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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check


Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] C'mon, c'mon, hmmm, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Bitches is pulling out they best suits, gangstas is getting dressed too, Don't even underestimate the power of a test tube, Its a fasho shot, some of these niggas know not, Thats why they so hot, always up in the dope spots, I hope my niggas feel what I'm saying, I'm trying to put lil whodi up on his game, And dick suckers ain't playing, and duck nigga look I wont remain, You stuck even if you don't restrain, I'ma be in the cut, Some of you got it, some of you fuckin' up, you better get your life together before you loose that bruh, You got cocaine you better move that bruh, you got a brain you better loose that bruh, you got a half you better loose that bruh, dont even choose that bruh, so move on, I did this album right here for keeping me and you strong, [Juvenile Talking] Thats right cousin, I did this album right here for me and my people ya heared me, And we got the lord on our side so can't nothing you do or say to me bother me cousin, I'ma be here until its all over with, I been through alot the past few years, But I ain't holding no grudges, its all about me and my family, U.T.P, this how we eat cousin, what

oG killuminati

JOEY BADA$$ "Rejex"
[Intro (Sample)] Strawberries [Verse 1: JOEY BADA$$] I'm a beast with these flows Two birds, one stoned, you get geeseā€™d when trees rolled They say I'm evil cause I trained my ego to see gold Cause he know, seagulls couldn't see these goals, please It's the return of the beast coast No cash flashed, but the cheese still make teeth show Incognito, is how you move on the strip What you trynna be Vito? Well there's rules to this shit Don't get clapped, ya'll ain't real spitters, ya'll lips chapped Better watch it, Mr. Nicewatch, don't risk that I got a 6 pack of bare skill that I spill like that And everybody know (That shit crack!) Ya'll niggas softspoken, down below choking The type to drop the soap when you soakin' in front of most men It makes sense why you want beef, well this frozen It's nuts for u in the tool, look hold em Better shoot yourself Plaxico, because I'm next to go The Progressive flows from New York to New Mexico My lyrical span is what the fans is demandin' Step into my box and that's exactly what'chu stand in Ain't no half steppin' 'round me And you gotta drown a fish before you clown me The young cop killer, I'm dat ill, so doc' will ya Give me two shots for 2Pac killer....nigga [Verse 2: Capital STEEZ] Soul searchin' 'till my flows are perfect I ain't trynna be a slave to grow old from workin' Sorry BADA$$, you lucky that I peeped it second Tell them niggas keep it steppin' with they beat selection Check the melodies, it's so heavenly That shit'll get your hips to move no 70's Audi-opium, can I bust soliloquies Got that shit mix and mastered both remedies Grab a spoonful, we sturrin' up a pot And you know we gotta serve it while it's hot I'm flowin' like a volcano and drippin' verses off the top Dirty cops still swervin' on the block Lookin' for black kids, that spittin' up acid It's in my jeans so don't worry where my parents is Get with the script it's that ignorant shit And they bound to get sick of us quick but I ain't sealin' my lips It's a shift, I know you feel it man We blowin' up like a ceiling fan Droppin' off jewels like Killa Cam's man When it comes to kickin' verses I'm Mr. Van Damme Crushin' strawberries it's a jam So throw up both hands if you can Ironic how I'm killin' this shit, until they bury me My volume is going in depth with longevity Stupids


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Jus Allah] The metal inside the barrel passes Through the frames in ya glasses Quick passage Leave your dome piece backless Envision blackness Leave you hatless Fucking capless Watchin Niggas dig the spot where the Earth's crack is Hard to graph like science and math is The cavemen who dont practice and live backwards We oxin' With streets is watchin Release shotguns Niggas got Dietz and Watson Feel no love No way you shield the slugs The ill thugs We box with steel gloves Doubt my faith you can taste the slug case Leaving niggas looking like dogs with the pug face Even your girl can catch the capsule I love pussy But never the bitch that its attached to Why you wanna battle wit kids with steel tongues? Who rip up mics and drink "puerto-rock(rican)" rum 85 (the 85%): face the truth, your too dumb If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes [repeat] [Ikon] We itchin' to kill Thats why we spittin' the real Stick to the drill And maybe we'll be grippin a mill' The clip'll expel Dump 'em in a ditch or a hill 'Cuz the muthafucka aint left me shit in his will And y'all was always soundin' like a bitch when you spill And we the rawest muhfuckin' clique in the field So real muthafuckas better recognize real Or ill muthafuckas gonna exercise skill Y'all better chill when the Hologram build Lil muhfuckah got hands is like steel Whoever approach me and what i feel "while u find ya legs bein' replaced by steel" So y'all better yield Or ima choke faggots My hands held more razorblades than coke addicts We like to quote facists Cuz we the meanest And rip off your fingers with the pliers of Chakademus Why you wanna battle wit kids with steel tongues? Who rip up mics and drink "puerto-rock(rican)" rum 85 (the 85%): face the truth, your too dumb If retaliation comes yo then fuck it it just comes [repeat] yo yo yo yo yo yo jedi mind baby Iledelph stand by, baby, naw I'm sayin? Ikon the Hologram JusAllah, Jusallah My man Chico, enemy of mankind...... Naw I'm sayin'?


