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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

In Ya Ass

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] Look I'm tryin to live right now Make a better place for my kids right now Or get out my face is how it is right now All I wanna have is my own shit right now.. So much go through my head all day The game situation is be paid or played I gotta eat the lottery is not for me it's homicide and robbery And a twenty room mansion, buck-naked with a lot of freaks It ain't cool if my people don't eat they part of the reason I got away from all that bullshit, that thuggin and thievin And as far as this Cash Money shit it's part of my blood And we feed each other everyday by showin 'em love It don't matter what we came into we gonna stay blood And whoever sleepin on it dem dat's gonna wake up I need dough to feed me and my people To get a pie and eat special from, Julio's Fuck ya boy, I don't care, who he know Just make sho', that he pay, who he owe I ain't tryin to be a bully I just want what I earned He's a hardheaded child and it's time to be learned [Chorus 2X: Juvenile] You don't like me, yeah Well fuck you in ya ass Niggaz is pure pussy and they made me mad You don't like me, yeah Well fuck you in ya ass Niggaz is pure pussy and they made me mad [Juvenile] I've seen shit that a child my age, shouldn'ta saw They bustin right over the backseat of a stolen car I was seven they had to be about nine or ten His momma Fay she done ran through who's dyin again Damn but I don't really think she mean what she say As soon as she smoke that crack, shit done fucked with her head Momma gon' love her kids, and they () aware And if momma don't love her children, then momma need prayer Durin the struggles of my life I learned to take heed to shit I paid attention to everything that went on in the bricks All of the early morning rushes to the late night fights I always visioned that one day this would be my life Back then it wasn't gravy, the street wasn't right Especially in our house, we didn't eat some nights On come new technology these days and times And it gave us other avenues and ways to grind Fuck what you got nigga, I'm makin mine I messed up my first lil change, I'ma be straight this time To the fullest, always huntin, for it to spend I went out and got it dawg, I can do it again [Chorus] [Juvenile] Get off the block lil nigga this my spot lil nigga I don't care what you got you get shot lil nigga I been thuggin, and I'm lovin my life The reason I made it to here because I been livin trife For spite stoppin knockin old niggaz off Tryin to be the fuckin boss and shotcall Ride round in the toughest cars, double R's Fuckin over niggaz don't want see me ball Now which one of your peers wanna come do this I ain't with all of that talkin cause my gun do flip Lift niggaz off they feet when they run they lip Tryin to tell you bout people, tell you that chick's on chips You don't like me, yeah Well fuck you in ya ass Niggaz is pure pussy and they made me mad I'm straight off of the street that's why I'm out chea bad Comin through yo' door with a bag and a Mag [Chorus] [Juvenile] If you don't like me nigga, nigga come out Fuck, I don't like you either though bitch-ass nigga Boy-ass nigga.. what Fuck you in ya ass [Chorus] Da da da Da da da da.. hahahaha I don't like you either though Punk, pussy, candy-ass nigga Wearin another nigga drawers ass nigga Take it like a man ya heard me

