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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English


Original and similar lyrics
(feat. B.G., Big Tymers, Lil Wayne) [Juvenile] Whoa-ohh-oh-ohh.. come down now rude bwoy Little Weezy Wez, try and take over as the rude bwoy now I got a gold two thousand Jag, and customized Cadillac (I got some shit with 17's on the front, and 20's on the back) My mom in a mansion, and my dad in a truck (Player my sister in a 2001 tinted and rimmed up) I take care of my baby mommas like we still together (When my brother get out of jail man I'ma buy him whatever) Credit in my yellow gold in exchange for white (Y'all saw me at the Source Awards, wasn't that shit like tight) Cartier frames with wood grain on the ear (V.S.O.P. Hennessy, so save y'all fuckin beers) A diehard nigga, a 3rd Ward nigga (7th Ward hardhead ready for war nigga) A Cash Money clown, tattooed and scarred nigga (I ain't bitchin up for nar' one of y'all funky ass niggaz) Princess cuts, baguettes and marquises - what that say (Bad motherfuckin baguettes in Chinese) [Chorus: repeat 2X] Sunshine - in the middle of the night Sunshine - with baguettes so bright Sunshine - every place that I be Sunshine - all of ya bwoys know me [B.G.] We be holdin the Cristal high so you can see The princess cutted Presidential Roley [Fresh] Sho' Lil, won'tcha scratch the Rover, with the block TV (You lyin) Six in the headrest, all got new TV's [B.G.] Well look the other hand, holdin a blunt real high So you can see the Wonder Woman bracelet sunshine [Fresh] 2000, Navigation on 19 inches My mom in the 6 I ain't out ya penny pincher [B.G.] God Bless Wayne, when I set foot on the scene I make you take a triple take, at the bling, the bling bling (what) [Fresh] Iced out sparklin millionaire on the flo' Hittin these hoes with shit they never seen befo' [B.G.] Now when you see my neck, you could just say ooh That Hot Boy from Cash Money's a fool [Fresh] In our platinum Benzes with the cat eyes (eyes) Flat screens in my crib with the flat I's (I's) [Chorus] [Lil Wayne] Hold up - there go Wayne, everybody be quiet Oh my God! He's drivin from the passenger's side Million dollar conversation when I talk I'm shinin Nigga I.. puh, puh - spit out diamonds I change the grill on my truck so I don't blend with niggaz A young cat like me with Bill Clinton figures I'ma expensive nigga, drive Bentleys nigga () got it dropped on twenty inches nigga Best type got navigation system nigga VCR, PlayStation, televisions nigga You know stuntin is a habit, chrome on the Navi TV's in that rear headrest to entertain the traffic They call me the hot man, got the block on lock man All my cars chopped man, all my trucks drop man Trunk full of knock man, wrist full of rocks man Pants full of glocks man, sunshine spot man [Chorus] [Baby] Now you can catch me sunshinin on the lake on Sunday What's happenin Fresh [Fresh] Don't fight, Sunny Delight - it's beautiful [Baby] Where, nigga, where you, where you be sunshinin at [Juve] Yeah I be sunshin up in my, new Cadillac truck Or my new 2000 Jaguar, ya know me [Baby] My lil nigga Weezy went and got Baby on his right arm and Suga Slim on his left arm, whatchu think about that Jesus (That's wonderful) Hahaha (that's lovely) that's true What, we gon' let, lovely take it out with his R&B album bout to come out, he don't give a fuck about a bitch.. [all laughing] [Fresh] Sunshine is a sport man.. [Baby] Lil Turk sittin there spookin somebody.. [laughing to fade]

