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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check

I Know You Know

Original and similar lyrics
[Trey Songz - singing] Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooh, Oh, Oh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Oh, Oh put ya feet up in my shoes for a minute shawty peep the way I do how I'm living you steadily trippin, say I'm trickin with the women girl don't make me get to trippin everything is what I'm givin, I know [Juvenile] I know I'm comin home to big fine after my day done all concerned about how I'm feelin and if I ate somethin you always hear the bullshit stories and never say nothin cause all of 'em in search for a man that's why they stay sufferin though you may think I'm from this bitch to the next a nigga be out here tryna get him a check, but I prefer cash for me and you so don't even much get ya nerves bad they want attention and they don't even deserve that girl you miss Juv-E what you think I don't care What you think I'm bout to go sacrifice this shit for that there they wanna catch the biggest fish in the sea-but he ain't swimmin cause he satisfied and ain't lookin forward to other women [Chorus: Trey Songz] I know, you know (I know, you know) just cause they shakin-don't mean I'm takin I know, you know (you know, yeah) just cause they holla-don't mean I follow I know, you know (you know, baby) just cause they throw it-don't mean I'm catchin I know, you know (you know) no matter how long I'm gone-I'm always comin home to you [Juvenile] You gotta believe me, you don't have to police me I be up in the streets makin sure that me and you eat see women try to tease me but I tell 'em be easy my family needs me so I'm goin where my seeds be I can sign ya poster but I cannot intercourse ya they really wanna solider that's why the bendin it over holla at big daddy I'm comin home like I 'ppose ta with a big ole bag of groceries and somethin that we can smoke up we don't need a passion cause me and you is what's happenin they thought we wasn't adaptin now everybody congratin forget all of that yappin as long as we keep interactin and we keep on attractin to each other with a passion [Chorus] [Juvenile] When the big dog is in ya they gon'wanna bother a G wanna leave way at night and come tomorrow with me yup so they can put a nigga business all in the streets out here tellin folks she gotta problem recordin for keeps she got big ?? tryna get me to the place hopin I reconize her curve but I can't even relate now they be at the red light flashin me with they head lights I know how to play it like tell 'em to get they head right I'm not tryna touch her so you can keep ya lil'rubber you too young for me why ya tryna get me in trouble she know that I love her-look we was meant for each other and she gon' act a fool when she with me under the cover [Chorus - repeat to end]

Hot Boyz (Remix)

