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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Numb Numb

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Juvenile] Ay you wan' score ki, no you wan'score an ounce I ain't gon' show you shit, make sure you got the right amount boy I can't front you nuttin but I respect ya G it could get fatal if I let niggaz get next to me the junkies like my coke, Doctors, and Lawyers too they in, and out here all day lookin for the right Peru I use to do it too but I had to let it go I can't get loaded I'm lil' wodie that supply the coke my shit'll have you where you don't even much wanna eat have you a lack of sleep always out up in them streets been in rehab for weeks come home and get a bag from me you gon' relapse indeed, probably want ever leave don't want no problems I just wanna get this cheddar please I can't get popped, I've been convicted for two felonies look I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus] If you score some coke from me you will be numb, numb, numb, numb, numb numb, numb, numb, numb, numb, numb, numb if you don't get it from me you will be dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb you'll be comin back in minutes to get some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some, some damn Juvie where you get that from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from, from [Verse 2: Juvenile] They don't work off the hit cause we don't fuck with the foes they be sellin them soft we had enough of them sold and we work off the hit cause we don't fuck with the foes we don't be sellin them soft we had enough of them sold weigh it and bring it in this shit is shipped to me I never transported nothin peep out my history my house is sittin plush-my cars is lookin lovely police men wanna cuff me therefore I'm rollin buckets not tryna make it public don't wanna be the subject mama tunin it don't spend ya money boy stay in ya budget I seen alot of fools goin buyin alot of shoes they children not in school they gotta lot to prove I puts my money back up in my flip some to the side incase them people run up in my shit chopper up all the time with two taped up clips and if you come fuckin with mine I'm a use this bitch they want me for distrubution from New Orleans to Houston someone been runnin there mouth tellin e'm how much I'm movin I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus] [Verse 3: Juvenile] I got my first work when I was sixteen and niggaz still not knowin what happened to brick leans it's not an easy task might have to beat the last you gon' get caught up out here tryna save ya people ass can't have e'm bring it first if you can't pay e'm its worth you could get murdered for that he just may let it burst smart high walk to earth, and maybe enemy turf pray I don't get in they way just let e'm do they dirt and I know after the cut woah my shit is the bomb that must be the Saudi-Arabia cause it ain't Hussien you ain't got that Florida dope, () coke have to spend all ya dough or you want leave fa sho they come in menthazine no caps on it is want be that long before ya family know you on that shit look I'm just tryna put some clothes on my daughter I hope they ain't ridin I need to sell this other quarter [Chorus - repeat to end]

Foo Dang

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Hatchet Warrior"
[Chorus: x2] Why you tryin to play me, foo dang? (Foo Dang) Just cause I wanna let my nuts hang Teeth bang on the streets servin heads all night Some of us just ain't livin right [Blaze] I know this stupid bitch who think she know me She even wanna call me Blaze Her Dead Homie Bitch keep ya mouth shut cause ya foo dang Couldn't hold my balls, couldn't hold my wang Stank hoes wanna see me in the grave But I'm quick to slap a trick wit a 12 gauge You know you was speakin my name, playin games And sayin things you know he's actin like something changed But I know you are reppin your fancy car Little money, foo dangin at the tittie bar (Bitch!) 7 dicks shoved in her box nightly, is she fucking? (Is she fuckin?) For the right price she might me Stank hoe, I never paid for ass So take a stray cat, and shove it in ya flat ass Get up out my face wit that foo dang drama Where she learn that shit? Man she get it from her mama [Some guy] I say Foo, you say Dang Foo (Fuck You!!) Dang (Fuck You!!) Someone say fa sho, yea I'm in the house Yea I'm in the house [Chorus] [Anybody Killa] I foo dang on the daily, go ahead and call me shady Bad boy on the streets, startin static since the '80s So why you gotta front? Try and play me like a punk If you keep talkin shit, you gon' end up in my trunk Jackin beats from bustas, we foo dang like that Robbin hoes for they gold then trade it in for a sack Don't even think for a second that we high class 40 drinkin freaks with some dank and a nice ass ? identity with some eastside conflict Bitches make me sick if they don't foo dang dick Keep it real and I'll try to keep it real back Try to trip in over all the bodies that I shot wit the gat Hunt you down wit my automobile, roll down the window slow Then punch you right in the throat Type of shit that most people call a little fucked But it's simple and plain, we foo dang, so don't front [Some guy] Yo Killa, this Tadpole I got ya number from this bitch I know I was the guy followin you home from the signin ?? Yo man why you ain't pull over? I ain't no houndog or nothin but I just [Chorus] [Blaze] Foo dang is what I call a hoe without a pistol Walkin all alone (There she go) and if I see you it's on I'm callin out old janky bitches wit no heart Dogs with no bite that wanna bark Reppin gold is like a crip wearin red in my hood And I'll slap ya wit a bat like a G should (Beeitch!!) Bitch, check yourself into the crackhead clinic You can't get no ? bringin a bag wit bottles in it [Anybody Killa] Foo dangin wit a hatchet, come and get ya ass kicked If you bring a bottle then I really wanna smash it Sellin weed filled wit stems and seeds Same shit for $550 but you askin a G Now that's the kinda shit that makes a mind go crazy 2 packs of 'Ports a day and I just can't take it I swear if 1 more hero tries to flex in my face I'll go foo dang around the globe and make the whole world change [Chorus]

