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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Slow Motion

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Soulja Slim) [Soulja Slim:] Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me, Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me [Chorus (Soulja Slim X2)] Uhhh, I like it like that, she working that back, I don't know how to act, Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, Slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me, [Verse 1 (Soulja Slim)] I'm a dick thrower, her neck and her back hurting, Cut throat will have her like a brand new virgin, Its like when she gets used of it, then you start serving, Hop on top and start jiggy-jiggy jerking, Slow down for me, you moving too fast, My fingers keep slipping, I'm trying to grip that ass, Keep being hard headed and I'ma make you get on me, Got a human up disguise but my face is a doggy, If You loving my bark, let me bury my bone, I got four or five bad married bitches at home One of my bitches fell in love with that outside dick, That outside dick keep them hoes sick, like [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] Its like I got the world in my palm, your girl up under my arm She fucked up from the charm, She love the way the dick still hard from 12 till early in the morn, fine bitches if you listening you heared me i'm strong, If you going through your cycle I ain't with it i'm gone, you must've heared about them hoes that I beat up in my home, They wasn't telling the truth baby you know they was wrong, Now, make it official and drink some of that Dom, I don't mind buying blue, you riding too, don't be asking a nigga question bout where I'm driving you, Lil mamma my shit together I ain't jiving you, I don't think that nigga could do you better than I could do, you know The Juvenile from cross the street by the derby, Same nigga used to be runnin' with Rusty and Kirby, Can a playa from tha nolia get a chance with it, but I can't bounce with you without using my hands with it [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 (Soulja Slim and Juvenile)] [Soulja Slim] Slow Motion, she open, I'm hopin' she don't leave my dick broken, with brush burns and swollen, I'm toting she don't wanna make me out and believe her, I guarantee I'ma see ya when I see ya, And just don't holla out my name like we was all in, Yo pussy throwback, and you know that, So stop stunt'n, slow motion for a real nigga, I'm gone off that incredible potion and i'ma deal with you [Juvenile] I like how them Victoria Secrets sit in that ass, Lemme pour some more hyp and hennesy in ya glass, Would I be violating, If I grabbed me handfull, I'm knowing whats happening, all I want is a sample, Who you wit I'm in a rental today, Its going down at the Hamptown Inn and I remember the way, Less money we spend on bullshit, the more for the weed Whats it gonna take for you to come in slow motion with me like, [Chorus X2]

