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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

Intro-Let's Roll

Original and similar lyrics
[Mannie Fresh] Look a here, look a here, look a here New Mannie, Louisiana up in here ya heard me With the Project English album, And I'm gonna let young Mickey start this thing off, ya heard me The New Orleans shit, the new stunna, the new shiner, the new reppa Walk over here and get cha' shine on [Mickey] Uh oh, Chicago's with those N.O. niggas And we stock indo nigga Ya see the amount of blood in my kinfolk niggas And I don't think y'all really understand what y'all in fo' nigga When a nigga got tens he got two blocks on em' Catch ya mob street walkin' put them foo fights on em' MC rodie around, we say fam or pharaoh Both our families mo' gangsta than the damn Sopranos They spit choppers and k's, we spray itchies But we both quick to spray fifty, stay with me They rock tees and Rees, we rock furs and Nikes But we both well known for flippin' birds and ice They stay stunnin a hundred, we say flickin' They say that shit is fire, we say sendin' fendin' Get little, that mean we about to leave The cake is baked whodi, that mean y'all about to bleed [Mannie Fresh] Uh oh, shit got damn, you know who I am I'm as gangsta as Capone in this nasty ass fam Where the fuck I'm from and where I represent Platinum plaques, Bentleys, and presidents Now wait a minute man, I done bought a choo-choo train Don't chu' have a helicopter, yeah and a plane You got a two-way pager, well I gotta phone You gotta a million dollars, well I got I don't know They say a nigga like me bling too much Why, cause this watch, this chain, this ring too much Make them dollars, pop them bottles We zoned up in Caprices and Impalas (Errrr!) Disregard that law, pop that car Step up in the club and buy out the whole bar Pay attention lil' daddy to the song I'm sangin' I'ma put cha' on some other shit besides that blang Daddy truck sharp, mama house bangin' Brian Williams, just keep on brangin' Check after check every time ya move ya neck Nigga if i want it dog I'll buy respect [Baby] There you have it nigga, Project English nigga (Uh, uh, uh) Hood rats and bling blingin' nigga (Uh, uh, uh) Know what I'm sayin' let's get this money nigga (It go choo-choo) Hey steppa, hey Mike, stick, pass that bottle motherfucker We gon' drank till we ain't got no mo' dollars motherfucker Let's go get this money Fresh Project English and whatever it come with next Cash Money, Hot Boyz let's ride nigga Go to the next tune or something fucker [Mannie Fresh] The only plaques I have, are platinum plaques, ya heard


