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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

In The Nolia

Original and similar lyrics
[Juvenile] Say Bubba I'm glad you, gave me the green light so I can write some shit, for my hood And talk about the shit I see Y'knahmsayin? I've been waitin for this chance to do this and express my motherfuckin self, and still make fun at the shit Y'all ready to do this? You might get flipped in the Nolia You might get water whipped in the Nolia And niggaz is a trip in the Nolia They be on some shit in the Nolia Them hoes be twerkin in the Nolia Police be lurkin in the Nolia My pockets be hurtin in the Nolia You gotta be workin in the Nolia I hit my first bitch in the Nolia I hit my first lick in the Nolia I opened up shop in the Nolia I damn near got popped in the Nolia I be up in the cuts in the Nolia Hemmin them niggaz up in the Nolia Oh yeah we stick together in the Nolia Down for whatever in the Nolia [Chorus] Magnolia my home, and it's gon' always be You get a trespassin charge when you fuckin with me Magnolia my home, and it's gon' always be You get a trespassin charge when you fuckin with me [Juvenile] Yeah I was strugglin in the Nolia Came up on nothin in the Nolia Nigga was hustlin in the Nolia Junkies was rushin in the Nolia I done had fights in the Nolia Damn near lost my life in the Nolia We play the porch in the Nolia We hang out in the courts in the Nolia We be on the flight in the Nolia We be up all night in the Nolia I used to live in the Nolia Ever since a kid in the Nolia Nigga gettin busted in the Nolia Some niggaz can't be trusted in the Nolia A nigga got jacked in the Nolia Got stabbed in the back of the Nolia [Chorus] [Juvenile] Nigga shoot dice in the Nolia We fuckin nigga wifes in the Nolia We always act our ass in the Nolia We always have a splash in the Nolia Oh yeah we havin wars in the Nolia Shootin at niggaz cars in the Nolia We all go to ki's in the Nolia We all wear soldierees in the Nolia Dem hoes thick fine in the Nolia We throw second lines in the Nolia We got no cheap in the Nolia Come and holla at my peeps in the Nolia The shit don't ever stop in the Nolia It's always pepper hot in the Nolia We got a lot of thugs in the Nolia But we got a lot of love in the Nolia [Chorus - repeat 1.5X] [Juvenile] Uhh, yeah For my T.C. niggaz, my bootleg niggaz This for my motherfuckin 6th street niggaz My LaSalle street niggaz Yeah, my Belmont niggaz, yeah My Magnolia niggaz Fuck with us you gonna get fucked over nigga For who? This one for my Magnolia niggaz Fuck with us you gonna get fucked over nigga Yeah, believe dat! I can't see it no other way.. [repeats and fades]

Get It Together

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
[Intrumental Intro] One, Two, Three [Zaakir] Yeah, I'm tryin' to get it right, live my life right I want the things that come with the fast life but I don't wanna lose my soul, right? pay with my life I just wanna rock ice with my fresh nikes (yeah, yeah) cuz the girls at the school think I dress nice. (yeah) The real thug niggaz cool with a nigga, right? (that's right) 'Til one day after school, wakin' home, right? (Uh Huh) Them same thug niggaz ran up on a brother, right? With three more I never met in my life. (Damn!) Axed me where I'm from, banged on me, right? (Where you from?) The brothers that I knew was up outta sight (Man they made me get it together, now I ack right.) (Let's get it together) [Mark 7even] Trials and tribulations, both got you accosted Understand I'm not the one, go tap some other resources The road that you travel gon' be paved in some gravel so before you try on jock me understand the shit is rocky I don't mean a boxer, Illy? or Oscar I'm tryin' to spit some game, so your ass can prosper Pay a little dues, do a couple a shows put a mix-tape out, man let's see how it goes My only good advise is to cut your own slice I mean, the world ain't gon' bite, just cause you think you nice How can I be diplomatic when this ain't automatic I'm gonna tell you right, this a roll of the dice (Let's get it together) [Chali 2na] Hey, being (solid?) silent's the first sign if not, being able to follow my first line I dirt-grind on my first, it works fine I'm alert, but I been caught of guard at the worst time. (worst time) Yeah, I get apparent applause but do these people know my character flaws? I get embarassed and pause, meticulous, but never careless because I might be the one standin' on your terrace that falls And you can laugh, but it's therapeutic, to talk about my faults of a rare acoustic, bangin' dove shit We ain't perfect, to fight just ain't worth it despite a stained surface, we gotta retain purpose (Let's get it together) [Akil] I was a pick-a-the-litter, when I was a-little-nigga my pops would turn preacher once my voice got deeper than his. For all the times a nigga would vent I had to listen, he was payin' the rent and what he's sayin', he meant. I'll admit, I was tripin' a bit I was hangin' with different chicks and we be wild'n and shit but I had to get a grip before time ran out or pop starts to trip, start puttin' me out but now I kinda see what he was talkin' about you can't live in somebody house and start airin' it out You got to be your own man and handle your biz and later on you can tell 'em what time it is (Let's get it together)

