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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Down South Posted

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Skip & Wacko) [Chorus X2 - Juvenile] Ayo we down south posted and we counting our figgas, know how to treat these bitches and how to handle these niggas, don't play with us lil daddy cuz we'll have you in stitches Its UTP right here and we bout getting our riches, [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] I pledge allegions with the four nickel you niggas no pickle, cock the pistol point my issues at you and whodi who wit you, Your body ain't nothing but grizzle, I can see through the tissue, They gon' think you was in gymnastics how the chopper gon' hit you, I might have to crash the party if niggas gets me started, better watch this nickel fourty cuz this bitch gets retarted, fuck with me shorty, I could teach you how to be flawless, NOPD wanna see me up in Dora Delawless, Hate fighting them charges, take a nigga regardless, Fuck em' and duck em and tell them to suck on a hard dick, When we was wilding in the nolia they was callin us babies, I guess the same shit went on in the 80's, But still crazy, I'm with it too, kinda sneaky know how to get at you, Not trying to have momma crying and miserable, I'm already knowing what guns could do, I've seen some of the worst niggas get blown in two, [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Skip)] Yes she say she love me, every time she fucks me, But then she sayin' fuck me, everytime we fussing, Skip i'm sick of hustlin, boy you just disgustin, Nananana, bitch, don't you tell me nothing, all you know is dollars, Dolce and Gobanna, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Milono, Prada, All you is is problems, I can't help you solve them, So when you think, just think, nah don't involve him, Hang up when you callin', caller ID all em' If its your number I don't answer, ain't no sense in callin' Bitch I'm back to ballin', like I fell off, Like if I was doing bad I'm gonna tell y'all, What could I tell y'all except suck dick and swallow, yeah you look good, but can you walk like a model Bitch I pop collars, and I clock dollars, so watch your watch and watch for the shock BLADAH ! [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 (Wacko)] Man look up over there, wilding, cursing bitches smoking jo's now, Got two open charges niggas talking round dro now, () so small they spin the bend in regular clothes now, But whodi and them so smart before they spin, lil one close shop, Slim just got popped for douljer grind and a weed pipe, Guess they trying to sock it to my dog with them three strikes, Fuck that, we got buying money nigga we tight, UTP, six coat, cut throat nigga we right, Trying to get you niggas to understand this a new day, New jewels, new shoes, new twos, new pay, new trips, new clips, new whips, new K, A million for my great grand children to my new day, You straight I'm just trying to make sure you straight, Keep them nappy head bitches out ya face cousin and move weight, Every nigga working with something thick they do take, Don't you fall off over a fat ass and a cute face, [Chorus X2]

Vintage Jae

JAE MILLZ "Dead Presidents 2"
[Intro:] Yea Millzie [Verse 1:] This is that Soon as you hit the highway turn it up Step on the gas soon as you light your blunt My homey been locked up since '97 Just came home causin havoc, callin 911 Just last night on the block heard he emptied his weapon Same thing he went to jail for in '97 Talk stupid, get a dome checker Spray your with the AK, that's my home wrecker I'm long gone Posted uptown in New York Smoking Cali with the South Beach, the bronze on That was a random bar but it was hella clever Sorta like a finished puzzle well put together Bedrock must've brainwashed niggas On how I used to wash niggas, squash niggas Yea, yoga zoomin with the flow Fuck truancy, I'll take em to school if they don't go No matter where I go I'm in a brand new, came deep I know the spirit a star but I thank it [Hook:] Hit the kill switch, this that black out kill shit Lusty shanker, them gangsters is who I been with Hundred pounds in an hour, yea that's a real flip Hit the club and serve molly, we on that pill shit Ha, that potent music in my 6 Spendin dead presidents, presidential my wrist I fucked your bitch, home wrecker Text playin, you playin the chrome Watch it, Millz talk to em [Verse 2:] Yo, I'm like could hold you those pops I got too much pride to work for sunny Thanks but no thanks, I'm a make my own money Fuck makin yo runs nigga, rather make my funds thicker I learned what a bottom bitch was, readin iceberg slim So you could blame all this pimp shit on him Back in high-school I did the nautical sweatsuits With the boats on the pocket, fly chubby nigga Probably had yo ho as my sidekick Now I be on some Dubai shit And only deal with girls who do buy shit W16 engine bout that achy Sound like a bulding collapsing when I'm passing I came from nothing, you can hear it when I'm rappin Cause when I talk my shit I talk it with passion Trust me when I say fuck these niggas That is not a bar, that is from the heart Whom you travelled through life is though the first in the car Nigga movin too fast and drive and get popped [Hook:] Hit the kill switch, this that black out kill shit Lusty shanker, them gangsters is who I been with Hundred pounds in an hour, yea that's a real flip Hit the club and serve molly, we on that pill shit Ha, that potent music in my 6 Spendin dead presidents, presidential my wrist I fucked your bitch, home wrecker Text playin, you playin the chrome Watch it, Millz talk to em