What's The Difference

EMINEM "Slim Shady LP"
[Phish] What's the difference between me and you? (repeat 2X) [Dr. Dre] Back when Cube - was rollin wit Lorenzo in a Benzo I was bangin wit a gang of instrumentals Got the pens and pencils, got down to business; but sometimes the business end of this shit can turn your friends against you But you was a real nigga, I could sense it in you I still remember the window of the car that you went through That's fucked up, but I'll never forget the shit we been through And I'ma do whatever it takes to convince you Cuz you my nigga Doc, and Eazy I'm still wit you Fuck the beef, nigga I miss you, and that's just bein real wit you You see the truth is Everybody wanna know how close me and Snoop is And who I'm still cool wit Then I got these fake-ass niggaz I first drew with Claimin that they non-violent, talkin like they *voice sample* Spit venom in interviews, speakin on reunions Move units, then talk shit and we can do this Until then - I ain't even speakin your name Just keep my name outta yo' mouth and we can keep it the same Nigga, it ain't that I'm too big to listen to the rumors It's just that I'm too damn big to pay attention to 'em That's the difference Chorus: Phish (repeat 2X) What's the difference between me and you? You talk a good one - but you don't do what you supposed to do I act on what I feel and never deal wit emotions I'm used to livin big dog style and straight coastin [Xzibit] Yo I stay wit it While you try to perpetrate, play wit it Never knew about the next level until Dre did it (YEAH) I stay committed while you motherfuckers baby-sitted I smash you critics like a overhand right from Riddick (Yeah!) Come and get it, shitted on villians by the millions I be catchin bitches while bitches be catchin feelings So what the fuck am I supposed to do? I pop bottles and hot hollow-points at each and all of you (Come on!) A heartless bastard, high and plastered My style is like the reaction from too much acid - never come down Pass it around if you can't handle it Hang Hollywood niggaz by they Soul Train laminates What's the difference between me and you? (What?) About five back accounts, three ounces and two vehicles Until my death, I'm Bangladesh I suggest you hold yo' breath til ain't none left Yo that's the difference Chorus [Eminem] Aight, hold up hold up! STOP THE BEAT A MINUTE!! I got somethin to say Dre; I wanna tell you this shit right now while this fuckin weed is in me (The fuck?!) I don't know if I ever told you this, but I love you dawg I got your motherfuckin back, just know this shit [Dre] Riiight? .. Slim, I don't know if you noticed it But I've had your back from day one, nigga let's blow this bitch [Em] I mean it dawg, you ever need somebody offed - who's throat is it? [Dre] Well if you ever kill that Kim bitch, I'll show you where the ocean is [Eminem] Well that's cool, and I appreciate the offer But if I do decide to really murder my daughter's momma I'ma sit her up in the front seat and put sunglasses on her And cruise around wit her for seven hours through California And have her wavin at people (Hi!) Then drop her off on the corner at the police station and drive off honkin the horn for her Raw dawg, get your arm gnawed off Drop the sawed off and beat you wit the piece it was sawed off of Fuck blood, I wanna see some lungs coughed up Get shot up in the hot tub til the bubbles pop up and they nose and cough snot up, mucus in hot water That's for tryin to talk like The Chronic was lost product That's for even THINKIN of havin them thoughts thought up! You better show some respect whenever the Doc's brought up!! So what's the difference between us? We can start at the penis Or we can scream, 'I Just Don't Give a Fuck,' and see who means it! Chorus 1.25X