Cuban Necktie

CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[Verse 1] I do it to ya all like in your earhole, cuz I'ma 'Goodfella' just like Deniro, punk I'm a ten, you just a fucking zero, huh I get your woman off like Robbie Shapiro, what You want jellyroll son, I'm a hero, oh You're on your knees on my dick like a clit hoe then You say you hate me but you follow my carrer though huh Wanna see a trick I make you disappear yo, yo I make it hotter than a fuckin' inferno Wanna test you comin up shorter than DeVito I'll scar your face when I cut you like Pacino You gamble with your life inside of my 'Casino' Hold up I'm runnin shit just like Gambino I got the hogs sweatin' more than Bob Barino I switch tongue buenos caso me camino Then I switch it back cuz in that style I swing yo Beat your head like a drum [SPANISH] I sit back simply pretend I'm regal Slay you any style yeah whatever type of lingo I'm a 'Natural Rhyme Killer' like Tarrantino, yeah [HOOK] Run your mouth, with your chest out Go get you a wreck check, dealt with real quick All that fake tough guy shit, rough guy shit All that rah rah shit, go get your neck slit [Verse 2] Call me breakin' think you know my nigga Dino With the Ratpack nigga sippin on vino I give it to you double XXL like Chino I'm the eastsidah who's reppin Angelino's I know you trippin but I'm due another single, ha Treat the music like my honey got a wrinkle, yeah I'm the mushroom You couldn't hang with a joint from Domingo's So, you gotta make room when you hear my jingle Like I crack your head with the bat, big bambino style You smoked out there in San Bernadino We fuck shit up with the harcore steelo Bandito, light your lighter then a key lo I'm megachron got you wet like a Primo Cancerous rhyme now that you needin chemo Peace to my fam out in El Cerino That's right punk, Better watch your back, who's pilin up cochinos [HOOK 2X] [Verse 3] Killin niggas like a Sicilian named Gino When your numbers up all my nigga yell regal You a fine woman, was a fine Phillipino, then She looked good in the black Benzino, yeah Yo' style's not yours like Doritos With the fabulous fall just like the Beatles Platinum dust oh now you wanna sprinkle, well I clown niggas much more than Melenko's, heh For all the wild ones and all my vecino's Never get your ass caught up with a stank hoe Pussy weigh deeper than a big fucking zinko Don't be mad I'm lookin out for my amigo You wanna copy my style go to Kinko's Watch me reload it just like Carlito My style so dope they should label it illegal You want beef then I call my nigga Steebo Whip your ass up just like Niccoleo Sayin my name burst your mark like 'Tapateo!', punk You can't deal with it, you can't deal with it You can't deal with it, it's Cypress Hill with it [HOOK 2X]