Fuck Big Boy

B.G. "B.G.'Z True Story"
[First Verse-Tec-9] I'm back again, reppin' and I got my four ten Doin' you in when I creeps and spin the bin Now the heat is on I'm comin' to get'cha Went through the 17th and couldn't even find ya Come to find out, that you were fat mouthin' and you'z a hoe The only time you seen the 17th is at a show Jealous muthafuckas wanna be like me I represent that 3, the capital T-E-C You bitches better keep my name out'cha mouth Before I get a bag of that fire and wait outside your house Nigga, I catch a drain, ain't no motive, ain't no blame on what I do ya Cuz I'ma fuck over you Now what's up? Cuz I don't think you ready to see no blood Fuck all that asshole and leave ya fuckin' head swollen I hit like floods, better yet, I stick like mud Them bitches P-N-C, I leave'em in a pool of blood Partners-N-Crime, y'all some bitches, y'all some snitches You stupid clown, Chuck got'cha riches [2nd Verse-B.G.] Partners you bet not do no crime, Get no time and go to JAIL Cuz in that two man cell, best believe you gone get NAILED Mystikal you'z a hoe, it's time I Iet'cha know Y'all ain't ready for Local five, got a boot camp fulla hoes I'm gat totin', ready to leave your heart open Bullets floatin', hot nine chambers smokin' Uptown, ya bound to get y'all wig split Y'all represent a 17th set that don't even exist Now that's a shame, you reppin' just to get a name You can't survive in this game cuz you niggas lame I'm ready to take it to some G shit, street shit Where caps get peeled, and wigs bound to get split I'm off Valence, ain't no doubt this B.G. ain't real I'm bout to *hic* hiccup some bullets out my fuckin' steel Peel, make niggas kneel, bow down From this clown that's gonna put you six in the ground. It's time a nigga put Big Boy where the fuck they belong Rollin' wit Tec-9 snortin' dope best believe it's on [Chorus-Tec-9] Partners-N-Crime you ain't nothin' but bitches Lick on the nuts and suck the dick [Chorus-Lil Wayne] Big Boy know, they ain't nothin' but hoes [Chorus-B.G.] You can jump up on this dick, like a morphodyke, BIATCH! [Chorus] [3rd Verse-Lil' Wayne] Say Ah ha, Ah ha , yeah you thought it was funny When you tried to rap, hunt, stunt, front, on Ca$h Money You must have been jealous of that title that we holdin' Try to rep on that Local 580 You must have been too loaded, too loaded, too loaded They tried to pull a lil' stunt, on that Local 580 Wanna be Pimp Daddy, Lil' Slim, and Baby They put that whole CMR all up in they rap They had us on they first tape and they proceed to sweat So let's show them wannabes what we made of nigga Try to knock a B.G., I'ma spray a nigga Swear to God you was hard, but you don't want none of me Cuz I'm a little-bitty killa off Amelia East So put two and fall, see I ain't with that boy Cuz all I do is grab my 9 and break a nigga off Somethin' proper, I will make you droppa I'ma baby gangsta, not no P-poppa This is dedicated to niggas that be fakin' Tryed to rock the crowd for the turf but couldn't make it It was complicated so how you gonna rock them? While they was busy doin' the Hike and Eddie Bow'n I'ma stand my ground even though you try to bring me down Cuz I'ma Ca$h Money clown from that Uptown, and I'm bout it Nigga you know you not bout it, Come around my way I'ma have to get ROWDY [4th Verse-B.G.] Damn, I hate a busta bitch talkin' shit But when drama time come they scared to do it Throw them thangs talkin' hard in the Mic Say it in my face, be a man, and let's fight Take it to the street with a real baby G I'ma show ya I came bust caps send ya six feet I ain't bout none of that playin' or assholin' Nigga I'm splittin' wigs, leavin' heads swollen Mystikal slippin' and on the pavement you get laid Light up through ya hoe, I'ma grab you by them dookey braids Put'cha head down, cuz I heard about'cha In Desert Storm, Uncle Sam got that mouth up out'cha So let me get that out'cha bitch, I'ma run in your shit, cuz I'm a 13th nigga and I'm bout it [Chorus]

They Want My Money

C-Murder "Trapped In Crime"
Artist: C-Murder Album: Trapped in Crime Title: They Want My Money feat. Mac, Mia X (Thug talkin to a Bitch) (Chorus) [Mac] 2x Bitches want my money They want my time All they gonna get Is a dick up in they mouth Bitches want my money They want my time [she only want the finer things] All they gonna get Is a dick up in they mouth (C-Murder) Now to all y'all gold-diggin' bitches Tryin to fuck a nigga cause a nigga got riches Dollar signs, yeah I see 'em in your eyes Everything up out your mouth is a muthafuckin' lie U's just like a black cat when I see you in my path I get bad luck girl, you know you're down, beg You say you want a Rolex, wan' brake a nigga off Cause when I get the pussy I'ma leave you in the mall You think you're in love but you're in love with my money If I didn't have a dollar, bitch you wouldn't holler So meet me at the 'tele, let me see what you're about Cause all you gon' get is some dick up in your mouth You dig... (Chorus) 2x (Mia X) First of, I can never have your dick in my mouth You need tweezers just to pull the little fucker out C you 'bout stuntin for them niggas when you know you get your sweat on Down to put your face in my pussy, I call you 'tampon' Crab on my style, call me up all day But 5 minutes, so what To watch you pre-ejaculate, you talk the tit's are fake Yet you tryin to act bad Fuck around and get a mouth full of (?) Gimme the face cash, I ain't tryin to spend no time You can kick it with your mama, I just want the dollars Mia X's be makin show you niggas cum correct I want it all from stole' money to the (?) cheques (Chorus) 2x

