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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

They Lied

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Big Tymers) [Juvenile] I'm pot, and I can't say shit about skillet If you got a spot movin sellin bricks I can feel it Done mapped it all out, done made some phone calls We all got big dreams of seein the project ball After all, seperation is the downfall Instead of a chain of command niggaz wanna shot call That overnight money could be lose-your-life money Everybody want the crooked instead of the right money And then I ain't no better either, cause I lead a life of crime if I gotta fight for mine Look - somebody ain't leavin with a stripe this time Y'all don't want a drunk nigga gettin hype with nines My ex-girl done told me I can't see my children I hope nobody play with me cause I might kill them Shit, motherfuckers ain't never satisfied If you think niggaz don't have problems - they lied [Chorus] You niggaz think we don't have problems They lied to ya You niggaz think we ain't with problems Look they lied to ya You niggaz think we all hoes Look they lied to ya Y'all think we dirty in our nose Look they lied to ya You niggaz think we don't have problems Look they lied to ya You niggaz think we ain't with problems They done lied to ya You niggaz think we all hoes They done lied to ya Y'all think we dirty in our nose They done lied to ya [Baby] Fa sho' wodie Don't get me fucked up, cause you seen me on a movie We keep it real hood when we do a fuckin movie You saw us on the video, playin with hoes But you can find me in my ghetto nigga, totin a fo'-fo' I'm real with this shit nigga we dash on five-oh A big dice game nigga fuck them five-oh's I keep the same game nigga crack a guerilla hoe I play the same thangs but my prices get cheaper though I pull up in the Range Rover twenty inch mo-mo's I been through hard times, that nobody know Slang dimes crack times you could believe that wo' Comin through in the Bentley V-12 y'know Ten a ki is the price and we don't love no hoes Water whip playin games slangin bad ya-yo Jam him up and bust his head while he on that dope I got a bad feelin so I needs to go Fa sho' - you understand Nigga outta line You better bust his motherfuckin head wodie [Chorus - 0.75X] [Juvenile] I'm the motherfucker killed your boy, and what You gon' do somethin bout it Bitch nigga then stand up I'm not responsible for all the people that's gon' bitch out And innocent bystanders, that be up on yo' blocks Ain't no encyclopedia could teach me the hood How to not give out no credit and distribute the goods How police gon' hound me, investigate 'round me Catch me with a firearm them bitches gon' down me And I'm beefin with the biggest nigga in the city with work Ain't no tellin who he got workin for him in () If I hurt, then you hurt, you got work I take yours I gotta records durin the season like the Lakers It's not for fun I got a gun you try to run I'm poppin one I'm to' up from the flo' up, just look at what the block done done I can't sleep - cause I'm too far in it I took over this motherfucker cause I knew y'all finished [Chorus] [Juvenile] F'real man I ain't tryin to disrespect none of you niggaz out chea If you do what you do, do it well KnowhatI'msayin I ain't playa hatin I'm congratulatin I'm tryin to teach you niggaz how to get offa these streets And how to accumulate money, so you can be successful like the rest of these niggaz that are out chea, that's on TV These niggaz on MTV, BET, The Box and what have we All you niggaz could be successful But I want y'all motherfuckers to know we suffer just like y'all Man we go through it, we been through it But I'll slang iron if I gotta protect mine, believe that

