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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Juve "The Great"

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Juvenile] Uh, Uh, Uh I took my first break in seventy-five I tell the story like yesterday when (??) was alive didn't do shit with my brothers without makin e'm mad couldn't get along with nobody so I just ran with my Dad he took me right there where the killas be across court from Mileton between Clarion and Wilistry we shot ball on crates tryna get paid by all means started snatchin purses by Wall Greens seen Titey get hit up in the melt when I was young paramedics couldn't even find his tongue thats when I started totin' my heat to call a G my family was deep but wasn't goin in that water with me right after Mr. Martin's class (??) and me straight to Barret think I was worried bout the trulency? please got paid for them old timers puttin in work like Mr. Frank he sold fruit, watermelons, and herbs [Chorus] Even though the times was hard I didn't fear no man but God you lookin at New Orleans crime rate right up in the place, soulja's beware this is Juve the great Juve the great Juve the great Juve the great this is Juve the great Juve the great Juve the great Juve the great this is Juve the great [Verse 2: Juvenile] Mama thought her son was really doin it tight when I was the one out here not doin it right until she found my stash she couldn't believe all the weed she found shit it must've been a half a pound I was thirteen then back when Yoga was caddillac'n it my campaign was let a lil nigga get a crack at it far from a gangsta but was learnin alot ain't just be the one that earnin the pot after the turn of the clock I started bankin on the low with the dope got slugged up so hoes'll notice me mo' tee's, reeboks, and girbauds I had a few (??) to write regular hood shit the average niggaz go through in life wanted to be a lil gorilla, and more day killas ?? and we ball I know they'll flip ya I stayed away from them cats who didn't communicate well cause them was them niggaz that would've had me in jail [Chorus] [Verse 3: Juvenile] At fifteen I carried alot of wieght on my back me and my brother infact, I kept my money intact I mad my real power moves soon as Juv' got one headed straight to the irish counter nigga who got guns? shit my people Bobby and surviva got hit too and I heard my name was poppin up in some shit too wasn't no cool cans off googlin no more it was either cry like a bitch or go sell it and score my first case wanted my respect in the worst way couldn't tell me shit when I was hungry and thirs-ty have a nigga way out his religion ya heard me I guess it's punishment to who and never was worthy every since I leanred about guns and coke I made a vow to myself that I would never go broke do what I gotta do to eat I probably can't play no sports but I can work these streets [Chorus]

Fight Music

D12 "Devils Night"
[Chorus: Eminem] This kind of music, use it, and you get asked to do shit Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it It's just some shit, for these kids, to trash they rooms with Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit The type of shit that you don't have to ask who produced it You just know - that's the new shit The type of shit that causes mass confusion and drastic movement of people actin stupid [Kon Artis] I come to every club with intention to do harm With a prosthetic arm and smellin like Boone's Farm Hidin under tables as soon as I hear alarms Paranoid thief that'll steal from his own moms Connivin Kon, Artis with a bomb Strapped to my stomach screamin, 'Let's get it on!' A lush that love to drink, drunk drivin a tank Rollin over a bank, cops see me and faint It's drastic, I'm past my limit of coke I think I'll up my high by slittin your throat Push your baby carriage into the street, 'til it's mince meat Your mens been beat the minute I step onto your street This is fight music! [Bizarre] You know why my hands are so numb (No) Cause my grandmother sucked my dick and I didn't come (oh) Smacked this whore for talkin crap (bitch) So what if she's handicapped, the bitch said Bizarre couldn't rap I fuckin hate you; I'll take your drawers down and rape you While Dr. Dre videotapes you (hell yeah!) Satan done got me on this song Eatin a hot dog readin the Holy Qu'ran, while I'm on the john Tired of wearin this yellow thong Take it back Sisqo, you know where it belongs (thong th-thong thong) Now here's a gun, I'll put it in your palm Now go over there and blow up Dru Hill's arms Fuck your love songs [Chorus] [Proof] Just bring who you gon' bring on, who you gon' swing on I'm King Kong, guns blow you to king-dom come Show you machine gun funk Sixteen m-16's and one pump [click-clack] The snub in my paw, shove it in your jaw Have you runnin out this fuckin club in your drawers We lovin the broads, there's nothin to applaud But fuck it it's all good, the hood is up in The Source It's fight music [Swifty McVay] I'm a nigga that loves scuffles And won't hesitate to sock you again for swollen knuckles I'm like that, catch a nigga like bear traps Blow his head back right in front of the priest sayin, 'You hear that' I slap your freak, bump you and won't speak If you step on my feet, you get drowned in your own drink I suffocated my shrink just for talkin Came back and fucked up his pallbearers and made 'em drop his coffin It's fight music! [Kuniva] These beads I'm swingin is stingin 'em See all these niggaz When I step in the club, I'm bringin 'em If any nigga lookin too hard, we Rodney King'n 'em Malice green to them and gasolinin 'em with premium Light a cigarette, flick it at 'em or spit it at 'em Hold up a picture of his family and kick it at him Blast while you right hookin, right when your wife's lookin Fuck fight music, bitch this is losin your life music! [Eminem] If I could capture the rage of today's youth and bottle it Crush the glass from my bare hands and swallow it Then spit it back in the faces of you racists and hypocrites who think the same shit but don't say shit You Liberace's, Versace's, and you nazis Watch me, cause you thinkin you got me in this hot seat You motherfuckers wanna JUDGE me cause you're NOT me You'll never STOP me, I'm TOP speed as you POP me I came to save these new generations of babies from parents who failed to raise 'em cause they're lazy to grow to praise me I'm makin 'em go crazy That's how I got this whole nation to embrace me And you fugazi if you think I'ma admit wrong I cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sic'd on And this song is for any kid who gets picked on A sick song to retaliate to, and it's called.. [Chorus] It's fight music!