Where Da Paper At

Cha Cha "Dear Diary"
[Cha Cha] Hey yo, you niggaz wasn't expecting me Jump out the S.E. wit Betsy and any one of you broadz dat test me Now lets see if I can keep it heated, when I spit it Where Da Paper At Run it, told you I gotta get it Cuz I'll run thru yo neighborhood, just to find yo address And make you give up everything you got from under your mattress Half you broadz is hectic, dealin with the realest The reason why they got you in this room Without no witness and I'm runnin thru this business No matter who it be So this whole industry better get cool with me Cause see, these men adore me This light skin, manicured, this paper Hand it to her, don't make me get Sandy do it Mandatory and they hate that the reason why I chase that Too late cuz I'm gon get that Ain't nuttin but a 8 stack And ain't no getttin away from that, baby boy, I'm takin that Ain't no sense in statin that (one more time) WHERE DA PAPER AT? [Memphis Bleek] If the war's on, get it on my nigga You gon form the law once the four bark, nigga Plus the crack you sell won't match yo bell You a fifty ride supa, duke, relax and chill Yo I know the street, plus I roll with the heat Bleek wrap niggaz, clap niggaz, go against the fleet If you a poster don, how a nigga can't eat I live ya four plus three feet deep You villinager ass niggaz got one shot the fuck up Finish no album, you done fucked up Get missin, get yo own shit twisted, get felt unidentified Nigga I ain't bullshittin The streets is mine and I'm on a paper chase, caked up wit work Label me a heavyweight, I'm knee deep in crack, keep the gat Sit low in the acc, where dat paper at? [Black Child] Where Da Paper At? Is it in this rap shit? Do I gotta kidnap, peel out and gat slap a bitch? At one point or another I chose to do sticks I couldn't even go for hitin hoez with this dick If I thro you a brick, roll they ballz to nips When I ask where my paper at? Have my chipz If you don't have half my shit, have half this clip Dassit, unless you gon pass yo bitch I'm into pimpin murderin and credit card skams When I was sellin coke I wanted a hundred a grand You want a niggaz smoke I want a hundred and fifty grand I gotta feed my fam, fuck goin hand in hand And my kidz is gon have what I ain't have Like cash that they stashin and bubblez in they bath If you blast, then we blast first For the dinero, we leavin niggaz in the dirt [Berreta] Now how notorious is criminals in Bejing? Been on the run for indictments since 18 Beyond the world seen, corookin, seen the world tooken It's mad how I shook u out the game like hey, gimmie the cash Or I let this glock pop like propane, I touch niggaz from any range Leavin them wet, I got dogz that tap and invest on the internet Get a vet witout a dog, then sell 4000 gatz Muthafuckaz don't undertand what this industry is all about fuck that shit niggaz is crazy, got our blocks open for months There ain't no way to hide bitch, Where da paper, y'all hoez done ran out of town bitch You better have a mil now Or I toss yo wig Turn yo species to allices, now here wintness, real niggaz do real crimes Wit black pieces, my game is at it's deepest and I'm rhymin tight Consecutive low rider, pushin 1.5 Be a part or be a victim, me an yo objective is the same, but me I'm gettin em Like time is mone, nigga, you aint realizin, that every exchange that I cook is in the piein Any market up in the street I'm downisizin, it's all dead in the ear like I'm prizin What.... [Throw Down] Respect the compition my game is con I'm rappin all them niggaz up, dismantlin them in the pond Y'all broadz wanna touch the devil, fuck a Beanie Seag That bitch I slit his throat Money addiction that shit done got me goin around like money listin At hand is what's gon get you and yo man missin See the morgue, give you more of the c-4 under the transmisson Watch him blow for he hit the ground And garanteed if I miss you my man'll get you And fuck who standin wit you when he can he hit you Cause me and Ja hittin them shit that you were scared to do Wit me and Ja runnin yo shit, go shit yop pantz u do It's too late for that? You gon stay for that? Trust me you gon pay for that, nigga where da paper at? [Ja Rule] Come on Come on Ja...the Fallen the world of lights I'm the true so take notice to New York's Finest Y'all gon remember me wit Alzheimers, the unforgettable Thug, slash, political, nigga, slash spirital Not the typical, average mind you're used to Mentality crucail, bitches get it too I'm not hearing you, question is, do you hear me? If not let me introduce y'all to nine Milly It's a damn shame the game you played you lost Gotta kill a nigga on that same line you crossed Wit that line he'll keep his fingers crossed I can't call it, I wasn't the one you wanted to go to war wit And every night I drink about it, baby, I'm turnin alkoholic Gotta shop?, Call it ???? Somebody died for the paper? Not you and I? Nigga and you stay scared, I see it in yo eyez... Uh .....