Material Girl 2000

50 CENT "Power Of The Dollar"
If a bitch don't like me Somethin' wrong with the bitch (fuck that bitch) Why... oh why... why... you wanna fuck with me now Yo Dave, that shit come with the game baby, the money, you know thats how the shit work, you know what I'm sayin' they supposed to love me now baby I'm doin' it now baby hahahaha [Chorus] Girl, what makes you wanna fuck with me now I've been wantin' to fuck wit' you for quite a while Is the money makin' you wanna fuck with me The money gonna make you sell your soul [Verse One] Whoa... if money's gonna make me slam these hoes... then alright Whattup Shorty, I ain't seen you in many moons talk to me, how's life been treatin' you good I hope you got a smile that only a fool would forget and a figure that'll leave a nigga droolin' and shit There I was, kickin' my game, pickin' her brain buggin' 'cause a while back I met this bitch on the train she wasn't feelin' me, I pulled up, she wouldn't talk from the whip Uptown girl, she feel like thats some chickenhead shit but on the sidewalk we ain't play games we exchanged numbers and names I went back to the Range I heard her Girlfriend whisperin' 'I know that nigga, he rich' she think I got six whips 'cause me and my Man switch anyway, her name is CeCe she said she go to BMCC push a '98 328 with chrome BB's she said she seen me in the Onyx video on TV she liked my part the best, man, this bitch is tryin' to G me. [Chorus] [Verse Two] It's hard as Hell to find a Girl thats really down for ya type that'll hold down the Tre pound for ya they into diamonds now, to Hell with pearls these trick niggas fucked up, they done gave 'em the World Hey Shorty, why you like me huh you like the way I spit oh, I hit your girlfriend, she told you 'bout the dick nah for real, am I the type that you wanna roll wit' platinum iced out, got rid of that gold shit I love my lifestyle, you too, you love it that I could blow Twenty Thousand and think nothin' of it know you wouldn't fuck with me if I had no ends probably wouldn't fuck in the whip if it wasn't a Benz I guess life looks different through them Shanel tints Man, I don't care if these hoes love me or not long as I rhyme hot I'm gettin' head in my drop it goes on and on and on and it don't stop. [Chorus] [Verse Three] One thing you can always count on is change and a rich nigga to come put shit in the game had a 4.0 then Jigga made you trade your Range would've felt broke if you couldn't get your change now it's hard to find us or stay behind us while we on the 900 double R Hondas watch the cats who flip bricks recline in the latest whips while Penetentiaries stay packed with cats who sling packs all these hoes ain't Madonna fans but all across the World you can find a material Girl I sip Dom 'till I earl take 'em two at a time quick I get in they mind have 'em thinkin' they mine bust off then tell 'em 'Bust a Uey, on mo' time' I'm like the reason ya'll niggas can't eat this year got your bitch breakin' her neck to peep this here c'mon... uh huh... c'mon [Chorus - repeat 2X] Fuck you bitch! leave me alone, walk on... get the fuck on... Yo, Shorty... tell your friends ya'll ain't fuckin' with us... aww man... look... he ain't mean that shit... c'mon thats just records... niggas is playin'... we wasn't serious and shit...

Get Right

BUBBA SPARXXX "Dark Days Bright Nights"
[Bubba Sparxxx] Get your ass up.. get your ass up.. get your ass up.. I hear your car keys jinglin, go 'head and crank it up Spent a thousand on the liquor but tonight it ain't enough Cause this town is full of drankers and they all hang with us Grabbed Betty by the arm, told her man, 'Stay in touch' We takin this one all the way from Athens to Virginia Hit Timmy for a hundred - that's the last one I'ma lend ya Ol' girl wanna kick it but she not on my agenda Did I ever love her Well, not that I remember Twerk that, work that, Betty where your purse at Snatch daddy's credit cards, here take his shirt back Where the hell my car at, does anybody know If it ain't back in five, everybody gotta go Ah to hell with it, y'all keep that little Honda I'm waitin on some Beams from this bitch named Yolanda Y'all lookin all tired shit I'm just wakin up By the way when you get up out my bed, make it up [Chorus: repeat 2X] [T] Boy take that shot [B] I'll take that shot [T] Girl hit tonight [B] I'll hit tonight [T] Boy crank this spot [B] I'll crank this spot [T] Girl get me right [B] I'll get you right [Bubba Sparxxx] Aight, get your ass out my bed I'm through playin You wanna stay the night - what the hell is you sayin I ain't tryin to come across to you as inconsiderate But momma always said if you don't love it then get rid of it Besides, I got thirty dogs waitin in the yard They gotta eat too girl, don't make it hard I'm kinda difficult to understand at first contact Offered you a beer, don't be expectin much beyond that Aww shit, y'all quit, I'm winnin Drownin in a pool of alcohol and I'm swimmin You wanna play with me but can't last nine innings Since you wanna chase, what you like, lime, lemon I'll make an open challenge tot his whole industry We can do it with tequila, bourbon gin or Hennessy Have you butt naked pukin in a purple limousine I ain't doin shit but drankin do some rappin in between [Chorus] [Timbaland] We lit tonight (ain't we) She gettin right (ain't she) We ain't gon' stop (is we) Until we all (dizzy) [Bubba Sparxxx] I walked in like a star and I ain't even with Timmy Stop bein hard, baby girl I give plenty I seem like a prick cause I got some shit in me Grab your long johns, boy it's gettin a bit windy You really wanna know the secret to this white pimpin Though I might love 'em, I don't really like women New the next day and finally the night ended Lookin back on it that shit was quite splendid [Chorus - repeat 2X]