Top Of The World

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] You can catch me in a strip club, stacked up, I don't keep em visible Won't see a man get thirsty cause I'm known to keep a bitch or two Probably both be bisexual, I tell them chill and kick it boo And never get uncomfortable these waitresses start kissing you Y'all would call it birthday sex, I call it a ritual If you seen it like me then I already know why y'all be miserable You don't really want no problems, cause those shooters they're hospitable And they gon grab them blockers while you try and keep it physical Pool house or that guest house it don't matter where it goes down Driveway is cobblestone, garage is like a ghost town I ain't even touch em yet they feel like they've been hosed down If you real then you gotta respect this shit, Gs up, hoes down [Hook: Kirko Bangz] I'm chilling on top of the world (top of the world, top of the world) Now you know all about me girl (about me girl, about me girl) Tell them niggas I did it, look how I came up Tell em niggas I'm with it, if they bring my name up Tell em bitches I'm gone, Don't be callin' my phone (phone) if it ain't 'bout the money baby (baby...) [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Hold up, let's get back to my loved ones, those of y'all that been with me Helped me to exercise my demons, brought them to the gym with me Probably why she text me to death like "Joe I got a friend with me And I'd love to eat her out while you on top [?]" Let's get back to those things I like, let's get back to that stripper pole Let's get back to her popping that, I ain't even really gotta tip her though It's bonjour while I'm on tour, I mean every night, different show And if you a little bit too sober, just tell me your favorite liquor, ho Wait, tell me your favorite, then lick a ho We them dudes you wanna get to know, cameras up no pictures though Looking for them broke niggas, [?] To respect my position gotta respect where a nigga came from [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] She know I like it when her hair curled, sun dress, little bit of make up on Turnpike, parkway, either way won't take us long Hit the club, 20 minutes, deuces either way I'm gone Be a fool if I stayed there with an ass bouncing in my favorite thong I came from nothing like my father was a deadbeat Wasn't for that I don't know if I'd say success is sweet Top of the world let's let how I sustain maintain my legacy Taking a bit of my soul but won't let it consume the rest of me Now let's get back to this paper though, every day, same shit Screaming RNS for life, some of y'all don't know that language Living for you, never for them, best way to explain it is I want the most because I had the least, that's why I'm on my game, biotch [Hook]

The Day

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
[Intro:] Whack niggas sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble Whack niggas with that sleep rap and then woke up in trouble You were cool ten years ago, you fucking lex bubble [Verse 1: Curren$y] Brand new tires, Rollin down the same old strip New party same old chicks I'm so sorry If I don't look happy to be here In your label office but they said I can't smoke weed here Man fuck it I'm out black on And I'm bout it fool I got a studio in my house Along with some the perks That come with my work Pretty twenty something sleeping in my Diamond Supply shirt There is not a adjective to describe how I work Hard is not enough brother I'm tougher Whack niggas with that sleep rappin' and woke up in trouble You was cool ten years ago you fucking lex bubbles, bubble You gotta know when to hold em', know when to fold em' Learn how to roll with the punches Take em' to school give these niggas brown bag lunches If it ain't the jets then it ain't nothing [Hook: Yasiin Bey] Yo the king closed his cloak the set was overfull Such a excellent moment, so emotional He rushed out on the field, so devoted for Final victory clutch they went postal cold Glory overload, hold up hold my coat Please remember this day This changes everything we can do anything Until you show anyway [Verse 2: Jay Electronica] My momma told me, "Son, always call a spade a spade" Be like Chuck D never be like Flavor Flav But that clock around his neck is so fly And the way he complimenting Chuckie with that bow tie flow Make me feel high so I'm gon' spit it my way Excuse me as I do me cruisin' rudely down the high way I'm young, black, intelligent, elegant, blasé Back to the thesis Back to to shooting kraps and talking smack to the polices Back to black and gold ballys Dickes with the creases Pulling youngins by the coattails Schoolin' em' who the beast is I pray this flow is dumb enough ugh I pray my heart is DMC and Reverend Run enough Cause I'm a throw my number up I'm a throw some chicken bones and feathers on a hundred bucks And summon up the thunder what? The voodoo man is coming bruh Can't see the forest for the trees It's okay, I got my jigsaw and my lumber truck Tell them boys their run is up [Hook]