JA RULE "The Mirror"
[Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. nigga (Young Money just crept in like uh-ohhh!) Em-pire, em-pire! Hehe, let's get 'em~! Inc Gang nigga, young money Cash Money, collabo' Listen, listen [Chorus: Ja Rule] To all my niggaz my bitches my bitches my niggaz my gangsters Hoes, pimps, and pushers keep workin with it, we doin it We gettin it, got money we takin it, got bitches we takin them Empire just stepped in and they like Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Hitting the uh uh-ohhh! Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Cause they know we gettin it, got money we takin it Got bitches we takin them, Empire just stepped in (fuck niggaz!) [Ja Rule] Uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! Here I, go oh-oh-oh It's the Rule nigga, you already know-oh I'm gettin it, I don't gotta talk because I'm livin it Money over bitches period, and I'm dead serious These bitches is feminine Nigga so I T-T-T-T-touch 'em up e'ry time I see 'em Are you feelin it, it-it-it's comin through the barrel of the fi-ih-ifth, out the sunroof of the si-ih-ix Ih-ih-if, you willin to bear wit-ne-ess How I take money, take bi-ih-itches, niggaz is fascinated with the kid, love my style Your bitch too'll be on the dick you let her come out Quit handcuffin these hoes, my pi-ih-imp game proper I'm a pis-tal popper, fuck around and get shot up My niggaz all riders, our bitches all done up Fuck! I know y'all niggaz hate to love us; what [Chorus with Lil Wayne ad libs] [Lil Wayne] Uh-ohh! You did it, now, you gotta get it Weezy F is in yo' buildin, I will step, on yo' buildin From the steps, of my buildin, raise hell, hell's risen Call me young Raekwon, I'm a Chef in Hell's Kitchen And flow, sweet as devil's food, I eat angels for dinner Call me what'cha want, I don't give a finger in the middle I'ma hold it down and blow up, the anchor is the missile When I say we got them brrrrrrrrrr! I ain't tryin to whistle Longbody Maybach, it make me feel so little I'm ballin on the suckers and I won't pick up my dribble Retarded on the beats, sick, I spit hospitals And she couldn't stand under my umbrella if it drizzled My pimp game proper, my inf' aim proper So run and I will hit you like Jeremiah Trotter Yessuh! Call me, young Carter My leather so soft and I be stunt'n like my dada Ya dig? [Ja Rule] Yep yep, I d-d-d-d-dig it! But our jewelry's so fri-di-di-di-digid, damn How dare bitches look at Atkins, Carter and Crocker Like we don't make that crack that get real butter Did-did-did-did I stu-st-stah-stutter the first time nigga, nah They like uh-ohhh! Uh uh uh-ohhh! This nigga's tr-uh-ouble It's the Inc., nigga act like ya know-ow Who's gettin it, livin this, gangster shit [Chorus] [Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. nigga (Young Money just crept in like uh-ohhh!) Em-pire, em-pire! Heh...


JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
At nighttime all I do is pray and cry homie Cause everytime I call home somebody dying on me And every time I look around somebody lying on me Mr cheney mr ridge steady spyin on me I got one foot in the grave one foot in the gutter One foot on the camera lens one foot on the shutter I'm trying to stop time so I can breathe, man I'm grindin Play record low pause fast forward rewindin The truth is the light, but absolutely blindin And niggas feel the pain on they brain when you remind them About them project wars that we confined in About them six by eight cells we linin Bricks on consignment A nigga lost his iron and club behind the diamond The cops hit him with a club He swung back they hit him with a slug Then the judge hit him with a dub His baby mama threw up The saga continues... I was born to clash with the fake Harassin with jake Lay real low in the grass with the snakes Torment em with the fire when they raise they head And I'm sorta just like elijah cause I raise they dead After the stink and rot for days in the grave that I rose from Deport the dead part of the game then the flows come Flood the industry with three quarters of life I'm takin this world of sa-tan to war with a mic Please god back me as I swing the sword of the christ Wavy hair fiery eyes, Not entirely wise Provoking these devils go to war with they squad After war show em to the after party with god I stroll the blocks with a dope man bop I'm high caliber My team shine supreme we gleam on you amateurs I stay big sportin fedoras Charcoal braid tweed sport coat jeans and diadoras Ya'll niggas ain't really really ready for muhammad because I'm hungry Grimey and grungy I want ya mind fuck the money Don't get me wrong, I want cream and all that But if that's your only objective in rap you all wack I make the untrue niggas head sweat like skull caps Hall back launchin a bolo makin they skull crack Singin them dull raps Like that was hot shit Shit, I was sayin that back in the 80s When niggas was rockin emblems off the back of mercedes On rope chains Back when niggas thought of cookin rocks outta cocaine I was hot then, a little poor nigga spittin the vicious Flavor delicious poetic swift shit I regulate in the ring like P. whitaker One rhyme get rid a ya I won't even consider ya For battle You schools on speed I'm full throttle Used to be in clubs tossing chairs and cracked bottles Ruckus and ra ra, made my rhymes my dekea Livin leyenda, numer un contenda Never let a day slip by without agenda That's just a little due from farrakhan to remember So ke capasa, Representanto for el rasa Niggas wanna step but they legs too short to salsa You got courage I'll blast it out ya Seriously doubt chya Spit til ya blueprint is ripped, then re-route chya Fucker

Get It How U Live!!