How People Get Fucked Up

D12 "Devils Night"
This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up [Kuniva] If you a loud mouth Trying to wild out And we see just how you laying And we peep your style out (You a punk) When you chilling out in front of your truck And get stuck That's how niggas get fucked up [Proof] No love at home with your infolks And the world just keeps fucking with your mental And all these kids making fun of your trench coat That's how students get shot up [Kon Artis] Hating on us but you come to our show (Fuck them niggas) I crowd surf and you let me go Oh no Whip your ass when I get off the floor Just so you know though That's how haters get fucked up [Swift] When the police pull you over and shit and find ganja Now every month they checking on your piss They getting mad cuz you ain't come back since And now they sweating you That's how P.O.'s get fucked up [Kuniva] When your mans hook you up with a bitch Over the phone And when you see her She ugly as shit (God damn) Now at the end of the date she want a kiss And some dick That's how blind dates get fucked up [Proof] Say we got a real crew with a lot of skill And only one nigga in our crew make the dollar bills Y'all fools just mad cuz y'all ain't got a deal Local rappers talk too much [Kon Artis] You don't like this pain But you roll with punks Manage to trip the alarm And you all get stumped Cops got AK's Y'all only got pumps That shit's just dumb That's how Cruzzie got locked up [Swift] When your ass wanna walk in the club But 'stead of telling you to wait The nigga wanna push and shove (move) They get trampled from the niggas you brought So move over That's how bouncers get fucked up [Chorus x2] [Kuniva] When you get your guns outta the stash And gather all your homies up To go and shoot up a pad Soon as you finished y'all run out of gas You better haul ass That's how drive-bys get fucked up [Proof] Mixing weed with the brew Extacy and Kalu, gasoline fumes Nitrous balloons Acid tablets and magic mushrooms That's how D12 get fucked up [Kon Artis] I like your records But my album aint dropped Dr. Dre's my favorite Bitch get off his jock Got a backstage pass and I need to get off Wanna meet da-da-da Doc That's how groupies get tossed up [Bizarre] Drop outta school Take drugs and molest sluts Got your girlfriend sucking on my left nut Your parents don't like me, but guess what (what) Cuz Bizarre don't give a fuck [Kuniva] Chokin' your wife all in front of your peeps She toss a brick through the window of your Jeep They back together by the end of the week That's so sweet Slim and Kim argue too much [Proof] Invite a ho to your house While your bitch is out Now you got the dick All up in her fuckin mouth Pull it out And then you bust off on her favorite blouse That's how Clinton got caught up [Kon Artis] Steal cars, wreck bars, got fucked up beyond Recognition, walk in 50 clubs like we stars Our mission every day is just to smoke bongs and fuck bitches That's how Runyan Ave. is cut [Swift] When your life wasn't raised up right See your mother coming home With different niggas every night And then you run in to the one you don't like So get the fuck off [shooting] That's how step-dads get fucked up This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up

Gay Robot

ADAM SANDLER "Shhh...Don't Tell"
Pass the fuckin ball What an idiot! Fuck it i'm gonna get another beer You guy's want one? No i'm alright Two please! Oh boy Hello *mumble* yeah yeah cool we're all just hangin out *mumble* Who's that? some hot chicks No it was my neighbor his robot's coming over What? yeah he built a robot a while ago and the robot came out gay yo we're out of so I grabbed a couple of gooseheads okay that's cool wait, so the robot's gay? Gay robot's coming over? Yep Oh dude you gotta see this he's insane with football stats No way It's open Hey guys, what's up? Hey good to see you gay robot Gay robot in the house Word up what's the score fuckers giants are eatin shit in the 3rd quarter it's 24/8 miami don't worry the giants have 4th quarter numbers really they'll come back and win by 3 alright i love it fuck you guys haha sorry buddy who's the new guy oh that's my friend john hey john, sweet hat uhhh thanks uhh what's goin on y'know just chillin can i suck your dick what no no no he's okay gay robot the gay robot gets a little horny cause he doesn't know any gay guys around here oh i see sorry oh i can't believe you dropped that, do something henderson you fat fuck that was very offensive to me why you're not fat i thought you said fag no i wouldn't say that i said fat oh, sorry i guess if you fist fuck me we'll be even no i'm not gay gay robot i thought you said you were no, you know i never said that i know i was just rousing you gay robot's having a good time so how do you think the eagles are gonna do this season gay robot? lets find out, says here due to the entries and eratic weather patterns the eagles will finish a dismal 7 to 9 what? no way the gay robot knows his shit man now will someone blow it on my face nobody's gay here but you gay robot so lets just watch some football alright look i'm not here to bring the party down it's just that i run on semen uh oh without it i could die please help me to live fellas, jerk off in my mouth immediately please my circuits are shorting i'm starting to fade already you're making this up gay robot my bad you got me so does he eat food like human people yeah he can eat food hey you want some tortilla chips gay robot sounds great john, can i dip them in your ass i'm all set thanks oh what the fuck the receptions all fuzzy don't panic i can fix it oh hey that's right i love it work your robot magic fix that shit buddy okay here's the problem my man what is it your cock's not in my asshole maybe you should go home and take a cold shower gay robot alright i'll go, we'll just whack each other off and i'll bail not gonna happen please goodbye fuck you see you pal oh no look what happened, my robo cock fell out of my pants oh shit he's got a boner taste it later fags