Negro League

MICK JENKINS "Trees & Truths"
This shit sound like days of our lives Freenation out here paying our tithes, save mula give em' ten percent That's too fuckin much. That's like window tint Shouts to Such n Such. {Unh} Sauk Trail Cheifin on the back porch, grillin each other Conversation was penicillin, niggas healin each, other that's how the fam do Free Nation Rebel Soldier Drop boulders Never pebbles that's what I can't do Stance like a black panther the standards are Huey Newton or Bobby Seale, or Cam Newton, or Issac Newton You'll prolly feel The apple off yo forehead Don't chalk it up to gravity I'm droppin knowledge actually I'm droppin college actually I left without my credits give me credit nigga My credentials with this pencil put you on yo toes, put my soul on instrumentals A foot fettish nigga Fuck with me famo! If you don't you couldn't hide in 50 camos I'm with a chick you couldn't hump with 50 camel backs Booty like a camelback Sick as 50 camel packs of cigarettes Don't give me lip unless it's camel toe Nights like we in camelot You could call him lancelot how I swing excalibur at ignorance Knights of the round table Nice with profound fables Nights of this thrift shit we found label they covet Love it. live it. Pivot! Turn around on dime if it's a buck on her mind I could give a fuck if she fine Give me nickles and quarters We ain't building foundations fickle I'm spittin that mortar Snappin' ladders like peanut brittle the distance is shorter It's like ripples on water you could catch the wave like Lake Michigan hittin' Winsconson Winters cold but it's warm when Jacksons right next yo Johnson They see that and they bring the action all over your Bronson Bratwurst I be like negro please no matter how you see it rap just like the negro leagues I'm talking tress and speaking truths And they ain't got a muthafuckin' clue when the world blow if the ground start to shake you can bet I'm out the door when a blunt and prayer for the fan fuck a ho. For the free cause that's all my peoples know. For the free cause that's all my peoples know. For the free cause that's all my peoples know And they ain't got a Muthafuckin' clue when the world gone end so starting from the bottom I'm a stack my ends swear to God that I'll never lose my soul for no Benz negro please we gone play this negro league till we bleed till the fleas eat my muthafuckin' knees I'll be running with my dogs And they ain't got a muthafuckin' clue when the world blow if the ground start to shake you can bet I'm out the door when a blunt and prayer for the fan fuck a ho. For the free cause that's all my peoples know. For the free cause that's all my peoples know. For the free cause that's all my peoples know

Pour Wax

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
[Jim Jones] You're reign on the top, short like Leprechauns I came through in drops, Porches and heavy charms I came from the block, the slums wit ex-con's And we aimin' them glocks of course ready to bomb Now I done seen a Custy' cop four pies of the same gear Also seen a nigga cop four rides in the same year This concrete jungle, no trees to swing from This weed and gettin drunk and heaters gettin dumped Hit the highway nigga ki's up in the trunk Back up in the city with some skeezas in the trunk I aint a player but I do my dirt dog Drop top 'Cedes better move when it merk off It got me swingin to the left lane Plus a nigga caughin 'cause the haze give me chest pain Yes motha fucka the boys is back With my vest and I'm tucked up with my boys in back [Chorus: Jim Jones] You dont want it with them niggaz While you niggaz steady bitching my niggaz gettin' richer You mad 'cause we ballin' Bet you mad 'cause we scorin If he get out of line put his punk ass in a coffin Nigga we a ragime, Byrdgang we the truth Keep a foriegn sedan or swirvin' in the coupe Oakwood in the interior, swade on the roof Now shoot, {Bang, Bang} shoot {Bang, Bang} [Hell Rell] Aw man Hell Rell, he on the same bullshit agiain Same black hoody{Yup}, same fo' fifth again Bithes stopped likin' me but now they on my dick again Seen me in the Ashton with my glistinin' Yea I'm bustin off the chrome Yea I'm 'bout to off your dome Kill the mother and the father, kids go to foster homes Yea I like to floss the chrome, nigga leave the boss alone See my neck and my wrist, I'm rockin' what it costs for homes Homie they dont call me ruger for nothing Back out on theese bitch niggaz get that ruger to dumpin' Dont run up on me nigga you know I stay with it G'd up from the beef and brock's to the Oakland A's fitted That's the bottom to the top, it's in the bottom of the pot I got it white, I got it tan, it's either you copin' or you not Nigga jets is pullin' off and you stuck in the current D.I.P., B.G., fuck what you heard [Chorus] [Jim Jones] We all strapped in the ride, I aint talkin' like the elderly Yac'ed when we drive like a rollin fuckin' felony Trapped to survive, get the bucks, sell them ki's It's hard to get by that's why we puff hell'a'weed But if this high dont come down I feal the world spinnin' like the sky gon' come down I need air top of the ride gon' come down And i swear I stay fly when I jump out Jewled up in ice like what that dude like Spider four thirty with the blue'ish lights Got the coupe bright, still shoot dice For my niggaz on the east side this is true life [Chorus]

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