HOT BOYS "Get It How U Live"
[Lil' Wayne] So you say you ready to hustle, scuffle over a dollar, rumble over a bundle, ready to bust over 2 dolars, ready to die for 5, ready to ride on 9, better be bout your change lettin hang at all times, ready to fight high, duckin them blue eyes, ready to see ya moma cry every time you walk inside, ready to bring the funk, hide keys in the trunk, ready to live that life one more night, knowin' you don't, ready to get ya pockets thick, hustle hard sweat bricks, shoot you stick at a vick, get her to buy a nick for 6, ready to serve Tammy, 50 dollars worth of wammy, ready to lose ya heart fall apart from ya family, damn near gettin killed, a mil is only on ya mind, ready to slang that iron, put in work over time, ready to get crossed, put a hit out on a nigga boss, ready to shine and floss, is you bout that white sauce, 10 a keys the cost, bout to toss a nigga 3, meet me at the dope spot 8 in the mornin next week, now I was lookin for 30, you only had 26, I feel you tryin to play me, (Blow!) get it how you live (Chorus) Get how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, I'll split yo wig nigga. Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, I'll split yo wig nigga. [Turk] Gotta watch yo back now, form all these licks that you did, that dope gotcha' gone now you can't even take care ya own kids, everything you had, all that shit gone down the drain, used to be a bigtimer, look at you ain't that a shame? Get it how you live, how you live betta get it, tried to rock now shit it, them niggas ain't takin no pity, it's yo world nigga, so you play how go, it's all up to you, you get smoked, you just get smoked, now from riches to rags, doin' good to doin' bad, used to be happy, now you walkin round lookin sad, that monkey on ya back, yo mind you let em' take it, don't matter how much you try, nigga you can not shake it, get how you live (Chorus) Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, how you fig nigga. Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, I split yo wig nigga. [Juvenile] Dog, you out there bad, that's why niggas wanna bust yo head, and them hoes done thrown in that stupid shit that you said, now you runnin to yo family, and yo boys for help, look, you went and get some beef can't avoid yourself, all yo car done got shot up, yo house done got shot up, and I heard some niggas turnin against and bout to plot up, don't get scared now, you was a killa yesterday, you was talkin some shit, now they wanna blow you away, lil whoadie, you on your own, so leave me outta this shit, I don't fuck wit you anyway so keep me outta this shit, I wasn't wit ya when you stunted, wasn't wit ya when you blunted, and I ain't gone be wit ya when them niggas come through here gunnin', you ain't neva heard of hard head, nigga, soft ass, you got strung on that dope ha? Tryin to go to war fast, no matter how hard you try, look you just can't get it right, tell me what is the purpose of you havin a life, now you sayin a nigga was down bad, for snatchin' yo kid, look nigga you made that baby, betta get it how you live Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, how you fig jigga. Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take my life, I'll split yo wig nigga. [B.G.] Nigga it's rough, comin' up, in the U.P.T., N.O.P.D investigatin' murders constantly, you got coke don't let no one know where you lay yo head at, cuz they comin' to getcha', and that's where you be dead at, gotta keep yo head up, make sure yo thing loaded up, keep yo game tight if you don't yo brains blowed up, if you hustle keep a pistol wit 17 on yo hip, if a nigga run up on you trippin' let it rip, don't let a nigga get flip wit' ya, or close to ya, cause he'll steal what you love most nigga now take it how you wanna, bring it how you feel, but that's how it is, ya gotta get how you live, and if you live the wrong, make yo cheese doin' wrong then you might get shot up and bleed to death in yo home, I'm kickin the real, and if you real, you could feel that you could steal or get stole when you gettin' it how you live nigga. (Chorus) Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't go take my life, how you fig nigga. Get it how you live nigga, do you dig nigga? You ain't gone take what's mine, I'll split you wig nigga Get it how you live