J. COLE "Truly Yours 2"
[Verse 1: Bas] They putting prices on heads, silver or lead I pray the scores settle 'fore the devil notice you dead Got me smoking the potent, my eyes open and Otis, they red Thoughts of my eye roam and words that I hoped I had said That aunty Sittana, we missin ya Even know you gone, your thought alone can lift us up This is us Got some niggas that never call me unless they need something, But I pick up, like, "whassup, what you need cousin?" My niggas know that I love 'em Give 'em roses while they can smell 'em Cause ain't no tellin' who'll be here tomorrow Used to borrow your digital scale Flippin' them sales But now it's digital dash while you're still in the past Boy, trust me when I tell you, the picture got much bigger The swishers and dutch fill up Bitches in lust with us Momma would dissapprove, losing my way Lost in the sauce, this bolognese is so amazing Had a talk and she remark: "you so engaging" Running game, it's all the same I'm growing jaded Had a couple things in common, like Lonnie Lynn But I'm too faded for conversatin' I'm sittin' here contemplatin' [Hook x2: J Cole] Time keeps slipping away, away Another day another love song, hey Another day another love song, hey [Verse 2: J Cole] Yeah Cousin in jail again, asking me for bail again Close when I was 12, but I was much frailer then He was like 16, a nigga from the gutter and Years ago his favorite uncle had married my mother and Here we are, runnin' through the Ville like dumb and dumber and For that summer man I swear I wish you was my brother then Well time passed and we fell off cause you moved back home Little did you know Jermaine done grew a new back bone Niggas thought he wouldn't make it 'till he proved that wrong 12 years later on the radio that Who Dat song Your homeboy bumps the Warm Up now you buggin' Cause you looking at the cover and you say "Yo that's my cousin" And niggas looking at you like you lying but you wasn't Next thing I know you blowing up my line all a sudden And I'm showing love saying "yo look what I did, Man, nobody coming from here ever did this shit this big" But now you saying "Man enough about you, Shit what about me, my nigga what about me? Oh you forgot about me?" Saying "Niggas showed you how to rap, now you don't know how to act Boy I'm at the bottom you could pull a nigga out of that Put me in a video, yo put me on your hottest track Bring me on the road with you, you know 'cause got yo back And I'm strapped up if them niggas act up See you headed to the top you need to let me catch up Please let me catch up Won't you let me catch up man" "I'll see you when I see you Harsh as it seems to say, I wouldn't want to be you Bail you out for your daughter and I pray to God A nigga never pull your card or she won't ever get to see you" [Hook]