Shotgun Fire

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Intro / Chorus] Dip-Set, uh (Jones) Money on mind (Capo Status) Mind on my money (Dip-set nigga) My money on mind (You know the streets is what it is nigga) Mind on my money (Watch ya step and watch ya moves) My money on mind Mind on my money My money on mind [Verse 1] Shit, make 'em believe in this prophecy (movement) You can see I'm tryin to lead my democracy (Dip-Set) To get money and rip sleeve off of my city (New York) And slow down, then try to breeze thru the projects B (Taft) And how I speeds in velocity (160) We came up movin keys of that knotty B (that Yae-Yo) My man caught 10, couldn't find the keys to the lobby B The boys rushed him, 2 keys of mahogany (Damn!) In my life you can't see me not possibly (Nooo!) How we swoop up in Harlem, 20 Coupes when we mobbin' 40 troops if it's problems (What Nowww!) Cause 1 nigga you know is a shotgun driver (jus 1 nigga) Ready to dump triggers, that shotgun fire (blakka!) I ain't gone front nigga I shot some guys up (didn't kill 'em though, fuck 'em though) And they came back to my block like riders (Yop!) But I'm like "Crouching Tiger", spin, roll, crouch and fire (Boom, Yea!) A fast retally (Uh Huh!) Now it's cash we tally Miami, Atlanta, fuck it we smash to Cali (L.A.X.!) Back on L.A. Ave, you know the Lennox strip Where they Henny sip Beef we let the semi rip [Chorus] Mind on my money, my money on mind Mind on my money, my money on mind Mind on my money, my money on mind You fuck wit Dip-Set, I will press on this .9 Mind on my money, my money on mind Mind on my money, my money on mind Mind on my money, my money on mind You fuck wit my paper, I'll press on this .9 [Verse 2] And yeah we world renowned (U.S.) And I might twirl thru town (uh huh) And in a Dip-Set mansion is where ya girl be found (hollaaa!) How can a pearl be drowned (yea) How can a diamond not shine (uh huh) Man I'm on my G mack I scoop up dimes all the time (bad bitches) They love my pimp juice (yeah) I let my crimps loose They get a glimpse, ooooooo Some went and cinch douche' Scoop her feed her feed her shrimp soup (that's right) Mind fuck her, brain fuck her mouth screw her 'til it hurt, uh, (then what?) shit She scream "Do me it hurt" (uh huh) Ill have her movin' that work I mean 2 of them chirps Up in her Dooney and Bourke (gettin' money) So ruthless it hurts I mean I'm truely bezerk When I scoop up my cash man, I swoop up and murk (errrrrrrrr!) Yea, a trick and a bag bitch (uh huh) 2 bricks and a bad bitch Shit, them bitches mackin' (they love me) I'm as sick as maggot (rite) But I don't fuck wit no bitch if she ain't worth no chips or no cabbage [Chorus] [Verse 3] I'm so problematic (yeah) And do to servin' Harlem-matics (damn) My fame and fortune still revolve wit' static (that beef) Still involve wit' savage types that move drugs 365 all around set every nite (perrico) I ain't the passive type (nope) On the benches where I crashed them nites (movin') Blowin' hemp, movin' slabs of white (hustlin') Spend days up in court How I shaved weight to snort Give that to the press or Dave Mays in the source (suttin to read about) Yes, since success it has changed Since we, stepped up in this game and stepped up wit' our game (ballin') No more chef cuttin' cain Hoes X'd up in they brain Lemme sex up in the Range So much princess cuts in my chains (Bling!) [Chorus]

Nobodys Safe

[Intro:] Ain't nobody safe Ain't nobody safe Ain't nobody safe Ain't nobody safe [Verse 1:] Tell everybody ain't nobody safe Get to banging at his body till the shotty' break Bitch I'm the shit, that's what they'll probably say Back to killing niggas the John Gotti way Everybody dead, put me on a warning poster Chopper got me feeling like I'm on a roller coaster Big body Bentley, big booty bitch, I'm so used to this I smelled so much coke aroma I done got used to it Murder rate, we the ones boosting it Murder rate, we the ones boosting it Take money, we don't wait to get it School of hard knocks, soft niggas gotta pay tuition Everyday stunting, boy that's how I'm living Smoking dope, counting money, fucking bitches Court side at the Knick game faded And the way I ball for real I feel like I should be playing [Hook:] Back to killing niggas Ain't nobody safe Fucking all they bitches Ain't nobody safe Still gang affiliated Ain't nobody safe Mask on my face Ain't nobody safe [Verse 2:] Step up in the club, light show Next thing you know, you looking round like where'd your wife go She with us but only for the night though I say she with us but only for the night though All the real niggas over here bitch So who the fuck you over there with? Y'all niggas know once we go to work Kill a nigga, then go to church Living life fast, I'm counting my blessings Cause when you getting paid, you gotta pay attention Talk like a boss, move like a king Five karats on the pinky, make them niggas kiss the rings Bling, plow all in your face nigga And I'm a make sure murder be the case nigga Cause I know you be singing songs, no Trey nigga Your girl wanna play so I'm a play with her [Hook] [Verse 3:] You the type to snitch and tattle shit Tell them snakes I rattle shit I bring the submarine around and flip your battleship Get cut down to fractions and ripped to fragments Your girl wanna fuck me, whollah, magic stick She drown and I won't save her, but I'll give her my paddle stick Chill I'm ill, somebody call paramedics Pull up in hot whips, push up on hot chicks Then we just dip, just like calisthenics Getting so much money, I ain't tryna' count it But I love my money so I gotta count it And the my killers ain't with me they a call away So when you're talking to a boss nigga know your place [Hook]

