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JUVENILE lyrics - Juve The Great

Bounce Back

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Baby) [Chorus (Juvenile X2):] I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] Look, Look, You ever had corns on your finger from squeezing a Mac too much Nigga be robbing the dice game, while me and lil wack you up, Tripping, stole and stripped cars for a living, Stayed away from home whenever they was bitching, We used to rush the customers for sales when they pulled up in cars, Until the undercovers started putting us behind bars, Menace to Society is all we watch In the back seat strapped with the throw away glock, I got some partners in the business never seeing the light, Ya people would have gotten Cochrane if ya cheese was right, You know I hold it down player, you a dog, I'm a real nigga I ain't gon' stop accepting your phone call, I'ma blow and toss a hoe for you like I'm supposed to do, I'm serious and focused too, you know I'm overdue, The first nigga to park a Rolls-Royce in the bricks, While I fly a private charter out of town by a bitch [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] Try to be here to see my seeds, when they have they seeds, As long as I breathe there ain't nothing in this world that they can't be, Yeah I done fucked up, slipped and sniffed that coke, Started tweaking and broke into the people's house next door, Shot a nigga for smoking rocks on my mom back porch, Damn near graduated and got on that dope, My, work is in part, I am better than smart, Homie, I hustle with a strategy that has never been taught, I could make a coke flip, I can make a hoe strip, I can spray a whole clip, I takes nothing from no bitch, I got the money in the case, .45 on the waist, Pitbulls in the yard so stay away from my gates, Could you believe a nigga feeling like he still ain't ate, Huh, y'all don't understand, you should have seen my plate, I'd love to give you some credit, but even you said it, Your serious about your money, and right now I'm trying to get it [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 (Baby)] Yeah, CMR, Black Connection, I'm on a mission Lil Daddy to put this paint on the caddy, Riding through the hood and we blowing them candy, Stay G'd up from my head to my feet, I was raised in the 3rd thats the heart of the streets, Saw death and crime from the first same time, Them rims on shine just a vision of mine, Put this shit back together cuz I stay on the grind, Niggaz know I gets me, I stunt all the time, For the dead and the gone, the young and the grown, OG mother fuckers who be getting it on, Niggaz stunt'n and they shining, Bling Blinging all the time and, I hold my hood down for the shit that I'm driving, Nigga thug till' death remember the projects , Juve done came back now you bitches upset , Niggas know how we getting it, cuz we getting it on, Keep em' coming, keep on gettin it bitch my money is long, [Chorus X2]