One Love

[Featuring Mobb Deep] (Intro / Mobb Deep): Ha ha... Yeah... Uh huh right... Part the crowd like the Red Sea... Let's fight to this... Don't even tempt me... (Chorus / Mobb Deep): We wanna kill you... (make y'all niggaz fight to this) We wanna kill you... (Prodigy): Eh yo Peace to our way of life Hats off to all the trife Let's toast to fully autos and foot long knives Specially for stacks of green packs My outfit ah perform, so blow all stained raps Now let me take y'all niggaz back to my basics of this Ya ancient to flip, fag catch a face lift My shank do remarkable things for fakeness My whole Mobb got the same patience Throw on your tracks 8-6 And make moves like a space ship We pack places, Infamous bangs ya nation Ya light at the weight station That weak shit need replacing, put this in heavy rotation Overdose music It's theraputic to the user Driving wild under the influence of this Careful, cuz ya might just crash ya shit Total ya whip and still pull my tape out the deck Me and Mobb tryin to connect like thirty thousand dollar links Unpoppable, unstoppable, topple (Cormega): Yo, my drug cliental was bringing me money well Smoking Buddha L's and weed so good They leave a funny smell Niggaz scoping me, hoping police is close to me Mega regulatin' The way shit's supposed to be Gold chain choking me, cocaine provoking me To live my destiny (ha) Jacuzzi water soaking me Floating in smoky Durango Doing my thing yo, my mac milli Sweeter than a mango Son, you know the drilly The drama is a part of me Did time for cocaine, nines and armed robbery My rhyme written graffiti is a live nigga prophecy Mega poetic rhymes are like dimes but no credit I leave ya mind paralysed dun, but don't wet it Scarface persona, I acquired a taste for drama And I embrace this, real shit You banned from the projects Your love here, ancient (fuck that) Yo, I'ma see you Nigga, you transperant see through Rhymes fully automated, you semi crime related Cormega and Mobb Deep rhyme amazing Thug shit you can't fuck with... What!!! (Havoc): Fuck ya bullshit rep, nigga you ass bet Talking all that shit, don't even got cash yet I floss, try to get away No gats tossed Got drama with my click, I'ma take it to the source Q.B.C. representative, I'm just trying to live If I can't get to you, I'ma take it to ya kids Spray ya crib, fuck it son Something gotta give If I can't live then ain't nothing gonna live That's dead ass But to put this whole shit in a smash You real, hit that ass up on four wheels All jokes aside, you goin' squeal like them other rappers You know we kick the truth, you wanna clap us I got this, strictly out the mouth nothing but hot shit Pop shit, you couldn't fuck this when we drop shit You helpless, put your whole shit outta service Put on some old shit (Thank God for this) Yo, if it wasn't Them niggaz like us, you just be ash dust Hustling for petty kid cash Come on know, you know I know When it comes to gats, I'ma a hoe Never bite my tongue, let them player haters know how we coming Straight coming through while you running Get done-ed, have that ass shaking like a bitch when she coming One in a mil, slip that ass like a mickie It's fifty-fifty fucking with this, nigga just come and get me No doubt... (Chorus / Havoc) We wanna kill you (that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right) We wanna kill you (no doubt, that's right)

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