Ghetto Afterlife

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
[Talib Kweli] These niggaz ain't thugs, the real thugs is the government Don't matter if you independent, democrat or republican Niggaz politickin the street, get into beef Start blastin, now a new cat is executive chief With a, passion for heat you get, blast in yo' seat Die before you crash in yo' Jeep, never passin in your sleep like an old man, you ain't a fool you got a whole plan to conquer territories like Europeans who stole land The future of your whole fam' hang in the balance You the king, and your block is the palace Y'all niggaz is the parliament, untouchable, spot unrushable Keep your weight wet, call in collect to save a buck or two Get mad, who the fuck are you What you gonna do Exactly what I thought - NOTHIN, in the sport of frontin you the undisputed champion, I'm in a class you can't be in My words is flesh like Jesus, the aquarian {*scratched* Let's stop right here () } { So you think that I'm a fool.. } { Ayy man.. () } Chorus: T. Kweli and Kool G. Rap [T] It's just a chapter of the night, in the ghetto afterlife Where you just seen or heard about or gonna have to fight [K] Where they sacrifice the life and niggaz see flashes of light When you trapped up in the heights but clappers aimin at the wife [Talib Kweli] Yeah, dudes gettin money is still thuggin Chicks gettin money is still ghetto Still livin the whole thuggish stilleto Your team let the metal burst before you take an L you raised in hell, let the dust settle first Then you ask the question, snatchin the life of the innocent Shit happens huh, a man's respected by his actions It's the karma of the street, you try to meet the karma while the karma sleep, yo it's deep, but the karma can't be beat You don't know your enemy, so you fightin with yourself Relate to rap niggaz cause they writin what you felt You got top shelf connects you gettin seasoned like a veteran We suck the venom out the snake bite, without the medicine We benefit from niggaz in tenements, dyin for benjamins So bad that they know they own coffin measurements Ghetto eloquence, in the moment of truth, don't be hesistant or fall victim to the element, word is bond So while y'all keep on fakin the funk, we gonna keep on walkin through the darkness carryin our torches - gt; DJ Premier {*scratched* I'ma give-give-give it to-to you straight Straight up and down! - gt; DJ Premier Chorus: T. Kweli and Kool G. Rap [T] Just another chapter of the night, in the ghetto afterlife Where you just seen or heard about or gonna have to fight [K] Where they sacrifice the life and niggaz see flashes of light When you trapped up in the heights but clappers aimin at the wife [Kool G. Rap] Niggaz get caught up in the struggle End up in court in trouble, sportin a bubble Ford azure bubble, importer smuggle, forcin a rumble Hit the blocks with a portion to double Flip and get tossed in the huddle Police with one piece short of the puzzle It's a hustle, peep the street life, they movin muscle and the G's'll make your knees buckle Tussle with heat until your feet stand in a pee puddle Cheese double but all the speedy niggaz bleed puddles Make the headlines; some try to escape the fed time Phone taps on direct lines - tec-9's with the red shine Jake climbin through the bedroom blinds Tryin to bring you to your deadline, it's slippery when wet signs Red time, wipe the sweat around your neck time One shot spill out your red wine, rock shots to deafen your prime Pieces of hot lead left in your mind One slug to the left of your spine Forever late to rest on the shrine { So you think that I'm a fool.. }