(feat. Eve, Lil' Mo, Nas, Q-Tip) [Missy] This is for my ghetto motherfuckers, uh [Nas] Uh, forty side felony Felony, misdemeanor The charge is murder Escobar CB on bikes I'm switching gears Headlights, shine so bright Bitches freeze like deers Them fiends want that deep boy Feds send in a decoy, pack that heat boy Push ya where ya rest in peace boy Get your mama's house shot up Bodies all chopped up When them bodies pop up, I ain't getting' locked up My Bentley cruise the block, with the sun roof top Hood rats jumpin' on my jock cause I blew up the spot Crushin' your Benz, crushin' your Navigator system My QB piece make y'all niggas tuck you're shit in It's Nas in your area, Queens 'bout to tear it up Braveheart y'all scared of us, real niggas, they be us [Missy & Lil' Mo] What's your name, cause I'm impressed Can you treat me good, I won't settle for less You a hot boy, a rock boy A fun toy, tote a glock boy Where you live, is it by yourself Can I move with you, do you need some help I cook boy, I'll give you more I'm a fly girl, and I like those [1] -[Missy & Lil' Mo] Hot boyz Baby you got what I want See cause y'all be driving Lexus jeeps And the Benz jeeps, and the Lincoln jeeps Nothin' cheaper, got them Platinum Visa's Hot boyz Baby you got what I want See cause y'all be driving' Jaguars And the Bentley's, and the Rolls Royce Playin' hardballs with them Platinum Visa's [Missy & Lil' Mo] Is that your car, the SK-8 Are you riding alone, can I be your date Come get me, get me, don't diss me, don't trick me Got some friends, can they come too Can you hook them up wit' some boyz like you A hot boy, a rock boy, on top boy And I like those [Repeat 1] [Eve] Yo only take 'em thugged out Slightly bugged out, fuck with his tongue out Know the job ain't getting done, until the body getting drugged out Hot boy, keep me right Play your part and I'll keep it tight Where else you gonna be in the middle of the night But up in the sheets with me aiight Gangsta, true to your gang, street master You the one I need when there's beef, street blaster Ain't afraid to stop a cat, plus pop a cat, huh Soldier, cash money, rule your world What's topping that Huh, S-4-3-0 keep me on my toes Get a tingle in my spine, wet spot only he knows He's a hot boy, Missy sing it out and I'm gon' spit it Ruff Ryders scream it loud, daddy is you with it If your team can't handle my bitches then we gon' ride Brickhouse stallions, keep thugs open wide, huh 'Illadelph's best E-V-E stay committed Mess with many, but if he ain't the realer I ain't with it, with it [Q-Tip] Yo, mommy what the deal Ain't no heat fuckin' hotter than the heat a nigga hold I think you really should be told that I deal with long shafts That keep a long blast (blast) Now look at a nigga and peel off fast (come on) Word you got your girlfriend Word, she can get it too Fuck it though, I'm honest yo I'm saying though, let's play it through Getting cinematic with it Niggas if you got it, hit it Fuck the dumbness Hit it till its numbness [Missy & Lil' Mo'] Hot boy Baby you got what I want Won't you really come and satisfy me I be lovin' you like endlessly (Everyday all day) Hot boy Baby you got what I want Won't you really come and satisfy me

Pimp Anthem

ICE-T "VI - Return Of The Real"
'96 Ah shit Ice-T back Representin, nigga, once again That real shit, nigga I thought you knew, bitch Better recognize [ CHORUS ] Players, check your grip before you get popped Bitches, get my money before you get dropped Gotcha - buggin off the words I say Because this type of pimpin happens every day [ VERSE 1 ] Niggas wanna know my steelo Bitches wanna get with the baddest Hustlin apparatus It's the LA cash flow master-roller No one gets colder, I used to flip boulders Of caine, on my brain, it's outta control, crime plot A dead-ass cop and muthafuckas get got In the game it ain't safe for the weak or the timid Known to break a bitch but barely rarely slide up in it So you see me in a club, grab your woman like you wanna Blink your eyes and the freak is out there freezin on the corner She got caught by the curls and the jewels Lookin for a nigga that is quick to pull tools Now she's breakin herself, makin herself Respect my technique of pimpin, minus all simpin Check it bitches, it ain't nothin nice You're gonna seal or sell pussy if you roll with the Ice [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 2 ] Oh my God, the nigga rolls hard.. Every player mentions me The hustler of the century (Ice, that nigga ain't nothin nice!) I got more freaks than Heff', my bankroll's off vice Commandin straight pimp tactics None of y'all can match this Meet a freak in a week, her workplace a matress Really though, recognize the pimp type flow I don't smoke endo, I count cash on my patio So much love on the streets, don't need no bodyguard Big up to my homies with the pimp type nod I'm off the hook, checkin traps in Vegas [Name] Full link mink with the matchin borsalino I change cars like you change drawers, bitch I got a stable full of thoroughbreds that make me rich Niggas hate me, cause they can't control they roll They see that fat old ass and start givin me cash [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3 ] My mind's blown off fine champagne So bent on currency, got green in my vein So damn smooth that every woman wanna touch me So much sexuality that nuns wanna fuck me I kick back with my pimpin ballin brothers Stand over the bed, dump the cash on the covers The game's got me, I'm a slave to the roll Hoes belong on the track and I belong in gold Silk and satin, I deserve a pimpin pattin Been in the life so long cause I stomp bitches who start rattin Mostly friendly, but do got that gorilla in me Save it for the player-hater niggas with the envy Lot of niggas talk it, but they can't hold a hooker Ice took her, she was too long a looker It's strictly straight-lace hustlin on mine I been pimpin all my life and I don't mind dyin [ CHORUS ]

