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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

My Life

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. TQ) [TQ harmonizing at the start] [Juvenile] Who the fuck - nigga hittin shots in the truck Hope I'm able to make this right turn, my Neon fucked The wodie that I'm with, bawlin up like a bitch instead of tryin to retaliate by bustin his shit My leg already fucked up, been playin it bald Now I gotta drive the car too, () and all Left arm on the steerin wheel, right on the Mac Them niggaz brought it to me raw so I'm bringin it back Out the window with it dumb sinnin, but I crashed This boy went straight through window his stupid ass And I'm noticin I smell gas Gotta bust a airbag, get out the car fast and haul ass I still gotta duck bullets that cut through bricks What the fuck I did to make niggaz want do me like this Won't be long 'fore one of the bullets ignite the gas They'll meet - even the buildings gonna be ash [Chorus 2X: TQ - over harmonizing] My life my life my life my life My life my life my life my life Ain't no sunshine 'til they gone Ain't no sunshine 'til they gone [Juvenile] I'ma go on to survive but the story returns After bein treated several months for 3rd degree burns My lil cousin Denaun flipped out, and murdered his children I gotta go by my aunt now, he hurtin her feelings He's lookin at a L, swearin no need for a trial Accept it like a man bitch or live in denial Whatchu think the people gon' say, when they look at his file Hear that little boy, snicker he in here for a while I had a shit bag on me, I could barely walk Everybody knew the story but was scared to talk I read lips when I pull up, right after I park I hear a nigga say whass happen wo' but not from the heart Word gotta be out, a lot of tension's in the air black Your everyday niggaz ain't even muchly makin transac' If I think about a gun, I'ma get ten The people got they ears to the streets and they be listenin [Chorus] [Juvenile] Niggaz be knowin them bitches slippin when I'm dishin I'd rather be locked down in prison than come up missin But that goes to show you how fast the laws work They was peepin with somebody that punished them boys first Don't they know the people still thinkin I sent the hit I'd accept it if I did it but they wrong for that shit To the police, I sounded like the boy cryin wolf Cause they know I like slangin rice shootin dice with the crooks Everythang in life I accumulated I took It's a neverending episode, my life is a book I'm hot, so I'm ridin round up in Rock() There's a funeral pass, two cops and five limos Man that's one of them niggaz was tryin to snipe me I betcha everybody in that crowd don't like me I should go up in the bitch bustin But they got innocent bystanders that never did the clique nothin [Chorus - repeat 2X] [TQ harmonizing]

Before I'm Gone

J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Verse 1: J. Cole] I hit the weed I told myself the last time would be my last I don't trust my own niggas now my mind racing fast Got my foot up on the gas, got a hundred on the dash If the police run up on me I ain't stopping for their ass Boy you know my L's dirty if they stop me I'm goin to jail surely I'll be next to my brother in the cell no bail for me Man let me out send me back to bitches that smell Purdy (pretty) And all I gotta do is call once and she'll be all ready Yeah buddy can't you tell I'm goin thru hell I don't even open my mail I'm in the shower with soap on the towel I need cleansing Bad bitches all on the prowl they need Benzes Pussy niggas running they mouth but we ain't flinching They names ain't even mentioned I got dreams bigger then your whole team You niggas so broke but yet somehow you seem so green I guess it's envy, started with a penny now I'm getting plenty money [Hook:] One time for the city, yea Two times for you Hey And one time for the city, hey Two times for you Hey [Verse 2: J. Cole] Look kid, it's raining outside boy Fuck an umbrella, niggas banging outside boy They guns dumb bell a nigga Tired of telling niggas that's a cease rest in peace We tired of only having just a peace And fuck policing, they killing niggas what's the reason His daughter starving and she fucking freezing So no wonder why he fucking squeezing They out here bussin' leavin' niggas stuck in bleedin' on the flo' Bullets wet you like a semen on a hoe Breathing slow man I inhale One day you tryna make rent, next day you in jail Lord knows he meant well So I take the pencil and write like a pen pal Some shit that's darker than the tints up on the windshield Welcome to sinville where niggas on base Shit is looking like an infield High as a Sprint bill What you think, that's the reason why this ink in my pen kills Phoney niggas until they are extinct, bitch I've been real [Hook:] One time for the city, yea Two times for you Hey And one time for the city, hey Two times for you Hey [Verse 3:] The more niggas sayin' Cole the wrong one bringin' the city shine All he ever doin' is paintin' pictures of crime Tellin' stories of pain, paintin' pictures of dope Bitch if you listen I'm paintin' pictures of hope That boy in class embarrassed because he broke Hopin' the day he won't be the butt of somebody's jokes See me; I lived it all from dirt-poorin' and trailer Worried about my mother and never trustin' my neighbors To middle-class with a backyard and my own room To bein' the only black kid in my homeroom Academically gifted and followed my own rules Was runnin' the streets hey ma I'll be home soon Was out chasin' ho's, was out hoopin' Them niggas wasn't ballin' but yet they was foul shootin' So meet the newest role model who don't know how to fake this shit Never sold a rock and look I made it bitch [Hook:] One time for the city, yea Two times for you Hey And one time for the city, hey And two times for you Hey [Outro:] Girl it's been so long, I've been gone from you But you ain't gotta worry 'bout the thangs I do It's hard but the thought of you would ease my pain Girl I promise they gon' know our name Ain't seen you smile in awhile But I been dreamin' 'bout you