It's Hard Being Wifee

FOXY BROWN "Chyna Doll"
[Intro] Ughh, ladies, y'know how that sayin' goes Be careful what you ask for in life Cuz you just might get it Dependin' on what you ask for, what you get? You might not be able to get out of You heard? Ughh [Foxy] Niggas might take advantage if you let 'em Play your cards right, and if you fuck 'em in the same night Make sure that he don't snitch Must be up to sumpin' or be lyin' on his dick Shit, you know how niggas flick from gettin' pussy to head 'Til you spent yo' brant and blew his dick Especially if he trick, shit Don't complain bitch, do yo' thang and cop that ring When he hit you with that game, you be like 'A'ight, dude, whatever' and sleep on it Put like a week on it, get the Benz Jeep and creep on it Do you like yeah, faggot, screw you Fuck am I to do now? Just lay back like I'm that lame bitch Dude, I'm that same bitch, don't you know? Never cross no hoe Especially if she was Wifee and she know where the snatch go Fuck you wildin' fo'? Who you stylin' fo'? And the truth is he fuckin' with the deuce kid He don't know that I stick and move Get him right for that Chyna White Nothing to lose, and I see right through him Yeah, we fuckin' tonight And the Duke ain't what he talkin' then I'm truckin' tonight And if he sweet with the big ones, I'm lucky tonight And if he packin' like he yappin', I'm doin' him right 1 - [Noreaga] Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right And the dope that he singing In the hood ain't that Chyna White We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't right We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't tight Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right And the dope that he singing In the hood ain't that Chyna White We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't right We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't tight [Foxy] Ughh, mostly, they'll play you closely Especially if you fuckin' 'em, and he think you trustin' him Damn bitch, you lovin' 'em, impressed like that Bomb head, e'ry night, is the sex like that? Yeah, you ain't know, I would stress like that Over due, not his ones, he don't handle like that Shoulda known not to fuck wit no light weight cats Rollin' doves in his stacks, I ain't fuckin' wit that I'm like 'Dude, where the fuck is yo' big heads at?' And you know how I get down, I don't pumps like that Plus he act funny, and he only fuck with track money And I'm, seven zero platinum-plat money, it's not a game, nigga And like Sparkle, Be Careful What You Say, nigga The kind of cat that make wonder if he was sent to do this Put it down for you, first chick he ever cried fo' Never had a chick that raps like this Ain't impressed for no C cuz we straight like this And he makes it very clear baby mothers don't exist They just some Fox haters and condom breakers, ya heard? Repeat 1 [Foxy] Ughh, the situation is Y'all chicks be fuckin' with that mistress shit Bad broke, if not for the dough, I splits with the quickness Pleads no fifths, leaves no traces, ya heard? What the fuck is this? Payback shit? Is it God striking me for some way back shit? I'm like, damn, was the bitch really foul like this? And my loc'ing just to think I should slash my wrist Am I seven for me thinkin' I should total my six Or just straight spazz out, fuck his man and split Take the code to the safe and just empty his bricks On the low, but I know that he love when I flip Ya'll bet the note, had him throw the smash game Shit, I got the ring bitch and his last name Any bitch could do a nigga whole bit Any bitch could luck up and have a kid Any chick could fuck a nigga for spite But the nigga got to love you if he make you his wife Ughh, ya'll chicks is lonely, I'm ownin' that dick And on top of all this bullshit, I'm still his chick Repeat 1

Repentance Day

Gravediggaz "The Pick, The Sickle The Shovel"
[Killah Priest] Yo, there's still time As the door close, the cold wind blows Down America like the Wall of Jericho Some will walk the sheet close Many are called but few are chose Who knows until the day they be exposed UFO's surround the globe The world is prepared to explode So I grab hold of the North Pole Not tryin to meet the lost soul, at the crossroad We're bein sucked up into the black hole Young becomes old, mighty clouds roll Unfold the scrolls that were foretold by the forefathers, the end of the world saga Streets flooded with lava, mommas and pappas Toddlers, hip-hoppers, and rastas Rock stars and mobsters, above streets in helicopter Filled with doctors, readin the death roster Guts spillin out like pasta Sky, misty, often tipsy, from off the whiskey The gypsy, told me, my chances, were risky Cops, pull up and frisk me but never could they get me, too shifty I will go, into my dungeon, and summon up the second comin People started runnin, Aliens with hair like rastafarians Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by scientists This is it, The Apocalypse I see the mother ship, above the cliff, over Egypt It made me sea sick I see the eclipse, and the abyss, the night shifts Chorus: Hell Razah (repeat 2X) It's Repentance Day! Repent for your sins when the gates of Heaven open up and Hell's closin in! [Grym Reaper] The archangel imprison my soul into a prism Usin cell division and molecular collision within me He listen and analyze the heartbeat and rhythms of children livin brutalized My ears became used to the vibes of ruined lives Sounds in the chamber I was hiden in was so spine-tinglin I was tremblin Envisionin the fear, here within a new Millenium Where rain became toxic, the air's stale and noxious Comets hit co-ops with force that made blocks split Flocks tried to escape a fate that made even hardrocks slide as nuclear dropped out of the sky, causin burns too severe, for hydroperoxide and sodium oxide Deep down outta basements Fish turned lopside and upside down from atomic facelifts Through the blackness I saw John the Baptist, on the atlas Holdin the masters to my Psalm under his arm But long before I even wrote 'em 23 elders each wrote me a Psalm and placed them within my motor neurons It contained the aproximate date of The Apocalypse Deposited in scripts of the 20th century prophets The clock ticks, tick, tick, tick upon the land borders I count down the manslaughter Military camcorders under ocean waters Red October causin fish to grow arms, legs, tits, and double heads Mutating the eggs as the radiation spreads over the water beds I watch Mother Nature as she bled Grym, was placed in skin casing to begin lacing hyms through the basement Won't be no escapin from the South to the North Where you run ten paces and your face is fallin off! Chorus [Hell Razah] Raised in Hell, waitin for angels like Rafael Comin from space to trace, they race Thrown in jail cells I had a purpose since the sperm cell to bail out and get braille For the blinded children in Israel Kids kill forget the bill for, dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor Controls the people livin legal Sit back and chill, until time will reveal Two thousand and one holy men with force fields Levitatin space ships, earthquake hits, United States splits Projects turn to snake pits Secrets of the Masons came to Revelations Babylon destroyed by the nations aggravations Riots in the train stations, criminals grabbin cops Snakes rattlin, angels draggin Seven head dragons out the Roman empire, surrounded with fire Liars in the Pentagon drop their nuclear bombs, ran, panic But still, was trapped on the planet Died before the mothership landed Only the chosen ones understand it Some can't cause of TV brain damage, no time to be romantic This day your independence and repentance, pentance, pentance Now I see the light, my whole life is moving in one direction. I see that now, there never has been any choice for me. Chorus