Callin' Me

Mac "Shell Shocked"
[Mac Talking] This here a true story about ghetto love This shit that happened to a young nigga like Mac ya heard me Check it [Mac] I met you at a fast food spot with your sista Lookin at my lips like you wanted me to kiss ya Told me your name And I told you Mac We exchanged phone number...Like that Off top you told me that you had a man But we can talk but thats as far as it go and I said I understand Even though I wanted you and you knew I was waiting for this nigga to slip up so you can be my boo I had a wet dream I fucked you and you screamed my name But when I woke up, all I had was some nut stains Your baby daddy was useless and abusive But me I treat you like you was exclusive And even though he gave you drama Long as y'all was together you didnt holla and you knew I was clockin dollas I was mad but it kinda turned me on infact If I was your nigga I guess the next nigga would feel that [Chours] [Background] The pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me Everynight I had to stop myself from fallin g Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me Everynight I had to stop it diggin in my pocket Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me Everynight I had to stop myself from fallin g Callin me callin me Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me Everynight I had to stop it diggin in my pocket Callin me callin me [Phone rings] [Mac] Hello? [Peaches] Hey baby how you doin? [Mac] Who dis is? [Peaches] This me [Mac] Oooohhh baby whats up? [Peaches] Hey I was jus... [Mac] Whats happenin? [Peaches} I was just wondering if you were coming over tonight? [Mac] Well I dont know ya dig. I got studio time all night a shit and I got a flight in the mourning [Peaches] Plleeeasssee? Mac I miss you [Mac] All right I'm on my way [Mac] The first time I hit the cat I aint know how to act It was callin me back [Peaches]mmmm Mac [Mac] Momma told you was no good but you fucked me so good I rushin home from studio session to meet you where ever, no questions Tellin my niggas I'm a holla at ya This camouflage love every other night got me missin flights You started stressin me And you start depressing me But before I could leave you alone you start undressing And I remember seeing Hickies on your neck They wasnt mine I was in Cali on the movie set, babygirl what about respect you said you love me when Im up in them guts We tend to say strange thangs when we cought up in them ???? My nigga Fiend was tellin me you dont deserve me But a niggas gone do what he want to do ya heard me Im a let this go by saying you'll always be apart of me I just cant answer you when that pussy call me [Background of Chours] [Mac talking] And it was like the pussy was just callin me nigga You know what I'm sayin? Real niggas feel me

