettin' it from the same niggaz bringin' all the 'dro in I'm 'bout to get it dropped off, I'ma let you know when ("Shit, I'm tryin' to spend like fifty wit ya, dogg) Shit, fo' sho' then Bring your money with you, counted and wrapped up And move like you 'sposed to be movin' because we strapped up Don't get yourself clapped up for no reason Cause we won't hesitate when it come down to the squeezin' [Chorus] We rock like that 'cause we rock like that These 3rd Coast niggaz we rock like that Cause we rock like that 'cause we rock like that These Rap-A-Lot niggaz we rock like that You can get it quick to your head, homeboy I don't think you wanna fuck with me You can get it quick to your head, lil' mama I don't think you wanna fuck with me

Blow A Nigga's Ass Off

THREE 6 MAFIA "Vol. 2 - Club Memphis Underground"
[Chorus] Blow a niggaz ass off, ass off , ass off Fuck, Fuck one nigga down blow a niggaz ass off Blow a niggaz ass off, ass off , ass off Fuck, Fuck one nigga down blow a niggaz ass off Blow a niggaz ass off, ass off , ass off Fuck, Fuck one nigga down blow a niggaz ass off Blow a niggaz ass off, ass off , ass off Fuck, Fuck one nigga down blow a niggaz ass off I aint on this shit Quick with my fuckin gat Blow a nigga ass off Bitch thats just how i react I'm a real nigga all about my fuckin killin You busters with that animosity Yo cap I'm feelin I'm from the grove with my 4 See I stay straped Never slip and see no Memphis niggaz on the map I got that gauge 38 and that four five glock Deep in the bushes see I'm scooping with that red dart You try to run I'm a get my glock and blast you This is a blow a nigga ass off part two Kill a bitch Fuck a hoe Do or Die in the nine for R.I.D.G.E.G.R.O.V.E bring this to the door No love loss bitch North Memphis in the fuckin house Fuckin bustin bitches Now you hoes gotta run your mouth My glock is like a pump Motherfucker quick Trizit, bizit I just glizit Gonna blizit on my dizit Now hoes better recognize the glock aint no fuckin joke Little pretty boy smile The glock child is going out in fuckin smoke Ridge grove in this bitch Hoes gotta pay the cost North Memphis takin over blowin niggaz ass off


LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
[Lil Wayne] Check Huh What What Let's go, nigga (Where you at, Wheezy) You liable to catch me speedin' up the six, or beatin' up a chick or standin' over a stove, sweatin', heatin' up a brick And we keep the hustlin' slick, and got clips like bananas We twist the bandanas, and spit at niggas with cannons We ran in habitats with masks and plastic gats Stormin' through the house, screamin', 'Where's this bastard's crack!!' I flash the Mack in front of your gal and make her tell Like, 'Slut! Where's the yay, or I'ma pop one in your grill!' It's Lil Wayne, nigga - blast and bang triggas Pay with my change, then I'm gon' have to bang niggas I bag the caine quicker, and sprinkle like rain, nigga Flood the av quick with the quarters and halves, nigga If you out, you can find me on the street with the work If it's a drought, you can find me on the street with the work Never slip - I empty half a clip deep in your shirt And put your whole clique deep in the dirt Smell me [Hook-2x (Lil Wayne)] Who wan' beef with 'em Who wan' creep with 'em And when it comes down to guns, nigga, I sleep with 'em See, we can sweep with 'em 'cause it get deep with 'em And when it comes down to drugs, I'm on the streets with 'em [Lil Wayne] I'm the youngest Hot Boy on the field with heaters Let my nine-millimeters kill your peoples Bust up in your house and put the gun to lil' Renita Give me the yay, or else I'ma put her in her sneakers Wow (wow, wow) you can catch me in all black with no smile Me, Turk, G'z and ouch - chicka-POW! How come these niggaz keep burnin the world and why the hell this nigga Weezy keep firmin your girl Turnin the wheel on the orange and teal, Bentley drop Then I'ma put that up and hop in the van and hit your block Tell your mom to get the cops cause y'all gon' need 'em When you see them bullets that my glock pop, y'all gon' eat 'em See this for all my niggaz in the pen, I hope for freedom And this for all my niggaz buyin bricks, I got 'em cheaper Keep a nigga quiet as a mouse when I come Wayne #1 Hot Boy, hot as the sun - ya smell me [Hook] [Lil Wayne] Nasty case, nigga run up in your crib, crash the place Blast the face, automatic attach to waist You bastards play Then it get awful and bad There will be no more walkin for dad, and it's off with your head A nigga either gon' get it right, or they get it at night And when they spit it, lick his ass twice like 20 damn dice Henny and ice is what I prefer but light on the rocks I pack them clips tight on them glocks and light up your blocks And if there's, coke involved then your throat's involved I get the toaster and roll up and smoke most of y'all Me and my nigga Super Sosa, run up in your crib while your grandma watchin Oprah, jag her up and rope her If you () chances slim like Ethiopia If you want drugs, I got more flavors than Fruitopia Recognize it's real and nuttin udder than that Cause one from the mac'll have blood coverin your back, ha [Hook - 2X]