NIVEA "Complicated"
Verse1: Set up in the dark for so long Just living my life on my own Then right up out of the blue Bumped into you I was amused by ya smile boo Wantin you to call my phone, so me and you could talk just a little more I didn't know what to do I was feelin you hopin you'd be cool while hangin out too I don't know what happened Got people steady askin, How you go to sleep mad one day, the next wake up so happy love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it I'm just glad that I got you in my life Course: I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated Verse 2: If I'm lovin it don't long People speculating that it won't last long But that just can't be true cuz I been lovin you like you never knew that I could do I wil never let go gotta hold on cuz you done made me and you a happy home and I'll give all me to you, I'll do whatever you ask me too cus boy you're my biggest blessin They can keep on askin How I go to sleep made one day the next wake up so happy Well love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it! I'm so glad that you made me your wife I... Course Bridge: Boy you make me feel so beautiful and I ain't never gonna let you go People say this ain't how its suppose to go But I refuse to believe cuz it happened to me One day you're standin in the middle of the rode and you don't know where you goin All of a sudden your whole life change and life finally gives you some thing back ITs been a mean world without ya Boy I love ya I love ya Course and Bridge Combined!

Follow My Lead

[First Verse] Well Baby Beesh, that's my handle, money mackin' Commando, blowin' like a candle, on that pearl and Wood panel, modern day Marlon Brando Squares don't understando Play like a piano when I'm flipping through the Channel, man don't make me lose convultions, chokin' On some doja, cars keep flippin' over Getting' Jags and Testerosas Motorola, Coca-Cola, stay high and never sober Got them hot girls makin' love to my poster Attitude kinda flippy, pockets never skimpy Married to Marijuana with that drama you can miss me Fifty-fifty I'm a playa, slash money maker by nature I get that paper pushin' green and snowyflaka Make a good girl turn to sinna Puttin' inches all up in her Blaze the bitch up now she's a bread winner I'm a gold digga, kick a hole through your front door Nigga, don't try to fight it, give it up, let it go. [Chorus:] Follow my lead huh, do as I say not as I do. [x3] Follow my lead huh, mayday mayday. [x5] [Second Verse] I remember way back in the day I used to get spankings from my momma But uh now this lil' ass baby smokin' on dank in The Bahamas, got a pair of Versace pajamas Little mommas say I'm a sex symbol I come through with the blue Coug And shit I'm thinkin' Lexus Limo I'm a swang three lanes to the piece and chain And the pinky ring I'm gonna blind Cuz it's my time, I pack my dime, I put two holes Right in your spine Every time you talkin' down my rhyme Boy I beat yo lil' behind And stop and rewind, feel my lines Bottle like me, I'm gonna shine Little Christian on a mission But listen he gaining recognition In the Expedition, it's gonna glistin' Got a line and he went fishin' Pay attention to the Louisiano recano regano with a Blano, I be puffin' on a big Fano Got mo' green than the motherfucking lotto Nigga I'm the one, the Christian The lucky motherfucker outside of the Yukon I'm swangin' fo's, I'm slangin' hoes Representing of the way Houston These boys ain't ready for the age of Levy in a SS Chevy on perely Nigga I be sippin' lean And I'm counting green Cuz boy I'm all about my feria (feria). [Chorus] [Third Verse] I promise this song is harder than my dick is I won in the Olympics for cooking the most chickens Gold medal around my necka, living la vida chueca Puck checka, chuck wrecka, nobody do it betta I'm best when under presha, smoke up in my chest Momma mad, cuz I just just failed my piss test Brain deader than a door knob This is, for my road dog Fresh out the Pen I take him out to get a blowjob I'm so shy, controlling the streets, like a robot The one to put a dope house I'm sorry but it won't stop My door got kicked in once before And I'm sho' they won't try that stupid shit no more I put holes up in they asses Broke em' like some glasses Niggas was falling just like my motherfuking pants is Answers your questions, throwed as Mexicans Snatch your bitch up and dig deep in her intestines. [Chorus]

