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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Outside (Skit)

Original and similar lyrics
[Man 1:] Man, bitch i just bumped into my dawg juve, now bitch he gave me 3 invitations to his big bash tonight. [Female:] Who Juve!? [Man 1:] Yeeeah, man. What, you aint know? [Female:] Whaaaaat, i know a bitch can be down. [Man 1:] Man you can be down, you can come around, you can sit down. I'll tell you what... you be ready for 12 midnight, exactly midnight, cause I - I got a invitation at 6, we got to be.. in there. [Female:] Fo sho, imma get me in there. [Man 1:] Yeah you got that, i'll tell you what... you just go home and get sexy... and uhh, we gon' come and get you tonight. [Man 2:] Man i dont know why you done sold that broad that dream, man. [Man 1:] Man, what you talkin bout? [Man 2:] You know you dont know them people, man ! [Man 1:] Now there you go again with this foolishness man. [Man 2:] Man you aint know them people 3 years ago man. We got chased off the port, I done been - been, chased by chinese people. [Man 1:] You didnt get caught! [Man 2:] Yeah, you got cornered too, but we still didnt get in the party man. [Man 1:] I- I handled that, I- I took care of that though. But look, i'll tell you what... look at this- [gets cut off by man 2] [Man 2:] Yeah, you got beat up to take care of it, man !! They- they beat you so bad.. they had to let us in. And then the party was over after we walked in. [Man 1:] I was the superstar that night, though. [Man 2:] Yeah, you was super stupid. [Man 1:] I might've walked funny, but I was the superstar that night. [Man 2:] Super stupid. Imma roll with you, cause you my dawg. [Man 1:] Right, right, thats all- thats all im ask- thats all im asking, thats all im asking. [Man 2]: Cause I know we aint gettin in this party, cause I know you dont know none of them people. [Man 1:] Man, I know Juvenile, I know his brother, I know lil... I-I-- [gets cut off by man 2] [Man 2:] Whats his brother name? [Man 1:] Ummm..- [gets cut off by man 2] [Man 2:] Man, you dont know them people. [Man 1:] Alright, I..., man you aint even much gotta cut me off like that. [Man 2:] Cause you dont know 'em, man. [Man 1:] Alright, alright, alr-.. Imma know 'em tonight though. [Man 2:] Alright bruh. What time you want me to pick you up, dawg? [Man 1:] I told her 12, so you can come get me for.. 11:30, so it can look like I'm driving. [Music fades off.]

Spread Yo Shit

[obie] I didn't did my share of dirt Flip my share of work A nigga that lived and Slit through terror turf Did it big with clever workers Who hit the crack In the back bottled up in that gerber glass For what its worth i aint told to have Im just ramblin', yall dick handling Tellin my past and you dont know me Niggas the names obie I'm about to expose these muthafuckers [kon artist][chorus] While I was down you had lots to say You should mind ya business and walk away Talking about me trying to find a way To spread yo shit 'round town I ain't really got time for you And all that ignorant shit you do Niggas need money and i do too That's why i aint fucking with you [obie] I wonder would he pass for passive For massive ass kicks inflicted It can happen that quick when spittin shit Rapidly laying yo fag ass click For running your lips like a bitch All i know its something that gotta give Niggas i gotta live, its not a perogative Don't speak on the kid Live your speach or ridge in the streets Its so optional but i would be logical Cause when i lodge at you Its not a hospital operating Poppin' them hot slugs out yo abdominal Now yo momma got a funeral attendance Just for mentioning obie trice the henchman All i wanna do is make music and bitch, man Get up the same way the same shit did jason Give your hate up the AK's is spraying Muthafucker's aint playin [chorus] [obie] Thats why i dont fuck with you cats Cuz its all rap with yall But this is not an act at all *not an act* Run your trap get clapped and fall Spread rumors recieve malignant tumors Dont confuse music with us crews Adhesive patches wont cover the bruise Channel 2 anchors wont cover the news They never give a fuck when its beef between crews All i know is obie payed his dues made his moves Bitch niggas hate the truth They rather see me laid in the body booth Deep six riding so the ask at you Thats why i dont fuck with yall Youre running your jaws and that really sucks for yall Talk behind backs but never to a dog Wouldnt that irritate your balls [chorus]x2