Celly Cel
[Featuring Silkk The Shocker] S: Fuck tha world C: Yeah S: Yeah C: You got to sick with it hoes S: Sick with it C: The No Limit Soldiers S: North South to tha West C: Celly Cel S: Celly Cel C: Silkk the Shocker S: Uh huh C: In this motherfucker S: I'm in this bitch C: Mob shit nigga S: Mob shit C: Respect S: A'ight check it C: Fuck tha world S: Fuck tha world C: Fuck tha world S: Celly Cel tell these busters by theyself Celly Cel: They got no time to be trippin' on Niggas that's tryin' to keep me down I put that bumpin' on your trunk and Lace the nation's underground Let them know about the ghetto mentality Niggas get smoked for nothing at all They want you up our of the game When they see you get on your feet and ball Faulty niggas never run me off my cellblock I always kick it I ain't never had it I wanna see every black man In the world with a meal ticket Eatin' steak and lobster Crackin' crab, sippin' Don P 'til they hurl But in the meantime Speakin' for all my niggas Fuck tha world! Silkk: Man, I just touched down Me and Celly think up on some plan Until we got lip on the bud 'Fore this shit get up outta hand Fuck niggas hatin' Fuck niggas lovin' I deal with it See, I'm a No Limit Soldier When it tops I get sick with it Niggas better stop like a sign Or they drop like a dime Fuck the 4 1 on the trunk Already got mine See fuck you Fuck the click Fuck the girl that you with Nigga, man, like fuck the whole world I'm tryin' to get rich Bitch! Celly Cel, then Silkk Chorus 4x: Fuck tha world (fuck tha world) Fuck a bitch (fuck a bitch) Fuck these haters (fuck these haters) Get rich (get rich) Celly Cel What's up with it man? You got a problem With the way I'm doin' my thang? I lets my nuts hang Then put these niggas the flash to go insane Oh, that be me Let's kick it Just don't pull your check late We ride up on you and catch you slippin' Checkmate! Lie down and best watch out Every thang nowadays you can't trust Now one of these niggas They coulda been paid to put a head out on us You understanding' me like I say Keep it in the family, man You can't miss Eliminate them haters and you mix Fuck tha world Bitch! Silkk: Be and watch your money Nigga all about your scratch Everyday I gotta plot and Make it 'til I'm on top To make my dollars and stats On the real We big time fuckin' ballers Niggas, shot callers Lay in 'em drop tops Gold thangs and M-40's Well you gotta have Big paper, nigga Just to fuckin' kick it Ain't no bitches in the streets, nigga This motherfucker get wicked See, a multi pet nigga But I be TRU to this shit First of all, about my money Fuck a bitch I'm tryin' to get rich! Chorus: Celly Cel: Crept from the bottom Man, I struggled all my motherfucking life Use to have a razor blade Sliced through solid, eh, one Why not? The only way to get some scrilla If you knockin,' then fuck what you talkin' Broke ass nigga Owe everything in the hood owe thangs If you walkin' You the same type of niggas That hate on everything a playa do Always talkin' about I woulda done this I woulda done that Fuck you! Wark ass nigga don't wanna see They don't get nothing' Don't wanna give me no props Smile on your face When you post-up Stab you in the back When you need a bluff Silkk: Well, fuck 'em! 'Cuz, see, we be all about our payday From South to the West Bitch, we connect, bitch We wreck this like an AK I get bang like some hoes I get hang like some clothes When I get done I'ma slap you Like some motherfucking dough But if only you blow Nigga, red like some rose I hope your whole click pick you the bitch You like some motherfucking F O I'm all about my paper, nigga I'm rowdy, bitch I'm 'bout getting paid So, I'm bout getting rich Chorus