Smokin' & Rollin'

J-DAWG "Smokin' & Rollin'"
[Chorus x2: uncredited Smokin'....and rollin' Up in a ride that ain't even much paid for And you can tell by the smell in my clothes what I've been doin' And ain't no secret dogg the ghetto got me ruined lookin' for the hoes [First Verse] Tryin' to stack my chips and made a quick lick Tryin' to hit a quick lick and stack chips for life, you my bitch tonight Go on and graze the head and try to raise the dead And bring a nigga dick back to life It's called sacrifice Now girl do what you must Tell me who do you trust with a dub set of your keys? With a dub set of your keys now tell me who do you trust? Go head and do what you must, I had to bust your bubble, you ain't no better than these And like the Vietnamese I got the same eyes ready to ride for mine down to roll I got a pound of goat, down to smoke it down Sippin' a crown and coke Tryin' to focus dogg, tryin' to focus dogg Sippin' a crown and coke Ready to ride for mine, lovin' the ghetto amen Duckin' the federal pen You fuck around with niggas down to level your chin How many medals you win For gettin' shot to death? For gettin' shot to death, how many medals you win? You fuck around with niggas down to level your chin Duckin' the federal pen, lovin' the ghetto amen Promisin' never to bend Cuz I'm a soldier, told ya what the camp be like Don't forget me Dogg and these bitch made niggas is behind me Still tryin' to find me Up in the midst of fog, I'm up against the wall, and still.... Smokin' [Chorus] [Second Verse] In the middle got a little bit more than I'm supposed to have Lookin' for hoes to grab, I hit the club with the hen in my cup A quarter pound of bud, I come around with thugs, callin' my enemy bluff You wanna pretend to be tough? You wanna pretend to be tough? Callin' my enemy bluff Even though a nigga bailin' with thugs, lookin' for hoes to grab I'm runnin' game like a sociopath I flash a lil' cash, every now and then I can ask for them hoes to laugh Nigga supposed to mash, I put the mack down Put the mack down, nigga supposed to mash And like a sociopath I run game, never go unchanged Nigga know they hate to see me for some cash Want me to flow so bad I gotta watch my back Cuz niggas plot to jack And on the slick I gotta be up on my P's and Q's Before you get up in the game, better read the blues And what'cha need to do is take out and pay your dues Because the paper stack'll get deep dogg, but how deep the paper stack get? When the gat spit, I can dump a many assassin Duckin' when I blast And came back with a plastic hip Go on and pass the fifth Of one fifty one, so I can sip me some And get bent, tryin' to get bent sippin' a fifth of one fifty one I gotta do what I got, to pay rent I'm only fuckin' with bitches who got potential to grow And eventually gross a lil' more than more than me And if she eventually gross a lil' more than me Then I'ma take the bitch and go home with me Game consists of mix of more truth than lies Come here superthighs, you got the cutest eyes And on top of that, got a brand new Benz with the droopy eyes And let's ride [Chorus] [Third Verse] How the fuck I'ma live life broke? I gotta get my blazin' L raised in Hell with stripes I gotta keep the mail tight and gel at night For tryin' to smoke the green up and sell the white Picture me rollin' again, soon as you lock me in I'm on the stroll again, lookin' for hoes again Up on the dude with the lake Get the herb and herb My nigga pull to the curb to get the blue and the papes Go get the blue and the papes You better pull to the curb, and get the herb and herb So we can blaze a sack And try to fade the black And I ain't paid to act You gotta face the fact that I was made to mack And I ain't afraid to ask To get my back rubbed in the Black lacka tub Gettin' head and all Gettin' head and all In a black lacka tub, with a fat sack of bud, drinkin' a red dog I'm in the ghetto forever, I'm tryin' to make the loot and still shake the troops Tryin' to shake the troops and still make the loot With a lil' taste of brew and a whole case of gooch Ready to face the truth with a whole case of gooch And a taste of brew, bout to bend the block and get blowed tonight My nigga, show ya right For life, is what the Camp Soldiers like If you ready to ride, let's roll [Chorus]