The War Iz On

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie:Thug Mentality 1999 Intro We so thuggish-ruggish...The muthafuckin' the war is on. You better suit up and do like Krayzie Bone Cuz the muthafuckin' war is on. Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do, gon' do? Krayzie Say nigga we march, stompin' in the big black boots with my niggas in the fatigue suits/ Ready to shoot, runnin' with the AK-47 Niggas tryin' to survive, they ain't tryin' to go to heaven/ Muthafuckers shootin', they ain't even askin' questions It's these young-ass niggas/ They straight up thugged-out/ They killas that lil' soldier, boy, cuz we livin' in the killin' field Tombstone, soldier/ Rest in peace/ A real warrior/ Niggas been ready for war/ We are the muthafuckers on the streets with the heat, knockin' the hoes off they feet/ Say boy, it's a jungle out there/ Get a couple casualties every year/ The goal is to stay alive/ The mission is to make money/ The enemy; the police/ We gotta bust back at 'em, make some muthafuckin' examples out them assholes/ We're not even concerned/ Strike a match, drop it on the gas, and let the muthafucker burn... Baby burn/ Army's strategic, and I pledge allegiance to the 12-gauge Mossberg/ I'm that nigga, Mr. Sawed-off Leather Face Gotta big gun in your face/ Behind that bush/ And when they roll by nigga, we jump out the bush and make a push/ Bustin' Why they runnin'? Buckin' everything, comin', murda/ Y'all ain't said nothing/ Got a couple of niggas for that, stay strapped from the front to the back/ And the extra clip off in my jacket so when I run out I restack it and pap it some more We ready for war -Refrain- So, what? Nigga, pull your gun, that's exactly how we play, screamin' bloody murder mo all day The buckshots spray daily, all day Snoop Dogg Money makes murders, sex, lies, crimes, fo'-fives, nines, heaters, jackers, killas, cap-pealers, and drug dealers/ Snitches, snakes, bitches, fakes, bad brakes and heartaches/ Give and take, shake and bake/ Boy, I got to stack my plate Bad news; it travels fast, and real mashers always mash/ Give a dog a bone, send him on; he bound to come home with some cash/ Get your shit, stack your chips, tuck your heat, and watch that bitch/ She might be cute, but listen here my nigga That don't mean shit/ Duck and dodge, camouflage, my entourage is way in charge/ Krayzie Bone and Dogg Capone Yeah, you know the war is on/ Break a bitch, shoot a snitch, fuck a trick/ Get your grip, smoke some dank, pass some drink And get off into this gangsta shit/ We havin' bread, breakin bread/ Nigga listen to what I said/ Tuck my heat, keep it close Just in case you think I'm playin/ Layin' fools down, Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs, One love And we bangin' from the streets to the clubs -Refrain- Kurupt Check it out: Gangstas, hoes, I suppose, dip and dash, cock and blast/ Kurupt and Snoop, Krayzie, Daz, Layzie blazin' up the hash/ G'd as fuck, gangsta-fy high as the sky, gangsta for life/ Fuck a bitch, hit a switch, gangstas drop that gangsta shit I'm a G, DPG, DPGC, O.G. DP/ Ride on niggas, blast on niggas, dip and put the smash on niggas Layzie It's a war...There's a war goin' on... When the war pop off, where the fuck you gon' be? In the front or the back? City under attack; every nigga from the 99 Front line, marchin' with a Tech 9/ Nigga, where my thugs at? If you scared, go to church/ Muthafucker, matter of fact While you at it, say a prayer for me/ I'm prepared to heat, heat a nigga in the streets with a gotdamn beat/ My heat close to me Khaki suits and fatigues, nigga dressed to kill/ Nigga, yes, I will put a slug in you/ Nigga, what you wanna do Cuz I'm ready to shoot? And my high-tech boots got me feelin' bulletproof/ I'm a Superman/ Nigga, G.I. Joe/ Like the wind blowin' throu a nigga' area/ More dead enemies I count up the merrier/ And you ain't heard no collaboration scarier I'm a walkin' nightmare, and I'm born to die/ If the war goin' on, whats happenin'? If you disrepectin' my family; it'll be hell to tell the captain/ Fuck all you playa haters and you po-pos/ Fuck all you politicians/ This' war/ Dedication to the criminal nation Let the real thugs even the score -Refrain-