Gutta Butta

GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
Yo, we gon do it like this Straight out the parts. . . that they disregard Never considered . . . ok Now don't get mad, nigga get glad Goodie got them brand new trash bags . . dag And they know where to dump that ass In the chair The hoochie river with the rest of the kids That did business outside la familians Gettin ya touched Down the cut Blunts roastin whole through tea bags Blowin bubbles out the wrong end Mud in your stool piles Flamin hotter than Dust Valley The gateway to where ever your sick tickle desire The gangsters of this other century Transforming hustlers and players into sissies So slim goodie You don't want no drug boy He'll leave you barefooted and pregnant Don't get too comfortable You ain't gon be here too long G's get locked up and die (clean) Most lie in they own surreal home Trust the tree on the map This one individual thought he was the Grim Reaper Swole, couldn't nobody put a finger on his naps Now he up under the bridge stankin In his birthday suit Used to always holler about how he was gon do a brother (get him!) Beat him to the punch-line, one Being forced into early retirement at the age of 26 Palms feel like bricks - peeling from distributing crack Crumb snatchers and goo-gobblers struggle To stay on top of sand dunes Cause mouths born with silver spoons Make your bed you gotta sleep in it But stakes made Baking soda kept the knees clean Narrow like a ravine fell good news Last hole, green jacket worn, body in two Left by oh-no Soul been gone, disappeared like the dune Once the temperature rise But I'm with my Lawd (lord) Please grits, still ship Half the pipes are gettin sold out convienience stores Where ya at now Comming around trying to sniff out sounds Well rounded kept you strictly grounded for your ear The dogs are gettin closer to the now can you hear I smell fear and even if your eyes was closed Your ass couldn't catch your tear Lies, straws, mirrors and plates Nicks, dimes, fifties, and cakes Why can't I escape These lies, straw, mirrors and plates In the land of jacks I got my acts over the tracks with stacks Upon the map in the vault Where this cat's trying to sniff me out I'm in the southwest woods working all about Paper capers, never hurt them brothers to obtain If I can't refrain cause some of these niggaz snortin cain And really don't know which way to go Confused, you'll abuse anybody for a fix Hits go for ten bucks, go for 20 and they good and plenty Fat baggies like Maggies muffin Where the kid do the stuffin Silly of these young niggaz watching me As I turn figures into solitare Twirl up my hair (down south) Pray to God I don't have to do him Like I never knew or had no clue to who you was Cuz, face to face with a scar engraved upon his left cheek So to speak, like a icon when it was done to approach my mosse Be on that Rossie like The Click So I stay ready for combat and watch the rich get rich off it Chorus Nigga I ain't shit, I just know how to rhyme a little bit Nigga please, I'm still trying to squeeze my fat ass in where I fit Now I got a little dough, but it ain't that much mo than every other nigga I know We all still po I don't sell dope (what you doin) I sell hope You wanna size me up my nigga then wear a scope Cause you gon see me on MLK and on T.V. I ain't got no fear, my nigga I was born to wait right here Late one night I was in a pearl white Acura Legendary I got that thang with me cause it's necessary Shit, I was just ridin Wasn't even thinking‘bout collidin But I kept seeing the same headlights running stop signs and red lights I don't prepared myself to die if it's my time to go He said you know what it is, you done seen it before This sad, of course I'ma be mad Well here you can have it god damnit if you want it that bad You would try to take from me, my nigga I ain't no star I value both of our lives more than this car You lucky nigga, I used to be you Shit and I'd bust a hole in your chest somebody could see through Now remember, shit, you could've died tonight And I would've been in the right I ain't even pissed you could just drop me off at the house Cause I ain't really dying by nothin like this He-he-he-he-he-he Everythang cool my nigga, you could just drop me off at the house Knahmsayin

