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JUVENILE lyrics - Project English

4 Minutes

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Hot Boys) [B.G.] You know we don't drop hits, uh-uh We drop classics nigga, uh-huh Cash Money, c'mon, get at me nigga Nigga thuggin, is in my blood and my genes All the niggaz I fuck with they bling bling But yet it's my block my hood my set nigga Uptown is the spot where you get put to the test nigga Best be bout unloadin a Tec nigga You better protect your head, fuck the chest nigga I run with the killers guerillas and the headbusters I grew up with murderers and hustlers you can't trust 'em I been cut-throatin niggaz for a while now I stay to tapin and whoopin ballers who got plots of birds or chickens or ki's or bricks, whatever Click clack! I got to have it, no matter what, the, situation be I'm bout my fetti my dollars my loot my grip my green UPT 13 and CMB is what I represent for life and I'm H-O-T nigga (4, minutes, left!) [Juvenile] Dis bitch off the hook! Nigga never sleep Dis bitch full of crooks, they hunt for the weak Niggaz comin home tryin to hit 'em a lick Wanna bounce from a quarter ounce up to a brick Dem old side niggaz, them new side niggaz Might get loaded but they do ride niggaz They stuck in line, but right after it's all over The block party jumpin at Washington in Magnolia They smokin weed, they slangin D they sellin ki's While bitches shakin they ass in the middle of the street You representin It better be M-A-G Or niggaz gon' get mad and, never let you leave A bill mine, 6th Street and Hadley Willow Street, Robertson and T.C. It's on fire from the wars they cause A bunch of ignorant motherfuckers wearin camoflauge (3, minutes, left!) [Lil Wayne] Yes, one-seven nigga, look Niggaz step down to the nasty, filthy, dirty Holly Grove, Carrington, 17 you heard me Need them, birdies You should see Weezy Prices, cheaper than the average, ki's be We be, thuggers, stunners, hustlers Kidnap mothers, rape with no rubbers What the, hell What is that I smell No it's not but it's a dead body by the canal My grill, platinum; necklace, platinum Rolex, platinum; Hot Boy, ask him Blunts, we pass 'em; guns, we have 'em We do not flash 'em unless we gon' blast 'em My clothes, Rees, Tees, Girbauds Fo'-fo's, semi-automatic calicos Brrrrrrr! Reload - *tch-chk* explode Let it be told, I'm from Holly Grove, what (2, minutes, left!) [Turk] Look.. look, look Plenty got diamonds in my Rolex Two karats on my finger, ten around my fuckin neck It's a must everyday that I keep my pockets fat Got so many haters that's why I stay strapped on my gat I bust back back leave yo' bitch ass flat Trust that if you play with me I dress in black That's a fact don't make me click up with Karen and Brad-Brad() You head your lose that, ain't no comin back back, I'm tellin you Play with me your people people gon' be smellin you Make me pop and throw, six niggaz gon' carry you People don't have no money they can't bury you Don't have no insurance you be in the freezer a week or two Bought that insurin yourself cousin Get it how you live it nigga when they come cousin Gun I'ma peel it nigga you can run cousin Gun click get hit and you get stung cousin, stung cousin (I hope you got the message!)

Suck My Dick

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
Uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh To all my motherfuckin' gettin' money hoes Used to clothes And all my ghetto bitches in the projects Coming through like bulldozers No, we ain't sober Bum bitches know better than to start shit Niggas love a hard bitch One that get up in a nigga's ass quicker than an enema Make a cat bleed then sprinkle it with vinegar Kidnap the senator Make him call his wife and say he never coming home Kim got him in a zone beating they dicks Even got some of these straight chicks rubbing their tits [*laughs*] What I'm loving this shit Queen Bitch! What bitch you know can thug it like this Imagine if I was dude and hittin' cats from the back With no strings attached Yeah nigga, picture that! I treat y'all niggas like y'all treat us No Doubt! Ay yo, yo Come here so I can bust in ya mouth [1 - Lil' Kim (Mr. Bristal)] (Ay yo, come on here bitch) Nigga FUCK YOU (No, FUCK YOU BITCH) Who you talking to (Why you actin' like a BITCH) Cause y'all niggas ain't shit And if I was dude I'd tell y'all to suck my dick [Repeat 1] [Lil' Kim] No, no, no, no All I wanna do is get my pussy sucked (Nigga!) Count a million bucks in the back of an armor truck While I get you fucked up off the T.O.N.Y. The BX, the chron-chron And the list goes on and on (On and on and on) Like Erykah Badu Once he drink the Remi down Ooh I got this nigga now He asked me did I love him I said what came to mind like niggas be doing Yeah baby, I love you long time Look I ain't tryin' to suck ya I might not even fuck ya Just lay me on this bed and give me some head Got the camcord layin' in the drawer where he can't see Can't wait to show my girls he sucked the piss out my pussy Been doin' this for years, no need to practice Take lessons from the Queen and you'll know how to mack this Niggas know he gave me all his cake I peeled the Benji's off and threw the singles back in his face [Repeat 1 (2x)] [Lil' Kim] I'mma keep it real For the dough I might kill I'm try-na see my face on a hundred dollar bill Met this dude name Jaleel at this Abdulla fight He said he'd pay me ten grand just to belly dance Cum all on his pants I met him at the studio He showed up with his homeboy named Julio I said 'Whoa! Who's the other guy' Hope you know you paying extra for this fuckin' third eye Something about him, I knew he was a phony Put the burner in his mouth 'Fool, Give me my money!' He was just a nigga frontin' like he knew mad stars In his homeboy's whips like he got mad cars Niggas ain't shit but they still can trick All they can do for me is suck my clit I'm jumpin' up and up after I cum Thinkin' they gon' get some pussy but they gets none [Repeat 1 fade out]