Carry Me Home

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
[Hook] "Got to change my way of living Got to change my style" [Verse 1] He remembers little bit of his childhood Sometimes bad, sometimes good But he never was one to blame today's grey sky on last week's rain So he see's everything face value Looks grim, it tastes bad too There's nothing to do except dupe, push down the wall and get through it I swear to god it's too stretched Too easy to slip or lose steps And the taller you are, the harder you fall that's why a lot of us crawl Mumma, please don't look now I've gotta walk over people I've took down It ain't as pretty as you probably think It's gonna take more than soap and a sink Tomorrow he'll drink to the guilt of every cheap wooden bridge that he's built Bury those skeletons in his head til you pick him up and carry him to bed [Hook] [Verse 2] Swimming through alcohol and woman Gets some gold spray paint for that lemon Everything he's got is not a given rock bottom on the flipside of top billin Not a victim, fuck the sympathy Figure it out, and kill the bitch in me Poor a little liquor out and call it a victory They said the sky was limit free No, don't trust none of these people Won't give him enough to love me for me so even when they welcome me into their kingdom Can't bring self to believe them It goes, folk hard tryna act like no flaw Turn it up til it burns that stove top Mr know it all, bad boy showoffs Red lights, no stops Mumma, this can't be the boy you raised me to be The drama, depression Afraid that it must be the Daley in me that's crazy Carry me home - take care of your baby [Hook] Don't wanna live like that, no Don't wanna live like that, no

Bitch Betta Have My Money

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
What up love You thought I wouldn't recognize ho like stats I peep you at the strip joint You and that little black chick Acting like you so innocent When you in the six Usually that bring the freak right out of a bitch I knew something was wrong Lesbian I go on Ain't nothing wrong with bump n' grinding right I like mines tight You like yours licked And we both like bitches to get high high wit You opted to leave a nigga with no options You freak hoe dance topless baby What's ya sitcho You ride dildo Plastic nympho Only see dick in porno Hun lidten I can make your life a world of difference Throw me in the mix of your sexual experiences See what happens In like two weeks These hoes is freaking Making about two g's a piece a weekend That's what I'm saying [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Keep my ones on top My tens on lock My hoe in the drop Got a hot little co-op Prestigous Rock a cuban link with Jesus Lord have mercy Let me touch this Tease it For reasons I can't explain to you lord Cause you know my actions are censored Don't diss chips to fuck with no broad This one can get it Damn near split it Yeah picture me paying for some pussy I ain't even smelled yet Let alone got wet But I'm willing to make a bet That the next time we riding If she ain't riding On the turnpike you you bobbing While I'm weaving Getting weede Believe me This pimp shit ain't easy baby I tell you ain't no hoes like the ones I got They make you fiend for that pussy coming up out ya pockets [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Baby girl you so hot I feel like Iceberg Slim I pimp plenty women Got to tip my hat to a ten Just been in too many run ins with dead ends Comparisions range from thick ones to thin Explosive sex thoughts coming from this young work horse I spend hard times like D.A.'s in criminal courts Fro the love of my life I'll cut down on the sport For the jewels with ice and creep to never get caught You know the game You and I is one in the same But you got my name tatooed on ya leg Shit is serious Now you caling me acting delirious Used to be my best bitch Now somewhat resistant Street life got you hot like Heather Hunter Worn out and don't nobody want ya First time i met ya you played me out of pocket I ain't know no better bitch Now stop it Game is the topic And what's between your legs is the product Use it properly And you'll make dollars biatch [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money