T.I. "Urban Legend"
[Chorus:] Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One You done when I see you (David Banner, banner) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), (yeah, yeah) Two (2), (ay) One You done when I see you (ay) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), (yeah, yeah, yeah), Two (2), One run You done when I see (see) you (you) (ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ay) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One (what it is pimp I know ya'll miss me man) You done when I see (see) you (you) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), (here I am muthaf****), One run You done when I see (see) you (you) (ay) [Verse 1:] what it is the king back in the building Still stacking and building Still rappin to children Jeopardizing ya deals, ballin buyin ya wheels Like it's back when we was lil and it's still time to kill Quick displayin ya skills Way underpayin ya bills Spend a day in the field So how you sayin you real Niggaz could never live how I live, you ain't deserving My lifestyle's urban, never met me in person Just my bread suburban, in a red suburban On 24's, 20 hoes givin head, I'm swerving Fuck boys piss they pants, scared and nervous I'm shell-shocked, black out like I been in the service Clean cut and reserved, but I tote George Garvin The closest thang you hoes seen to picture perfect Your rose gold king, my ring tight as a virgin cop Your dream I stopped fo I seen the top, nigga [Chorus (2x):] Five (5). Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), (what!), One You done when I see (see), you (you) (ya days are numbered shawty) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One run You done when I see (see), you (you) (countdown pimp) [Verse 2:] I treat the beats like the streets On em I do what I want to I ain't gotta confront you, I'll kill you if I want to Roam amongst monsters, kill homes and front you That lil nigga swearin he bad, eat him for lunch too Fuck you niggaz, Dominique slam dunk you niggaz Sucker punch aan one of you niggaz I was being nice at first now I'm runnin thru niggaz Whole crews, not just one or two niggaz Cuz you aint representin the south, you just embarassin See you on tv in New York, them niggaz laugh at us The reason why D.J.'s didn't have a clue I was fabulous Now a days, not playin my records well, hell it's hazardous All this cussin, fussin, loud discussion's out of my character Bustin these niggaz melons and threatnin all of they managers P.$.C. is Atlanta, so how you playin and handlin Gorillaz wit bananaz, without playin and banishing King of the south, it was said once then Took a while to comprehend, now it all sunk in On the low, deal a mil, I ain't done, come again Room dead, scene fled, fo the fedz runnin in pimp [Chorus (2x)] [Verse 3:] comin live from the terror dome Shinin lights on niggaz who got they skirts on tight wit mascara on All I have ever known, is 28 in the zone Give me a day and its gon, a brick of yay and it's on You have never known, me to run less I'm gunnin at niggaz domes And runnin em out the own territory Every story got a flip side to it, and ya disc ain't shit less the click ride to it And I'm gon show you how the Westside do it In the A, not Cali, Bankhead, Simpson Valley Every crack in every alley, sellin crack to every Tom, Dick, and Harry Every Kim, Sue, and Sally, till I tally up A big enough knot to buy me a yacht So then my pistols and my patnaz really all that I got I'm not, playin at all, I'm sprayin em all Still drop em down to size if they say that I'm small man Pussy cats can't worry ya dawg Throwin stones at the throne, I'm a bury ya all man Know ya faggot niggaz hate that I'm ballin Makin 30k a day and blow it all at the mall and man I Can't relate to what you rap on stage Nigga cuz I been sellin yay since I was bow wow's age nigga Hear my daddy and cousin talking to me from the grave And all they sayin is young nigga get paid [Chorus (4x)]

Don't Say Nothin'

[Verse 1 - Black Thought] Yeah! That all mighty amazing, ill, highly contagious Kamikaze south splash like it shot from a gauge Until your body sound clash Head of the Class, Magna Cum Laude Beats bring the beast out me, flagrant - foul rowdy Reed pipe but deed tight, disposition keep on flipping Keep em playing they position Keep making the people listen what I spin Put em out on a limb Got tears, got blood, got sweat, leaking out of the pen Y'all fake niggas not setting a trend We never listen to them It's like trying to take a piss in the wind My home team doing visitors in, yo don't test em They all standing close to the edge, so don't stress em Now who the type built to last? It's no question, the Master! Villain in Black wit no stets in my sound Hitting you hard from - every direction Your head and shoulder, area your midsection dawg! [Chorus] Yeah..... Give it here, and don't say nuthin Just give it here, and don't say nuthin .....Cut the check Give it here, and don't say nuthin Nigga, give it here, and don't say nuthin [Verse 2 - Black Thought] Yeah, Illadel! Home of the original gun clappers Out on the wrong corner your shit'll get spun backwards You got the fool wanting the rules, enter at risk Or your own nana'll keep a gat under the matress Shorties running reckless from Philly to Texas Suprising what niggas willing to do to get a neckless Some emotions felt better left unexpressed at times Niggas' crime record longer than a guest list Yes, I done seen things you wouldn't believe Seen people reach levels thought they'd never achieve Silhouettes waiting in the wings ready to D Thirst decise or need at least a buck to breathe C'mon! Stick up kids, they be out to tax Most times they be sticking you without the gats I'll still be on the grind when it all collapse And if it's my worst bar then I'm a take it right back nigga [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Black Thought] Yeah, it ain't nothin like I rush I get, in front of the band On stage wit the planet in the palm of my hand When a brother transform, from aynonomous man To the force, crush whoever might of thought I was playin I'ma flame some, sentence the shit, the cold twist to slang Thicker than big boy baby, mom, sister pain Beyond measure, relaxed under pressure You see the master piece, but to me it's unperfected Give it here Geffen Records, I'm off the handle Cut the check, and yo it better be as heavy as anvil Next joint comin, all bets is cancelled Nigga black ink, red was a G finacial We finna have the whole industry at a stand still See me put the system on lock like can pill So get wit them endorsements, and call reinforcements Cause my click come a full sizeable portions [Chorus]

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