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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

What U Scared 4

Original and similar lyrics
Feat. Lil' Wayne [Juvenile] I'd be a stupid motha fucka if I'm stuck in his pot I aint waitin to see what nigga out here love me or not I say I hate em from a distance and they scopin' my neck But these diamonds even cost me M-R and cars on my deck And I can already vision people sayin I'm wrong But I rather his momma than my momma singin that song Besides chickens gon' be chickens and ducks gonna be ducks And I'm all around guerrilla that love playin them cuts Im'a attached to the streets, those niggas in the pens Started problems wit ol' tymers that did ten And this bitch curly head still been in the case But he aint man enough to leave a real one in the face And to you 4-6 and 8 bitches wit t.v. Pranks You jeopardize my living quarters, wanna see me sank But I got news for everyone of y'all I know who yah is, plus I won't be satisfied until I go in yah crib [Hook] Whatcha getting scared for? Don't get spooked You was a bad mother fucker at first stunt too Lookin fed up so me and Wheezy we comin through And who ever sides yappin we gon' punish em too (Repeat x2) [Lil Wayne] Armed and Dangerous, Rich and Famous, Young and Restless Guns and Stretcha's, Crystal and dubs for breakfast I just got one suggestion, ask yah Testem, this cuz get hectic Send one through your son's intestines Lock, snock lung through testin's If the portrait, bodies piled up on porches, it won't be gorgeous Ride with the torch, scorchin, ready to blaze Step in me ways, kidnap your car for 70 days And let it be said Holly Grove's the home of a soldier And if a nigga breathe wrong than it's over I never love ya, my metal slug ya If you kept on fuckin wit the squad Put the coward's stomach by his thighs, nothin survives And as far as the coke, 20 bricks month and supply And as far as the dope, plenty chips come and say Hi Drop 3-2 roll, all black, buttons and shyer I don't need you hoe Jack my dick, cum in yah eyes What? [Hook] [Lil Wayne] Nigga C'mon You gotta love us Bumpin inside of humma's Ride as thugga's, we who be Think that them coward's busta's Why we hustlin in they sleep We be in that powder smuggle by the doubles every week And if one of them cowards run up try to knock him off his feet The brotha is Wheezy, love it or leave me Gats hug it and squeeze it Crack, bundle it easy Run it wit these n' murderers, crooks and x-cons Yah test mine I give it to yah chest 6 times [Juvenile] I believe in me and my family cuz niggas is broads That leave you slanted, thugged out wit a conspiracy charge All pussy aint the pussy like money and drugs I'm dickin bitches that trial and I'm the jury and judge I make sure I separate it, though I hate when I love Its just me, Cash Money Millionaires that wackin the plug Wud-up Lil Wheezy, im laid back up in the cut if yah need me Its love believe me [Hook]

Thug In The Street

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Drag-On, The LOX) [Drag-On] I be the D-R-A-G dash ya niggas foot slim cuz bullets make your feet fast we throw babies in the trash Drag don't play with little gats crib like McDonalds nuttin but Big Macs and quarter pounds bitch place your order now stay in line I only fuck with broke niggas that stright depend on crime you straight pussy so fuck your ass cap cuz in jail they'll put your cap where your ass at you ass black projects thats where Drag at yea ya got heart but if I don't got my gun thats where ya gonna get stabbed at boy as a young I never grabbed that toy Drag was taught to grab that and ask 'where the cash at' [Sheek] you think we shoot his pocket sides deuce decuce and 25's you ain't takin' em' nigga you threatenin' lives I ain't frontin motherfucker I don't shoot no legs I'm tryna see if your brains really look like eggs or is it just that commercial your brain on drugs now it's a total different look from these shotgun slugs to get rich it could take less than two days I'm like them little beepers halfs and bullets two-ways fuck vests my shit go throught toupèès I'ma thug in New York and when I'm on your set we the apartment where they filmed good times at bitch what the fuck I'ma thug nigga [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang [Styles] weight on my back hate in my heart blood in my eye foot on the gas blunt in my mouth lovin the ride hand on the gun ear to the street back to the wall mind on my money while I'm clappin at ya'll [Jadakiss] I got niggas in jail crack in the hood hustle in south fiends and customers that run in your house I got family ties I'm handy with knives I live my life in the ghetto nose candy and nines I'm deeper than most sleep wit it close wake wit a demon have visions of the whole world shaking and screaming [Styles] I was born to be a leader but if the game was dirty I was born to be a cheater you talking to me greasy I was going to get the heater [Jadakiss] you tell me what you know about blow gettin dough and straight warrin' with a meaner frontin in a Benz or I was soarin' in a Bima [Styles] lyin in the cut the gun is straight running like a tire on the trucks if he is real or a liar put the plyer to his nuts or the fire to his guts [Jadakiss] cuz niggas is too soft that heat make niggas cool off fuck ice I'm tryna cop the crew lofts [Styles] So we can be back in effect I throw the barrel to the back of your neck and hop back in the vette (corvette) [Jadakiss] cuz everybody is a felon with loot cuz they say rap is like dust [Styles and Jadakiss] and we the only ones sellin' the juice [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang [Eve] bitches is so sick they throw up so scared they don't even come around in places that I show up go ahead nigga put your dough up me against who nigga grow up bitches choke can't even get their flow up I ain't got no fear bout you bitches in da industry actin all confused don't know who you supposed to be chickens lost steady worryin' bout who's dick is tossed stop stallin betta get this thing before it's gone but I ain't mad cuz I ain't gon' pass it on callin' askin can you get on my shit cuz your cash is gone you won't get no sales off of me bitch please pitbull run with dogs I don't like fleas [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang

8 Rulez

LIL' FLIP "Undaground Legend"
[Chorus] 1 - Never let a nigga know yo business 2 - Always start what you finish 3 - Stay on yo note don't slip 4 - Be careful cause these streets are a trip 5 - Always keep a glock in yo whip 6 - Real niggaz stick to the script 7 - Don't slang crack where you stay 8 - Just don't do it okay [Lil' Flip] In my hood all you see is dope fiends and dope dealers Rats and roaches police and 4 wheelers Metro's gun shoots piccalo 30-year-old men swingin drinkin bigalow Stop signs but don't nobody ever stop Theres ten groups in my hood but don't nobody drop Plus the block is hot, and this dope game cold Throught rain sleet or snow birds gotta get sold [Somebody] Birds get sold, I stand and watch the game unfold My thing gets low, I teach the grain get gain and blowed Leave the scene wit no clue (Its kinda like you snooze you loose) If you don't fuck wit me I aint fuckin wit you [Lil' Flip] Check the game 'til you see my weapons aim Nigga I aint a rookie I'm a veteran mayne [Chorus] [Lil' Flip] Hustle for yo whip, stack fo yo mill' Buy a cookie cutter then I'm in the wind Back to home base, I'm on a paper chase I'm not a case catcher so I can't catch a case Money on my mind, and how am I gonna get it I dress like I'm broke but I'm really running the city Bricks turn into crumbs, gallons turn into one Narcotics distubuting using guns Money, cash, hoes, swangin gas full If you don't pay the bills man thats all I know Hustlers never sleep and sleepers never hustle I'm on the interstate with a brick in my muffler Keep it on a low cause niggas be snitchin They'll do anything so they won't see prison Man you never know yo cousin can be a snitch And a month later undercovers taking yo piss I'm off the block, somebody better call the cops Shippin and handlin, when I'm not feedin the family The family don't feed me I feed the family [Chorus]


