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JUVENILE lyrics - Reality Check


Original and similar lyrics
[Mannie Fresh] Gentlemen and ladies, it's your boy, the dude Freaky-fre, fre, fre-eh-Fresh We gon' bring it to you somethin like this [Chorus One: Juvenile] Woof, I'm a animal, yes I am a animal I'm a animal, yes I am a animal I'm a animal, yes I am a animal I'm a animal, yes I am a animal [Juvenile] How you just gon' back me up and I'm 2 dollars from bein rich You oughta be grateful a nigga like me even see you BITCH I was thinkin about rockin Arribas, but the gators look nice Nigga was talkin about they was comin out like players tonight They won't let me in with my pistol I'm okay with the knife-a Anything I can get my hands on when the fight starts Could get one of these hoes that's gotta stand, by the right bar Get the wife and she could {?} {?} light stars She ain't stupid, she recognize who it is Enjoy the lyrics on the records, play the songs for the kids For instance, I can come through bouncin in this bitch like what And she's figured this shit, she ready to give that life up Wonderin how do it feel to be with G's like us Be in a better situation than that all night bus You're wild hoe be fuckin up my G's You better get back, I spent six and a quarter for these, ya hear me? [Chorus] [Chorus Two: Juvenile] Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it Get gorilla with it, get gorilla with it [Juvenile] I see you watchin how the boy comes to Grover And you wanna overthrown him, knock him off his throne Your potnahs rockin with you 'til they find out who it is Then they gon' try to convince y'all to leave it alone I'm here to sabotage what enemies accomplish They're not about the camouflage, the homies that I ride with I keeps it ghetto for my street people and convicts I don't vouch for nobody, I just make sure I pay homage Hey shorty, this nigga here's a vet like Shaq I don't have to control the ball but I control that rap If I smack you on your ass you gonna throw that back They like it when a gangster take control like that She feels protected when she in that Lexus Givin me head, got me takin all wrong exits I'm not the people you should be upset with I don't mean no harm baby and I'm not sexist [Chorus One + Chorus Two] [Juvenile] A gangsta still fightin charges but he totes that glock Like a junkie with a pipe up in the smoke crack spot I be in every hood, see I knows the block From Watts to one-fo'-fifth by the clothing shops Nope, I ain't rockin with them boys I was with But I'm still blingin and showin off my toys in this bitch When a real nigga show up hoes switch up they games Tell us who they really is and give y'all different names Claimin, she ain't nuttin like them boys be sayin Shit I'm only tryin to knock the pussy outta the frame Look here, I tried to chill but they gave me some mills Me and Mannie back at it, 'bout to get another deal I got my hand wrapped around the steerin wheel Hoes like EWWW they can't understand the grill Skip called me up he got them all on chill Well let's go and get us some hoes so we can do this heah, y'know [Chorus One + Chorus Two]

Notorious K.I.M.

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
[Lil' Kim (Notorious B.I.G.)] What Here's another one What (Uh-huh uh) What Uh! Here's another one (Uh-huh) Uh! Uh! Live from NYC it's Q.B. The heavy weight champ female emcee Girls say they different but uh see In all actuality they wanna be me This chick running around with this stink ass gap And them fake ass raps having panic attacks You ain't a star And your record company know that How you make all this money you just fart and blow it I'm a business woman now so I'm not concerned I'd bet on Lil' Cease before you and your firm If this was back in the days I would've been snatched you I'm getting money now Them bitches in the hood they can have you Stop paying these niggas to write y'all shit For the right cream I'd write a hot sixteen Better be careful what you say to me That same shit you shit I'mma make you sniff [Notorious B.I.G.] It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh [Lil' Kim] Uh, uh, uh, uh Everybody wanna Shyne off of BIG Get it, Shyne try-na sound like him when they rhyme You ain't a murderer Nigga please come off that I'm next up to bat motherfuckers get their jaws tapped Bum ass nigga don't even know how to bust a gun ass nigga You dumb ass nigga Rappers acting out the late Frank White's path Once they get in jail they get fucked in the ass Never snitch, never send a nigga to jail I'd rather find him by a boat doing the deadman's float We gangsters Real gangsters b Gun in the greenroom up at BET We gangsters Real gangsters nigga Kill you and cut the head off your babysitter We gangsters We gangsters bitch Even more dangerous now we're filthy rich [Notorious B.I.G.] It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh [Lil' Kim] Uh, uh, uh The moral of the story is this You ain't queen bitch And you ain't BIG dick Now I'm pissed niggas on some 10% diss Well shit I'mma break it down like this Lot of rappers in this game That's cool but uh Only one of us could rule You see its sort of like being in school I'm valedictorian y'all in the audience And I've got nine hundred and ninety-nine votes You got nine hundred and ninety-nine notes You know bitch I'm worldwide Can't you see Open your eyes I got you by a landslide Y'all mad cause niggas love my style Colgate smile, I'm a bad bitch child Cats be frontin' like they one tough cookie All my real g's do the gangsta boogie [Notorious B.I.G. (Kim)] It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow It's the N-O-T-O-R-I-O U-S, you just lay down slow Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh (Uh, uh, uh)