Seven Series Triplets

[Intro] [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Uh-huh, yeah, yo Cash in a brief case, trying to play it smart Love is a privilege and you better play your part Don't wanna leave it to the lawyers breath Snap my fingers, you'll be laying on the foyer steps Wishing you were a boy again Late night stand on the roof, smoke a newp Reminiscing when I had the broken tooth, we were loose Three different colors on the goose with the boots Maryland College basketball suits I drive the 525i made in '95 Shawn Kemps on the pedal, I'm a kamikaze Right arm hang out the window while I steer left Near death, slam into a deer's chest Lights out for a second, but I'm back Hopped up like a karate master Still I blast the shottie faster on you bastards, make you backspin Come out the closet you've been trapped in, that's it, Queens [Verse 2: Prodigy] Yeah, nigga you know I put the work in Head shots real precise like a surgeon I see your heart beating out your shirt, nervous Nigga shaking in his J's, his legs gave in Wow, and I ain't even pull the gun off my waist yet This nigga done got so scared he took a shit Then I swerved in some low key wheels And go about my business like it never happened, chill For reals, pop a couple pills, cup a drink Come to think about it I feels like turning up the rap ignorant loud Like this weed that I smoke make a thick yellow cloud Perpetual payday, my money don't vacay I'm out seeing the world, my life is so crazy You could only imagine but you could never fathom my intelligence I get at em [Verse 3: Raekwon] Oh shit, it's real like that, right y'all? Word up man, pledge allegiance man I Patrick Ewing niggas, long shotties I be suing niggas You gon' pay, face the camera ruin niggas And my money uncollected and I'm stepping Might slap the shit out your man and take his weapon Hungry and angry and I'm savagery But still mow your majesty Wipe out the cool t-shirt, vacuum it And I'm gon' keep you rich so chill Or you can live with them faggots and stay away from real deal abbots Death is our game plan, new playing bullets come in spray cans Write graffiti all on your vest Lester, cousin Eve sleeve all greasy he the best of it Put it right there you get a check, slang prostitution It's prohibition when we move shit This is what some niggas suggest I suggest war and clout The fake niggas they could move out Take no chance you never know y'all. [Outro: Raekwon] For real man, cause we ain't playing no games no more, no more homies You sit around this, you sit around the best With gold forks and all that, word up Y'all niggas that come shine, come through come through come shine, come. You know what it is man, it's automatic.

Crewed Up

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
[Verse 1 - Stage One] They call me Bad Lieutenant when my eyes are squinted Child of the 70s and the 80s was in it Lost the first homeboy in the 9-0 and liable To get the gun buckin at 5-0, I'm tribal I'm from a place where the *niggas* are jelly And pretend to be your friend and put one your belly And you can keep on yelling, the cops won't come You want beef, we got burgers and then some We from the era when we learned on our own Runnin wild in the streets with both parents at home Kind of hard to find a young un alone - caused we was crewed up Taggin on the walls taught wars and getting chewed up [Verse 2 - St. Paul Slim] Now I don't know about y'all, but I'm bout to make a small fortune By taking small things and blowing em out of proportion Using sarcasm as my second language Look mom I'm famous, I mean I'm flagrant You say you write your best rhymes when you high I say I write my best rhymes cause I'm fly This is why I'm cold, I'm Minnesota nice If you want my CD I will give you special price Haha, take Trummond's advice St. Paul Slim the best homie, none of its hype So please lil asshole, keep your mouth closed 'Fore your momma be like "Look at my son, he out cold" [Verse 3 - Muja Messiah] You could tell I'm focused by the look in my eye You could see I'm dirty by how clean my kicks is You know I tell the truth, I got no reason to lie Hey, like I tell my chicks "You ain't got a lotta kick it" All I'm trynna do is get a piece of the pie And turn these bricks into a legit business Now run along and go home to your wives And leave me and Slug here to play with these bitches You know I spit the sickest sickness since syphilis Mixed with malaria, fuck it, the more the merrier B-Boy, D-Boy, yep I'm in your area Muja Messiah uh huh, hello America [Verse 4 - YZ] Yo, yo, y'all wack, yo what the fuck is new? I'm back wit Atmos and the crew To do this you need style, I thought you knew It's not a diss, yo it's just my point of view Maybe if I turn sideways, y'all *niggas* will Throw lyrics my way instead of the highway Now getting ran over by cars and Land Rovers We starred, you sub par, maybe send your man over Pardon, you gon' step to this Spit phat, not anorexic shit Come stacked boy, it ain't no need to go there I knock rappers out, y'all scratch and pull hair [Verse 5 - Brother Ali] I hustle hard for the love of god My life has been the biggest struggle for the bloody start I knuckle up and throw the hands of my thug at heart So when the shit hit the fan I don't come apart, I breathe and shrug it off Atmosphere - the Big Brother's big brothers Catch is here to turn king to wrist cutters Just trust it ain't no regular shit That's a polite asshole and a sensitive pimp You would think it was a party, not a Cadillac Church mosque, have a knack Dr. Dre Training Day rappers don't know how to act Remove em all from my sight like a cataract Poof! It's a magic act [Verse 6 - Toki Wright] Walk over beats like DMC, three stripes Leaver be three strikes, visa need three swipes DVDs, jeans clean, cuts brush dandruff Mobile phones, suited loan, courted blown pampers Chilling at the party in B-Boy stance And they looking at me funny, why? Cause they can't dance So I'm cutting up and shutting up, I'm buttercup but just enough To lean on top of this metropolis with binoculars Walk like a pimp, think like a Macintosh Battle scars, also trynna figure out your avatar Leave the cameras on, told ya partner that he can't perform Brought a torch to burn the building, he think I'ma hand it to him [Verse 7 - Blueprint] Yeah, yeah, I solemnly swear To fight the good fight as long as I'm here But sometimes the good fight don't seem fair Cause all the best soldiers we had ain't here They gone now, we all on our own now And most of those left ain't got no style You give em an inch they try to take a whole mile Too overconfident to keep a low profile Pump your brakes, stay in your lane A bunch of fakes chasing fame I'll punch your face and take your chain Sit your 5 dollar ass down before I make change [Verse 8 - Slug] Break these chips down, count your business Ain't nothing free, it's a James Brown Christmas So god bless the underground now and give it To the sound of the drums while none of us outlive it I treat Hip Hop like a sport Stay on my game, put my time on the court While you complain and get high some more Might explain why your team can't find support Now catch me in the back wit a whisky Chattin up a missy like I'm attractive and witty I have to dip to do my raps and get busy Why don't you come see me when I'm back in your city?