All About The Music

BLAZIN' SQUAD "In The Beginning"
[Flava] [Chorus] Nobody wants blood to be spilt, its all about the music love writes hits, the mics they get used when people write lyrics for opinions of the critics that makes the world spin so. [Rocky B] Lightning dont strike in the same place twice, fight to death call it suicide. Im a warrior, a death match courier, sorry now you're gonna be sorrier, wanna hate what ya dont understand, acting bait coz im fightin' your clan, iron fist when i tighten my hand, so enlighten your manz, brighten the stands, coz you're hiding and prang, your breaders aint killing me, rocksimus whos killing me, blazin' up caught chilling G, coming back like a trilogy, you and your boyz wanna deal with me, you aint feelin' me, you got beef with me, you got cheek to be starting beef, coz ya cant ride beats with me, you and your boys try hatin' me, but the pains gettin shared out equally, thats how its done. [Repeat Chorus x2] [Strider] Steppin' to me its a fact you'll get bored, I'm possessed like a demon as i draw for my sword, engraved writing on it sayin' that snipers the lord, the best warrior in the land countries in the world, Ive got powers like a god I control the sky, things i'll do to you would even make the friggin devil cry, I swing swords like soul calibre, a legend like Excalibur, blood thirsty for the next challenger. [Spike-e] Who dares wins when you're playin my game, chillin' on roof tops kids who are playin', gonna draw for swords, and the lyric that i gain, gonna buss the door, in the pouring rain. [Flava] Guess whos next draw swords when Im on it, I blow heads abroad, I blow lost profit, you've never heard before, brain cells lock it, pocket knives endure, but you wish you never coz I'm clever with these lyrics forever I'm gonna run this (Nobody wants blood to be spilt coz) Flava this Flava that but who done this, you know me I'm the same old same old G. [Repeat Chorus x2] [Freek] Freeze, as i enter your endz anytime anywhere and you started to stare, fightin' ya now we'll be fightin' ya there coz its all about the music give it ten out of ten, I'll thrive on your blood, hungry for your skin, chop up your bones, and put you in my tin, I'm the brother of the devil, and the master of Satan, I'm the feeling in your body and I'm gonna make you cringe. [Kenzie] Dont watch me battle my duel a cold hearted bout, hear the screams as you shout while you're flat on your back, you know there's no turnin' back you wanna piece of me, you ask for beef with me aint no sequel to me, so take a shot at me, you gonna make it you best, you try slash my chest, I'm badder than the rest, coz you know i'll defend, clash straight to the end, next contender try to contend, my arena, step into my surroundings, no emotions no commotions there is no feelings, I'm the favourite, as well ya know coz there's no holds barred and any thing will go. [Rocky B] Nobody wants it, nobody wants it. [Kenzie] Next contender, try to contend. [Rocky B] Nobody wants it, nobody wants it. [Repeat Chourus to fade]

I'm Not You

Clipse "Lord Willin'"
(Pusha T)(talking, voice echoing) No, no, no I told you, i live this shit, i aint just up here, rapin and tappin, spitin' and skitin' and shit, naw, unh unh, not me, (beat starts) Im not you, im not you rapper, im not you, Pusha (rapping) I keep them ziplocks bustin' at the stitches, Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious, the brick the fiends fixes, one give you the sniffles, the otha leave you wit the itches, transport airport with the vaseline, so i can fulfill my dreams of pastures thats green more cash than you seen, with an aston thats green, me drivin' her fast with tha lean, zonin' fam'ly, keep youngin's in them rented camry's, door panel full of shit and i aint full of shit, reckless ass, god forbid they dont crash, from the panel to the dash and four pounds of slab, naw bitch we dont beleive in airbags, cars turn tricks like them ringlin' brother skits, whether a bitch hop out, or the glock pop out, you know what im about, blow clear sinus till the snot drop out. (Jadakiss)(overlapping last line) Who ever said (?) is a damn lie, got em right here, and if i dont like you the grams high, take it or leave it, soon as a fiend taste it he need it, they can smoke it right in front of you and make you believe it, prob'ly think I wont murder you the way i smile, but ima take a lotta shots AI style, and Jada, the name is silky, but so what the muthafuckin' game is filthy, you know what, my mom and my pops really did a good job, but it was the montegga and the 'cain that built me so i, could never hate on anotha brotha, God is great the devil is a mutha fucka, if u broke but they think u got money, crackers start showin' you love, ya own people act funny, i tear niggas heads off, i dont discriminate, fades, cornrows and dreads i will eliminate (Coldchain)