Boss Nigga

[Intro:] Can't stop this money flow broke ass nigga never Hating ass nigga [Verse 1: Juicy J] I got them shooters on deck, aks with banana clips We ain't bout that talking you get smoked like cancer sticks My nigga only move a real niggas and goons They don't know how to talk, they only know how to shoot Dropped a coupla' bands, and get your top peel off While I'm somewhere with some rich white folks playing golf My Benz got a hole in the top like a dolphin I'm on this codeine cause this weed got me coughin' From Memphis Tennessee, where it ain't Ten-A-Key Find a nigga dead in his house, he just a memory (You gone) Niggas starving in these streets, coming for your stash A gun plus a mask, you do the math Still stepping on them blocks like hopscotch Goons on deck shooting like they own a shot clock Real nigga always counting like a stop watch Pull them out the toaster, that turn you to a pop tart (Bitch) Hundred bandz on a watch, bitch its my time (Bitch) We was totin' pistols for school before Columbine (Always) Juicy J, North Memphis Vet (You know it) I went in and buy a Corvette and put it on my neck (You know it) Money talk, you broke niggas is deaf (You know it) Bitch I'm blowing on loud, and so is my check (You see it) Fully automatics, no auto tune I don't make no diss songs I'm leaving rappers with bullet wounds [Hook:] Boss nigga, I be calling shots (Always) You shaking ass niggas, be calling cops (They calling) If I got any problems, I call them shooters (They coming) My bitch got plenty racks, I call them hooters (They coming) [2x] [Outro:] Real shit real spit Get your money up nigga Yeah Mafia

My Beliefs

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
Some motherfuckers believe That I shouldn't smoke weed and shit huh That I should cuss and shit huh That I shouldn't do the shit I wanna do You know what I'm sayin'? But I don't give a fuck about what these niggas think That's they beliefs here go mine I gets embedded in your cerebellum deeper than the ocean Focusin' on fuckin' a nigga up who got jokes? Provoke me my vision of lust is money trust is funny Too many sheisty motherfuckers comin' for me One in the chamber, ready for repetition if possible Hate to mention this, poppin' that nigga, bitch It be the intellectual, get sexual in a second heffer You could never be no competition to me You bit the poison apple, tryin' adapt to this shit Show you how it happened While we laughin', diggin' your ditch And you can get your boys I got Disciples and ViceLords Planted through every city ready, declare war If you feel I stepped on your toes It was intentionally Cause it was meant to be the shit since I found JD My lyrical thesis broke in pieces For you pussies who can't feed off it Everything'll be fine, just hit the weed often Chorus: repeat 2X I believe good things come to those that grind Never take a step back, leave the past behind Keep your mind on some money and don't ever stop tryin' And everything'll be fine, everything'll be fine It's time to let your lighter spark Crank up the weed session With one of the best in the Midwestern section Flexin' with no shame Cause a mi solo female MC's be back in the game Sun up to sun down I puff leaves Filled with imported trees from the West Indies Chi-town's finest in more ways than one Me follow in the path of another, days is done See I got mic checkin' down to a science Meanin' I perfected the ways To shit on you and your alliance I write the type of shit that'll hypnotize ya Fuck around and kill your whole click like Kaiser In the streets of Prazza, the Westside of niggas Ain't expects, smellin' like cannibus Can't nothin' handle this They wanna dismantle this but it will never go down Shit, cause my beliefs is I'm the baddest around, bitch Chorus Now it's the shit, you wanna contest me Never will you be the opponent left Leave'em swept off they feet So So Def got that chief shit, keep it brief Under the covers ain't another bitch bad as me So I must keep comin' Keep on runnin' but you can't escape me I'm in your brain Remember the bitch you love to hate She on the paper chase In any case, but not any rate Keep the currency's increase, shit ain't cheap And my belief is to get the money, nigga So what's the beef to this? Enough cheese for Brat, never endin' G's Hundred thousand dollar bills by the stack The weak supportin' my habits Enough karats for the whole salad Smokin' cabbage every five minutes Beginnin' my days rollin' swishes I never listen to penny pinchin' Pussy eatin' punks advice To catch'em slippin' is my theory Be weary what I bust, make niggas weak And pack a bleeder, top notch in my speeches Chorus