JACKI-O "Poe Little Rich Girl"
[Jacki-O] Daum this must be the remix, remix, remix, remix Goin to town, Drum major, Jacki-O, T double D [Trick Daddy] I am the champion King ding-a-ling Say my name for the dick I sling Go on head bitch do yo thang and Remember this ho you my bitch You stuck forever I fuck whatever And fuck whoever you better not never Pimp shit and that's all I know Go on and run ya mouth you ol' no good ho [Jacki-O] Nigga I'm from down south I'll suck ya dick (ok) And I'll spit it in ya mouth Nigga's like you be closet freaks Nigga's sell pussy and you beg me to skeet You a freak I'm gone pee on it Get off the chains Tie you up and and spank ya You got a dick like a four year old (awl) I understand why you fuck with dildo's [Trick Daddy] Hoe I'm sick of yo shit Gone run ya mouth Come suck this dick Bitch I know all about cha pash Ya like it ruff and tough And then straite up ya ass Bitch you bad, I can't lie about that Be good to what you do and you do lick ass [?] and tattoo You go both ways O yeah too [Jacki-O] How many nuts I gotta bust in ya face Befor you shut up Type of nigga that like they whole head wet up I drive ya six I [?] that shit Spend all you end and you talk that shit Suck me, fuck me throw me some doe All that shit you talk don't faze a hoe I like me head slow Make it happen Pop a pill cause a bitch make it snappen [Chorus x2: Trick Daddy] Keep doing what you doing bitch Keep doing what you doing slut Keep doing what you doing Keep suckin fuckin and screwin bitch [Trick Daddy] Hoes these day Go threeway Prefer to have sex with a bisexual Trisexual habitual sex affenda love that dick up in ya Bitch I bet you love to fuck three nigga's Bitch I bet you love that feelin' I Bet you eat dick for dinner Bet cha wash I down with cum save some for 'morrows So speed it up when you eat it up I like mines sloppy jollpy Bitch I ain't boo ya pretty proppa Bitch I'm a thug we can fuck on the carpet [Jacki-O] If I suck ya dick it a cum fast Cuz I'mma stick my thumb in ya ass See pussy make cash And cash make proda And excada and porsh boxers Off them boxer put on a thong Tripple X nigga tripple yo X nigga Jacki-O like it hard and rough See you playin with this pusy And nigga you gotta fuck me Shit I got pussy like sunshine Proda twa and the head game on lock Climb on the wall Tear off my draws and we can fuck like dogs [Chorus x4: Trick Daddy] Keep doing what your doing bitch Keep doing what your doing slut Keep doing what your doing Keep sucking and fuckin and screwin bitch 2 is always better than 1!

Don't Trust

JUICY J "Blue Dream & Lean 2"
Who I be? Juicy J One bitch won't do shit, I gotta fuck two a day Always 'bout gettin' paid Paper chasin' and I can't let a single dollar get away Blowin' money like weed smoke Spend a couple bands just to make it all double back On the block like a running back Put the chopper at your ass, have your tough ass runnin' laps These niggas beefin' with each other over lame ass hoes Seen the same bitch suckin' dick in the club for some Rosé Mo A few words of advice better keep my name off your tape, young nigga I got niggas that'll kill for me, if I say the word they gon' pull that trigger Once again, I be goin' in I be at these niggas necks like a violin Nigga fucked up, gotta go and try again 1-800-GET-RICH, broke nigga dial in Let me tell you people what a boss is You ain't rich if you still got broke friends Cause you know they still hate on a nigga Tryna get some money, they gon' send you up a river [Hook:] I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas I don't get caught up though I pull them triggers Cause I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas How can a nigga trust any one of you clowns? When my own family let me down Everybody in this mothafucka, hands out Bullseye on a mothafucka's grands out Sore thumb swag, niggas know I stand out Pull up in the Casper, then the bitches ran out Neck shine like police lights Niggas lookin', say we hood light street life, beef's cookin' Flash money 'round ratchet hoes, they gon' steal it Bitch fuck with my money, somebody gettin' killed Gotta watch these niggas, gotta watch these bitches I trust my chopper to watch my riches Sewed the game up like stitches Fuck snitches, you niggas comin' up short like midgets I try to keep the shit one thousand With the niggas who kept it one thousand I'ma hustle, fuck loungin' When I didn't have shit, you didn't come around then Thought she was my bitch, she was your bitch Her bitch, his bitch, a for sure bitch You caught feelings, now you wanna kill her Don't get upset, dog, that's just the real her These bitches love givin' head, love spendin' bread Sellin' pussy on the low, what you said? [Hook]