Hood Bitch

[Verse 1: Azealia Banks] I smoke and get high like Project Pat Leave a nigga in the trap like a project rat You wanna fuck with my money bust a hole through ya hat And leave you rotting in the sewer, you the water on tap Cause me and my bitches don't play no more Bum rush a nigga while he picks the juice at the store Get him for his Christian Diors and Mauri gators Niggas called the cops so he said "Come in, chasers" Jesting every fucking skater for his skateboard Wearing BBC denim, nigga, I'm a take yours I'm a shake floors in my dry denim jeans Black tee, black hair, and my lip gloss clean I move like scene when I dip across the abstract Got makeup leave the ticket on the dash I'm looking for the cash cause I'm tryna' cop the double-trunks Boys act stupid so you know I've got to double-bump [Hook: Lime] You're a woman like no other You lift me when I'm down and blue You make me care for you every day There's no other in my life but you Yeah, yeah [Verse 2: Azealia] You like the way Sevens stay up on my hip But the nigga don't never got something in they clip Grip-grip got the chrome zip aimed at your lip Never seen a young bitch pop like this Yup, and the niggas really like this Nameplate in the middle of my nice tits Diesel and I'm higher than your flight is On Verde day y'all playin' where the kites is Stay steamin' where the sites is Y'all bitches still gleaming at the prices See through females like a psychic She's mad cause her man wanna pipe this She could fuck around and get chopped into slices Body parts in the gutter where the crap dice is And that one'll be a cold case They found her head, it was missing her whole face See I'm a scratch city And I reach for the tech and spray I spray just like Air Wick and Glade But you won't smell white lilies and sage Wow this little girl sounds insane I've been listening to Wayne and piffing up the brain Long black weave and a few gold chains Semi-automatic and some real good brain [Hook: Lime] [Bridge: Azealia] I spit heavy on the beat like I'm tryna' get the taste out Them other niggas on it like they got the cake mouth Seventeen, been hot since I came out Got every whack rapper shaking like a change pouch I make out then I send a nigga's face off Then to the left, boy you gotta break out Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you And the fifth will leave pool on the floor with you Bitches better get like me Fuck love I keep a couple tricks up my sleeve So when one leaves another nigga's in the elevator So take the stairs, not the elevator [Hook: Lime]