Play IV Keeps

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Inspectah Deck, Street Life & Mobb Deep) [Method Man] Ha, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah One time.. yo Never liked son from day one, bring you tool That nigga stick you and play dumb, hate a bitch-ass Who care where you came from, you ain't prepared for when the pain come, this nigga scared, shook to death from a cold stare, stuntin, knowin my brothers fiend to do you somethin over here, we head huntin in the function I smell fear, adrenaline start pumpin I Smash Pumpkins, Hard Rock be in the Cafe Tear the club up, and anyone that try to judge us The last days, makin sure I get the last say In the food chain, is you predator or prey If you featherweight, lyrics blow your back crack your vertabrae, lookin for a better way to get my point across, thoughts accelerate at the same speed, of the muder rate Lord, never perpetrate a fraud, til my nigga Carlton Fisk see the boss, truly yours, Mr. Meth [Street Life] Life's a snippet, one way ticket Time tickin fast, blink you might miss it Semen on Street shit, you might catch fifty stitches Body bag sprayed up, buried in muddy ditches I play for keeps, bust heat you catch cold feet My rap sheet, speak for itself, concrete Evident, Killa Hill, resident, double dart agent Secret intelligent my rap style's flagrant [Chorus One: all] Feel the sting of a killa bee, Johnny Blaze Street Life, Deck and Mobb Deep, Play IV Keeps In the city that you never sleep, pay attention Ain't no shittin when you gotta eat, we hold it down [Inspectah Deck] I move like Mad Max 'cross the wasteland One hand holds the head of the last brave man Made man, Cuban Link chain of command Authorized fam', hot like Sahara sand My live team turn the club to a crime scene High beams flash, promoters die behind CREAM Get your face blown, might face the chrome We take this more serious than just a poem [Havoc] I think about a lot of shit, especially when I'm bent About the foul shit goin on in my life, current event It's evident I smoke ciggarette down to Brownsville Thinkin to myself -- how many lives must my pound kill Hopefully none, ain't the one to give chase Hemmed by Jake, worryin who might turn state's So I chill, put my killa niggaz on the battlefield On the low plottin silent murderer, never doubt still never follow beef hey beef follow me Wanna settle in the court I say settle in the streets like our pops did it, you got gats get hot with it Now you dry snitchin, because you got knocked with it I just rock with it, go with the flow, think for a hot minute Stash my dough secure the funds of profit [Prodigy] Yo, extreme rhyme niggaz, you wastin your time Fuckin with my niggaz, extrordinary line swishin your mind out position, tryin to figure this shit Rewind it and listen quick, you might miss this Olympic, rap jave-lon, travel beyond, your weak song Doin this for too long, to not come strong You're only a pawn of Viet Dong Tryin to form against mines, you musta just been born Secluded on a distant farm This is the real world, where niggaz get shot and shanked Where there's tremendous pain, you get your frame inflamed Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.. [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, what [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, peace