In The Stars

[Intro: Juicy J] Play me some pimpin', man [Hook: Wiz Khalifa] Uh, hundred thousand for the car, uh Smokin' weed, I'm in the stars, uh Just bought it, now I need a Porsche, uh Juicy geeked up off them bars Smokin' weed, I'm in the stars [x8] [Verse: Juicy J] Taylor Gang in the strip club, ballin' out If you see a pussy nigga, gon' call 'em out My Bugatti outside, that's real money I got niggas in my circle that'll kill for me I take your life savings, spend it on a watch Made an anthem for them strippers, put it on the charts Pass that Grey Poupon, rich nigga talk Gettin' that white folk money, what the fuck you thought? Hell nah, I ain't shit Ain't no broad I can't hit Ain't no weed I haven't smoked Ain't no car I can't get Ain't nowhere I haven't gone No kind of rack I haven't spent If you ain't gon' blow it all, why the fuck you have it then? I make your bitch pay for the zip I let your bitch swallow my dick I let your ho ride in my car I took that bitch straight to the stall I took that bitch down to my greenhouse And let the ho leave with a jar I let the bitch open my rap book, and watched her sniff a bar [Hook: Wiz Khalifa] [Outro: Juicy J] Man, I'm high as a fool, man You know what it is You know I always get this money! 24/7 grind, bruh So, uh, let these hoes know They get more bread More rides Going to the mall And buying everything, all big-faced bills We gon' do that shit high as fuck So damn fucked up We gon' call your bitch, nigga [Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

Oh Father

I was that cool motherfucker but living in the world of these cruel motherfuckers society they made me a fool motherfucker and sixteen shots leaving the pussies taking cover huh I'm sorry mother motherfuckers just ain't like me the fucking grave by twenty one is so likely a million letters from the penn niggaz writing me fuck the system the DEA sellin all the damn yay so I pray them fuckers die and when they leave let them pussy motherfuckers fry and make they families eternally have to cry and crucify me and label me the n ride I testify I'm ready Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [repeat 4X] Statistics said I wouldn't live to see the grey in my head there is to much drama in theses streets to much heat and she said wont let the feds red said they want no dust in my tomb so I keep my eyes red and I stay in my room I'm prayin soon that my income cause income is halted if you got then I got it but anyone can talk it and i thought it was simply me but it's universal cause this shit's the real deal try to feel the commercial america tell me where is the freedom of liberty this place ain't meant for me so I got a quarter key and move it like ryder trucks those crackers are already stuck a path for my niggaz because my niggaz ain't give a fuck bout nothin they had to say we always move tha yay your game but we can play and lucifer better pray that I do not do what i just planned to do yesterday I sware to god in Georgia Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [repeat 4X] This is for my folks in Cuba This is for my folks in Jamaica This is for my folks in Africa, we ready Them crackers had me fucked up I scooped a job for a minute but couldn't deal with the pay I quit that shit in a day back on the grind servin my yay nothing to say but I tried I'm told there is a better way but who going to pull me inside they in they ride disappointed because I had bad luck I ain't ever goin to sell this shit my nigga I'm stuck my people roll they window up and then they hit and they lock its fucked up but thats the way it is down here on the block man everyone servin some rocks if not some rocks some weed everybody's trapped high I cant afford the heat its kinda neat how they just creep and kick the door off the hinge and when theses motherfuckers leave they taking all of my friends no way to win cause we are in for the ride of our lives I was writing this shit I had to wipe my eye cause this is chaos they after us we'll never succede cause we some ignorant niggaz but all we need is to see I guarantee if we stop competing get our children off these fucking streets and get 'em to reading now I'm just speaking shit who am I to tell anyone I'm telling ya there ain't nothing new up under the sun you got your gun well fuck ya gun if you goin run when they chase ya why don't you do some of that crazy shit threathen tha basser now or later we going to have to stand up and fight we pay the taxes in this bitch nigga use your rights now I know I ain't right but ill be damned if I'm wrong they say two wrongs don't make a right but it is making me strong and when I'm gone I hope this song rang in your heart my nigga ain't no better time then right now to start Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready [echoes] [repeat 4X]

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