Monster Music

[Juelz talking] Flutes...what? Bring in the Opera man [Opera Singing] Dip Set let's get it on [x6] [Verse] This is marching music, this is monster music Everybody get the fuck up, get to stomping to it Get the band, get the drumline, we marching to it Get your aunt, get your uncles, get your mom's into it This is lovely noise, this is club knocking This is razors out chump, this is club ox'ing This is grab a bitch, get the club rockin' Hit the bar, big spender, get the bub' poppin' This is move, get the fuck out the way Or get moved the fuck out the way, chump Niggaz get tools the fuck in the club Niggaz get moved the fuck in the club, don't play punk Niggaz get schooled outside of the class from tryin' be fast Shots hot and pop in your ass nigga Bitches cut school to get with the boy Your wife'll cut you to get with the boy, it's Big Pimpin' here Big lobster, big shrimp in here, big mobsters, big fish in here Yeah, get your fishing gear, they'll flip ya yeah They'll twista ya yeah, they'll let you know the Dips is here Get it clear [Chorus] This is monster music, this is contra music This is arms out, bombs out, bombin' music This is launchin' music, this embalmin' fluid Everybody get the fuck up get to stompin' to it This is monster music, this is contra music This is niggaz, this is bitches, this is all our music This is marchin' music, this embalmin' fluid Everybody get the fuck up, get to stompin' to it [Verse] My Kappa's, my sigma's, my clappers, my niggaz My Alfa's, my beta's, cowards and haters Come style with the players, crack a thousand gators Big gun, get wild and I'll spray ya Big gun, sit down for I spray ya, or quick run I'll shower you later, I don't mind nigga I ain't got nothin' but time nigga Plus you ain't hard to find niggaz, three blocks from my niggaz Where they squeeze glocks, divide niggaz And that green top suplies niggaz, lean drop beside niggaz Easdrop and watch niggaz, we cop and ride niggaz Coke hard, go hard we block niggaz Young Joe Clark lean on me, shots go off Should've told you not to lean on me Your bitch wont fuck you I told her not to cheat on me I think you're a clown she totally agrees with me She comes over and she sleeps with me USe the bathroom and pees with me, and goes home and eats with you (Damn) You a chump nigga, you a punk nigga, get a grib, get your weight up nigga [Chorus] This is monster music, this is contra music This is arms out, bombs out, bombin' music This is launchin' music, this embalmin' fluid Everybody get the fuck up get to stompin' to it This is monster music, this is contra music This is niggaz, this is bitches, this is all our music This is marchin' music, this embalmin' fluid Everybody get the fuck up, get to stompin' to it [Opera sings until fades...] Dip Set let's get it on

Q & A

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
[Chorus:] Let me tell you what I'ma do today Today is just me and you, you and I for a Q and A I know the questions you gon' ask, all I'ma do is say what's on my mind; I'm just, tellin you why This ain't, snapback meets New Era This new era gets smacked 'til they necks snap back and that goes for whoever I ain't done workin, I'm just one person that promise to keep this shit pure, like a young virgin Your dumb version of hip-hop got us uncertain Your daughter dress like a nigga, nigga your son's twerkin I'm still a two-stepper, steppin with two heffers Still step to your crew extra quick, that's what I do, let's just tell 'em why I'm such a thoroughbred Born and raised in that Brook', you shook, look what my borough bred [Chorus] All this, time away from workin solo, snappin photos with my bro-bros and the Slaughter's been an honor but I'm back to dolo Feet is Nike, the hat is Polo, I'm no fashion logo No gay bashin but if you tough then don't be actin homo Let me tell y'all why I hit the tread Wasn't to lose weight and get this bread, nah homie, you've been misled Last year I shot a fair one with my nigga Fred and damn near dropped dead, I should've won but I got whipped instead I ain't like that so I stopped that liquor to the head Dropped the Newports, copped new shorts and watched my figure shred Y'all cuffin chickenheads Speakin of cuffs, I made this slut marry my nigga in the Feds to give him visit head Man let me tell y'all why I'm real rap Why I don't need a rope chain or dress like Soul Train to bring that feel back [Chorus] This for those who ain't know that Ortiz spit clean It's e'ry lil' girl birthday, here's a +Sweet Sixteen+ Went from a 40 waist to a 3-6 jean But that 40's still on my waist with a mean sixteen But I ain't here to talk how I protect myself Or how I lived in the gym last year to perfect my health Nah, we could rap off, I'll off you rap niggaz with a rap off the top, I ain't wrapped too tight, back off! Off the back door into the bleachers, hit the teacher off the backboard and in, y'all in the in-crowd but mad off Y'all God and Mike in tight slacks with hard bottoms, hit the bottom hard after you moonwalk like Mike Jack' Huh, B-R-B, I don't mean I'll be right back I mean B, y'all R&B singin, I write RAPS! "But Ortiz, you went all complex and said the shit!" Yeah you right, aight cool, let me extend the clip Penmanship, my pen is sick, you in the pen's then hit the bench and lift Chest against the bar and do a extra six E'ry year it's some new nigga they put the best against Put they neck on the line but I twist it up like "The Exorcist" If I'm your comp I understand why you a pessimist Point blank with an infrared scope, bet these pests'll piss they pants, can't shoot at Godzilla, man them pellets itch The fire that be leavin my mouth'll melt your whole relevence You lil' niggaz, lil' boys is cute My bars hard, they hurt like Ray Mercer, you don't want it duke So save the subs for Quiznos, keep the talkin mute Cause I'll punch you in your big nose and watch your faucet shoot Y'all chasin pop hits, FUCK a pop hit One of my joints pop? Sheeit, another check deposit! [Chorus]

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