Hail Mary Remix

[Intro: Eminem] Makaveli, rest in peace Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body Mouth like a 12 gauge shotty (feel me!) [talking in background under the Chorus] And this bitch said he should be The lost forgotten seed of Tupac To lead this industry into the ways of the man Follow me...! Keep my mesh fest its Pac's fest [Chorus: Eminem] Come get me If you motherfuckas want Shady If Pac was still here now He would never ride with Ja Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na [Verse 1: Eminem] You ain't no killa, you a pussy That ecstasy done got you all emotional and mushy Bitches wearin' rags in photos, Ja's words bein' quoted In The Source stealin' Pac's shit like he just wrote it You loud mouth, pray to God hopin' no one's listenin' See 50 comin' for me I'ma guard my, my position No one'll pay attention to me, please Gotti Here I go, give me this pill Ecstasy done got me feelin' so...invincible Now all a sudden I'm a fuckin' mad man who screams like I'm Pac But I'm not, enemies, Hennessy Actin' like I'm great, but I'm fake, I'm crazy Sweat drip get me off this trip, someone stop this train Some say my brain is all corrupted fucked from this shit I'm suck, I'm addicted to these drugs, I'ma quit sayin' motherfuckas names before somebody fucks me up Ain't no pussies over here partner, see you in hell, fucka [Chorus: Eminem] Come get me Motherfucka, if you want Shady If Pac was still here now He would never ride with Ja Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na [Chorus Part 2: Eminem] Get off that E 'Fore you try to come and fuck with me It's Aftermath here now, Shady Records got it locked La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la [Verse 2: 50 Cent] Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers Never realize the precious time that bitch niggaz is wastin' Institutionalize my bitchez bring me product by the bundle Hustle hard for my sale, G-Unit motherfucka, we ballin' Catch me countin' cheese and when I'm callin', do you accept my calls? Still let me sip on Hennessy, can I sip some more? Hell, I done been to jail, I ain't scared Mama checkin' in my bedroom, I ain't there I got a head with no screws in it Motherfuckas thinkin' they can stop 50, they losin' it Lil' nigga named Ja think he live like me Talkin' about he left the hospital took nine like me You livin' fantasies nigga, I been checkin' deposit When your lil' sweet ass gon' come out of the closet? Now he wonderin' why DMX blowed him out Next time grown folks talkin', bitch, close yo mouth Peep me, I take this war shit deeply Done seen too many real niggaz ball to let these bitch niggaz beat me Black Child, you's a motherfuckin' punk and you'll see me with gloves Quit scarin' them fuckin' kids with yo ugly ass mug And you can tell them niggaz you roll with whatever you want But you and I know what's goin' on Nigga payback, Tah, I know yo bitch ass from way back Witness me strap the mac, knew I don't play that All these old rappers tryina advance It's all over now, take it like a man [haha!] Irv lookin' like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick Tryina playa hate on my shit Man, eat a fat dick! Lovin' this shit, that's how you made me Feelin' like I got you niggaz crazy Uh huh, against all odds Hopin' my thug motherfuckas know This be the realest shit I ever wrote Against all odds Up in the studio gettin' blowed To the truest shit I ever spoke [Verse 3: Busta Rhymes] Ay yo, I been one of the most humble Reppin' streets to the core Ay Jeffrey, what the fuck you come and bother me for? It's been a long time comin', like a blessing to check you See, 106 & Park fans don't even fuckin' respect you It's kinda funny, wanna be Pac, wanna fake like he thug Runnin' around talkin' shit that he ain't capable of Now let me off this cock sucka, watch me handle you nigga If I recall, Violator used to manage you nigga They took a closer look and realized you wasn't impostured There's never been a Violator on the Murder Inc. roster, dumbass Now, who shootin'? Awww, made you look! You said Bust' singin' the same old hook? You stupid! If y'all shootin', I take a look at yo man The bitch shot himself in front of Def Jam Chedda bob ass niggaz, start adjustin' yo plan You let the streets down nigga, apologize to yo fans Watched you pull a lil' stunt like we ain't know what it was Lil' faggot, desperate tryina reestablish a buzz I know the shit is drivin' you crazy, you wonderin' how The streets ain't never want you, Beatrice, whachu gonna do now? Now if you wanna beef with me, then I'm beefin' with you I think about the game and what it's like and {*imitating Ja Rule*} 'What would it be without you?' You finished, I ain't tryina repeat this Just 'cause I'm cool, you shouldn't take my kindness for weakness [Busta Rhymes talking] Oh shit... it was fun... Next time you got a problem man... Address me before you try to make the shit a public issue homey... Now I'ma return back to my regular self... And have fun