All For The Money

MC Eiht "Death Threatz"
One more nigga on the run I just can't handle this, born in the land of the scandalous Thirteen years of age at the time Moms is kicking me, I gots to get mine I load up my strap, map out my plan Choose my victim, then motherfucker stick him One more point that got scored for the... Up to no damn good, understood Steps is getting low so I gots to get some more Loads up the K, breaks out the back door You know the routine, so run fool, here we go Say back channel, keep your motherfucking hands up on the dash And gives up the cash One time is making a move on my ass But I ain't sweating it cause ain't shit funny Because it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 2x) Just call me the come up kid Hard times kicking it in the CPT So that means I gotta do what I gotta do And if you ain't down with the Hype, fuck you You're coming up short when I slang So when I hit your corner, you're gonna be a goner Nigga duck when my nine starts to buck In it for the snaps so I'm crazy as fuck I should be laying low cause one time is real hot Need to make a nine so I rush your spot And it's like that when I got the philly If you don't care someone else does the killing So when you hit the end of the road ain't no turning back I done signed a hood lifetime contract Jacking and packing cause ain't shit funny Because it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 2x) Uh oh, there goes another beep on the beeper One time sleep on the fucking night creeper Trying to show stop on the sales Pull fake braids but I still gets paid Just say no? Fuck the TV Trying to push the shit cause the weight is exceed See me for the blast, Five-oh fly in fast Mad cause I'm making more cash than they ass Now I lay low in the cut Label me the nigga with the fucking gangsta strut Every hooptie got gold license plates my birds fly out throughout the fucking states Now my other half is telling me I'd better quit But I ain't through in this shit, so I guess this is it I'll be dead before I go out like a dummy (Why's that, G?) Cause it's all for the money I gots to get mine, so I'm a take yours (Repeat 6x)

We Ready Freestyle

gutta holla at them niggas I come thru like move bitch, get out tha way for i pull yhis glock out and stick it dead in ya face nigga a young wild nigga don't crack a smile nigga i pull it out and start bustin' in the crowd nigga and i do it for my gangsta niggas don'y give a fuck run in the club a nigga (shit) and look i keep it gangsta on the regular stay in ya place gutta ten steps ahead of ya snitch rattin muhfuckas call 'em federals get the fuck out my way, that's what ya better do or that berretta leave that lead up in ya sweater dude i leave ya stupid ass dead up in the woods dude i'm so hood dude got that escalade riddin' 22 shoes who want it with tha sqad nigga we could clash crews bitch we bad news stsy ya distance lil nigga we will smash you get out a pact young money's on a cash root i'm on that inny v-twizzy blowin' past you it's the young slim high yellow bad dude get at me get at me weezy baby man i'm a g-a-n-g-ster take it to the streets say when he scurred t-streets let me see you make the z skiiiirt fee-fee go and lace the weed with the syrup weezy, don of the sqad nigga bow down excuse yaself from the table we bout to chow down we bust up in this bitch wit our smiles down oh wow wow glock cock 4-4 pow pow got a lion in the engine wit the loud growl little kids and pets run from the roaw roaw say round we bout to bring it back to our town man shit bout to go down down supa got that brown now and little stacky got them pounds now wodie, we got money from the floor to ceiling homie talk slick we got money on the floor we bout to kill him put money on my flow man i'ma win it fee i got us papi, u could sit back and put ya feet up i'ma make sure we all eat my nigga feed up and u could catch me g'd up at the stage at the club tosssin g's up or at the table wrappin' ki's up they tell me i could make it rappin put them ki's up but i'm like 25 ki's up the streets is tuff, man i gotta get these peeps they stuff, it's a hot summer u could still catch me and stunna in a 4 door lexus it's only weezy baby no more extras and u know he bout to buy me a 4 door testa' (testarosta) just cuz he's impressed wit my solo effort i show no care for, those who left us fuck those fellas i'm so rebellious i show no remorse when u see me hold ya thought's or we gon' hold court and i know u don't wanna hold court i bust up in this bitch wit a k and bang out the whole court

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