[Mick Jenkins:] Started from the bottom of the map Move to the Chi like fifth grade Running like the water from the tap Move with a mind like what switch blades see I ain't never been the type of nigga that'd change with the fame, you could put it in quotes Been down to ride for my niggas had pegs, on a Mongoose sitting on spokes Handcuffs sitting on the peanut butter loaves Living on the rim of the glass of the water Don't you see people out here pimping your hope Living on a whim, lower class getting slaughtered, killed Niggas in the streets on the pipe no kilt, it's a skirt motherfucker you know it Pull the triggers to the beats Taking lives, no guilt Got the summer feel like it's snowing, cold Shoulders, murders, mowed us down Damn, you could tell these niggas need a drink Sun get hotter streets get colder, damn You could tell these niggas need a drink Spit his flow like is coming up the sink And the shit hot like it's coming in the mink Never dumb it down, make a dumb nigga think Ginger in his tea make a dumb nigga drink Grippin your heart and grippin your soul Grippin that iron, I'm dropping that zinc Gotta move smart I didn't learned from the dope Just what I'm gonna do, with the coke and the ink Like oh no, they locked a nigga up for smoking purple I'm free, I'm screaming, "free my niggas" 'til the world blow I'm screaming "free my niggas" 'til the world blow Save Money she gonna do it for the free [Chance The Rapper:] She gonna do it for the freak Dinner reservations with a Navajo Indian in her family like a lot of hoes Lot of hoes done said they was not a ho Now the Leprechauns done lied about they pot'o'gold I'm bout my green like an avocado guacamole I'm from the Chi, she say she shy but she gotta go Prodigal Solid gold Chains bought from college shows Staying out in Hollywood Wayne out of Hollygrove Kamikaze comma Common Keef and ComicCon Ye and me and King L Katie here's a comet coming Kamehameha, Chi may have made a spirit bomb Here's a ton of acid, ready for it here it comes, (WOOOOO!) Uh, I'm just having fun with it Vic just brought the beef up, Mick just brought a gun with it You think you could stomach it? Umf, tummy ache All you did was shadow box All you did was run in place Started from the middle of the class, multi-entendre And now I can do what I wanna Shouts out Shetandra and Shando, shouldn't have shined a light on me [Vic Mensa:] Staring at the bottom of the bottle Pour it out for the fam take the shots In the land, shoot first think last that's the motto Money on my mind Mega Millions on the rise, scratch off like I'm tryna win the lotto Lot of baller niggas done lied about their jump shots Tryna play the shooter 'til they shot him (pow) Got 'em (pow pow) Shoes off and kick up my feet Talk dirty, never brush my teeth Tell em I'm Rosa Parks, they can suck my seed I ain't giving up my seat Saw my face through the stain glass window in church Demons in the night when I sleep Stole the collection cash out the pastor's purse Gave it to a bum to get something to eat Paper twistin, bend it backwards Flip the script, dyslexic actors Atom smashing, passing, bombing, writing it off my taxes Uncle Sam done put a deficit on my debit card Me, Mick Jenkins and Chancelor, chances are you no competitor (OnGaud my nigga)

Lil Ghetto Nigga

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Yeah, uh Uh, yea Yea, uh Fayettenam, nigga Hahaah uh Carolina, nigga Yeah, Yea, let's bring it in Yea, this is for my niggas in the struggle Yea, this is for my niggas in the struggle Uh, uh, uh, Nothing but sweat, tears, Just another perspective, Yeah Yo, uh Lifestyles of the young, black and genius, Sons strapped with guns packed in jeans, And the blunts got my lungs black as Jesus, (yea) Play with killers hung yack and slung crack for leisure, And tell a nigga run that and gun clap for sneakers, Young niggas emulate what's coming out the speakers, So everything we learn came from rappers, not teachers, Cause if we can't relate, then how the hell you gonna reach us? Surrounded by crooked cops and preachers, (yea) Where my trust at? No time to think about illegal when my stomachs touching, By any means, nigga, even if the gun is busted, I see the world for what it is now, I see the odds is looking slim for our kids now, Cause, uh, it was a set up for my people to rise, (yea) My niggas slang, but I see the pain deep in they eyes, Niggas living like they don't give a fuck, And I don't blame 'em, it's a cold world, live it up! (live it up) The things that I've seen, (seen) The dreams that I dream, (dream) The rain in my sky, The pain in my eyes But know that it gets better baby, Hope that it gets better baby, Don't let this world break you, (you) naw, naw, Don't let them break you, (you) Yea, uh I look up in the sky, see that ghetto birds circulate, And rollers on the block, my niggas on the curb, cursin them, (fuck) Another day in the ville, do I stay in and chill? (no) Or go play in the field? Help my mother paying these bills, you tell me, nigga! We all young, black, some strapped, Them whites had they lunch pack for school, we had our guns stacked. And all a nigga wanna do is take his mother from that, But they'd rather lock us up and make sure we don't come back. To kill a nigga over beef and cheddar is even better, Just one less coon they won't have to arrest. Fuck a crooked cop three times, Bitch, I'm getting cake and ain't a nigga finna eat mine, That's why a nigga looking like a street sign, (yea) Posted on the corner 'til it's sleep time. Wake up and it's feeling like somebody hit the rewind, (why) Cause them ghetto birds circulate, my niggas steal purse and 'em, Another day in the city, my niggas say it with me, yea! The things that I've seen, (seen) The dreams that I dream, (dream) The rain in my sky, The pain in my eyes But know that it gets better baby, Hope that it get better baby, Don't let this world break you, (you) naw, naw, Don't let them break you, (you)

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