The Professional

DMX "...And Then There Was X"
[Chorus: DMX] Niggaz won't creep these streets with me cause you know fuckin what these streets'll be Make you wanna.. then I'm gonna.. cause I gotta.. POP POP, POP POP (nigga!) I look through the 11th floor window Take one last puff of the indo (WHAT) Look through the scope, and let like ten go Break it down, back in the briefcase (uh-huh) Wipe the sweat off my face so I can leave safe (UH) Outside I breathe safe (UH) Nigga never saw it comin, that's how he got it (WHAT) Never even thought of runnin, cause a nigga plotted (WHAT) Smart niggaz get niggaz killed for real I know, they make a deal I'm comin with the steel (aight) It's gon' be that cat you don't see that's gon' pop you (uhh) Stop you in your motherfuckin tracks nigga and drop you (uhh) Get rid of all the clothes (uh-huh) dump the gun I hate to be the type of nigga to leave you, slugged and run but I'm on the job and right now there's more niggaz that need to be left with a head full of lead, restin easily (WHOO) And that twenty G's a fee, put to a good use The only excuse I have for what I do is, love of abuse (C'MON!) [Chorus 2X] [DMX] I can catch you in the very building that you live in (UH) Wait until you get right at your door then start spittin (aight) Now they got a ribbon tied to the rail at the top of the steps (what) I was there, you ain't DIE at the top of the steps (aight) I can do that walk behind you shit and follow you home (shhh) Make a noise, you turn around and I put one in your dome (BOOM!) Last thing you saw was chrome and a, flash of light (uhh, uhh, uhh) I blast him right, nigga, that's yo' ass tonight (C'MON!) I could put a bomb in your car and watch it explode (BOOM!) then make em call, tell em all they found was a piece of your clothes and a small piece of your nose and, bone from your arm which they really couldn't tell apart, because of the bomb I could be waitin, camped out in yo' car, in the backseat with some fuckin chickenwire, soon as you hit the backstreet I jump up like Jack-in-the-Box, strangle the shit out yo' ass (BLEH) clean up the mess and, get away from the cops [Chorus 2X] [DMX] I could be the UPS delivery boy (uh-huh) or the man workin at Toys'R'Us handin yo' kid a brand new toy (true) I could be the one servin your food wherever you go to eat at or that nigga on the corner that you ask, 'Yo, where the weed at' I could be the one drivin the schoolbus that yo' kids in except that, I don't like to involve, women and children (aight) A nigga got feelings, I just put em aside and when it's time for me to do my job, I just ride I don't get much sleep (uh) my soul's tormented (uh) I wish it was a lie but everything I said I meant it I know I'm doin wrong and everyday I beg the Lord to forgive me for fuckin with the, double-edged sword Shit ain't goin too well, BUT THAT'S MY LIFE I know I'm goin to hell, BUT THAT'S MY LIFE Sometimes I think what will I do, WITH MY LIFE Kill nigga kill this IS MY LIFE [Chorus 2.5X]

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