Da Graveyard

BIG L "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous"
Intro: It's the number one crew in the area. Big L: Big L be lightin' niggas like incense Gettin' men lynched to win tits I'm killin' infants for ten cents Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis Got fly chicks on my dick that don't even speak English I'm makin' ducks shed much tears I buck queers I don't have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares I'm grabbin' brews takin' fast swiggas I get cash and stash figures and harass them bitch ass niggas After you you're gonna get scared next And if ya squad flex I'm lettin' off like Bernard Getts A tech nine is my utensil Fillin' niggas with so much led they can use they dick for a pencil I'm known for snatchin' purses and bombin' churches I get more pussy on accident then most niggas get on purpose I got drug spots from New York to Canada Cause Big L be fuckin' with more keys than a janitor Lord Finesse: Now it's the dictator who's style is greater It's the man with more wild flavors than motherfuckin' Now amp; Laters And rappers I hit 'em well They automatically go to heaven fuckin' with me cause I give 'em hell So don't try to front troop When your style is played out just like an Oshkosh jumpsuit I'm out to collect figures I'm on some Wu-Tang shit so Protect Ya fuckin' Neck nigga Not a role model I'm a bad figure When it comes to rap I got skills out the ass nigga I got it locked like a warden Rap without Finesse is like the NBA without Jordan So all ya new jacks kickin' wack raps It's a fact that I'll be on your fuckin' back like a napsack It ain't shit you can tell me Cause bitches still jock me without a motherfuckin' LP Hook: It's the number one crew in the area Known for sendin' garbage MCs to the graveyard (x2) Microphone Nut: Yo I got a death wish That's why I talk so much motherfuckin' shit I want these bitch motherfuckers to try to flip So I can fill up this clip and stick the gun between they lips like a cigarette And let 'em smoke the four fifth no need to lie or cry it's time motherfucker to die Because to me death is like sex And if my brain was a deck of cards I'd be missing a whole deck Strap up a Mac clack clack motherfuckers are runnin' like rats The blind bats are fuckin' crazed cats Cause the Microphone let's loose And you're wonderin' how the fuck did this madman get cut loose gt;From 25 consecutive 25 the life is For murderin' up some fuckin' white kids These were the kids of the prison guards Then I startin' killin' squads of prison guards in the prison yard One two everybody's through The Microphone Nut flew over the prison walls without a clue And now I'm decked to hawk shit and talk shit Whoever flaunts shit I leave 'em unconscious I run through ya with a maneuver and German luger Wreck like Das EFX straight out the fuckin' sewer Please show me where the crack is at While they quarter crack the sack I crack they backs like Cracker Jacks So I'm the one you should run from Because the Microphone Nut is like a motherfuckin' stun gun Jay-Z: The way I rock No way you could stop I shock pop and drop when Jay gets hot When I'm in the zone better hold ya own Cause I like to break when I finish a poem Pound for p-p-pound the best around No way you can get up when I get down I shake rattle and roll and wreck shit like none And beat a niggas ass half silly on da one Fuckin' A fuckin' Jay ill with skill So ladies step up I get around like a wheel I'm never chokin' off chronic skills are bonic Bitches will treat me like Onyx Respect that I'll peel a punks cap back and sign it Creep through your block fuck a glock I step Through your neighborhood armed with nothing but a rep I'm giving these ladies something they can feel cause I'm real Ya man get outta line and it's kill kill kill Hook (x2) Party Arty of Ghetto Dwellaz: Yo ya step up and you'll get played like the small fry I'm throwin' niggas off the roof said you wanna be the four guy So mess around you'll be a dead man I get hype Tonite's The Night like Redman Nuff respect to Big L who get wreck Chiggidy check yourself cause I ain't workin' with a full deck I'm lethal, eatin' people Not Jeffery Dahmer I'm the sequel Head Or Gut like Illegal So what cha want Yo I'm strapped with the gats step up plap plap I'm leavin' caps in your back fool I rip tracks wanna say peace to hip hop A nigga disagree bring it on and get dropped I get wreck I'm Party Arty so hit the deck The kid with the tech smokin' niggas like cigarettes Now some ask me how I'm gettin' jewels I say big up big up it's a stick up stick up I stick and move Big L: And that's how we do. So Y.U. grab the gat and let loose Y.U.: Yo rat tat tat I got the gat cocked Nigga we ghost man a punk I let it roast and leave your pussy ass comatose I'm shootin' up like the west is Fuck suggestions I'll blow out a niggas intestines Better dip fast quick fast or you won't last One blast will put your ass in a body cast And I be killin' for rep get ill in a sec Nine mil on your neck blood spill is still in effect Constantly comittin' grand larceny Arsony niggas don't want no parts of me Never past up a fast buck ask the last duck His jewels were truck he got his ass stuck So what the fuck is you sayin' hop I'm wanted for slayin' cops Who's ever around when I be sprayin' drops But I ain't givin' a fuck who gets hit Niggas coppin' pleas but I ain't tryin' to hear shit I'll burn you faggot niggas like toast If you die and come back I shoot your spirit now your ass is just a holy ghost You tried to play me to the left You better put a target on your head cause you're marked for death (echo)