Mo' Murda

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "E. 1999 Eternal"
Krayzie/Wish: Them callin' me Mr. Bill Collector, needin' me money, know he's up tonight. Layzie/Bizzy: See niggas can't stand us, so they label us scandalous. Krayzie/Wish: And if them runnin' off with me cash, that ass gonna have to pay the price. Layzie/Bizzy: Meet a muthafuckin' po-po; gotta hit 'em with the fo'-fo' Krayzie: Don't be fuckin' with my money. Nigga, no. See when Krayzie pull the pump, then I kill 'em all. Pump slugs. When blood hit the wall, watch 'em fall, now, dog, who ya gonna call? Puttin' niggas in the coffin where they probably better off, and Leatherface is not a punk, bitch, so a nigga just can't fuck me. Nigga better have me cash, or I kill his whole family when the twelve gauge pump blast. Now, test me. Never ever let a nigga ride. When he think he fin to slide, pump him in the spine. Get him for the money. Nigga tried to play me and dash, and that's why me thugs should put slugs in that ass. (...?...) And me never want to see no, oh jealous muthafucka tried to keep a nigga's ends low. If he scared to smoke a primo, gotta go with my fiends and my click is a no no. Gotta make that money, man. Gimme all my change. It's a murder thang, now. Even in the dummy game, niggas comin' up slain for collectin' they claim. Now, Leatherface, me pick up me gauge, leather mask, and, nigga, me blast, so ya better respect us, when you see the bill collector rippin', killin' niggas for that mad money thang. Layzie: Niggas steady payin' them dues, runnin' with trues, nothin' to lose, everything to prove. Little thug from the C-Town, never caught sleepin', always on the come up creepin', runnin' this shit, now, puttin' that Bone down. Gotta let a nigga know for the love of cheese, movin' thangs in the nine-five, rollin' with Ruthless, thuggin' with my niggas from the Clair, and we smokin' them green leaves. Fuck with me, now. Oh, nigga, don't test Rest, Strate, Leatherface in the place on a mission. Don't be messin' with my bankroll. Niggas wanna gank on Bone, so I stack them prank hoes, and I'm bettin' on me takin' no more losses, put 'em in a coffin, and they life is better off, and these niggas--they don't know me--they can't know me. Thought you had a homie, but ya fuckin' with the muthafuckin' Bone, see. Nigga, gotta get me mine on the nine-nine. In the nine-five, bodies droppin'. When you hear my pistol select ya dome, respect that true house or underground shit, Mr. Bill Collector--Bone. Krayzie/Wish: Them callin' me Mr. Bill Collector, needin' me money, know he's up tonight. Layzie/Bizzy: See niggas can't stand us, so they label us scandalous. Krayzie/Wish: And if them runnin' off with me cash, that ass gonna have to pay the price. Layzie/Bizzy: Meet a muthafuckin' po-po; gotta hit 'em with the fo'-fo' Wish: Nigga, take it off. Thank you. Please don't make me stack ya. Time to pay the bill, write your checks up all night, catch a slug or chill, bill collectors, better respect them Mo Thug sellin' drugs, pumpin' slugs all up in that rectum, check 'em. Click-click, fall to the ground. When the glock pop, nigga's chest pump blood, and takin' too long, better drop it on down, or ya catchin' two to the head. Shoulda gave 'em up, bitch, to the Mo Thug lunatic quick to pop, now, you're dead. Gotta pull that nine on the niggas everytime, sellin' rocks on the nine-nine. Gotta put him on the pave. If ya want to die, put 'em in the grave, better give me all them dimes. Krayzie: I didn't want to take his life, but the nigga tried to run and get away with me llello. Layzie: I see me, the murderer. Bizzy: Sawed-off pumpin', dumpin' steadily. All the way to the other side we ride. Sherm, when I hit that chrome and now, niggas is 'bout to die. Thugsta theivin' off in Cleveland, and I couldn't sell out my city. Murder now to come up, move, Bone'll be bringin' that city, with me, pin me. Nigga, this the team, by the way, don't fuck with brains. Put in my mind all off on my murder. Murder y'all all, and I flees the scene clean, and I'm out to fade 'em. Hey, and I'm out for money, gauged 'em, better pray to save 'em, but it won't any good, now. Bang, bang. Caution to loss in me brain, get 'em up off the 'cane. Bang. Kill a nigga. Bang. Peel a trigger. Bang. Comin' up out to wet 'em, man. Off with the blood, put 'em in the mud with a slug, thug gotta get paid. Reachin' on back as we bail to pick up me shells. I slip in the buck, and the gauge spray. Sawed-off on the block, cocked, ready to pop ya, now, 'cause broke gets played, this dope get paid, and nigga, come drop it down. [Laughs.] Krayzie/Wish: Them callin' me Mr. Bill Collector, needin' me money, know he's up tonight. Layzie/Bizzy: See niggas can't stand us, so they label us scandalous. Krayzie/Wish: And if them runnin' off with me cash, that ass gonna have to pay the price. Layzie/Bizzy: Meet a muthafuckin' po-po; gotta hit 'em with the fo'-fo' Bill Collector: Your rent's due, muthafucka!

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