La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
[La the Darkman] Uh uh, for the niggas in black Vigors behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everybody wanna shine For the niggas rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine Yo, my dimensions, possessed, lucci, bitches, cess Lessons, computers, whips, and bulletproof vests I can't be done, me and Screwface one on one I drink wit bums in the slums where I shoot my guns Enforce ones, up north in the Ac, throw a strap I got niggas down south, holdin nines in Cadillacs Lettin trees blow, for niggas sniff snow inside the disco I hold a big pistol, to crack your brain crystal Cream like Joe Pisco', I fuck your bitch yo Right through her piss hole Long dick like a missle Split the black dutch, while the bracelet on my wrist glow Cough if I spit mo', sold my Lex, cop the Benzo My niggas come outta Sing-Seng buff like Lou Ferrigno The rhyme sayer, quicker Ruger nine sprayer Rich lifestyle like a young NBA player And I'm tied to the mob like that gun, called Tommy Shoot through your Armani, shoot at Guiliani Shoot at Illuminati, fuck everbody, it's the Darkman (understand that right there) Chorus For the niggas in black Vigors, behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everbody wanna shine For the niggas is rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine For the niggas that lock downed for bustin caps wit four pounds Everybody wanna shine For the niggas in Lexus Cruisers wit cocked back Rugers Yo, everybody wanna shine [La the Darkman] Yo, you wanna be me Sometimes I'm on the block, sometimes I'm on the TV My crew's greedy, like Boom Boom Mancini La's song buy weedy, Swahili, ?Sadeeky? Professional, hold my toast by my testicals I used to peddle, but three times two equal the devil Blinded by the ice, and the savage way of life To no vale, niggas get money in small scales Start smokin, like they don't know crack kills A freak nigga, got turned down by a female Didn't know he sucked death, when he just inhale I rap life, cocaine, niggas wit no brain Sellin crack for fifteen years wit no game That's a damn shame, check the result of bein broke Havin no whip, no lab, no money for smoke He stressed out, really not knowin what life's about Jewels, jewels, jewels, jewels Chorus [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, dunn I'm felt Gun in my waist, tight belt New York streets hot, the bottom of my Wallees melt I need wealth, puffin my lah by myself Blessed, wit food clothes and health And big whips, shorties say I got a big dick My first video, I rock twenty outfits The Benz 6, got me wanna flip ten bricks VCR headrest watchin Scarface flicks I politic, wit ex cons, old cats, drug dons Niggas that's known to take a arm for a arm I move calm as a lion of Juddah, black Garbudda Silent as a basehead, suckin on his hooter Cuz Cash Rules, that's why I study new jewels And keep tools, to create blood pools For new crews, rappers, on my territory I cock back the fifth, and make em his-tory Remember him, the kid wit the big Jesus em-blem Threw shells from the toast, had his bones tremblin Nigga, I'm the cat y'all be talkin about dunn Chorus Cuz I shine nigga, shine on nigga (what) Straight shine nigga, nawmean, word up The sun gon burn out (stay shinin, and stay spicy) I'mma shine till the sun burn out Straight up, word, the embassy, my family The embassy, my family, yeah


50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
[Skit] 'Aye you want some of this shit' 'Naw, I don't want that shit' 'I don't give a fuck, I don't play dat shit' 'And I'm fin'nin to buss a cap in a nigga' 'Man SHUT the fuck up' 'Whoa slow down, slow down, slow down' 'You see that brick house right there' 'That's the nigga crib when he come out you gotta tighten his ass up' 'I'ma get in the other car' 'Aight' [a car revs up] [gunshots] [Chorus: 50 Cent] If there's beef, cock it and dump it, the drama really means nothin To me I'll ride by and blow ya brains out (brains out) There's no time to cock it, no way you can stop it When niggas run up on you wit them thangs out (thangs out) I do what I gotta do I don't care I if get caught The DA can play this motherfuckin tape in court I'll kill you - I ain't playin, hear what I'm sayin, homie I ain't playin Catch you slippin, I'ma kill you - I ain't playin, hear what I'm sayin, homie I ain't playin [50 Cent] Keep thinkin I'm candy till ya fuckin skull get popped And ya brain jump out the top like Jack-in-da-box In the hood summer time is the killing season It's hot out this bitch that's a good 'nuff reason I've seen gangsta's get religious when they start bleedin Sayin 'Lord, Jesus Help Me' cause they ass leakin When they window roll down and that A.K. come out You can squeeze ya lil handgun until you run out And you can run for ya back-up But them machine gun shells gone tear ya back up God's on ya side, shit I'm aight wit that We reload them clips and come right back It's a fact homie, you go against me ya fucked I get the drop, if you can duck, ya luckier then Lady Luck Look nigga, don't think you safe cause you moved out the hood Cuz ya momma still around dog, and daddy ain't good If you was smart you'd be shook of me Cuz I'd get tired of lookin for ya, spray ya momma crib, and let ya ass look for me [Chorus] [50 Cent] My heart bleeds for you nigga, I can't wait to get to you Behind that twinkle in ya eyes, I can see the bitch in you Nigga you know the streets talk So they'll be no white flags and no peace talks I got my back against the wind, I'm down to ride till the sun burn out If I die today, I'm happy how my life turned out See the shootouts that I've been in I'm by myself Locked up I was in a box by myself I done made myself a millionaire by myself Now, shit changed motherfucker I can hire some help I done heard about the 50 grand you put in the hood But ya shooter fin'nin to get get shot it won't do 'em no good With a pistol I define the definition of pain If you survive ya bones'll still fuckin hurt when it rain Oh you a pro at playin battleship well this ain't the same Lil homie this is a whole different type of war game See the losers and up in shackles of motherfuckin chains Or laid out in the streets leakin out they brains [Chorus] [50 Cent] After the fist fights it's gunfire boy you get the best of me (best of me) If you don't wanna get shot I suggest you don't go testin me (testin me) All the wrong I've done the Lord still keep on blessin me (blessin me) Fin'nin to run rap cuz Dr. Dre got the recipe (the recipe, recipe) Yeah, uh ha, aye Dre You got me feelin real bulletproof up in this motherfucker Cuz my windows on my motherfuckin Benz is bulletproof nigga Cuz my motherfuckin vest is bulletproof nigga Cuz my motherfuckin hat is bulletproof nigga But the Doc said if I get hit I might get a fuckin concussion Better that then a hole in the head right nigga, heh heh ha ha