Enquiring Minds

Gangsta Boo "Enquiring Minds"
[Guy] Ay ay Ain't you Gangsta Boo? [Boo] Yeah Why you wanna know? [Guy] Ay ay, you Ain't you used to go to Sheffield? [Boo] What?! See, this is the prime example of some enquiring minds Mothafuckas in my business Mothafuckas wanna know what I do What nigga?! What the fuck you talkin' about?! Why y'all in my business? Enquiring Minds nigga Ya know what I'm sayin? This the intro I'm bringin' it to you real Fuck you mothafucka They ain't talkin' 'bout shit Y'all know how they niggas is These some mothafuckin' playa haters What?! Nigga do you want me to fuck you up, so Hit you wit a low blow Jump dawg You might as well call it quits I be the bitch that's known for rockin' shit I be the bitch known as a lyricist So, what? You wanna fuck with me on the M-I-C? You betta call the police 'cause I'mma bring ya to your knees Me the Tear Da Club Up Thugs can't take enough Comin' thicker than the mothafuckin' U.S. Marines So if you wanna fuck with me, my favorite quote's I'mma take it as a joke ??? Got your ass wishin' that you can take me baby Got you hard up like a soap on a rope I thought I told ya we ain't gon' stop It's on So when it's on, life's on, then the bitch is on Early mornin' ballin niggas in their own zone Enquiring minds wanted to know, that's why I wrote this song You fuckin bitch Wanna wear my shit 'Cause I got Chanel on it But in the projects you weren't really on it Tryin' be the one to flaunt it Stupid ass, know that my name is wanted Ay ay yo yo Wassup niggas? This the intro Nigga you got 1 You got 2 You got 3 Yo yo Uhh Ay ay yo Stop this shit, and play number 3 I'm outta here


E-40 "Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire"
Chorus: D-Shot, E-40 We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) [D-Shot] Well let me start again with a stiff chin, go 'head and take one I just begun, to break yo' ass off a lump sum with double (??), I got a (??) in the garage And ready to mob, so get the fuck up out of Dodge before I trip, and slap yo' ass with this new grip One slip of the tongue'll get your monkey ass hung Two lungs is what it takes to inhale the dank and one cap is all it takes to put you in the paint [The Mossie] So beware, to stare, in the glare, of this infrared You dread the day we pull out the glock display One way, is what your headed down, we got the pound So bow down, and give me the ball because we on the mound Pitchin heat, finsta treat you to this gangster shit Break a bitch, hog niggaz take a shit Pitchin heat, finsta treat you to this gangster shit Break a bitch, hog niggaz take a shit Chorus [E-40] Wha-da-da-dey, wha-da-da-da-dang Hustlin on the thirteen-hundred block slangin 'caine Call (??) bitch (??) (??) (??) with walkie-talkies and po-po scanners on the lookout for the pigs I make long bread, I brought big cars Everybody know the hustle, it's like I'm a movie star but in the middle of the night, out the mouth they foam Jumpers be knockin on my bedroom window with they cats with they friendly spook on talkin about Can I borrow some fetti? Loan me a dimepiece til the first and I be like, you mean to tell me yo' uppity ass ain't got no money in yo' purse? Nah but I got a Bic A Bic? Some dopefiend matches, a little bit of that and she'll suck yo' dick She's a bootch, she fat, she out there bad I promise you somethin proper Lil' Diva, the devil pleaser The neighborhood head doctor, I give a FUCK about a chickenhead cluck I'm tryin to get papered up, I'm gangsterous Chorus [The Mossie] We import chickens from the Japanese Drop 'em off to the young homies If they come up short, we breakin knees, spines and spleens Killers on the team greated at the age of thirteen By all means makes niggaz buy cream from us Triple beam dreams is a motherfuckin must We slide through in a tough, black Expedition truck If a nigga cross game they get ripped and bucked [D-Shot] Buck 'em up, lay 'em down nigga, we for the figures If your money bigger, we got yo' head behind the trigger Cough it up nigga, we want the combo to the safe Give it up nigga, before I catch a murder case [The Mossie] (??) it up nigga, ain't no survivors so realize it A half a ki, in the trunk is all mine, so penalize it I hit the block, serve a flock of that, good white girl Bust 'em down, bag 'em up and serve the whole damn world

