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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

White Girl

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Baby, Lil Wayne) [Lil Wayne] Listen...I'ma hundred percent hussla from my face to my feet My lifetime cases the street, my dime places the street Until I wake and see another fuckin day is relief I pray that he keep, I'm scrappin my knees from chasing this cheese I had point guard dreams of playin for some team Hit the block and made NBA money in one week See I hussle in the hood and plus I fly birdies And play the tracks out every month so I can ride dirty needed someone to manage my money I hired Shelly But Shelly started talkin to much so she died early They got me loadin up my Benz with my eyes blurry I sent the message to the fucker at bout five thirty Now if the bitch aint got my dice for me then I'm sorry But i'ma leave everyone who outside bloody And then I go in the stash get the coke and the cash I'm lettin niggas score it for half, I'm hopein it last But still nigga don't, I might have to just go in the lap And if its slow in the ass back to the rope and the mask [Chorus (Lil Wayne)] Man we got that white girl, and wigga talk bout uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad then we got low ki's.. Dog who got um We got that white girl and wigga talk about uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad we got them low ki's.. Man who got um We got that white girl and wigga talk about uh price to make it right for you And if you like that alllright then we got what you neeed And if you like that nasty broad we got them low ki's.. Playa who got um [Juvenile] I hate when a nigga flex up and he's makin it sound As though he been doin that border, but that nigga would drown My block been infiltrated by uh whole lot of fake ass niggas Scared ass niggaz, wont even bust uh grape ass niggaz I'm talkin to you! so take it how you want ho I've been here for uh minute, so I looked up and you dont move Ya partnuhs been fuckin wit ya cause they know how you is Niggas be smackin ya and humpin you and snatchin yo shit Matter fact get the fuck out my face, befo' I put you in ya place I'm one secound from bustin the drapes Well you can get ya money and all but not ch'ere Lil daddy I been runnin this section for 5 years, first of all I dont like ya I dont know ya, run and get ya gun if you want I'm gon show ya You one of them niggaz try earning your stripe Lil daddy I'm one of them niggaz that'll hit ya at night [Chorus] [Baby] That liquor like dope nigga I gots to have it, Cook flip the brick with some heavy traffic Guns gon bust if these niggas be lackin Cadallac, gold spokes, brick head, and baskets Overflow this bitch white work gone faster Tradegy of uh murder case twisted and laughin In the bentley drop top and Pac is blastin Hit the hood jumpin the cop, we start the stashin Bunch of white t-shirts phone calls harrasment Bought a pot on that shit make it hot and ejectin He standin on my two feet he purrin 'I aint blastin' Coming up from child hood days about my cashing Hundred g's on the trunk of the Escalade Cadi I never did listen , I never mind my daddy My brother gave him a game cookin in an ally 4 bricks two guns I'm runnin to my parents [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Only Live Once

(Cheeks) These mothafuckas made it this way I show 'em mine ????? ???? ???? Official Queens crack stars gettin money Rollin trees in the backwoods Timberlands, ???, black hoods The territories rugged, certain bimbos love it I fuck wit cats ??? Keep my Timbo's covered We ride around in the streets, kid we duckin knicks Money power wit some game, kid we fuckin chicks The hard times help me sharpen up We be in Watts, but still be sparkin up Love it when the day darken up My life is like a movie, big guns and booze play a part I came through to display an art Yo, fuck you jealous niggas I take care a fam and I lay low I'm livin kid, I got the money plus the yayo And hold a heat up on the seat because it's gettin wicked You get yo dough, I get my dough Let's blow so we can kick it (Hook - Mr. Hezekiah) 2x You only live once so let's ride Let's take it to the top This one crew you can't stop (Street Connect) Yo is you mothafuckas out a yo mind? We them niggas that be holdin it down Half of the reason you live Other fifty percent of the reason you frown Behind the back you pop shit But when we be wavin them thangs you innocent Cause we in this bitch, Raw Dogs Is you askin for a New York City war call? We keep it gritty for all a y'all But some you niggas act like you goin through menopause And that's the second we send 'em to morgues Slay 'em down, get in them drawers Been put on, what you tellin me for? Look at 'em beggin for more Either they yellin or givin applause Picture livin laws while we got x-cons on the dance floor Goody niggas playin the wall And ??? bitches rockin hoodies wit razors inside the sports bra We told y'all but ya wasn't tryna listen to us (Hook) (Izzy Dead) Ever since the day I was born my lifestyle been real Bloody stories on blank paper is what my pen spill My men still, sellin coke, cooked up and powdered out In a big body smoked out, shit is clouded out We official crack stars, bury bodies in back yards You neva touch nothin Sayin you blast niggas and clap cars I get a back massage from a bad European And switch my bird every season And I'm rollin up my treason But my question is, give me one reason to let you live But you good at talkin ya way out a shit, I be you is So I sex ya wiz, kill you, and leave ya wife left wit kids Ghetto black widow What nigga, my mac glitto Attack ya hitto It's like pimp talk wit a limp walk And crazy dough is what I'm in for Somethin you bent off, but couldn't touch Scream you got guns but wouldn't bust Never fuck wit niggas out a my circle I don't trust (Hook)