Earth People

Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst"
[Featuring Sir Menelik] [Kool Keith] Live November 6 1996 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised perform with with Curt Kobane and Roger from Zapp [Sir Menelik] The plane managed to land the skeleton at the controls A place called the Twilight Zone Are extraterrestrials able to accomplish this? I will explain but you'd become more puzzled at the possibilities Earth ending trilogies, wacky stuff Like gas passing dinosaurs While I stroll in circles blindfolded Gave a lady some wrinkle cream out of rat poop You might just laugh so hard your skull cracks Brain spills thick blood shooting out like a champagne cork Females so horny and mean, sucking scales off of live rattlesnakes My boy gave his girl money for groceries, she got a new hairdo Women like this could even make the devil commit suicide hung from a tree on Johannesburg with no parachute Big-Bigfoot captured by UFO's Haloes were found, at the landing sites, vanishing Vanishing victims, kept alive on metal examining tables Ex-Experts baffled they could survive the caustic exposure to laser scalpels, green berets Flowing cold heads in mechanical wombs Radioactive constant temperature circular appendages Cripples start shaking sending distress signals We're not alone in the Twilight Zone They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Kool Keith] Back in spiral, I roast humans like a gyro New York, Atlanta, Africa to Cairo Diplomat King Presidential offspring Two miles from Westinghouse, with lights down South Government chemical voodoo man miracle Super disease your brain is more hysterical My urine see paralyze your ability with space codes electrodes you're ready for a pap smear Wax in your inner ear, doodoo in your outer ear Two cows a zebra will jump through your atmosphere Giraffe-Funk will raise beamin through your trunk Steam of Legion, to burn up in your anal region Power contracting with bombs in his rectum factor Utilized phonic like water in your Panasonic Trip or slip or fall Right into the earth pit, gamma ray toilet Microbes on your earth shit Dr. Ludicrous, I turn into a octapus Grab eight species, isolate like an incubus Convert with probes, green shit is on your earlobes Attack what stomach with juice they call gastric Alien bugs with sickle cell, get they ass kicked Dermatologist examine more black cysts Radiation butter pouring down your sinus, it's Dr. Octagon *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Sir Menelik] Utilize to abuse minds Slice head halves, let's probe the subconcious lobe Mathematical parabola, ACT test and just ex-plorating the creative arctic regions, or isolating cockpit A regular pitstop monitoring with enough fuel to fly a small dirigible To a place an oasis in a nebula, Earth Universal charting unseen atmosphere Requesting assistance, I speed through waves like a Concorde SST Then open aperature The shape of Octagon selects forward morphing it's the vertical Frankenstein Prototype of like Kervorkian Mind pedestrian controls Spend elevation gobble the ignorant supersonic cruise Hidin to think, focus psychosis with Von Blowford Black lotus releases when life is flailing external terminal update, thermal conducted power source supplied Man on the moon pumps amps, or souped up cable boxes getting up impossible The speaker needs another dose, concoct Concoct the scenario view, in a position of a coroner describing current events bent on human dismemberment To a point of no resemblance We're not alone in the Twilight Zone *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Kool Keith] Like Enoch, I wear my cape, you can't destroy my impeccable caliber that makes your vision blur I drop particle X when having Rhythm sex Voodoo arrangers with the kids Power Rangers Make me see other men, gorillas masterbating with human strangers Legally through court, you're stung by a genital wart Chlamydia, through the city-a Los Angeles Texas has a serpent that's urgent for the mass appeal biomedical test your rectum squeezing in banana peels Outwards backwards towards Boston It's costing androids leaving humans with hemerrhoids Thinking more of what they can't explore, like the cartoon Donald Duck is giving fellatio on the floor with Reed Richards, looking at The Thing's naked pictures Taking Ex-Lax to relax with the needle and thread sewing up all the other buttcracks In the industry there's no one who can mess with Dr. Octagon, now serving coleslaw and pink pickles They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed... their bikes [Kool Keith] Keep it simple Detached his bike, and leaped to safety Just before they collided with a tree...

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