Dope Man

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
(feat. Serena Altschul) [*sound of a camera taking a picture*] [Jay] Millenium flow [MTV] Serena Altschul's here live outside the criminal courthouse [Jay] This is {bullshit} y'all [MTV] in New York City for the first day in the trial of [Jay] I'm gone [*car speeds off*] [MTV] the State vs. Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z [Jay] Uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh [MTV] Whatever the verdict in this trial may be the effects will undoubtedly be felt worldwide [Jay-Z] Aiyyo, stand forward, 'fore you take notice or witness to me killin the track Testify 'til me spillin the smack Now they got me for traffickin, racketeerin, audio crack [Hook:] They call me Dope Man, Dope Man I try to tell em I'm where hope, floats man Ghetto spokes-man A broke man, approachin the bench with intent to bury me under the cell, fingered me as the toast man Evidence stemmin from ninety-six They say the world ain't recovered from his fix While they was usin cut I was on some other shit Gave it to you raw and they just discovered it Nowaday, the jury got they brow raised Listenin to testimony about my foul ways Exhibit A: 'Reasonable Doubt' They say this was the first thing that turned the peoples out [MTV] You can feel the tension building here as an unprecedented number of people have turned out for what may be the 'Trial of the Century' [Hook] [Jay-Z] How come, you label your brand of dope 'Volume 1' and spread it through the slums Fed it to the young with total disregard Your honor, the State seeks the maximum charge And how could you, turn right around and release a lethal dosage called 'Volume 2' And is true you operate the criminal enterprise known as Roc-a-Fella in charge of his meteoric rise And do you deny you're responsible for the demise of record execs, and do you object Your distribution's Polygram, and through your connects Def Jam, you pushed over five million SoundScan And not to mention, your co-horts and henchmen Dame, Biggs, Lyor, Kev' and Russell Simmons And we ain't gon' talk about Murder, Inc. That just establishes a darker deeper criminal link [MTV] The State is seeking the maximum penalty and with the overwhelming amount of evidence the D.A.'s presented, things aren't looking good [Hook] [MTV] Despite the grim outlook at this point the rapper has been known to emerge triumphant in the face of adversity [Hook] [MTV] Jay-Z is taking the stand [Jay-Z] Right hand on the Bible, left hand in the air Before I spoke one word, made sure my throat was clear A-hem, I'm a prisoner of circumstance Frail nigga, I couldn't much work with my hands But my mind was strong, I grew where you hold your blacks up Trap us, expect us not to pick gats up Where you drop your cracks off by the Mack trucks Destroy our dreams of lawyers and actors Keep us spiralin, goin backwards At age nine, saw my first hate crime Blindfolded, expected to walk a straight line Mind molded, taught to love you and hate mine Climbed over it, at a early age, Jay shined Fuck the system at Lady Justice I blaze nine Your Honor, I no longer kill my people, I raise mine The soul of Mumia in this modern day time [MTV] While the jury is inside deliberating outside the crowd is frozen with anticipation [Hook] [MTV] Well the verdict has just been announced: NOT GUILTY! It is complete pandemonium out here! [Hook; Serena keeps speaking] People are cheering and hugging - there he is Jay-Z is exiting the courtroom right now There is a swarm of cameras surrounding him [*pop bulbs flashing*] and people are just rushing up to him Let's try and make our way over there, Jay-Z! Jay-Z! [*sounds of cameras keep flashing*, *music fades*]

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