Roll Call

M.O.P. "Warriorz"
[Intro] In the year 2000... {M-O-P} still bangin {Firing Squad!} {The last generation...} Hey, hey, hey, hey All right let me brake it down one for time for you You motherfuckers Yo Primo hold me down son, cuz we ain't playin no motherfuckin games [Lil' Fame] Fuck the East Coast, this is N.Y., N.Y. N-I-N-E, make niggas M-I-A And I spray a, it's Fizzy Womack truck Bitch don't get in my way Fuck the jail faces, I leave your body for the homicide to trace Fight along with the shell aces Holler if you hear me I turn your head into a skeleton skull And leave it hollow if you hear me I keep it funky, understand me son I rock my Timb's untied, I don't plan to run Niggas see Lil' Fame creep thru the back street With my aluminum ass whoopa in the back-seat What the fuck is this? Your Van Damme flick, that's cute But I'm hear to fuck up your day do Yes (yes) yes (yes) yo I step to my backwood to brown face and start clippin [Chorus: M.O.P. Teflon] International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger We here with the whole squad, First Family empire Fizzy Womack (clack-clack) reportin for Roll Call International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger We here with the whole squad, First Family empire Bert Dog (Bucka-Blaow) reportin for Roll Call [Billy Danze] Yo, what if I leave you, will you stand? B-I-Double L-Y-D-A-N-Z-E (Danze) Back with a vengeance, listen Mr. Simmer Before I throw copper tops through the back of your skimmer Y'all niggas remember, 1-9-9-3 (M-O-P) what it's goin be Just make it loud and clear Come here nigga, I can't hear nigga I'm deaf in one ear nigga (yeah nigga) You cowards are pathetic, if you wonderin if I'm sympathetic Don't bet it, you should give me a little credit I grew up where it's equivalent to none (none) Wit blood in my palm (palm), I walk wit my arms (arms) Hellerin marksmen (uh-huh), in the dark and the punks sparkin barkin At ease soldier, it's the untouchable type, that you like We burn pipes, it's over [Chorus] [Lil' Fame] I rip ya body on a Nagamichi system Nigga feel me, I want my goons Straight bumpin the tunes of Makaveli Headed to Queens kid, bumpin some mean shit Bumps thumps on the side of me, smokin some green shit (First Faaaaaaam) Feel the premonition son We heavy metal, what's your love? (Ghetto prisoners) Racka (bung-bung) Racka (bung-bung) rrrrrrrrrrrrracka, motherfucker [Billy Danze] Aiyo we live by the code of the streets Move wit our peeps Since it's hard to eat, we hardly sleep I put my life on the line every step of the way It's for a good cause (for you and yours) of course Okay, now that we establish that Nigga where the fuck that money at I know you got it, and I want it Jack Just give me half of that Take the other half and get yourself another pack And I'll be back for that [Chorus]

Problem Child

50 CENT "God's Plan"
[50 Cent] That's the sound of the man, cockin' that thang - that thaaaang That's the sound of the man, clappin' that thang - thaaang {verse1} Yo, in my hood we was taught not to say who shot ya See the flash, you heard the shot, you feel the burnin', I got ya Say a prayer for me if you care for me cuz I'm on the edge I'm finna put a shell in a nigga head I rock a lot of ice, I dare you to scheme on it The fifth got a rubber grip and a beam on it Homie that took the hit on me couldnĀ“t shoot They say I'm skinny now, but I look big in the coupe-dee My cuzin Uzi out in L.A. we trippin through the sets again Got shot the fuck up tryin' to rob the wrong Mexicans I write my lifestyle, y'all niggas is cheaters Your lines come from feds, felons and don diva Oh you the black hand of death, then why your name ain't preacher If you a pimp like kid, why the hoes don't treat ya If you wanna ball like Kirk, now shorty let me teach ya This flow's God sent, it's bound to reach ya [Hook] Problem child, I'm familiar with problems I know how to solve em Semi-automatic, luger tray, revolve em Shoot em up, rob em In the hood we starvin, you don't want problems Problem child [Bridge] [Singing] And why can't you be man enough To tell me where you're comin' from [50 Cent] {verse2} They say you can never repay the price for takin' a man's life I'm in debt with Christ, I done did that twice I'm nice, y'all niggas can't hang wit fifty +Blaaat+, y'all niggas can't bang wit fifty for evey bar in the rhyme, there's a shell and a nine For every stone in the cross, there's a bitch I tossed See the wounds in my skin they from a war of course You can check C-N-N for the 'War Report' See the drama got me ridin' with a sawed-off shottie Catch you at the light, I blow ya ass off the Ducati Man, niggas ain't gon' do me like Sammy did Gotti I do it myself, I don't need no help Give me a knife, I'll get rid of your neighborhood bully Give me a minute, I'll take a fuckin' car with a pully See the hood is the deepest stole my innocence young Niggas jumped me cuz they couldn't beat me one-on-one [Hook] [Bridge] [50 Cent] {verse3} I must've broke a mirror at three and had bad luck for seven Cuz pops slid, mommy died before I turned eleven This cities split 'posed to let black cats cross your path The footprints in the sand is Satan carryin' your ass I got 'God Understand Me' tattooed in my skin When I die, come back, I'ma tattoo it again I'm the young buck that let the gun buck Roll the window down and say: whats up, niggas get ready to duck' My heart is a house homie, fear don't live here Nigga believe me when I say I donĀ“t care Muslims mix a lot, God studied they lessons Even when my luck's hard I still count my blessings See that look in my eye, ya betta keep on steppin' Spent time on my cell floor, to sharpen my weapon If you pussy I'ma smell you when you come around here Them boys in Pelican Bay couldn't live in my tier [Hook]