My Skin Is My Sin

featuring W.C. * Originally appeared as a B side to Cube's Really Doe single Motherfucker you'd better break yourself... [Ice Cube] My skin is my sin look at my complexion Section 8 erection great Balls like Ru Paul and a big fat plank Get you higher than a Spike Lee joint See I'm a chicken hawk and I'm hunting chicken and watermelon It ain't nothing but hard time bailing Just got a misdomener Cause I got a deuce-five, and I'm black as Sarafina Get the hell out Somolia, we didn't call y'all I can't wait till I can kill all y'all Fuck Reggie Denton and Jimmy (Johnny) Cochran Damn I couldn't get close enough to sock him I plead guilty your honor Cause I dissed the Pope more times than Sinead O'Connor Huh huh, cool, like Butthead and Beavis Truer than the Mack but I'm downer than he is And that police chief named Willie Can take his motherfucking ass back to Philly Dropped a bomb on a crew named Move Years ago, here's a hoe That's ready to stop me, they think I'm Khadafi Rolling in a six-tre jalopy They want to give me ten in the pen cause I'm smelling like Hen My skin is my sin My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ( Burning our black skin ) (Repeat 2x) [Ice Cube] I Get Around like Tupac, just bought a new glock And I want what you got So please give it up so I can live it up Just like the rich but I still eat grits I don't know karate But I can still beat the dog shit out of Nazis You claim you want to put in work Plotting to blow up a church See you devils are all the same You'll gun down a congregation in Jesus' name Using me as a scapegoat, well cracker don't sleep Far from a goat, more like a black sheep Lamb of God, and it's odd That Allah is a man that don't need a tan And you can't stand when I talk like that And why do black men have to walk like that? Cause we swing low like a chariot And now I got Harriet all on my dick Cause my shoe size is much bigger than a motherfucking 10 My skin is my sin My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ( Burning our black skin ) (Repeat 2x) [W.C.] Who's that janky-ass nigga with last? Standing like a G pissing on America's flag Dub C, the nigga from Westside Westide Maad Circle bailing with a double barrel Cause uh, my skin is my sin And all I need is knowledge of self and ammunition is my best friend When it's time to roll nigga, we ain't calling on Jesus I'm calling Mad Dog for the 9 millimeters Cause I give the song with those peckerwoods to the fullest And a bitch by the name of America's on it The same bitch that jacked my forefathers And the Indians took my motherfucking religion Place a holy Bible in my hand, but for what? Like Jim Kelly said, You try to set me up? Shit... I'm too slick for your lies in disguise When will you devils open your eyes and realize? Like Pepsi, niggas got a new generation And we don't want your American education Ain't no brain washing this way Fuck America, Tom Meztger, and KKK And to the cracker named J.B. Stoner Don't let me catch you on no corners I see you on TV talking more shit But just like your punk-ass anscestors, you's a bitch You's a bitch if I ever saw one Grand Wizard bring your ass on Imperial so we can get physical And watch God show and prove Not only mentally but physically the black man rules So run devil run, you's to best start running Because the niggas are coming, oh, the niggas are coming And ain't no way you gon' win Cause I come from a tribe of O.G.'s and my skin is my sin My S-K-I-N is my S-I-N ( Burning our black skin ) (Repeat 2x)

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