Super Nigga

King Tee "IV Life"
[DJ Pooh] It's the P-double-O-H in the sky I don't need a cape cause I'm already fly like a skydiver, a nigga got drag like a race car driver, plus I'va spit saliva, liver, than McGyver ( BAM! ) Bump mo' bitches than a drunk driver Faster than a crackhead, mo' powerful than a loco when I gotcha in a chokehold I'm here to rid the city of them wack-ass groups Them wack-ass lyrics with them wack-ass loops They fakin like gangsters, turn into a Crip-tonight/Kryptonite They don't faze me, cause we can still fight But look, it's all about comin (up) up (up) up and away without bummin But a nigga don't need no Wonderwoman, hmm, I wonder who she been shuckin and jivin and fuckin Or some bitch named Lois cause the hoe is the lowest and she's Whiter than Snow is ( Too much of that Snow White! ) I think I'll fly back to the hood Kick it with the homies where you know it's all good I'll be the first superhero with a strap I know I'm all that.. ( It's a crow, it's a bat, no it's.. ) [Chorus] [Rashad] The Super Nigga Boogieman is out to make a killin So fuck wastin time leapin over tall buildings Cause I can get loose like fluid Like diarrhea - I can, run right through it I see through walls, 'specially at the malls Ladies dressing rooms is where my duty calls A lot of super niggaz be trickin they powers Givin hoes money, and flyin 'em flowers (But can you think of one thing you ever gave a hoe?) No cause we Super Niggaz, not Captain Save-A-Hoe So back on up look, I'll catch yo' ass so quick and letcho' ass know we the wrong super niggaz to be fuckin wit I flash like lightning, powerful as bombs I flied back twenty years ago and fucked your moms And now it's ninety-fo', ain't shit changed but now you call me daddy, when you call my name Cause youse a silly mortal, you ain't down for combat I'ma Super Nigga, and you an Uncle Tom cat When I'm rollin through the hood they wonder is he the nephew, of Aunt Kizzy or Dizzy Gillespie, and the rest be like That's the guy that's super, the fat track mover So wack MC's come step to these nuts and get your crews cut below half, nigga do the math I'm the M-A-N, mayne I got a fly bitch with an invisible plane Me and her be doin some X-rated shit When I get the skins, in the cockpit She be callin everything from mommy to Jesus Just ask the homies, cause them niggaz can see us Cause them super niggaz too, from the crew So please stay tuned, for more adventures of.. a Super Nigga [Chorus] [King Tee] Mr. Insane King Tee motherfuckers from the boondox I bust the drunken style on my corner with the boombox I'm badder than the baddest inmate at (?) Retarded, but let me show you what this can do Create fright, niggaz scared to touch the mic I shock 'em, amazed cause the wino rocked 'em The best yet to like really catch wreck on the scene O.G. from the Alkaholik team I just scream (AHHH!) let my backbone slip Gotta get it on then take another sip Make it hip, a feeling MC's won't forget Bust crazy rounds then load another clip (well bust it) Like R. Kelly, My mind's telling me no! But fuck that, I kick the ill flow And deep down, I know niggaz is jeal' cause I'm pullin all the hoes and dickin 'em swell But hey, cut the crap, cause like herpes I'm back to give you what you want, I don't front or skip rap with the bo, ba-ba-bye, the wicked with Tha Likwit I'm wild like a winner with the lot-to ticket But kick it, you could grab a comb and try to pick it The nappy head sound comin from the underground Oh shit it's the great, the man with the strap I know I'm all that.. ( It's a crow, it's a bat, no it's.. )

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