Put Tha House On It

Eightball "Lost"
[Featuring MJG] [EightBall] Yeah All my playa niggaz throw your hands up And all my thug niggaz throw your guns up Weak niggaz give your funds up to these hoes Distance your foes and stay up on your toes I love this game but its not the NBA It be me and MJ doin' shit the playa way Daily smokin' hay The time on my Roly tellin' me I'm gonna make cheese like Kobe Did what the real niggaz showed me and shook the phonies Hooked the honies, lookin' like I got some money Ain't it funny, they diss you when you lookin' bunny But she your honey, when your stuff shrimps in her tummy I just call it how I see it, non-fictional Deliver the bomb shit, straight irresistable Without a pistol, I'll make you put your hands up So everybody in the place put your hands up Chorus Stompin', and pimpin' and mackin' and actin' Bad when a nigga rappin' Get your hands up, let me see the big butts We don't wanna see nothin' but the big butts Thug niggaz if you feel me bust No matter where you at pull your shit out and bust Thug niggaz if you feel me bust No matter where you at pull your shit out and bust Yeah, first to bringin' the pain And you better bring a Hertz too Southern voodoo brewed up to curse you May even hurt you, born into violence Streets a pilot, flyin' rhymes over cloudy beats 50 thousand feet above what you thought I was Just a scrub, not good enough to get your love I came with acrobatic tongue tactics Parental advisory because my shit is graphic Tatooed on your memory that fat Tennesee MC Comin' out hard, they call me Mr. B-I-G But not because of my size, you better recognize I'm do or die, when you talk about my green guys Warn the citizens, the killers on the loose again Gone off of 'lucigens, clownin' in the big Benz All I wanna do is make a nigga get bucked So get up, and get your mothafuckin' hands up Chorus [MJG] Throw your hands in the smoke, cause there's smoke in the air Get close to me, I'll contact your ass like a flare As you stare, nigga you gonna come to term with what you see A primitive example of the shit you want to be And I ain't gonna be Persuaded, by blue sueded shoe wearin' Slick gun bitches, who get paid quick Trick niggaz stop all of that trickin' and shit If she come with a price tag, fuck that bitch Why should you switch? From one hoe, and love 'em all Cause she could suck the flavor out a dick? Hell nah One thing you gotta know about a woman Big dicks will be the reason for some shit known to get that pussy comin' Now who I be, before the G, MJ Nigga I ain't tryin' to high side But have a nice day Like a, get a way girl I get hips to watch I'm takin' applications Look at all the traffic you stopped Chorus X2