Horny Ponycorn Horns

ATMOSPHERE "Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 / Fun EP"
[Slug] I seen it all from the best to the worst, a pulse and nurse You're just a tall Smurf (Ha!) Picture on the wall and they calling me the perp (Who?) Cause Sean was never the one to swallow his verse Fools want to step, man, put your health first Only thing you gonna wreck is your self-worth You might as well of pulled up the self-serve That ain't beef, that's just hamburger helper Tell her, that the circus is coming better purchase your tickets cause I heard a little something and whoa, child! It's SO WILD they got OLD STYLES and GOLD SMILES And we happy as fuck, not Daddy Warbucks, just Daffy Ducking it Ant's caddy like WHAT Sleep through sleep knocking ?demon? and some BMW backseats Sleeping through my dreams of fucking you So here goes everything at once Turn thirty-something still haven't learned how to roll a blunt But I show how you to smoke out of a soda can I'll hold it over your head 'till you overstand.. up! Pull your pants up, you don't love me, you only let me fuck cause your man sucks Beers gettin' warm, but I'm here to perform To anyone who's horny we're going to give them the horns, go... [Slug] They call me Slug, I resemble my brother The lumberjack in the back eating pancakes with peanut butter Can't wait until we be discovered (Uh-huh!) I want a fanbase full of jealous husbands and ex-lovers They make war, make up, make love, listening to my neurosis and Anthony's trump kit Having fun like it's a ?pasic? trip Take a ? to the ? and suck on my ?sack of rine? Start the engine move the piston I'm just a magician dressed as a musician Tried to free the world and feed your girl And eat this Euro and please don't hurl These Raggedy Andy rappers caught that fancy fever, now they're softer and sweeter than cotton candy Rocking candies beneath that sweatsuit Stop the fantasy, here comes the guest, who? Yup, that's right, came and check that mic Let the rest go fight, cause your dress is so tight If it's fresh they bite, but if it's dope they swallow And I'll be DAMNED if I don't give you a mouthful She thinks I'm fly I think she's warm (Uh-huh) And you know the norm Mandy pour in the ? So I told her I was from that band called Korn Took her to the roof and put her hand on my horn like... [Slug] Mr. Dibbs, he plays his horn (Alright) Brother Ali, he plays his horn I Self Divine (Yeah), he plays a horn Dillinger Four, they play that horn (Uh-huh) Murs and Blueprint, they play their horn (Yeah) Crescent Moon, he plays his horn (Right) "Lift Her Pull Her", they played the horn Eyedea and Abilities, they play their horn (What?) Los Nativos, they play the horn (Uh-huh) Luckyiam, he plays his horn (Alright) P.O.S., he plays his horn (Yeah!) Gladys Knight & the Pips, they play the horn (Yeah!) MF Doom, he plays his horn (Alright) Soul ?, she plays the horn (Alright!) To my man Musab, he plays the horn (Alright!) Rhyyyyyyyyymesaaaaayers!!! (Come on, come on, everybody sing along!) ...One, two, three, we outta here! Peanuts for sale! Come get your peanuts! "I didn't get the part where the wine bottle rolled down from the top of the balcony.." "When you say 'Go out' I don't, you know, I thought you meant something--" "That's okay, we-we gotta fade it.." ("We gotta fade it" Loops over and starts to slow down)


DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "Code Red"
Yeah Yeah Hell Yeah Come on So all you people on the left (Are you ready to rock the house) People on the right (Are you ready to rock the house) People up front (Are you ready to rock the house) Man in the back (Are you ready to rock the house) Well say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Mic check Are you ready yet Well get set 'cause I'm about to jet like a corvette With the quickness snap it like a whip It's a sickness that's making my rhymes rip Peddle to the metal 94 octane Flow like the rain And I aim to entertain Like it or not FP wont stop Because I'm the cream of the crop So sss hot Up and down they go just watch them Up and down they go (Jump, Jump) And as they go Well I'm a show Them that I can flow But homie should I stop though? Hell No But no wait ah ah until the end I Kick the volume pump the adrenaline I Watch the crowd sway Every time we play Each and every day We make the crowd say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Once again I'm in the house When I be rippin it The crowd be kickin it This boy's bad With a pen and a pad Records selling like mad People thought it was a fad Cause back in the day some folks weren't with it What's this rap thing? They just ain't get it They didn't understand, they didn't quite see It's all about adrenaline, straight up energy So everybody say hey (hey) So everybody say hey (hey) I wanna rip it J Well homie go ahead man I wanna rip it J Well homie go ahead yeah Yo a super dooper Party trooper Never been a party pooper Heart breakin Money makin Man they get them parties shakin Music pumpin Crowd is jumpin Giving people what they want And always rhymin all the time and check it Yo and now I wanted to make up a record that I could just rock at the ??? of the time I wanted to make it so funky that it would just stick in the back of your mind I wanted it simple so people could sing it and dance while their bopping their heads So gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh Yeah That's the way ah ha ah ha I like it ah ha ah ha yeah Let it go yo the boys are all pro so get on the floor right now and let me hear you say ho (ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Come on all the ladies in the house All the pretty young ladies in the house Let me hear you say aahh owww (aahh owww) Come on say aahh owww (aahh owww) Homeboys make some noise let me hear you say Yeah (Yeah) say hell yeah (hell yeah) now scream For years they been tryin to figure out how to stop the prince They say that im conceited but I'm not it's just confidence Rougher than an outlaw quicker than the flash For records to movie to TV I'm grabbing cash and I'm dashing The P [R] I (n) C (E) With the fresh on the front And I'm a give you what you want Step on stage and just rip it as I laugh Tear down the house leaving lookin like backdraft All night I'm on the flow on And I'm a go on On the stage In a rage I'm a flow on You read the billboard then I'm sure that you know The riggidy riggidy rhymes are riggidy rhyme and climb to uno Uh uh uh yo don't don't don't Jeff will we be taking out? (No, no, no) the only other crew that play the way that we play and all day, everyday, we play to make the crowd say Ho (Ho) Say ho ho (ho ho) Lemme hear you say ho ho ho (ho ho ho) Now Scream Come on say Ho (Ho) Come on say ho ho (ho ho) One more time say ho ho (ho ho) Now scream It's hot y'all You don't stop y'all I keep on Till the break of dawn It's like a little boy blue blowing on his horn Its like a daylight dance marathon It's like a grasshopper hopping on the morning lawn And you know its got to be You know it's got to be You know it's really, really, got to be Now you know it's got to be on Yeah

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