Mo Fa Me

Devin "The Dude"
(2 guys talking about Devin) Man. They got him in the office again man. Yeah I know. He's been in there for an hour already. And ya know I kinda feel bad for the guy. Damn what do you mean. The fucker clocks in drunk. Man it's his wife and kids; that's who you need to feel sorry for. Yeah I know. And ya know what are they gonna do if he loses another job. Fuckin' alcy. Fuckin' pothead. He owes me $5 anyway. Verse 1: On my way to the job Drunk than a bitch I'm late for work again Damn, boss goin' have a fit He said, This shit been going on For just too damn long I need to go and find some help Or take my drunk ass home And I really don't wanna quit Because see then I can't sit Up on my ass and smoke my grass from unemployment checks And I admit, when I wake up I hit the drank, I blow up But in back of the job I don't bother noone I stay strictly to myself Co-workers know I be blowed So they say my production is throwed And I'm not carrying my load So I go, and share my problems With my friends who be Just as high as I As they pass the doobie to me Who we be, fucked up fool, drunk, blowed, bent When it's time to pay my rent My money's damn near spent I know I'm fucking up my lungs My liver ain't 'bout shit From all the weed And all the alcohol But y'all, I can't quit (2 guys talking) Man, if it was me dog, I'd say, Fuck that job . Man, here. Hit the weed, man. Fuck a job, man. Shit, I'll hit that. Here, I'll hit it. Shit, no weed goin' never tell you nothin' wrong. I've been tellin' you to quit that motherfuckin' job anyways. Yeah, that boss trippin', on my dick anyways. Fuck that nigga. Hell fuck yeah. Want me to kick his ass for you? Fuck it man. Verse 2: See, reefer's like a friend Who free me from my foes Drinking something different today But wearing the same old clothes I guess weed, wine, and women Was the life that I chose But it got hard splitting my dick Between my wife and these hoes So I just smoke An ounce a day, nothing less Spent so many damn dollars That it don't make no fucking sense I went to seek help Thought I was losing my mind The doctor walked in high With some brew and a dime And said, It's your life, nigga Go ahead and enjoy And whenever you need some weed, nigga Just hollar at your boy 'Cause ain't nothing wrong with it, go on on Take these, you need at least 3 cups in the morning Drinking all day Big chiefing at night I keep my eyes red and tight So that my teeth can look white And I can smell it and tell it The weed you have ain't shit But I'll still take a pull And twist the cap on the bull I can't quit (Devin and his doctor talking) Damn, doctor. Is this shit gonna kill me, man? No, no son. No need to panic. It's actually quite good for you. It slows down the structure of white blood cells And cures the flow. It's called nature's illing leaf. The more you smoke it the better you feel. Take another hit. You ain't bullshittin'. You did good. Would I lie to you? Verse 3: Just another day Another fat sweet to get my head right I'm sitting back, my windows cracked I'm chilling at the red light Minding my business But why is this law typing my plates I only gotta dime and ain't got time to catch no case But still she races up to me And stick her nose out in my car Hey bitch, what you looking in my car for? She pointed at the sweet Still burning and said, Aw I had to think quick Pulled out my dick And shoved it in her jaw But like weak times I had to hit the gas Collect my seeds Clean the ash Non-stop, evade the cops They mad because I'm high they not I made the block, screwed up some cop Dipped back on the freeway Threw my empty 40 bottle out When I passed San Felipe We stay blowed, fucked up, drunk, full, bent My kids screaming Astroworld But all my time is spent And you can tell the way I smell My braincells ain't shit From all the weed and all the alcohol But y'all, I can't quit (2 guys talking) That was cool, man. Hey, can I get one of those dranks? Naw, man. I told you about your beer-hoggin' ass. Nigga, go to the fuckin' store. C'mon, man. Can I drink with y'all, man? I can't hear. Goddamn, I can't hear shit. (...?...) Do you have a job? Do you have a job? Hell yeah, I gotta job motherfucker. I just spend all my money buying weed. Ya know, it helps me work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed

Weak Azz Bitch

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
[Chorus x4] When I say weak ass, you say bitch Weak ass, BITCH, Weak ass BITCH [Juicy 'J'] How you feel with this nine mili mill to your grill Haters talkin' lots of shit But they scared of the steel If you want me come and get me Cause I'm real with this here I ain't scared of none of you hoes I ain't never shead a tear In yo hood bumpin' ridin' with a twelve case of beer Ain't no nigga make no moves Get you scared, shook your fear Y2K hit the clock So you know the ending's near One call to them killas and you just might disappear [DJ Paul] Now nigga all in my face hollin' real but real soft Bitch I'm holdin' up this glock Bout to knock your block off You a weak ass bitch And your CD cover show With your fake ass face I been knowin' ya so I know a sissy hoe Yeah know this a triple six city All that MTV and BET got you feelin' shitty Just to think, you used to be my dog Used to be my nigga, now you fake But I stomp on you trick in the grass You little snake bitch [Chorus x4] [Lord Infamous] Uh, In the mood a fucking crowd Make the speakers pound If you niggas wild Knock these bitches out Rumblin' the ground Tramplin' niggas down From the dirty south Where the niggas like it loud Wish ya hypnotized Instagater Fire in my eyes sosate lucky Frank White Ready for the gunfight If you wanna get high Ain't no sympathize Make you sleep till it's judgment night [La Chat] Talk is cheap I hear you talking but you ain't bout your bizz La Chat a mack ain't got no time to play no games with a bitch My motherfuckin' plastic gat we gonna rumblin' shit Then they gon' hit'cha smit'cha get'cha so don't fuck with this shit I know you feelin' when I'm speakin' and I'm speakin' to you Well hoe it's true, who got the proof bitch What you gon' do I keep my mug cuz I'm a thug I left the twink on my grill You got some manner Need to show it Shit you claim that your real [Chorus x4]

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