Fuck Up The Fun

[Talking:] Tell him to keep that Yeah just play the track stop cuttin it off And lemme-lemme pop my shit It is what it is hehe Fuck is ya'll niggas doing? You ready bitch? What up what up whatup? Yo Yo Yo Yo! Who want it? Who-who want it? Which nigga little goon is gettin stewed with a onion? Niggas all cute til the roogs in abundance And ya dude get to running with the womb in his stomach Bitch nigga, bitch get ya nigga All these niggas just a little food for the dinner And these niggas better tuck in their little jewels when I enter Cause your bitch hot nigga finna fuck up the fun Don't fuck with your bitch when the rum in her punch I might dance on these niggas but the gun in the butt The gold Jimmy's little mirror little stun in the clutch And don't slip up little nigga, 'fore the stun in your nuts Yo' dude bout to fuck up your trust He gonna run when I hit ya, put you under the pump You gonna run with your nigga, now you closer enough To shoot once in the throat leave ya both in a slump (huh) Go head go head nigga pop off You can get your fam and your man's and them shot off I'm a get the AMS for ya and blow your top off Shit funny til the gun in your face You better run with your nigga, better open the safe You better come up with the money better show up the weight I'm gonna come with gorillas cause I run with the apes And put shots in your butt like you wanted the cake [Talking:] Word Most of ya'll niggas is fucking pussies out here Like I'll slap all ya'll niggas in the face All in the mouth and All in the shit Like where ya'll nigga's be comin from? Ya'll niggas is not [?] Ok Ok Ok Ok Bitches better quit that chat These bitches better hold up with the yizzap-yap I grips the 5th then click-clizzack clack I hate to have to blow your little wig all back I mean I hate to see you with your wig off bitch I see you tryna come and get on bitch You gonna trip, slip, fall land and lick on dick It be the same nigga bout to come and lick on this Scram hit the breeze You a fan bitch please Don't sit up in my presence of ya lil bambin Don't get it at ya residence and get it so clean Cause I'm slicker with the evidence and bitches won't speak And we can freak with your man this week Bad bitches, you a nickel and your pussy game weak I'm fickle and my pussy named peach I can disappear and let the pussy game speak Let the pussy game speak Nigga's know the center of the pussy stay pink All these bitches better keep it going light feet 'Fore I reach and that thing go BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAHHHHH! [Talking:] What? Hahahaha Fuck outta here ya'll little internet ass bitches Like I really do this Like nigga's is in Tokyo right now Like come on ya'll bitches is still on Myspace and YouTube tryna get ya'll little video views up to a million Like come on ya'll bitches ain't fucking with me Like what kind amoney is ya'll bitches really even getting for shows Like is ya'll bitches even doing shows? Like come on like. Like come on, like ya'll bitches is out here tryna like fuck these little rap niggas and fuck these little basketball players and shit Like I'm getting this money for real for real for real Come on now Shit!

Why U Playin

GETO BOYS "Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly"
[ INTRO: Scarface ] Ain't no sense in you bullshittin What the fuck is you sayin? You know the way that we do niggas So what the fuck is you playin? (2x) [ VERSE 1: Scarface ] Get yo hands up, you see this nigga on a come-up Walk into this bitch with a gun up in your sto-mach Now point me to the nigga with the seven figures sittin Assumin that nobody can hit him, I've come to get him I'm starvin, it's 3 o'clock in the mornin Wakin you up out your sleep without a warnin Good morning, I come to get you for your digits Oh, see this forty cal in my hand, she finna get it Nobody speakin, don't blink, I probably think somebody reachin You make a move, I leave your body leakin all weekend Take me to the safe, and I can get you for your bucks Or I can shoot this muthafucka up, I don't give a fuck You make the call for all of y'all You can use your brains to think with, or I can leave em hangin on the wall What you do when a nigga come through with game too Strictly for the nigga with scrilla and name you A pastor will introduce you to this casket Bullshittin me gon' get you blasted [ CHORUS: Scarface ] We got the powers that move niggas What the fuck is you sayin? You know the way that we do niggas So what the fuck is you playin? We got the powers that move niggas What the fuck is you sayin? [ VERSE 2: Willie D ] Nigga, I be crunk-crunk when it jump-jump Leavin muthafuckas slump-slump In a trunk-trunk, I pump-pump Bullets into the flesh and leave you naked Stop prayin for this muthafucka, he ain't gon' make it You have to take it straight to his muthafuckin dome If anybody come lookin for him, tell him he gone Can't you see his muthafuckin eyes jumpin around Can't you see his muthafuckin thighs humpin the ground It's goin down, when times are hard I feel like this Before I starve I'ma kill me a bitch Shit, I want that muthafuckin dope and the cash And I can take it out your pockets or your ass Don't make me blast The last way you wanna see me is disgruntled Cause I shoot you in your muthafuckin face and leave you horizontal My .45 signfies who's boss You play with me, I have your ass startin the news off Close your fuckin mouth and keep your dicksuckers tight as a gurtle Don't turn this robbery into a murder Unless you tired of livin, put your possession in my custody My finger's itchy, don't you fuck with me [ CHORUS: Scarface ] [ VERSE 3: Doracell ] Wake your ass up and shove, nigga, good morning Oh, what it's all about, Doracell is in your home and The pistol's in your mouth, nigga, and it's on and I represent that South, nigga, I bring it on and Muthafucka, make this shit a simple situation, give me the loot ??? your baby and that bitch, I'ma shoot, and that's the truth My pistol piece up against the wig I ain'ts to be up in this bitch for long, nigga, you dig? You baby-sit? Nigga, I don't give a fuck A nigga fresh out of prison, down on my luck What's up, cold steel touchin on your dome Excellent chrome about to roam through your home Break yourself and I'm gone, it's all about the cheddar Nigga, ain't no sense in frontin, fool's livin better Nigga, plus I'm bigger, G.B.'s in this bitch Know what I'm sayin? I'm the muthafuckin man [ CHORUS: Scarface ]

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