Hood Bitch

[Verse 1: Azealia Banks] I smoke and get high like Project Pat Leave a nigga in the trap like a project rat You wanna fuck with my money bust a hole through ya hat And leave you rotting in the sewer, you the water on tap Cause me and my bitches don't play no more Bum rush a nigga while he picks the juice at the store Get him for his Christian Diors and Mauri gators Niggas called the cops so he said "Come in, chasers" Jesting every fucking skater for his skateboard Wearing BBC denim, nigga, I'm a take yours I'm a shake floors in my dry denim jeans Black tee, black hair, and my lip gloss clean I move like scene when I dip across the abstract Got makeup leave the ticket on the dash I'm looking for the cash cause I'm tryna' cop the double-trunks Boys act stupid so you know I've got to double-bump [Hook: Lime] You're a woman like no other You lift me when I'm down and blue You make me care for you every day There's no other in my life but you Yeah, yeah [Verse 2: Azealia] You like the way Sevens stay up on my hip But the nigga don't never got something in they clip Grip-grip got the chrome zip aimed at your lip Never seen a young bitch pop like this Yup, and the niggas really like this Nameplate in the middle of my nice tits Diesel and I'm higher than your flight is On Verde day y'all playin' where the kites is Stay steamin' where the sites is Y'all bitches still gleaming at the prices See through females like a psychic She's mad cause her man wanna pipe this She could fuck around and get chopped into slices Body parts in the gutter where the crap dice is And that one'll be a cold case They found her head, it was missing her whole face See I'm a scratch city And I reach for the tech and spray I spray just like Air Wick and Glade But you won't smell white lilies and sage Wow this little girl sounds insane I've been listening to Wayne and piffing up the brain Long black weave and a few gold chains Semi-automatic and some real good brain [Hook: Lime] [Bridge: Azealia] I spit heavy on the beat like I'm tryna' get the taste out Them other niggas on it like they got the cake mouth Seventeen, been hot since I came out Got every whack rapper shaking like a change pouch I make out then I send a nigga's face off Then to the left, boy you gotta break out Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you And the fifth will leave pool on the floor with you Bitches better get like me Fuck love I keep a couple tricks up my sleeve So when one leaves another nigga's in the elevator So take the stairs, not the elevator [Hook: Lime]

Slow Ride

SUBLIME "Second Hand Smoke"
She takes her time when it's time to get ready always has her way always leaves me waitin by the phone she told me more than once to take it slow and i said ok but lately i've been sleeping all alone. I'm not breakin up inside i'm much too proud to moan. ba-by, please come home. I feel a little lucky so I try to play it cool I think she laughs inside with words that burn like fire in my mouth try to be a man like I got the master plan, night out on the town oh drinkin, dancin, we can turn it out. Wooah maybe it's how your body moves I just don't know. maybe, it's just the way you move so slow. dials... phone rings... girl: hello Bradley: Hi it's me girl: I thought I told you not to call me here Bradley: I know, I just really needed to talk to you girl: Get a clue babe, there's nothing to talk about Hangs up... dial tone... Ask me why I play myself, play myself for a fool swear that I would do most anything hey, huh walk a mile just to, see her smile walk a mile just to, rock for a while and babe, I'm thinking with my ding-a-ling whoa, I've been doin some thinking now I just don't know maybe it's just the way you move so slow maybe cuz you move so slow maybe cuz you move so slow But sittin on the verge of tears does not become my 22 years, you took my shame and you took my pride, and now you're gonna take me for a slow ride but-ah--uh-waiting, waiting on the phone you got words that burn like fire in my mouth Come on down, reggae style, wind up your body like a bass line wild. Drinkin, dancin, we can turn it out. whooooaaaaaaaaaaa I'm not goin crazy but I just don't know maybe, it's just the way you move so slo-ow maybe cuz you move so slow maybe cuz you move so slow like love. move nice and slow. SLOWRIDE! SLOWRIDE! SLOWRIDE!

Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here (Remix)

ICE CUBE "Kill At Will"
[Flavor Flav] Stay off his dick! Nigga, some don't think I can flow, so here we go to a new track, to show the wack, that I can throw styles that show up, I blow up and blast here Niggaz still trippin off the shit I said last year About a bitch is a bitch is a hoe is a slut And I don't like niggaz on my nuts! So I dedicate this one to the groupie And the Charlie, all on my Snoopy Brothers keep askin, 'Ice Cube yo when will you bust' They surround me and make a big fuss Now I was taught, back on my block That you don't ride on nobody's jock for anything they do, FUCK him and his crew Unless, you were gettin paid too! I'm not saying this to diss each and every fan Women you can ride, man be a man! Shake my hand, and make it a FIRM shake Say, 'Whattup Ice Cube' and then break Cause if you're hangin there I'ma tell you loud and clear Get off my my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here [cut n scratch of Flavor Flav saying 'stay off his dick' and Ice Cube saying 'all on my Snoopy'] [cut n scratch of Flavor Flav saying 'yo yo check this out' and Ice Cube saying 'I'ma tell you loud and clear'] [Ice Cube] Motherfucker, back up off me I'm not signin no autographs, I'm not givin no free t-shirts And I'm not HAVIN none of this bullshit you're talkin YouknowhatI'msayin ('Get off my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here') I step into the club, to rub-a-dub It seems like all the little hoes fall in love with my money, cause yo about a year ago I was just your ordinary average everyday crazy ass bro But you know, I just can't be equal Cause they know, I know a lot of famous people But to a one-night stand, there's no sequel Here's the pickle, pretend it's a popsicle See for a fat booty, I do damage They think I'm a star, so I take advantage It's just another Ice Cube groupie test She's a hoe cause they knew her at the front desk Told her to meet me, at the room 110 And the bitch showed up, with her boyfriend I let him in, all he could do was grin He had a camera, a t-shirt, a pad and pen He said, 'Yo Ice Cube, can you sign this' I only did it cause his bitch was the finest She blew me a kiss and gave a bitter frown Like - how can we get rid of this clown Me and her sat down, he got a little jealous Cause his punk ass sat in the middle of us And he asked me question after question It felt like a motherfuckin interview session Then his girl got up, I heard the do' shut And he was still there, swingin from my nuts I said, 'Get the FUCK out!' and made it loud and clear Get off my dick nigga, and tell your bitch to come here I see me about ten mark ass motherfuckers fans knock on the door, talkin about whassup Yo man, it was about a hundred and twenty dicks man Niggaz start, niggaz comin out of hotel rooms without no bitches! They can get gaffled like they in a motherfuckin raffle Punk ass [Ice Cube] Yo, I respect the respectable If your girl is all on my dick, check the hoe Say, 'Yeah that nigga he can rap fly But you know, stars are up in the sky' Cause all I got is hard dick, and bubblegum Just ran out my last stick is where I'm comin from I'm not tellin you to diss Mr. Ice Cube Cause you know, I'm the one that can show and prove Now groupie girls, I just make em wait But the groupie boys, I can't tolerate I hate it so much, I'ma start givin stitches to the niggaz that's starin like bitches Cause I'm not a fairy, a Mary or a faggot Gimme the eye, I'll fly, and tag it Now you see Jockin ain't healthy Cause you think that I'm young and I'm wealthy With juice, so I see you try to run behind But I'ma tell you punk, you gets none of mine Cause I was taught, see a fool, use a fool by the niggaz who terrorized the old school So don't try me or buy me a beer Just stay off my dick nigga [echoes]

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