Thug Luv

2Pac: Nigga, we doin' this shit from Cleveland to L.A., nigga, whatever you niggas want. We bringin' it! Thug luv, nigga. Bitch! What time is it? Yo, I don't give a fuck where you lay at, nigga, it's time to slay these bitch-made niggas. [Bizzy: Pac Pac run with us, run with us, run with us. Pac Pac run with us. Pac and Rip with thug luv.] They ain't even knowin' what type of niggas we is. Where my thugs at? [Cocking of a gun, followed by gunshot repeated throughout.] Bone thugs-n-harmony. I know you niggas been waitin' for this for a long time. Well, here it is, nigga. Here it is. What you gonna do with it? Bizzy: Well it must be close to the Armageddon, Lord. No, then I won't fly by that lesson, you taught me to pull out my Wesson, you brought me, and I'm not stressin' it softly. Get 'em up off me, 'cause all we wanted was harmony, been bombin' 'em, yell up outta my ghetto, I won't settle, get on my level. They can't stop me and pop me. Nigga, they got me? Fuck no. Little Pac gets schizophrenic, let's manage to damage all y'all. Often, I'll talk about 'em, and you don't really want it, 'cause they're cornered and I'm wanted and no joke. I'm gonna say that we came to shut 'em all down. So quick to test, bullet, yes, I say war, roll, flow when I get the gun for the murda mo' horror, for what they did it all, pause for the cause, and I fin to pull a nine or pistol, a little nigga with mine. Fuck them niggas, it's on. All y'all fall. Bizzy gettin' bitches to test me, bless the floor, and any attempt to arrest me, stress me. Lord, lookin' at death, with the last of my breath. Follow, follow my kids, so they don't sin in my steps. Yet the weapon is kept with the best of my secrets, deep in the (leaves), I'm alone, nigga believe that I can see it, if needed, and if you really want me in, well then let it be, get the greens and we runnin' up over Cleveland [Cleveland]. 2Pac: Ha, ha! What's poppin', nigga? Put your muthafuckin' hands on your strap, nigga. Thug luv, nigga. Yeah, we can do this like gangstas and slug it out, or do this like punks and punk it out. Pull your strap on me, nigga, you better kill me. Thug luv, nigga. Thug lfe, baby. Thug luv. I probably be punished for hard livin', blind to the facts thugs is convicts in God's prison, hands on the strap. Prayin', so Father please forgive me. Police be rushin' when they see me, I flaunt it Americas Most Wanted live on T.V. Life: pleasure and pain, stuck in this game, holler my name. We all gon' die. We bleed through similar veins. Yous explain to me now. Don't panic when my guns burst. Heard the last jam, nigga? This one's worse. My nigga, Bone held the chrome 'til I came home. Thug luv playas, tell these bitch niggas bring it on. I caught a plane out to Cleveland late last evenin' to help my niggas clean up; some niggas no longer breathin'. Now, who do you believe in? Hit the weed and grieve. It's a cold ass world, niggas. Kill you in your sleep, watch me until they stop me, bury, murder me or drop me. I got thug luv for my nationwide posse, feel me. Layzie: Little thug from the Land, nigga never ran. Muthafuckas out to get me. They don't understand it's the #1 nigga out with a nation of niggas down to put it some work and do some dirt, fuckin' around with the band Bone thugs-n-harmony, follow down the road, we stroll to meet karma. Everything I do, it seem to cause drama. Ready for the war like a knight in my armor, bomb ya. So quick to test us, nigga wanna crash me, eat dust. For the love of the lust, niggas bustin' on us. Hit 'em up with the buck 12 gauge eruptions. It's the art of war. Puttin' niggas on the floor when I'm comin' through the door, bringin' nothin' but terror, causin' much pain to the nigga that dared us, tried to put a twist in this thugsta era. Paired up with a nigga like Pac, and a nigga like me, gotta stay high. Thug luv 'till I die, keep my prayer to the sky, but I'm still in the hood, smoke and fry, so I beg the Lord save us all escapers of misery, bless my niggas in penetentary, soldiers of the century, yeah. Krayzie: Here to get it, told my niggas they need get the hell down with the dirt, and we don't fuck around. Buck a couple a rounds, and if your passin' through, then hit the ground, and don't get caught up in the crossfire, nigga. Artillery thick, and you don't wanna get to fuckin' with this, I'm straight devil, not a punk and pretend. I reload, buck a little mo'. Flee the scene 'fore the po-po even know. So, who ya lookin' for? They don't know. A mothafucka with a leather face. Hey, man, she said I ran this way, said I ran that a way. Ya'll hoes'll never know because I got away, yeah yeah. A criminal mind to keep a nigga on the level. Sometimes I get high, and analyze your crime. Correctly organized and with results, you'll be surprised. Wish: Oh, nigga, can you feel the vibe? We can ride. Playa hatin' niggas, you gotsta die, it's only right. It's over with, Bone, better leave it alone, Mo Thug come crack they fuckin' domes. Still in the hood, where the thugs play, fuckin' with nothin' but thugs, man, ain't takin' no shorts, or no losses. We crackin' them domes around my way. Give it to 'em on another level, nigga, get a shovel, you can dig a hole. Bitches is dead. Infrared to your head. You can beg, you go fled, but still gon' bleed bloody red. Fuck with mine, we'll be seen in the moonlight, 'cause we out ridin', lookin' for you [for you]. Better run for cover, nigga, duck. We about to bust. Strate got the infrared, put it on his forehead. Makes a move, send [flowers] straight to his home. Put a card in the muthafucka, send it to his mama. Tell her he was dead wrong, dead wrong. Gone, now we long gone, long, gone. Bizzy: Pac Pac run with us, run with us, run with us. Pac Pac run with us. Pac and Rip with thug luv.

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