Down For The Count

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
[Rah Digga] Yeh, check it out now (uhh uhh uhh) Rah Digga y'all, Dirty Harriet (uhh!) Kweli, Xzibit, new millenium! (C'mon, check it) [all] One, two, three, four [Rah] Grimy bitch stomp the bogey outside your front door (yeah) Puffin on Goodie, eatin tuna and rye Blow the spot with some old school shit from junior high (HEYYY!) [all] One, two, three, four [Rah] Jersey's finest in the house, punchlines and metaphors Make your foul ice grill, thug grimy on the real Puttin heads to bed like Hennessey and NyQuil [Rah Digga] Convertible style, still had the heat knockin Bumpin shit from way back with my man beatboxin Shootin the breeze - see I'm nice with these You'll be suckin it down like fast food high-C's Type of rap bitch that love underground classics Gettin more green than that nigga St. Patrick Makin wack rappers go and merc the set {*dial-up sounds*} Better off behind a desk tryin to surf the net cause I be adamant, kill 'em when my joints get added in Worse than boric acid in your project cabinet Dirty Harriet, increase the fanbases Leavin non-writin cats stuck on the plantations Mini-skirts with tights, eatin lunch with whites Leave the party over here like they Israelites Got Cali Brooks critics, Ta' Kwe'() Xzibit Gonna rock shit down like he can't get no visits [all] One, two, three, four [T.K] Rock the whole world like the Rolling Stone tour (AH-AHHH!) Raw your wack set is faker than a bomb threat by a nervous terrorist who's so scared that his palms wet [all] One, two, three, four [T.K] The stuff legends are made of, urban folklore Like Jim Morrison we break on through Before I care about your take on me, we take on you [Talib Kweli] Yo, yo, yo We bring it straight to your face from the start, yo Rage Against the Machine, break it apart Might be over your head, but it's straight from the heart I show my love in the light while y'all hate in the dark Straight to apocalypse is where I'm takin the art Givin niggaz battle scars, ALWAYS makin my mark You fakin the part of gangster, til niggaz break in your spot You straight bitch whether I say it or not Shit is hot, spittin flames on the track Put our town's names on the map from now until we fadin to black Where we at Thug rebels love metal clubs ghetto when the slugs let go like Frankie Beverly Forever we stack notes like the treasury, flow heavenly Get you high on speech laced with obscenity Niggaz be gassed like Cipher Sounds, and need rescue remedy then fall the fuck off like limbs affected with leprosy [all] One, two, three, four [x2z] Why the fuck can't MC's MC no more Hardcore til somebody put me under the ground With a dick in your ear, still couldn't fuck with my sound [all] One, two, three, four [x2z] Takin me straight to the weed spot, then to the liquor sto' Gimme Some Mo' like Busta Bus', who do you trust Swingin through, your favorite neighborhood lush [Xzibit] I'm i-rate, usin your body for live bait Xzibit rockin them heavy gems you can't take Dilate, cock back the weight, spread hate Heavy metal we settle and set shit straight Hit gates in my younger days, from the policeman Me and my clan used to dance thicker than quicksand Supply and demand the hand is quicker than the eye Find some chickens to fry, while you find it hard to stick to your lie I see through the tricks, destroy the facade Your little lungs is too weak to hotbox with God Rah Digga, First Lady of the Flipmode Squad Gotta be hard like a young nigga walkin the yard For the first time, we ain't the niggaz you let shine Expect mines to blow lines like coke everytime I'm an Alkaholik nigga so I finish the fifth You at the front door bitchin because you ain't on the list It's like [All] One, two, three, four.. Yeah (ohhhhhhh) hehehe (aight y'all, aight y'all..) Yeah (here we go) [All] One, two, three, four..

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